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Blood and the Flag -- San Francisco (english)
25 Mar 2003
Modified: 09:46:01 PM
Blood and the Flag -- San Francisco
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I guess (english)
25 Mar 2003

I guess you think your Gods ( or Buddahs's or who ever )
gift to "the movement". It's fools like you who turn
heads for sure and mak many Lock & Load and go on Full
Auto ( aka Rock & Roll )

Men die so you can be foolishly KEWL ( and women ) and
the red stripes on that flag represent th blood they spilled so you could desicrate it.

How come no Iraq flags are burned? How come no dmo's to
"disarm" saddam before war broke out - leting him know
the left was against his being armed? How come no demo's
or flag desicrations of Iraq flags when he took the
marsh people and murdered them.. a population
of Iraq once 900,000, reduced to 40,000. Many
living in exile in Iran? How come no echo demo's
when he dammed up what fed those marshes where endangered
animals lived and relied on? How come? How come
no demo's against corporate Iran, those who steal the wealth
of the people to use for their personal pleasures? How
Come? Would some one care to answer just a few of these
questions? So much for your platform if you can't practice
without discrimination what you "preach".

You think all but you are DUMB, specially us morons who
only have GED's..??? May not be able to quote Sarte or
who ever but we are the heart beat of america. Hear
the thunder? Bet you ass if push came to shove the way
you folks work you would. And THATS a FACT Jack.

I meant to add... (english)
25 Mar 2003

You see that GRUNT in the picture I posted. Thats my brother and he will never be forgotten. He died in his
heart, mind and soul so you could FREELY desicrate the flag he fought under.

I want you to also NOTE the two distinct blood blobs. The
one from the fatal wound sustained to the head and the
second. Note forst his pants have been un done and in
some pics I have on some almost off.

You know why there are two distinct areas? The IRAQI's,
those you don't seem to care what they do, dismembered him.
The cut out his genitals.

Now I bet that just makes your fucking day. You have that
right to fuck with our flag, but bet your as I as an individual don't have to agree with your decisions and
despite the fact I may be arrested, ( Civil Disobedience?)
you beter never let me see you FUCK with my Flag, My
brothers & sisters flag up close and personal. You wan't
a "revolution" you and many just may get what the muck you
want, but I don't think you breast fed namby pamby momma's
boy's will like the out come.

Now go ru home to your rich daddy and mommy and tell them..
hey they always bail your ass out ayway.

Pissed off MicMac
Blood. (english)
25 Mar 2003
How to talk to a pissed off Micmac?

Start with your chosen name, which I am sure you know refers to Mi'kmaq people who lived in the Canadian Maritimes, but who have been decimated by European weapons and disease in a long sordid history.

Second, as one who is against this war, I also note a lot of egotism in the anti-war movement and I don't like it. A lot of disrespectful tactics and rhetoric which is not fitting to the topic at hand. A lot of people trying to be "KEWL" as you say.

But your question why not burn the Iraqi flag too? I think it has a simple answer -- that we're in the U.S. and the U.S. govt is _supposed to_ represent us, but it's not. You can cite polls, but before the war started most people didn't want to start it now. And beside that point, the will of the majority doesn't always make something right. The majority at one time consented to slavery and to genocide of native americans. There have been rebels within Iraq as well, and they, I am sure, at some time have burned the Iraqi flag in protest.

However, I've never burned a U.S. flag. Like you make clear, it's still held as sacred by a lot of people who I have respect for, and it's a complex symbol. It can mean many things. I've held it upside down to represent extreme disagreement with what the govt is doing, but never burned it.

Why no demos against Iraq's regime here in the U.S.? Well I think there have been. There have also been regular vigils and demos to bring attention to the sanctions and the suffering they've caused, but an integral part of these demos and vigils is information about the crimes of Saddam Hussein, *and* the U.S. complicity in these because the U.S. didn't even condemn the atrocities of Saddam's regime until much later, when it had other reasons to go to war against his regime. This is the content of U.S. demos, simply because they're in the U.S. and we are hoping to affect our own (supposedly) government's policy, not Saddam's.

Another thing, the photo of the dead U.S. soldier... As much as any needless death, I regret that death, and I place partial blame for it on the U.S. administration for sending people to do this dirty job for special interests.

I would have joined the army a decade ago if it was a truly liberatory army. If it was even largely liberatory, not serving an agenda that I could not agree with. I believe in the possibility of just war. However, I disagree with what the U.S. government calls a just war. I would have fought in defense of innocent people being slaughtered in Tibet, Rwanda, East Timor, Colombia and many other place. However, more times than not, the U.S. is actually on the OPPOSITE side from the innocent people being slaughtered -- in other words supporting the murder.

As for your ad hominem "get a job" type comments, I hope you don't believe that's true. So many anti-war people are hard working and have so much integrity. That's a cheap shot and clearly motvated by unthinking anger. Speaking of which I have to go now and get to work, even in this demoralizing time when my tax money is paying for a campaign I wholly disagree with.
OK Bubba (english)
25 Mar 2003

Pondering your post. Back at you soon.

Aroostook Band of Micmacs
We need more Mawiomis (english)
25 Mar 2003
The Micmac word for pow wow is mawiomi, a time for renewing
social and spiritual ties. Great respect is shown to the
drum at a gathering. Tobacco is offered to the spirits
called by the drum and to the spirit of the drum itself.

One reason for this respect is that the songs sung to the
beats of the drum have the power to unite people.

The first song an unborn child hears in its mother's womb
is the rythmic beating of her heart. In a sense, the drum
is the heartbeat of a powwow.

Many Aboriginals practicing the traditional way of life
believe that nature and Aboriginal peoples spoke the same
laguage. A common belief is that the Creator gave a
uniqueness and power to each tribe. Each tribe also enjoyed
a very respectful and harmonious relationship with nature
as a guide and provider.

The relationship with the Creator was pure, and its
strength was at its peak, being both visible and audible
through the voices of nature. In times of need, Aboriginal
people prayed, fasted, sweated and sacrificed. Prayers were
answered through the voices of nature, thus establishing
the Spirit of Nature and man as one.

I hope this explains the reasoning behind the clan system and its respect for the balance of nature.

We Are Warriors..

Any sacred object of a ceremony of power should not be
brought out, or even discussed, in public. War, medicine
and protection can also be included in this, with grave
consequences if respect is not kept.

Ceremonies of preparation protect and guide warriors.
Inspiring songs, warrior speeches and war dances are

There is mutual honor and respect, even for the enemy. It
is said that taking the life of the enemy, one captures his
spirit. It is still believed that this spirit belongs to
the victor, along with its power. In the physical world,
the victor feeds the victim's spirit until guided into the
spirit world.

What do you feel about this?

There is a time for very thing in life. Love, Dislike,
War, Peace. Thre has been since the begining. Some
indians tribes were considered "bad" and dealt with.
Iraq leadership is considerd bad and there is ample proof
of many genocides, so if one lays down thier arms all
around this leadership, what do you feel this ladership
might do? Smoke the peace pipe? Or cotinue rapeing mother
earth and the iraq people and storing their illegal gain for
their own agenda, which when looked at, is pure hate, not
only of the US Gov. but all non Islamic Infidels.

I would support his ouster, then, be so vigilant on what
was done with the resources after the fact ad use the powrers
that would bring many to the streets, some you wouldn't
believe would ever be there by your sides, to maitain a
consistant check/balance.

Those who want to see our system over thrown ad the
installation of a "dictatorship" no matter under what
auspice, will not agree with much. They have honed their
long knives of deception. I do not fear seeing their end
met.. as I may be foolish, but I have faith in our youngsters, their knowledge drawn from any school they chose
to go to, that they wo't be fooled by the rhetoric.

More later as I ponder your post.

My feelings on Iraq. (english)
25 Mar 2003
MicMac, these are my feelings on Iraq.

"In the summer, sometimes we see a forest fire. If we don't
bother with it, it will really burn.

But if we all work together to put it out right away before
it spreads, you see it is easier... It will get smaller and
smaller and soon mother earth will rest and restore what was

We have to look at the background and Iraq history, where
we are today and where we want to go.

The elders talked about it a long time. Many tribes agree.
And the Elder's other essential advice? "Exercise the
brain," he says. "And be aware that the Creator is watching

Thank you my brother for sendig me to this page for me to

Respecting your enemies (english)
25 Mar 2003
MicMac Merc,

I am thinking about your post.

I think we all can use a lot more respect for each other in this world today. We think of each other as machines, or as numbers, or as cogs in some bureaucratic institution, or as people we can get something from.

If the people pulling the highest strings in the U.S. government had shown due respect to all people in Iraq, they would have found it reprehensible to support Saddam's regime when they saw what kind of dictator he was.

If the people pulling the highest strings in the U.S. government knew due respect for the people of the U.S., they would do a lot of things differently too.

When you talk about a sacred object of ceremony should not be brought out, are you talking about the U.S. flag here?

If so, then I think it's important in such an extreme case to bring it out, exactly because it's so powerful.

What made some Indian tribes considered "bad" and dealt with by genocide? Were they "bad" because they didn't want to get off the land they'd lived on for generations? Were they "bad" because they resented their children being taken and their hair cut and sent to English boarding schools? Or because they resented their women being raped? Or because the land they lived on had too many precious resources like gold or good soil for crops?

Iraq is "bad" mainly because it's sitting on the 2nd largest oil reserve in the world.

The 1st largest oil reserve, you may know, is Saudi Arabi. Saudi Arabia is also a dictatorship - a monarchy - where if you protest you can be killed. That's the same thing people love to say about Iraq -- "Lucky you're not protesting in Iraq, you'd be killed!"

But then why is the U.S. not opposing Saudi Arabia? Because the Saud regime cooperates with the U.S. at least enough for the U.S. to get their oil for a good price.

Oil, the blood of the earth, is what is being spilt. For that, human blood is being spilled, and human warriors are being used up and thrown away like old rags. That's the disgrace to my eyes.

I respect the people fighting in this warm, but I don't respect how this government is using them like cannon fodder.

The U.S. policy makers are the ones who don't have the due respect for their own warriors, or the common people in Iraq, or the common people in the U.S. who will pay for this war for years.

A disturbing juxtaposition of images… (english)
25 Mar 2003
This is what the buddha said:

Hatred never ceases by hatred
but by love alone is healed.

-- the Buddha
See also: