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48 Hours (english)
25 Mar 2003
Modified: 10:35:33 PM
"48 hours to leave." So he says. So they told him to say. An unprecedented order to the leader of a sovereign state -- and his family -- to leave his country on pain of death -- probably the death of hundreds of thousands
48 Hours

by Kevin Alfred Strom

Loaded: 3/22/2003

American Dissident Voices Broadcast of March 22, 2003 Welcome to American Dissident Voices. I'm Kevin Alfred Strom. "48 hours to leave." So he says. So they told him to say. An unprecedented order to the leader of a sovereign state -- and his family -- to leave his country on pain of death -- probably the death of hundreds of thousands.

Boy George is obeying orders. With Perle's and Wolfowitz's hands on his shoulders and the Jewish media gun in his ribs, Bush is about to unleash a firestorm of death on a people who have never lifted a finger against the United States. He's going to kill some of the best White Americans, too, the pilots and soldiers who depend on his judgment and leadership to make war only on those who pose a real threat to America. And the Moslem people who stay in their own lands are no threat to America. The Middle Easterners who are a threat to America are the Middle Easterners who pose as Americans and who own or control large segments of our media, who have infested the highest echelons of the Bush administration, and who are using us as cannon fodder in a war they've planned for years to remake the entire map of the Middle East into an Israel-friendly checkerboard of puppet regimes and occupation governments. [See and ]

Prominent administration Jews Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, David Wurmser and Elliot Abrams are relentlessly pursuing what they see as Israel's best interest, and cynically manipulating the patriotic sentiments of the American goyim they secretly despise to get us enthusiastic for a war which will kill our sons and permanently -- perhaps fatally -- wound America. Wolfowitz, Perle, and Wurmser even prepared a written plan for "regime change" in Iraq as a first step in securing Middle Eastern hegemony for Israel in 1996. The plan was called "A Clean Break" and was prepared at the time not for the American President, but for the Prime Minister of Israel. So the claim that the call for war on Iraq is motivated by concern for American security is a lie. The claim that this war was prompted by concern for "fighting terrorism" after 9/11 is also a lie. The Jews that pushed their way into the administration after the weak Bush victory of 2000, a weak victory that made Bush totally dependent on the media Jews for public favor, have been planning their war for many years. Afghanistan was a target of convenience and Iraq is just the second domino they want to fall. Using a river of Moslem and American blood, they plan to conquer Syria, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, too. It's all part of their plan.

"48 hours before the killing starts." Get out your plastic flags. And your plastic body bags.

While whole counties -- whole American states -- are being turned over to illegal Mexican invaders who take our jobs, cancel out our votes, take our daughters, and remake our entire national landscape in their image, Bush and his Middle Eastern-descended handlers want us to "celebrate" that invasion.

But Iraq -- that's different. If little and surrounded and mostly-disarmed Iraq has a single weapon that can reach Holy Israel, then it's time to start waving the flag and shedding the blood, brothers! And when we're done with Iraq, why there may be one or two or three other Moslem states who harbor unkind feelings toward Holy Israel, too. And you can bet they'll be "dealt with" just as harshly.

The Middle Easterners who are a threat to America are the Middle Easterners who pose as Americans and who, through the media they control, manipulate the politicians into letting the real invasion of America continue, and who vilify anyone who tries to stop the invasion.

The Middle Easterners who are a threat to America are the Middle Easterners who pose as Americans and who, through their media, convince us that White genocide through racial mixing is a Good Thing.

Iraq doesn't control AOL/Time Warner. Iraq doesn't control ABC/Disney. Iraq doesn't control Fox News. But a certain other Middle Eastern minority does. That's the crucial issue. That's why Americans and other innocents are going to die in this unnecessary war. That's why America is becoming as widely hated as Israel. That's why our former allies are shunning us like a plague carrier. That's why Americans are being replaced by foreigners in the land our ancestors built. Jewish control -- Jewish power -- is the crucial issue of our time.

"48 hours and you're with us or against us." If "us" means the War Party and Bush, then very few are "with us" these days. Even in Zionist-dominated Britain, several Labour MPs are calling for Tony Blair to resign over his war plans. And Robin Cook, no less than the leader of the House of Commons has resigned in protest, as has health minister Lord Hunt. In the U.S., within the last month two senior diplomats have resigned because they cannot support this war. John Brady Kiesling, a U.S. diplomat based in Athens, resigned last month. And just a few days ago John H. Brown, a member of the U.S. diplomatic corps since 1981 and who served in London, Prague, Krakow, Kiev, Belgrade and Moscow, said in a letter to Secretary of State Colin Powell: "I cannot in good conscience support President Bush's war plans against Iraq. Throughout the globe the United States is becoming associated with the unjustified use of force. The president's disregard for views in other nations, borne out by his neglect of public diplomacy, is giving birth to an anti-American century."

The gullible may be swayed by the $1,000,000 movie set now being constructed in Qatar by Hollywood art directors, which will serve as a TV propaganda platform for General Tommy Franks during the war. The boobs will be impressed. But the informed, like John H. Brown and the listeners to this program, will not be fooled. [ See ]

Coleen Rowley, an FBI whistle-blower, in a recent letter to F.B.I. Director Mueller, warns that the Bureau is verging out of control, trampling on rights and making arrests for what she terms "PR" purposes:

"The vast majority of the one thousand plus persons "detained" in the wake of 9-11 did not turn out to be terrorists. They were mostly illegal aliens. We have every right, of course, to deport those identified as illegal aliens during the course of any investigation. But after 9-11, Headquarters encouraged more and more detentions for what seem to be essentially PR purposes. Field offices were required to report daily the number of detentions in order to supply grist for statements on our progress in fighting terrorism. The balance between individuals' civil liberties and the need for effective investigation is hard to maintain even during so-called normal times, let alone times of increased terrorist threat or war. It is, admittedly, a difficult balancing act. But from what I have observed, particular vigilance may be required to head off undue pressure (including subtle encouragement) to detain or "round up" suspects...."

Ask Chester Doles and his family about "subtle encouragement." Ask them if it's only foreigners who are victims.

A Republican Party chairman in Missouri, Jack Walters, has resigned "[a]s the Bush administration moves toward certain war in the Middle East -- a war which I believe nothing good will come from, a war which is unjust, unnecessary, and a war which will undoubtedly widen, perhaps even into world war, thereby placing our nation in dire peril...." [ See ]

In Britain, trade union leaders warn there will be national strikes against this war. In Ireland, many are outraged over the use of Irish airports for the cargos of death to Iraq, and a U.S. plane was even disabled by an activist. [See ]

The Catholic Church has come out strongly against this Jewish war of conquest. Archbishop Renato Raffaele Martino, speaking on Vatican Radio for the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, said that the war "is a crime against peace which cries for vengeance before God. ...Do not reply with a stone to the child who asks for bread. They are preparing to reply with thousands of bombs to a people that has been asking for bread for the last 12 years," in reference to the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who have died due to sanctions. Martino is the former Vatican representative at the U.N.

[See Here. ]

"48 hours before the blood starts running." But the blood is already running. Blood and sand. An American woman, not much more than a girl, really, Rachel Corrie, has just been murdered by the Israelis. The Israelis, with the cooperation of the Jews in the American media, claim it was all a mistake. 23-year-old Rachel was standing in front of an Israeli military bulldozer that was threatening to destroy Palestinian homes and threatening a whole city's water supply. She was clearly visible in an implement-orange blazer and she identified herself and announced her intentions with a megaphone. The Jew dumped sand on Rachel, ran her over with the bulldozer, and then backed up and ran over her again. She died from the wounds. If that was a "mistake," George Bush is a statesman. The Jewish media have a little trouble handling the Rachel Corrie story. From their point of view, the murder of Rachel was a mistake -- a public relations mistake. They don't mind so much about killing a shiksa, their word for White women, but the bulldozer driver's timing was really bad: just when we were supposed to be working up a real good hate for Moslems and thinking warm thoughts about our noble democratic ally Israel. So out came the Jewish spinmeisters -- and those who are employed by them, like Rush Limbaugh. Rachel believed in self-determination for the Palestinians, so she was a "liberal," and probably "deserved to die." Rachel burned a piece of paper once, with the stars and stripes on it, because she was ashamed of the horrible things that were being done in the name of those stars and stripes. That's not "patriotic." You've got to support whatever killing is done in the name of Bush. You've got to support whatever killing is done by Jews with American tax money. You can't ever oppose those things, or even think about those things, or you're a traitor -- and what's worse, an "anti-Semite." So an anti-Semite got squashed to death. Ha ha, Rush, she deserved it. Let's move on. Sorry to bore you. Let's roll. Megadittoes.

Can you imagine the behavior of the Limbaughs and the Brokaws if the Iraqis had murdered Rachel? George Bush himself would be ordered to hold a mass candlelight vigil and weep on cue. And it would be televised again and again and again on every major network.

The blood and the sand have flowed and mingled on the soil of Palestine where Rachel Corrie died. Let us hope the sand works its way into the gears of this Jewish war, and that the bloodstains become clearly visible on the hands of Bush and Blair and their bosses Wolfowitz, Sharon, and Perle. They are bloodstains that will never wash off.

"48 hours before Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia...." Orwell had it right. Given firm control of the media, the healthy instincts of the people can be turned on their head by an evil elite. And that is exactly what has happened in America.

The instinct to patriotism, to loyalty to your native land, is a healthy instinct. The best Americans feel it strongly. They revere the flag that flew over Fort McHenry when White separatist Francis Scott Key wrote the Star-Spangled Banner. They love this land and its people. But their love for this land is being twisted and used by the cynical Jews who run our media. It's being used to get them to regard their potential friends or harmless strangers as enemies -- and to kill them. Their love for America is being manipulated to get these good people to hate those who would warn them that their media and government have been taken over. Their love for the flag is being manipulated to get them to regard their mortal enemy -- the Jewish power structure -- as their best friend, and even more than a friend: as something so holy that it can never be questioned and which must be protected at all costs, even the cost of our lives.

Wake up, patriotic Americans. You're being used. It is your hard work that creates the technology and funds the Pentagon that are supposed to be used to protect you and your family. Without the support of the White inventors and managers, without the support of the productive White worker in every field, this evil war could not continue. That wealth, that power is ours. Let's take it back.

"48 hours to go." Boy George is obeying orders. As is John Ashcroft. With Michael Chertoff's hands on his shoulders and his orders whispered in his ears, Ashcroft's "Justice Department" is illegally arresting and imprisoning those who oppose this war, those who oppose the immigrant invasion, and those who oppose the open Jewish takeover of America which is happening under cover of a pretended "conservative" administration. Visit for one example.

As horrible as today's Zionist-inspired war is -- as wrong and as unnecessary as it is -- it is a step towards the day when our tyrants and liars will be exposed for what they are.

"48 hours. Traitors and aliens have 48 hours to leave America." Some day, we'll hear that call rise up from Americans in a voice so strong that not only will it not be ignored, it will be obeyed.

And from the lands of our fathers across the Atlantic we'll hear: "Traitors and aliens have 48 hours to leave Europe. These lands are ours again."

And even the great majority of non-Whites will support us in this. They, like us, are receiving a graduate degree in Zionist studies as we careen toward war, as we stumble into the bloodbath of anyone who gets in Ariel Sharon's way. And what they have learned is that the main threat to the independence and freedom of all peoples on this planet is the tyranny of those who claim that they are specially chosen by God to rule over us. The Chosen are having their day, but their paradigm is being rejected by thinking people the world over. Tomorrow the thinking people will lead the masses against their real oppressors. And a new day will dawn on planet Earth.


Before I leave you today, I'd like to correct a mistake I made last week when I was discussing alternative media sites. I accidentally scrambled the urls for the altermedia and indymedia Web sites. Indymedia's url is and Altermedia's address is English-speaking readers will want to click on the U.S. or Canadian links on the left side of the site.


Speaking of alternative news sources, don't forget to visit our beta test version of, and please subscribe to our full-color high-quality magazine, National Vanguard.

National Vanguard has a long history of achievement and is, we believe, the finest magazine speaking for people of European descent today. Unlike some publications, we do not evade or hedge on the issues of race or Jewish power. We do not apologize for telling the truth and we do not compromise when it comes to our people's future self-determination. National Vanguard magazine is read by thinking people on every inhabited continent.

Let me tell you some of things we're planning for the next few issues:

* A continuation of the brilliant and witty Postscripts essays from the unpublished papers of Revilo P. Oliver (for whose estate I am the archivist), one of the most learned and eminent partisans of our race who ever lived;

* A White nationalist's odyssey to the Islamic Republic of Iran, and what he learned there, "Inside the Axis of Evil" by Eric Richardson;

* A ground-breaking report which exposes how American education policy deliberately shortchanges White students by Anne Lawford, a no-nonsense investigator who specializes in education issues;

* An in-depth study of violent crime in the United States and its close correlation to the African percentage of a region's population by indefatigable researcher Jerry Abbott;

* A report by biological scientist Michael Rienzi on the new and revolutionary genetic test which will allow us to determine, at a reasonable cost and with remarkable accuracy, the racial background of anyone submitting a DNA sample;

* A moving essay on the life and work of racialist, writer, and eugenics advocate David Starr Jordan, the first President of Stanford University, written for us by Professor Robert S. Griffin, author of Fame of a Dead Man's Deeds;

* And, of course, book and film reviews, the wit and wisdom of our regular columnists Ben Parker and Bob Whitaker, along with Victor Wolzek's continuing series of exposÚs of the lies of the Jewish media bosses, "Eye on the Media"; the best letters column in any magazine - and much more as well.

You can get a sample copy for $5 postpaid in the US and Canada or $8 elsewhere in the world. Write to National Vanguard Books, Box 330, Hillsboro WV 24946. Or you may subscribe and receive six issues for $18 in the U.S., $26 in Canada, and $36 elsewhere. National Alliance members receive double the number of issues for the same price. Write to National Vanguard Books, Box 330, Hillsboro WV 24946 or subscribe online at

We hope you'll subscribe to National Vanguard magazine today, or become a distributor by buying copies in bulk. Spread the word: we're back and better than ever before.

Until next week, this is Kevin Alfred Strom reminding you to stay active -- stay legal -- and keep on thinking free.


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25 Mar 2003
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