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Chemical weapons discovered (again) - a short review of propaganda (english)
07 Apr 2003
Modified: 02:01:59 PM
Since the place is about to spammed to high heaven, given the latest Reuters report about 'chemical weapons' I thought I would launch a 'pre-emptive strike' of my own, and go around spamming the story all over the place, thus saving others the trouble, and also by reviewing the fraudulent propaganda of recent times. This is not a complete list, it should be enough and anyone who wants can attempt a more exhaustive listing...
Time to review a little history....
First, allow me to do the duty and just post the Reuters report and get it over with, alright...

United States military finds chemical weapons ... WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. forces near Baghdad found a weapons cache of around 20 medium-range missiles equipped with potent chemical weapons, the U.S. news station National Public Radio reported on Monday.

NPR, which attributed the report to a top official with the 1st Marine Division, said the rockets, BM-21 missiles, were equipped with sarin and mustard gas and were "ready to fire." It quoted the source as saying new U.S. intelligence data showed the chemicals were "not just trace elements."

It said the cache was discovered by Marines with the 101st Airborne Division, which was following up behind the Army after it seized Baghdad's international airport.

U.S. Central Command headquarters in Qatar had no immediate comment.

The United States and Britain launched the war against Iraq to rid the country of weapons of mass destruction. Iraq denies having such weapons.

Now a show of hands...who didn't expect this? Anyone who wasn't expecting the military to 'discover' weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? I know I was expecting this, and the only problem now is to determine the credibility of the administrations claims. So let's do that, then shall we...

Does anyone remember Osalami Bin Laden? The White House released this fraudulent tape during the Afghan War as 'proof' that its pretext for the invasion of Afghanistan was valid. On the tape Osalami gloats over 9-11 and all the people killed that day. My local newspaper, bought out by the same ultra-right wing multinational that owns that wonderful Jerusalem Post, dutifully reported the fraud and filled the entire front page with the gloating face of Osalami Bin Laden, even though, one glance at that newspaper was enough for me to realize instantly that this fat actor was NOT bin Laden.

The biggest fraud of them all was the suggestion that somehow the attack on Afghanistan had nothing at all to do with Caspian/Caucasus oil interests, but rather was a response to the attacks on 9-11.

Interesting Afghan War stories from the summer before September 11th...

"The twin towers attacks provided Bush's Washington with both a trigger and a
remarkable coincidence. Pakistan's former foreign minister Niaz Naik has revealed
that he was told by senior American officials in mid-July that military action against
Afghanistan would go ahead by the middle of October. The US secretary of state,
Colin Powell, was then travelling in central Asia, already gathering support for an
anti-Afghanistan war 'coalition'. For Washington, the real problem with the Taliban was
not human rights; these were irrelevant. The Taliban regime simply did not have total
control of

Afghanistan: a fact that deterred investors from financing oil and gas pipelines from
the Caspian Sea, whose strategic position in relation to Russia and China and whose
largely untapped fossil fuels are of crucial interest to the Americans. In 1998, Dick
Cheney told oil industry

executives: 'I cannot think of a time when we have had a region emerge as suddenly to
become as strategically significant as the Caspian.'" John Pilger 'The truth they never told us'

The following article from the end of June 2001, reports on the agreement of both India and Iran to be 'on board' for the attack on Afghanistan as the American government was already busy in the region building an anti-Afghanistan war coalition. Note that this year, at the end of May 2002, the ink is dry on the Afghan pipeline deal...Note that Iran is not in on the deal, having become a terrorist state since then...

India in anti-Taliban military plan

India and Iran will "facilitate" the planned US-Russia hostilities against the Taliban.
By Our Correspondent

26 June 2001: India and Iran will "facilitate" US and Russian plans for "limited military action"
against the Taliban if the contemplated tough new economic sanctions don't bend Afghanistan's fundamentalist regime ...

Indian officials say that India and Iran will only play the role of "facilitator" while the US and Russia will combat the Taliban from the front with the help of two Central Asian countries, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, to push Taliban lines back to the 1998 position 50 km away from Mazar-e-Sharief city in northern Afghanistan. (Note that this is exactly what happened.) ...

Diplomats say that the anti-Taliban move followed a meeting between US Secretary of State Collin Powel and Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov and later between Powell and Indian foreign minister Jaswant Singh in Washington. Russia, Iran and India have also held a series of discussions and more diplomatic activity is expected ...

Officials say that the Northern Alliance requires a "clean up" operation to reduce Taliban's war-fighting machinery to launch an attack against the Taliban advance to the Tajik-Afghan border. This "clean up" action is being planned by the US and Russia since the Taliban shows no "sign of reconciliation". (Note: once again everything went exactly as planned last summer)...

Such Central Asian countries as Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan are threatened by the Taliban that is aiming to control their vast oil, gas and other resources by bringing Islamic fundamentalists into power. Now all the CIS nations are seeking assistance of Russia's Federal Border Guard Service to overcome the Taliban threat ... India, Iran and Russia, for example, are working on a broad plan to supply oil and gas to south Asia and southeast Asian nations through India but instability in Afghanistan is posing a great threat to this effort ... India's official position is for a "peaceful and lasting solution" to the Afghan problem. But it strongly advocates strict economic sanctions against Taliban and is also not averse to a "limited
military action" to weaken it. India plans to raise the Afghanistan issue in the forthcoming G-8 summit in Geneva in mid-July.

Even more trustworthy is the administrations stacking of the deck of the 9-11 commission. The commission was appointed by Bush, and the mandate of the investigation was laid out by Bush. The commission is to investigate 'government reaction on the day of 9-11' (but not government reaction in the months previous to 9-11, which is much more interesting.) The commission is not to 'point fingers and assign blame' which is also damned convenient for the Bush administration.

White wash 9-11 commission begins work

It is really amazing to me how docile the Americans are in that they put up with this sort of thing. You hardly hear so much as a complaint, and they just let it go by unchallenged. (Later on they might complain about their progressively eroded rights and constitution, but they themselves helped to erode their own constitution by allowing such corruption of justice to take place unchallenged. As I said, it is imcomprehensible to me, but such are the facts on the ground...)
You might recall the 'chemical weapons factory' that was discovered a few weeks ago. Turns out to have been a fraudulent claim. A 'popular uprising' was taking place in Basra. Basra was reported captured about seven times, each claim being false. And the BBC was reporting these falsehoods as news as well. But apparently they are
unwilling to continue doing so. According to the Guardian newspaper in Britain, the BBC
has stated that, "We're getting more truth out of Baghdad than the Pentagon at the
moment. We're absolutely sick and tired of putting things out and finding they're not true.
The misinformation in this war is far and away worse than any conflict I've covered,
including the first Gulf war and Kosovo."

You might recall the phony 'baby in the incubator story' from Gulf War One. This false story was fabricated by a hired public relations firm and then sold to the American public as fact to bolster support for Gulf War One. For Gulf War Two we have been constantly sold the story about Saddam 'gassing the Kurds'. This is in spite of the fact that previous Republican administrations going back to Reagan and Bush One blocked condemnation or sanctions in both Congress and the United Nations, and were covertly supplying Saddam with the noxious gases needed to gas Kurds. When Iraq's weapons report was released in December the Administration promptly confiscated the report, and the report shrank to a fraction of its size with the reason given that the White House needed to 'protect National Security' and also 'guard against proliferation'. Someone leaked the full report and it turns out that all the Americans were hiding was the long list of American corporations and government agencies that played a role in arming Saddam with those chemical and biological weapons. As well the American government funded Turkish violence against millions of Kurds to the tune of billions of dollars, so their sudden love of Kurds is rather hypocritical to say the least. It turns out that the Brits also helped Saddam with his poison gas factories, and the British taxpayers also coughed up a few hundred million pounds to pay for it all, not something you hear a lot about lately, for obvious reasons.

I suppose the list could go on and on and on. But tell someone who cares, and tell someone who is listening, because I know that I am not. All that matters to me is the future of Iraq, and that means that all that matters to me is the oil of Iraq. The administration continues to lie about their lack of interest in oil, even though their own oil policy document which was on the desk of Dick Cheney in April 2001, months before 9-11, "Strategic Energy Policy Challenges For The 21st
Century" states that America is facing an energy crisis of massive scale. The document identifies
Saddam as a threat to the United States due to the fact that he controls Iraq's oil fields and
recommends an invasion of Iraq as a strategy to be employed in dealing with the American
energy supply crisis. The document reads, "Iraq remains a destabilizing influence to ... the
flow of oil to international markets from the Middle East. Saddam Hussein has also
demonstrated a willingness to threaten to use the oil weapon and to use his own export
program to manipulate oil markets," and then goes on to state that "the American people
continue to demand plentiful and cheap energy without sacrifice or inconvenience" and
therefore this requires military intervention in Iraq.

All that matters to me is the oil, and the future of Iraq. Why I strongly oppose this war, in brief... Post-Colonial nations are the poorest in the world. The profits raked in by the colonial powers disappeared into the bank accounts of their robber baron tycoons, and the Colonial nations were left to wallow in poverty and under-development. The Americans always bring their robber baron oil capitalists. What does the future hold for Iraq once the oil and the profits disappear? Since the 1970s the oil of Iraq has been nationalized. For this reason, before the sanctions destroyed the economy of Iraq, the people there enjoyed one of the highest standard of livings in the region. Since the White House is lying when pretending that this war is not about oil, let the oil remain nationalized, and keep out those American robber baron capitalists! Already they are dividing up the spoils with a former CEO of Shell Oil appointed to manage the transition of the oil wealth of the people of Iraq, which represents their future,into the hands of privateers from America. NO BLOOD FOR OIL! There isn't much a future for the people of Iraq, once the oil is gone, and the profits as well, and they are left a post-colonial wreck like the nations of Africa, while trying to turn a profit marketing sand dunes.

A little more on the same subject -> Angry Crowds greet troops

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