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Smack a Leftist with your Sandal (english)
10 Apr 2003
Modified: 12 Apr 2003
The Left dies with Saddam

Smack the Left with your Sandal

Along with those statues of the dictator in Iraq came crashing down something far more dramatic – the entire superstructure of leftism. It is the piercing of the Berlin Wall of leftist totalitarian thought control. Never was it so overwhelmingly obvious that the Left is so wrong about absolutely everything. Virtually every leftist truism and “idea” was crushed to dust in Iraq this week.

The Left has been insisting ever since September 11 that the Moslems and the Third World peoples hate the Americans with good reason and complete justification, that September 11 was the American comeuppance. They repeated ad nauseum that the Americans are hated and perceived as racists, colonialists, aggressors. This week we see that the Americans are loved by Iraqis with good reason and complete justification, and that the Left should be hated by all people with common sense for good reason and with complete justification.

We had the years of insistence by the Left that US sanctions were killing billions of Iraqi children, ever since the first Gulf War. The Left insisted that ordinary Iraqis hated the US for killing so many of their children through starvation. But the only thing starved to death was the set of leftist axioms. The Iraqi “victims” of US sanctions are marching through the streets screaming Hoorah for the USA, poking their private parts into the eyes of posters of Saddam, waving US flags, cheering Bush, applauding the people who used sanctions against their country, throwing flowers at Marines, smacking their shoes into the faces of Saddam on the posters, dancing in the streets.

There were the countless leftist predictions that Iraq would be a new Vietnam, a quagmire. And three weeks to the day after the war began, US troops were sunning themselves in Saddam’s palaces. There were the predictions of zillions of civilian deaths and jillions of US and British casualties. The civilian deaths are but a tiny portion of the annual toll Saddam himself was extracting from Iraqis, and the Coalition casualties were less than what the PLO produces in a typical month of its atrocities against Israel.

The same Left is already denouncing the US “occupation”, of Iraq, now that this word has replaced all thinking on the part of the Left. Naturally the Left insists that the fall of Iraq should be immediately followed by the dismembering and destruction of Israel. In fact, Israel’s “occupation” of the West Bank and Gaza is exactly the same – not as the US occupation of Iraq but rather – as the US occupation of Boston and Philadelphia. The same Palestinians who took to the streets in massive support of Saddam are now left speechless, as the Iraqis sing the Star Spangled Banner. So are their countless apologists and supporters on the Left.

Here we have the Iraqi Arab exiles of Dearborn marching through the streets with US flags hailing the US victory over Iraq. We have public opinion polls in the US and UK showing support for the invasion now approaching 100%. Even on the European continent there are massive second thoughts about the Chirac posturings. With weapons of mass destruction turning up, even Frenchmen can now see how wrong France had been. With masses of Iraqis waving US flags, every gamble by Bush and Blair paid off. Their courage and willingness to defy political correctness earned them their laurels.

I suppose a part of Bush’s motivation in the first place was to remove the soil from his own father’s legacy. In the three-week victory we now see how foolish it had been to leave Saddam on his throne in 1991 at the end of the first Gulf War, and how easy it would have been even then to topple him, probably easier than in 2003. We see how moronic were all those who insisted that the US not finish the job in 1991. And we recall that among those people was none other than Colin Powell, the man now promoting the “Road Map” that will reward those Arabs who supported Saddam and pay the Arab world a prize for its non-support of the US invasion, paid off in Israeli currency.

All those Cassandras predicting that the moment US troops crossed the Iraqi frontier the entire US would be engulfed in terrorism and anthrax proved as wise as the street Leftists. All those “peace marchers” are now seen for what they really were – anti-Americans seeking to support any enemy of the US no matter how horrible, people who always support the enemy of their nation right or wrong. Those countless urchins in designer jeans marching about with signs saying “Not in Our Name” can rest reassured. Iraq was not liberated in their name. To the contrary, Saddam murdered US and British POWs in their name. Bin Laden operated in their name. Syria and Iraq operate in their name. Arafat blows up Jewish children in their name.

There is one overwhelmingly important lesson from the fall of Baghdad. That is that we all need to take off our shoes and bang them into the faces of Leftism.
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To Barry _ Well Said (english)
10 Apr 2003


well said.. but I take exception.

I take exception on behalf of the kids DUPED by the
communists who inspire "hate" not love, WAR in our streets,
not Peace.. but do it with "flowers" sweet smelling flowers
to mask their true intentions.

I think the "left" ( people with a lot of empathy ) need
to de seperated from the "FRONT GROUPS" as individuals
who will see the true enemy of all people hiding among

They are the rhetoric throwers, those who taunt you with
McCarthyism while as they cry about being "red baited"
or "class baited" or what ever KEWL baited they can

I have faith that the left, a political force, can see
an end acheived internationally, but against the proper
party's to genocide, hate, oppression, et al.

I have asked here before for the left to rise with the
true working class nationally, internationally to march
against other nations who mirror Iraq. Be it China - Like
the masacre at the Square -. North Korea and what they
are doing to their own and the threat they pose,
internationally, etc.. and also for support of their countrymen and women who go at their lives own risk to
liberate. Vietnam is a good example of what pulling out
does to a people who only wanted freedom. What is going
on inside their borders is so unjust. I could go on and
on, not as elaborate as you.. but don't spank the "left",
kick the commies in the ass, return power internationally
to the working class.

Maybe I am a utopian MicMac... though our tribe history
show we were valiant warriors, most of the time we lived
in peace. The world can have that peace, once the
Sodams & Bin Layins are put out of business.

We already have one of the most diverse nations culturally
on the planet, with more freedoms ( brought for a price
by brave citizens willing to give their lives ) than any
nation on the planet.

Let Freedom Ring!!

MicMac Merc
no. (english)
10 Apr 2003
We are not in paradise yet.

The U.S. has won the "war". That was inevitable. I knew it would and so did my friends who are "leftists". It was just a question of how many casualties there would be -- and by this I mean Iraqi civilians and military as well as U.S. military. And there is still the question of guerrilla attacks which may continue for years, decades even.

But even as the U.S. won the "war", can it win the peace? Does it even know what peace means?

And what of the "leftists" you denounce here, who oppose and always opposed BOTH Saddam's and the U.S. regime, because BOTH are militaristic, fascistic, criminal regimes? Only when you're in the U.S., consuming U.S. news reports, believing yourself to be so superior, and in the middle of the whole illusion of democracy through voting every 4 years, it doesn't exactly feel like the U.S. is fascist or a dictatorship, does it? But to the rest of the world it is patently obvious.

I am against any leftist fascism too, don't get me wrong, but you're erecting a strawman and knocking it down. You misrepresent "the left". Then you state how stupid it is, or was. It's a favorite rhetorical device of the right wing. But it's not right.

And what happened in Iraq is not right, either. There were better ways to handle it. However, the U.S. is arrogant and a bully, and put a limit on other ways to handle it. Don't try to play realpolitik while accepting the U.S. as a legitimate state, but condemning the Iraqi regime. It's duplicitous.
Indeed (english)
10 Apr 2003
I guess you chaps will be shivering with excitement now that your conservative 'democratic' leaders will now, with the scenes in Baghdad, have the green light to force the lumbering troll of a government that they call democracy onto whatever country they like.
I think this is great since we all know how caring and just the american regieme is and we all sincerely believe they are freeing Iraq because they actually care about the people of Iraq.
We sincerely believe that they are not simply using W.M.Ds as an excuse to get rid of their own weapon stockpiles and thus push up weapon manufacturer profits and share prices.
We sincerely belive that the fact that Iraq is the second largest oil producing country in the world has nothing to do with this war and that even if there was no oil there America would still be there dispensing justice and freedom to the poor opressed people of Iraq.
We sincerely belive that American companies will not be given the contracts for exporting Iraq's resources even though an American company has already been given a five year contract to run the port of Umm Quasr.
We sincerely believe that Iraq will have a just government where the parties that the people actually voted for will be allowed to run the country just like in America (well sometimes)and will cut off ties with America so that it cannot be exploited for its resources or used as a Middle-East base of operations for American warmongers.
We sincerely belive that the motives of the Bush administration are honest and just and that they are a caring and synpathetic group.
We sincerely believe that the new Iraqi government will not immediately become corrupt and begin opressing its people as it panders to America like Saddam did before America double-crossed him.
We sincerly believe that democracy is the perfect form of government because we have been brought up to worship it like the God that it is and that because it works so perfectly in America all other countries should be forced to adopt it or else be nuked into oblivion.
We sincerely believe that we are the good guys and we work for God and they are the Bad guys and they work for Communism, which was invented by Satan.
Sincerely, D. Gaffney
My two cents (english)
10 Apr 2003
Just because what Hussein was doing was bad doesn't make what we're doing good.

One more time: The Iraqis are happy that Saddam is gone? Of course they are! At least the ones who aren't dead from shelling, landmines, gunfire or 13 years of US (not UN) forced sanctions.

So now, more clearly than ever, America is the world's policeman. But who died and made us Lord God Almighty? What makes us so arrogant as to think that we have all the answers for the rest of the world?

I love this country, but I have spent many hours in tears over the conceit, pride and arrogance of those who run it. The entity that invaded Iraq was the United Corporation of America, and the enterprise should have been called, "Operation: What's in It for Us?"
Fuck Pacifism. (english)
10 Apr 2003
Why not try it tough guy? I always want to break some right-wing asshole's arm and then make him eat a sandal. There really is no better combination than leftwing politics and a solid background in ju jitsu.
Relax (english)
10 Apr 2003
Lighten up, Francis.
you watch too much fox'news' (english)
10 Apr 2003
>>Along with those statues of the dictator in Iraq came crashing down something far more dramatic – the entire superstructure of leftism
WELL Cathy.. (english)
10 Apr 2003
Those the communist claim they "work on behalf of" kina
disagree... see after my drivel...

I do to.

Count the kills by sodam prior to 1991 and after 1991
to date and add them up. It's off the front screen again..
here.. but some one named guen reposted some of the stats.

I don't know these Iraq's... but would make the trip without
hesitation, and put my life on the line to see an end to
sodams body count.. yes there will be numbers that can
be manipulated by both sides to "prove" their point, but,
when amnesty international, and other like groups state
that genocide has been and is underway in a country...
what ya gonna do? just let it happen? You think they would
stop because a nation asked them to? golly gee gal!!

Should we have Hitler keep france, et al... because we
were afraid civilians would be harmed? I am not well educated but some where this "oh look who died logic"
within the issue doesn't add up.

We were NOT at war, yet we lost aprox. 3000 civilians,
woman and children without a peep from those who like to
use this tactic to bring about "guilt" feelings or at
least try to... no GI likes to KILL.. some live with
their kills ( if they are not killed ) for life.. but
to maintain what allows most any thing to happen here,
men and women walked the walk - some to death, some to disabled for life.... and they are some of the most shit upon people in the US. They are the farmer down the
road, the factory workers, et al...

Not many from the rich families make that trip.. and
ya no, some of the loudest mouths, other than the communist
fronts who oppose are those people. Are they trying to
justify thier decisions? I don't know.. don't care,
that was theirs.. if that be the case, if they only knew
most don't care maybe they would rething their walk.

To the bad ass anarchrist below your post.. fuck you..
I have a well rounded jujido program-- it's called a
"glock".. you way is the no where way.. and bubba thats
where you will end up. No where.. cause people ain't
gonna fall for the communist front bull
most I know don't need you or any one else to thing for them
thank you.. I don't agree with the initial post - nor do I find your drivel to be of any value. period.

Just inn

Thousands of union workers bearing American flags and homemade signs packed a rally at ground zero Thursday to show their support for U.S. military efforts in Iraq.

The rally stretched for several blocks north from the World Trade Center site. Carpenters, electricians and firefighters chanted
"USA! USA!" as labor leaders and politicians addressed the crowd.

Many speakers and participants described the war as a natural outcome of the World Trade Center attack, drawing little
distinction between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein.

"The war started right here on Sept. 11, 2001," Gov. George Pataki said.

"We were here!" shouted carpenter Jimmy Nolan, waving a pole bearing an American flag and a yellow flag with the image of a
yellow ribbon.

Nolan said he spent 11 months excavating the site and repairing shattered windows in surrounding buildings after the terrorist
attack on the twin towers.

Like many in the crowd, he said he saw the union-sponsored lunchtime rally as a counterpoint to anti-war demonstrations that
have drawn hundreds of thousands to New York streets and parks.

"We got tired of those protesters always arguing against the war," he said.

A sea of hard hats and red-white-and-blue bandanas stretched along West Street from the trade center site, where workers
building a temporary PATH train station at the site sat watching the rally from a fence overlooking the crowd.

"There's more people here than in my home state of Kansas," former Republican Sen. Bob Dole said.

Dozens of firefighters in bunker gear were scattered about the construction workers.

"This is where the war started," said fire Lt. Kenny O'Brien, whose Harlem firehouse lost two members in the terrorist attack. "This
is the most appropriate spot in the world to make this statement.

Many in the crowd were veterans or relatives of service members on duty in Iraq. Some carried pictures of their family members in
uniform. Others carried Marine Corps and other military banners.

"I was in Vietnam and we never had support like this," said sheetmetal worker Jim Pruitt.

The rally was sponsored by the Building & Construction Trades Council of Greater New York.

MicMac Merc

Interesting... (english)
10 Apr 2003

you watch too much fox'news'

just a tad too melodramatic there chico. your self-righteous tone alone exposes your addiction to the flag-wrapped nausea of fox-style 'journalism'. fair and balanced, fair and balanced-- they actually have to keep repeating that just in case there's any doubt about their credibility... just as you rightwing knuckleheads keep insisting on your god-given right to determine what's best for the rest of the world, or what makes someone a true american.
i'm suspicious of anyone who condemns one kind of oppression while justifying another.

Damn Poncho... isn't that what you just done? Now seeing
you used "chico" without a flinch.. ( kinda racist ) will
you in turn state I was using racist slang as well? Or was
I justified?

MicMac Merc ( please - please call me a micmac racist! )
Response to Mr. MicMacMerk (english)
11 Apr 2003
Just a quick response to your comment: I'm not a communist, I'm from a blue collar working class family, and I love this country and its people. HOWEVER, I do not love our government or the way it so often behaves towards other, weaker nations. If we have been more blessed than most other countries, then certainly more is required of us, INCLUDING being a role model of peace and fairness to other nations.

And for the last time, please stop tying Sept 11th to the war on Iraq. As yet there has been no evidence whatsoever to link that horrible event with Hussein. (He's got plenty of atrocities on his conscience already) Bringing down the WTC didn't require weapons of mass destruction, just 2 dozen people filled with hate. I hate to be trite, but I truly believe that if war is the answer, then we're not asking the right questions.
complex feelings. (english)
11 Apr 2003
I will try to explain how I feel.

I am happy for Iraqi people who don't have to deal with Saddam's regime.

However, they will still have to deal with a coercive government of one kind or another. There will still be violent repression.

I also would love to believe that the U.S. is the friendly superpower bringing justice to the world.

I think that would be entirely possible given the U.S. military dominance.

However, for that to really be true, the U.S. would have to first of all, stop being one of the worst human rights abusers on the planet itself.

Then it would have to base foreign policy on criteria of justice and human rights, not realpolitk and economic interests.

For this to occur, the U.S. government would have to be transformed from a government of capital to a government of the people. It would also have to face up, finally, to its cruel history of genocide and slavery and pay off that karmic debt in a substantial way.

When those things happen, I will be the first one to sign up for the army of liberation. Send me to the front lines, when the wars are actually for generous liberation of oppressed people.

Until then, count me as an enemy of Rumsfeld and the others and call me a dissenter or a leftist or whatever, but if you smack me with a sandal I will smack back, harder.
but if you smack me with a sandal I will smac (english)
12 Apr 2003
Love it...

you said:
1st: Mant things that contradict your finale...

which was:

but if you smack me with a sandal I will smack back, harder.


Sound like WAR to me.. isn't that how they get started?