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News ::
12 Apr 2003
Modified: 14 Apr 2003
Commentary on war in Iraq
The United States Will Lose In Iraq
It Hasn't Won, And It's Not Going To

4/11/03 11:40:02 PM
Bill White

Commentary -- From the beginning, I expected that the US would enter Iraq,
meet some level
of resistance, and then begin looking or ways to declare "victory" and
either leave or move the issue off of the front burner of the newscasts.
American public can be be convinced that the US has won an amazing victory
a lightning war, but even the dullards can recognize that if the war is
making headlines two months from now, that it hasn't been "lightning". In
Afghanistan, the US came in, failed to establish control, failed to "win",
failed to establish a stable government, is still fighting the Taliban,
will likely see the Taliban restored to power when it leaves; yet we "won"
Afghanistan -- just ask any Jew working a major commentary publication.
Similarly, the US will be driven out of Iraq, just as it is being driven
of Afghanistan, and it will lose -- its just that everyone will be left
thinking that America won.

It's realy peculiar how the US can lose not just these wars, but the
majority of the larger conflicts its been involved in since World War
II --
Vietnam, Korea, Lebanon, et cetera -- and yet the American people can
still be
deluded into believing America "won" or "didn't really lose". War is an
extension of politics, and if you don't achieve your political goals, you
a loser.

Now there are the really cynical, who believe that the only political goal
of these constant wars is to destabilize the world in the service of the
motive of Judaism, and to win re-election for a President willing to do
Jew's bidding. In that case, then, yes, you can call this war a victory,
since it improve the election chances of the President and it brings the
closer to Ragna Rokkr. But, I don't believe that the agents of
are ever really conscious of the destructive nature of their impulses; I
believe that when evil men do evil they do it because they think they are
doing something god. By defining that good as something evil -- like the
advancement of the Jewish people -- one is able to serve evil and believe
is doing good. That kind of self-deception is, as Kevin MacDonald has
out, at the base of Jewish identity.

The goal of the attack on Iraq was to install a US-friendly, if not an
outright US-occupation, government. Britain, as those who follow things
noted, is already pulling out of the region, and will be gone in a month.
From then on it will be all US, all the time.

But the US has not been able to establish a government, and when pressed
today as to what city the US is able to govern respectably, Secretary
could only point to Umm Qasr. And its true, with its utilities now hooked
to the water and electrical plants of Kuwait City, Umm Qasr may be a good
target for annexion by Kuwait; given that the rest of Iraq will be
its total collapse relatively soon, that may the best Allied exit strategy
conceived of yet.

The US is unable to govern either Baghdad or Basra; it has been unable to
suppress resistance by Hussein-loyalists and Muslim jihad warriors in
and it only claims temporary and partial control of the city -- during the
it can enter a few government buildings, and for an hour or two it can bus
some Iraqi-Americans to destroy a statue. But there is no US backed
government there, and the idea of bringing in foreign police to control an
area is ridiculous. Traditionally, Iraqis are policed by their tribes,
given that the US Special Forces have naively assassinated many of the
tribal leaders, it is almost certain that Iraqi tradition and culture,
even in
areas where there are no nationally active combatants, will join with the
relatives of those tribal leaders to make foreign policing impossible.
you imagine a cop from New York City being thrust into a culture where gun
ownership is truly universal and unpermitted and police state tactics are
forbidden? The fact is that America is so decadent it simply doesn't know
to police a free people, and the attempt to bring unfree American notions
law and order to people who live traditionally free will be doomed to

That aside, the US is not about to be able to disarm the major combatants
any time soon either. There are currently three governments operating in
Iraq, and soon there will be four. There is the autonomous and
Kurdish area, which is frankly probably the safest place to be right now.
Despite the formal illusion that they are part of Iraq, they have had an
independent revenue stream and an independent system of government for
quite a
while. Ironically, the US occupation of Kirkuk and Mosul and the
restructuring of the UN oil for food program will likely leave the Kurds
free than before, as previously a portion of the oil for food program
were being diverted to the Kurdish government, and under the new regime
will likely be diverted back to the new, US occupational government.

Then there is the continuing government of Saddam Hussein. The area
inhabited by non-Kurdish Sunnis in Iraq is very small -- it is about the
from Tikrit to Baghdad. All of that area has still successfully resisted
US occupation, Baghdad included, and the US reinforcements just started to
off the boat Monday (April 7), and probably won't be ready to deploy to
Baghdad for police duty until early May. Further, the US has essentially
played leap-frog across the country to advance its forces from city to
without taking control of any of them; its forces made their last jump at
Baghdad, and the deployment of reinforcements is critical for a further
North. Thus it was imperative to stage the statue destruction, despite
fact that the US will not likely have Baghdad under control for another
because the US public had to be lulled long enough for them not to notice
the US won't really be accomplishing much for a while. As the old German
saying goes, the Jew can tell ten lies in the time it takes to refute one;
the time even the educated portions of the populace know that the Baghdad
statute destruction was a fraud and Baghdad is not really under allied
control, there will be a new lie staged, and people will be too busy
with that to remember or debunk the old ones.

The third government in Iraq is the US occupational government, which
currently controls Umm Qasr, but which will attempt to establish order
the Euphrates and then along the Tigris up to Baghdad probably starting
month. In militarily disputed areas, the US is unable to establish
when the Kurds realize how the US is going to screw them, or when they
determine that cooperation with the US no longer benefits them, expect
revolution in the North. In the South, sometime soon, perhaps after the
British withdrawal, there will be a Muslim intifada against occupation.
can already see the seeds of it as the British, realizing they cannot
Basra, have already sponsored a former Ba'ath allied shiekh as the new
temporary governor and policer of the city. Armed protests against the
appointment have already begun. Further, we have already seen the
assassination of another US-UK backed religious leader, as he was supposed
be attending a photo op where he would shake the hand of the old
tribal leader and make peace. Expect to see more of these US-UK backed
these exiles in particular, assassinated in upcoming months. The Iraqi
National Congress has only been there a few days and they've alredy earned
reputation as hated and brutal agents of the assassination; I would guess
that their long association with Jews like William Kristol has had a
degradatory effect on their character.

There were two "real" objectives for the US war, other than the occult
thus more real) objective of furthering the end of this cycle of human
existence. The first was to secure Israel by destroying a country it
like; that objective has already failed, because this war has now placed
Israel in danger of nuclear destruction from Pakistan, and there isn't
Israel can do about that except continue to provide military equipment to
India. The second was to secure Iraqi oil for both Israel and the United
States, and that objective will fail as well, because that objective
the installation of an un-democratic and US-friendly government -- as
Congressman Wynn, never the brightest congressperson, told me once very
explictly when I cornered him at an event, "we will install a dictatorship
because those people have always had dictatorships, and we will take the
oil". However, all the US has committed to now is occupation and civil
and either the US will stay and occupy and fight until it sheds enough
that it comes home, a la Israel in Lebanon, or the US will leave its
government to fend for itself and it will be destroyed, a la what is
now in Afghanistan. There is no US win scenario.

Now there is a third goal in the hearts of many of the Jews who have
this war, and many fo the ignorant Shabbos Goy rank and file of the
Party, that bridges the gap between the occult and the "real", and perhaps
from that perspective, and that perspective only, this war can be deemed a
success. Most Jews and many Americans were willing to back this war
because the victims in this war would be Arabs, and they thirst to see
killed and to spill Arab blood. Most of the Jews and Americans who
this motive don't really understand it; they only know that when they see
picture of a twelve year old child, still alive, but dying, his body
packed with gauze where his flesh is no longer able to keep the insides
his arms amputated, and his remained flesh burned black, they want to
masturbate. A hundred years ago, people like that were the subject of the
Psychopathia Sexualis (I have a copy on my shelf if anyone wants this list
share some of the episodes; the most gruesome I can remember is the case
of a
man that killed a three year old girl, cut out her intestines, and
with them -- the major difference between him and a member of a website
Free Republic or a reader of NewsMax being that he was executed and they
considered "normal".) This kind of feeling -- a feeling that overrides
thought -- is one of the ways that the occult nature of the Jew and Jewish
spirituality -- gentiles who adhere to ideologies from neo-conservatism to
Judaeo-Christianity being among the participants in the latter --
itself. Jews are driven to destroy; some do it with more malice, and
some do
it without malice, almost by accident. But they all are driven to do it,
which is why a healthy state forbids them to participate in politics, in
publishing, in religion, in educatin, or in any other branch of social
that involves the guiding of the moral, spiritual, or intellectual
of the public. Jews, even when they are not deliberately bad, cannot help
be Jews, and thus they must be restrained for their own good, to keep them
from doing evil, as much as they must be opposed and punished when they
the darkness as Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith and company have done.

So the US will lose in Iraq, as it has already lost in Afghanistan, and in
a few years time a new dictator will emerge, as Saddam once emerged, and
quell the other factions and create a unity government. Iraq may lose
territory; we may see the Shi'ites go free and become a puppet state
Iranian backing; we may see the Kurds go free. Or, for all I know, we
see a new Caliphate, restored after the US occupation as it was once
by Hulagu the Mongol. The only thing we won't see emerge from Iraq, in
long term, is a stable government friendly to the US and willing to serve
interests. And as to continued war, the only thing continued war will
is the eventual destruction of Israel and the humbling of the United

And while if such things occur I can't think of a nicer group of people to
experience them, it seems to me that it would be infinitely better if
who see the further were able to take the reigns of this nation and bring
back into the path of righteousness from which it has strayed. But of
to bring a nation into alignment with righteousness requires direct rule
by an
avatar of God, in the manner of the traditional emperors of the Ancient
and we are at a point in the cycle where avatars of God are few and far
between -- and when they do emerge, oft reviled by that media and those
politicians who serve of the children of Typhon.

So I don't look for far-seeing men to emerge to lead the US back to world
dominance. I look for the continuing collapse and decay of America over
war and maybe one or two soul-sucking long struggles, until the pull of
becomes too great, and the world is covered in fire -- likely nuclear, but
knows? (After all, as time continues and enough countries get those
the growing and eventually widespread use of nuclear force becomes a
certainty.) I would look for a final, real Holocaust of the Jews in the
coming century or two on the outside (I don't want to underestimate, time
long) -- they are running out of places to run to and they are becoming
sufficiently spatially concentrated that they becoming unable to survive,
as a
people, weapons of mass destruction. I would also look for a humbling of
America and a restructuring of the world order in that same timeframe.
if we lucky, some accident may occur that bloodies America's nose and
the fight out of the Jews for a while, and the process of decay will be
long enough for the death forces to churn out a few more decades of

The Kali Yuga is a tough time to be living in, but at least its
that evil cannot triumph forever -- and can't even really triumph,
meaningfully, in the immediate here and now, over in Iraq.

Libertarian Socialist News
ATTN: Bill White, Editor
Post Office Box 12244
Silver Spring, MD 20908
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The Kali Yuga (english)
13 Apr 2003
The Kali Yuga is a time where even the righteous men are charlatans and evildoers, where we on this earth wait for Shiva the Destroyer to uncreate the universe and remake it in its perfect form. There is nothing you can do, no act of good or peace, in the Kali Yuga that is not fraught with taint and destruction. Better to help Shiva than fight the inevitable.
this is a vile article (english)
14 Apr 2003
Embedded with statements like this:

"Jews are driven to destroy; some do it with more malice, and
some do it without malice, almost by accident."

What a piece of crap. What an anti-semitic piece of crap.