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News ::
Mental Terrorism (english)
13 Apr 2003
Modified: 14 Apr 2003
Correlations between marijuana and Schizophrenia?

A study suggests that the smoking of cannabis causes an increase in Schizophrenia (and depression). This is a great deterrent, the possibility of an increased a mental disorder and being socially stigmatized beyond compare (read: weird, unlovable) Without understanding Schizophrenia as a disorder, which I believe even ¡§psychology¡¨ fails to do, how can the general public be anything but frightened of the possibility of their future honor students succumbing to a devious pot-induced end? Speaking of making the grade, what are our true human drives, and who is driving them?
In order to attempt to understand (is that all we can do anymore?!?!!?) the supposed correlation between the use of the drug and the disease, let us look at the effects of marijuana, the state of the world and the symptoms of schizophrenia, the phantom disease you may have feared and heard about but might not comprehend.
Marijuana, the doobie-ous force behind the war on drugs. Crack down on pot, but don¡¦t weed out the coke-nosers. They¡¦re respectable people and Presidents and whatnot. Well why is marijuana being smoked in the first place?
Marijuana has a relaxing effect, like marketed relaxants, but much like us, marijuana occurs in nature. And if you say ¡§so do poisonous plants¡¨, I say ¡§yes¡¨. Yes they do too. The reason to smoke it is the possibility of relaxation. Well, who would allow themselves to put within their bodies chemicals which alter it? Certainly the all of our convenience and ¡§lite¡¨ foods, riddled with edible experiments, aren¡¦t going to hurt developing humans, nor toxins in the air and water. So are we to hold steadfast in a war on this ¡§gateway drug¡¨ when there are other battles to be waged? Well here¡¦s a gateway¡K
In an eat or be eaten society, where competition is instilled from grade school, is it any wonder why here in our ¡§democratic¡¨ society we can¡¦t all just get along? Maybe the popular mindset has to change. Respect for the global people. This is a service-sector oriented chain of cities relying on the labor of other nations for sustenance. That started when it was conquered from its original inhabitants. Making it thrive demanded much outside labor. For a continent of such importance, why such import? Spice from India, (mace from Indonesia¡Kwhat makes people want to rape other people anyway?) diamonds from Africa, sugar from the Dominican Republic (and sexy Latin actors for the latest Hollywood vehicles¡Kthey¡¦re so ¡§it¡¨ right now) If we were trading fairly (or ¡§trading¡¨ at all) the persons working extracting these goods for us would not be impoverished. And what do we have for ourselves (if we¡¦re not too apathetic and are still selfish and care)¡K.not farmland. Suburbs. Not forests. Malls. Cement. Cars. Might the youth have concern? Might the young not think providing workers with jobs crafting shoes, just so we can in turn walk all over them is a little cruel? Might they hearing the last notes of happily ever after? Might their active minds not yet have been liquefied¡Kmight they be tuning in to what television is really saying? ¡§Hey¡Kwe¡¦ve reached a new low...turn me off and tune into reality.¡¨

A lot is happening to disrupt a mind. It always is, but with the ability to share information (do it now before it¡¦s taken away!) comes the great ability to become aware of the web surrounding all we do. The awareness of the dying respect for natural life, which is all encompassing, has just as much possibility of trigging illness in youth. It is their future they are witnessing, possibly trying to run away from. Please, whoever took the time and energy to do this study, take a little more into consideration than utilizing one drug as the scapegoat for a society that is buckling under its own formation.
Is it a social thing, an escape hatch, the smoking of this plant¡Kwhat came first smoking the drug before a disenchantment with civilization, and who is using drugs as escapism from realities in our mental environs? People want a little relaxation, and we¡¦ve legalized drugs that make us violent, but soothing drugs are the root of all evil (well, I have heard you smoke the leaves really¡K)
Yes, there is something triggering our species into a state. Not overlooking our animal instincts for survival, what are our chances if we don¡¦t make some real changes in the ways we interact with the earth, and with each other. And does that not that begin with what is in our heads?
Schizophrenia, like many mental disorders, is a label ascribed to behaviors otherwise misunderstood by others. Is schizophrenia biological, a reaction to the world environment and what symptoms clearly imply that you are affected by Schizophrenia. What is it? says (among other things of course) ¡§Schizophrenia is a complex illness, which is thought to be due to a number of different factors acting together. These factors seem to include genetic influences, trauma (injury) to the brain occurring at or around the time of birth, together with the effects of social isolation and/or stress. Other effects may also be important, but no one factor can be said to be the cause of schizophrenia. Rather, each of these factors is thought to increase the risk that a person may develop symptoms.
Later on, if we discuss vagueness as a symptom of Schizophrenia, let¡¦s just remember that textbook definition of the disease. ¡§Seem¡¨, ¡§can be said¡¨, ¡§thought¡¨¡K are those not the same tricky words advertisers use to make us think their product is going to be a cure all for all our woes¡Kare they the same people telling us what is and isn¡¦t socially acceptable on a mental level, amid telling us we are physically repulsive and need whiter teeth and inciting our basic insecurities and imbalance in the first place?
And our children might buy into ads as well as ¡§psychological theories¡¨ that are more appropriately classified as ¡§vague-notions-of-what-makes-some- people- not- like- some-other-people-and-therefore- wrong-and-in-need-of-medication¡¨? Don¡¦t do it kids...that would be CRAZY!!!

(Alcohol is a drug, and it induces violence , blackouts, bad sexual experiences and can be a crutch¡Ksmile, grab a brew and relax on your back deck with friends¡Kalcohol billboards¡Kcarefree¡Kyoung and alive¡Kalcohol ads in magazines¡Kbeautiful women in bikinis, tough guys with cirrhosis of the liver¡Kplease tell me what is and is not considered crazy and then we might actually get somewhere).
Also, there are different types of Schizophrenia, with very different symptoms for each category. Schizophrenia translates to ¡§spilt-mind¡¨ but is easily confused with multiple personality disorder, which is another disorder which finds a person changing between the realties of separate persons in one body. Many different symptoms arise throughout the different categories of the schizophrenic disorder (isn¡¦t it all disorder? And if we are in an order of chaos(ha!) wouldn¡¦t a disorder within that order be order?)
Here¡¦s a broad list of ¡§different things¡¨ people ¡§might do¡¨ that ¡§might be¡¨ a disease/disorder:
Catatonic Schizophrenia: may be characterized by excessive and sometimes violent motor activity and excitement, or by the generalized feeling of inhibition - ability to do anything. This form may also present itself in another completely opposite attitude which may be the "catatonic stupor". The person may become detached from the environment and may maintain a rigid or bizarre posture for hours at a time.
Paranoid Schizophrenia: Characterized by the overwhelming perception of doom, presenting itself in the form of delusions of persecution. These delusions are usually the result of the person's thoughts of self-importance in which they believe that they are famous/wanted figures. (i.e.: the feeling that the FBI may be following them etc.)
Disorganized Schizophrenia: Disorganized, incoherent thinking accompanied by inappropriate and silly emotional response and aggressive behavior.
Undifferentiated Schizophrenia: In which there is the presence of psychotic symptoms as well as delusions, hallucinations, incoherence, or grossly disorganized behavior which cannot be classified as one of the above types.
Residual Schizophrenia: Where the original symptoms of a previous episode have disappeared but the signs of the illness such as the inappropriate response, social withdrawal etc. are still present.
I know, I¡¦m a little back and forth here, maybe a little ¡§disorganized¡¨ in my thought patterns, but are these the symptoms which are visible in people who have been on drugs, is there a withdrawal from drugs that could account for similar behavior¡Kall I¡¦m saying is much of these possibilities are fast ignored when research is sold black and white to people. These things are not mentioned in the article. Just a vague notion that possibly kids might go crazy. Drugs is the cause. End of question. Schizophrenia is not even explained(as a psychiatric mystery or otherwise) within the article. That¡¦s crazy.
Some other warning symptoms that broaden the range are:
Deterioration of personal hygiene
„X Depression
„X Bizarre behavior
„X Irrational statements
„X Sleeping excessively or inability to sleep
„X Social withdrawal, isolation, and reclusive ness
„X Shift in basic personality
„X Unexpected hostility
„X Deterioration of social relationships
„X Hyperactivity or inactivity -- or alternating between the two
„X Inability to concentrate or to cope with minor problems
„X Extreme preoccupation with religion or with the occult
„X Excessive writing without meaning (see attempted classification of this disease above)
„X Indifference
„X Dropping out of activities -- or out of life in general
„X Decline in academic or athletic interests
„X Forgetting things
„X Losing possessions
„X Extreme reactions to criticism
„X Inability to express joy
„X Inability to cry, or excessive crying
„X Inappropriate laughter
„X Unusual sensitivity to stimuli (noise, light, colors, textures)
„X Attempts to escape through frequent moves or hitchhiking trips
„X Drug or alcohol abuse
„X Fainting
„X Strange posturing
„X Refusal to touch persons or objects; Shaving head or body hair
„X Cutting oneself; threats of self-mutilation
„X Staring without blinking -- or blinking incessantly
„X Flat, reptile-like gaze
„X Rigid stubbornness
„X Peculiar use of words or odd language structures
„X Sensitivity and irritability when touched by others
Not a word of a lie, political involvement was a symptom in the text ¡§Understanding Abnormal Psychology¡¨
And by these facts, isn¡¦t it easier to disregard the ideas, thoughts and words of someone whom we can label ¡§crazy¡¨ or schizophrenic or otherwise not in keeping with the mode of the day? Isn¡¦t that the whole idea of being crazy, to be stigmatized and considered undesirable so your thoughts in turn are irrelevant psycho-babble? ¡§Well, John said a lot of interesting things you know.. But with his illness talking for him, it¡¦s less convincing you know¡K¡¨
Looking to the past, people were segregated from society and placed in asylums, meaning a place of shelter away from society. These ¡§lunatics¡¨ were people who seemed to be affected by the phases of the moon. Now, in this removal from society, who was benefiting? Surely those with alternate viewpoints and ways of expressing themselves might be safer from harm if institutionalized (horror to think of trial treatments on inmates). Also, the larger masses would be protected from viewpoints differing from those deemed acceptable by their constructed societies.
Fact: the older name for schizophrenia is dementia praecox, from the Latin words meaning ¡§youthful insanity¡¨. And younger children finding a need to escape to private realties were labeled ¡§autistic¡¨, which is schizophrenia in children. It¡¦s general mental disorganization. And people are frightened of what they don¡¦t understand.
Why do people¡¦s brains works differently, or do they? And if they are different, is one of more value then the other? And if so are some people more able to be in control or hold onto some knowledge that no one else could ever know. Aren¡¦t we all people here? Ignoring that thought is what finds the Pope as a direct contact to God and an elite percentage of humanity living in affluence. That¡¦s crazy¡Kand what makes my opinions any less valid then those of another person theorizing what they think is crazy?
I am not intending to diminish the reality of mental illness of any kind. The outside environment manifests itself in those feeding from it. We could all be pacified with pharmaceuticals until we are a bunch of zombies, trying to forget how scared we are to be people. Pacification through peace¡Kand global parity may do for mental health what drugs only mask. Nothing is far off, I just read an article tying marijuana use into an increased risk of a misunderstood, albeit fear-inducing illness. We fear what we don¡¦t understand. Oh our possibilities¡K
For all we have yet to understand, I am still wrapping my head around the immense popularity of American Idol, the fabrication of a ¡§star¡¨ eaten up by a nation like so many super-size-low-fat-high-cancer-single-serving snacks. Hey, did somebody say there was a war going on? When there are so many senseless diversions it¡¦s hard to stay focused (I do NOT suggest Ritalin¡K) don¡¦t try to escape from it though, you will be met with an ugly diagnosis.
And I just found this article at the click of a button (technologically advanced, mentally deficient society) and could instantaneously send it out¡Kin a world where world hunger can¡¦t be battled, people can! And the military budget rises, education funding dwindles and the kids aren¡¦t alright¡Kand people are still puzzled over this. Keep those guinea pigs blind, deaf and in a cage.
Be aware, be very aware.

Scared your child is going to mess up his future by smoking marijuana and going all schizophrenic on you, or maybe more scared that the future as it stands might not be there for him to even arrive in his mentally unsound state?

Solo¡Kpeace and love sound good yet or is this just to be labeled a crazy hippie nonsense¡Kor crazy in general¡Kor on drug induced¡Kdon¡¦t ask, don¡¦t tell, hey isn¡¦t that a mantra in the military. So soldier, do not what cause you¡¦re fighting for, and do not worry, you will not know.

They would have us be stupid, people, they really would.

Remember, disease signifies a ¡§lack of ease¡¨, and that is to be expected. Not that smoking pot will solve all the world¡¦s woes, but with so much dis-ease, people are trying to remedy themselves. There¡¦s just no money to be made of a plant that can be grown by anyone¡Ktherefore it is illegal.
In closing, in researching patterns, at times different variables change at the same time, causing people to believe they are reacting in relation to one another. It has a name. Spurious correlation. Don¡¦t get furious, because we cannot quite know exactly which things is causing what at what is shifting and why. We need to further analyze what is occurring and not rest content on such ¡§research¡¨ by others that do not take into account the many other circumstances surrounding every issue. Take a grain of salt.
Peace. Justice.
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wing-nut (english)
14 Apr 2003
wing-nuts have been posting again.