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News ::
Bush Nazi Propaganda by B. Meade (english)
19 Apr 2003
Modified: 21 Apr 2003
CAn any good come of it?
My Daddy said that the nature of propaganda has changed somewhat since the Nazis of World War II used vulgar ideas about race and empire to promote Nazism. Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's Minister for Public Enlightment and Propaganda promoted the idea of rule by authoritarian supermen who could prove themselves worthy of respect through conflict with other races and nations, with the ultimate goal being to produce a nation of racially pure Germans. The villification of the Jews served to conceal the Zionist aspirations of the Nazis and to separate the non-supportive Jews from the Jews who would support Hitler's Nazism. Each morning Goebbels would issue strict directives about praising Hitler, adhering to party lines, not challenging the Nazis, and featuring only that which Goebbels had approved. Goebbels took complete control of every method of molding the minds of the populace via press, radio, books, music, art, commercialism, and tourism. No matter what happened in the war, Goebbels would keep promoting the ideas that Hitler was a superman destined to save Germany and that the Jews were their misfortune. What came out of the Nuremberg Trials was probably not an accident, for Nuremberg was a favorite city of the Nazi regime. As the trial proceeded, fewer voices of opposition were heard, indicating that Goebbels still was capable of molding the minds of the Trial to the point where Hitler and most of his Storm Troopers walked free(62371). Now Bush Daddy Tribe, the offspring of Hitler and his Storm Troopers feel that they have taken propaganda to new heights by using a brainless puppet ruler and electromagnetic broadcasts to accomplish their goals.

In the United States propaganda is considered to be deceptive communication serving hidden motives and using obscure methods. Propaganda may contain false facts, true facts with deceptive purposes, or true facts and purposes with concealed sources. Propaganda employs selective information, argument, and images that are appropriate for promotion of persons, products, or proposals. The main difference between todays propaganda and that of yesterday is that there is no need to control the Niggardly Asinine Zionist Media(NAZM) for the NAZM was unified in their support of the Nazis a long time ago. The dummkopf Nazis of BDT also rely to a large extent on the use of radio waves, infrared, and electromagnetic radiation in general to broadcast the moronic lunacy of Bush Daddy to the population in places that are strongholds of the BDT(Amos 6:8). In short Bush Daddy spends the day trying to prove that he is not a four-faced ---hole by being a three-faced or two-faced ---hole(176670). BDT also broadcasts my sayings to the populace, saying that their tormenting me for the past eight years is proof that I have a problem. What they don't understand is that their use of electromagnetic radiation to broadcast this stuff will probably be the end of society as we know it. The cable companies and the electric companies are all going along with this because the dummkopf Nazis have convinced them how harmless they are. People are probably going to start destroying the infrastructures that allow these broadcasts to happen. Although the strongholds of BDT may not have their electric cut off, the rural areas that are affected are not going to tolerate the stupidity of the dummkopf Nazis any more; thus the highways will be laid waste(Is. 33:8). The time has come to immortalize the stupidity of BDT before their stupidity carries them any further. Bush Daddy and his kid are Ivy League material; they are the product of Yale University, Skull and Bones, whatever. If Yale University is a dummkopf Nazi school, they will probably go the way of the dummkopf Nazis. Did Yale University believe that Bush Daddy was going to be a king? There is talk of Yale embalming Bush Daddy with rubber so that he bounces when they "...dropped him from the sky". Whatever the case, Yale owes us big time for saying that these dummkopf Nazi puppet rulers had brains. Cornell has been selected as the Big Red bloody counterpart in the Nazi's Zionist plot to be "God's chosen people"(312065). Since Bush Daddy has been hanging out at Cornell so much, he really does belong to the Ivy League. The Ivy League will see that Bush Daddy's holy pursuits were not in vain and that the fallen ones of Israel are redeemed. Bush Daddy will be brought into the light and made to stand up like a man and carry the glory and the salvation of the Lord of Sarah and Jennifer to the ends of the earth(93509). The Bear Lord could have sworn to himself that this was true.

PS 4/19/03 FYI: SARS sounds a lot like asbestosis, and don't forget the AIDS has been yet to be proven to be a virus. Take all this and conceal it as propaganda. I talked to Mike French, Big Time Big Red Lacrosse Star, and Mike was looking for American dollar donation to memorialize Eamon McEneaney, the Big Time Big Red Lacrosse Warrior who perished in the World Trade Center disaster. I explained to Mike that I was "Israel", the Deaf Messenger, that I have written verse, song, and more that could be used to memorialize Eamon, and that the Bush Nazi Scene rules our Big Red Alma Mater up on the hill(200807 & 205811). Mike backed slowly away from the telephone. Skip American dollar donation. The best bet is to immortalize Eamon McEneaney. Eamon always did the right thing; thus he had to have died as an Israelite. Furthermore I am sure that Eamon was "hot on the trail" of the treasonous computer hacking Bush Nazis who murdered Sarah and Jennifer. Eamon would have supported Sarah and Jennifer in anything that they did; thus I am sure that Sarah and Jennifer would welcome Eamon to the point where the Practice March of the Army of the Lord could be called the Eamon McEneaney Immortalization March(198448) thereby assuring that Eamon would join Sarah and Jennifer with those waiting "beneath the altar" to return here in a few years for the first resurrection(Rev. 6:9; 20:4-6). Then Mike French could bring all his friends to memorialize Eamon while "sifting out the souls" of the marching Bush Nazis: "Look! Eamon wouldn't let that one through! Eamon wouldn't let that one through either!" " The Bear Lord could have sworn to himself that not a one of them was doing good, they were all alike corrupt(Ps. 53:3)." Although it might be worth cutting off your bogus landlord's head to prove that the landlord was One of His Holy Ones who died as Sarah and Jennifer did, it's not worth giving most of these dummkopf Nazis refuge in the House of Israel; thus the word was "Cut them in the head! All of them!"(228238). It is probably right to restrict memorialization of the WTC disaster to Eamon because New York City will probably never be done purging itself of the Bush Nazis that supported the WTC disaster(190292, 195909, & 203337). They don't want to kill these Bush Nazis! They save Bush Nazis. Salvation is not homicide. "Look! These heads all have smiles on their faces! Do you think that they are not happy to be saved? They died as Sarah and Jennifer did." Don't save any Bush Nazis for ---kosky dude, I'm sure that he won't need any Bush Nazis to help build a "house" for the Lord of Sarah and Jennifer, (and Eamon?)(185011 & 187927). So there is my message to Mike French: The Big Book says that Sarah and Jennifer live on, waiting beneath the altar until the dummkopf Nazis get done killing more Israelites. Eamon was a passing acquaintance of mine; but I could sense the warrior inside him. Mike, would you still lay down your life for our friend Eamon if you knew he was alive beneath the altar? I am an alien in Sarah and Jennifer's Israel, and I may or may not be from the Tribe of Joseph(98219). I will continue to report on the depraved indifference to human life of the Bush Nazis until the wicked are no more(166317), then I will probably end up with Sarah and Jennifer, they were my friends. I saw sixteen inches of rain fall the day that they were buried. The end of all things had come. 4/19/03 - The dummkopf Bush Nazis have been after me since before I was born(Is. 49:1); and they will probably be after me until the day I die(Rev. 11:7). The Bush Nazis claim that it can't be true because they are too stupid to know what they are doing most of the time. The perverted Nazi Zionist movement that is the "revolt of Jacob" will continue to use their fragmented "intelligence" to wage war throughout the earth until God's words are fulfilled(Rev. 17:17; 102423). Secret Service is probably currently mulling over several true Zionist options such as postage stamps in the same vein as Hitler's storm trooper and youth corps stamps, stamps commemorating muscular God-like "Judaean Housebuilders Bowling for Eamon in Jerusalem"(245686). God's Spirit lives on in so few of the dummkopf Nazis that only a remnant will survive. God's Spirit lived in Sarah and Jennifer to such an extent that God's Spirit lives on in the lives of the people who Sarah and Jennifer touched, even the dummkopf Bush Nazis who they touched! In order to fish for good men from among the Bush Nazis(Jer. 16:16), you will probably have to give them a number of close approximations of the prophesized in a way so it looks like it was their idea. The dummkopf Nazis that chose the script with God's Spirit written into it are the ones who will live. ""Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit", says the Lord Almighty"(Zech. 4:6). That's how it goes, Mike. They would probably march for Eamon in order to conceal the fact that they couldn't get their "foot in the door" without Sarah and Jennifer. They will keep trying until they get it right. God's words will not return to Him empty(Is. 55:11). Give the American dollar to Eamon's family and immortalize Eamon, or some dummkopf Nazi will probably end up trying to teach you to split wood the way that Bob split wood(243623 see Comments).

Referenced (#s) are article Id#s for articles on; i.e. Global IMC Open Newswire. To access via Id#, access any article, change the Id=# in the address bar, and press "Enter".

Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Israel" Deaf Messenger
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comment (english)
19 Apr 2003
You're a fucking wacko.
From the Author (english)
21 Apr 2003
To the commentor: You are probably a dummkopf Nazi and don't know it. Here is what I added today:

4/21/03 - There was a lot of blockage for this article all weekend; plus I couldn't get my Global IMC post Id= 313270 or my Boston IMC post to reload. The dummkopf Bush Nazis are probably badmouthing Eamon now, for the main goal of the Cornell Police Impersonators seems to be to delay things until school is out. Since the dummkopfs are sworn to badmouth Sarah, Jennifer, and Eamon; it might be worth posting their pictures all over to see who badmouths them. Bush Nazi Sayings for the Day: "The Bush Nazi points the finger all day long on the chance that someone will find something wrong." "The jurisdiction of the dummkopf Bush Nazi extends as far as their stupidity."

Referenced (#s) are article Id#s for articles on; i.e. Global IMC Open Newswire. To access via Id#, access any article, change the Id=# in the address bar, and press "Enter".

Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Israel" Deaf Messenger