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News ::
Pesticide-soaked Cig Industry Tricks Massachussetts (english)
12 May 2003
Modified: 13 May 2003
If one thinks that the Anti-smoking campaign is against the bad Cigarette Industry, or that it's about concern for workers' or anyones' Health, think again.

There is action afoot to prohibit smoking in all workplaces in Massachusetts. Such a ban has already taken place in Boston. This all sounds good to some. It seems that we are beating up on an "evil" corporation, we get that smoke out of our hair, we can appear to be health conscious (while driving our SUVs all over the place),and we can enjoy this power over "rude", disobedient, bohemian etc smokers.
But it's all a fraud...and one that has massive negative effects on smokers and non-smokers alike. It's a fraud, based on almost endless lies of omission and commission, and fraudulent science across the board.
It's a fraud that greatly benefits not only the supposed villain, the cigarette industry, but also a broad cartel of rarely-mentioned parts of the cigarette industry such as big oil, pesticides, pharmaceuticals (pesticides and additives), mining, paper/pulp/logging, chlorine, agricultural conglomerates, advertisers, all of their insurers and investors...and the corrupted gov't regulators who, for decades, permitted, facilitated, covered-up and profited from mass consumer fraud and public health endangerment.
We are being convinced, by corporate media, corporate-serving officials and fake "consumer groups" to cast all the blame and burdens of law onto the tobacco plant, the long-victimized smokers, and now, proprietors of public places and employers.

Here's a few integral points that are invariably omitted from the issue:

1) A typical cigarette is not necessarily tobacco and, in fact, may contain no tobacco at all. Some brands have no mention whatever of tobacco on labels or advertising. If it does contain tobacco, it's usually reconstituted into a multi-ingredient, highly-processed form of paper that is then camouflaged to appear like tobacco. To call this stuff "tobacco" in court, in legislatures, in medical testimony or anywhere is to join the cigarette industry in a marketing fraud, an evasion of liabilities and criminal justice and...a lie. For a knowing person to say, under oath, that "tobacco" caused this or that disease cannot but constitute perjury.

2) According to Pesticide Action Network, there are about 400 pesticides still registered for use on tobacco. Residues of any number of these end up in cigarettes, and in unwitting victims' lungs. Many pesticides are chlorine chemicals which, when incinerated, produce DIOXIN, a known human carcinogen and worst of the worst Persistent Organic Pollutants that are So Bad that a global treaty will now work to phase them off the face of the earth. Chlorine is still legal in cigarettes! Chlorine's by-product, dioxin, therefore is still legal in cigarette smoke. Officials cannot say "we didn't know" or "we didn't know it was deadly". Cigarette makers are not prohibited from making and selling such Dioxin Delivery Devices. Cigarette makers and the chemical firms are not even asked to compensate victims. Instead, victims are asked to protect themselves or face penalties. Backwards?

3) Besides chlorinated pesticides, there are other chlorine elements in typical cigarettes. There's chlorine bleached paper, pesticide contaminated non-tobacco agricultural additives galore, and even contaminated industrial waste cellulose used to make "tobacco substitute material"...or fake tobacco. Cigarette firms are not asked or compelled to get this KNOWN deadly stuff out of the products or to face liability court for past endangerment. Cigarette firms are not asked or required to compensate any victims or to even put clear specific warnings on packaging. Public Officials, who may be economically linked to chlorine, pesticide and agricultural interests (and their insurers and investors) do not craft law to protect consumers (or SecondHand smokers) from this or to prosecute the industries for causing such mass, secret poisoning. Nope...better to pass the burdens of law, and health care, onto the victims and proprietors and employers.

4) Typical cigarettes contain radiation from uranium contaminated phosphate tobacco fertilizers. This radiation is said to cause MOST upper respiratory cancers...yet there are no warnings on packages, there are no calls to ban use of such fertilizers, there are no calls for justice for unwitting victims and...of course, it's the victims, not the perpetrators, that will be hit with laws. Corporate medical institutions will not even check patients for radioactive particles in the lungs. This radiation, though low level, is quite capable of causing cell damage...cancer. Further, this cell damage is "promoted"...or speeded the presence of the dioxin. See above. It's all legal as pie because public officials refuse to bring charges against the cigarette, pesticide, chlorine, and fertilizer industries for this crime. But if YOU smoke in the wrong place, you're busted.

5) Though tobacco is the alleged target of bans and other laws, so far no studies of real or potential harms of tobacco (itself) have been introduced into courts or legislative chambers. (Unadulterated) tobacco is incapable of causing the litany of diseases attributed to what some call "smoking" (of WHAT?). However, dioxin has been well identified as cause of many if not most of these pathologies. Dioxin is the demon of Agent Orange, Times Beach, Love Canal and PCBs, for starters. It is inhalation of dioxin, such as in smoke, that is the absolutely worst possible exposure route. To blame smokers for the harms of typical chlorine-poisoned cigarettes is as absurd as it would be to blame the people of Viet Nam and US troops for having been exposed to Agent Orange.

6) Is there even one self-proclaimed "anti smoking" official who is not somehow economically linked to the non-manufacturing parts of typical cigarettes? Has anyone asked them? Those who have the most to lose by application of proper science, medicine and law feign being "shocked" by the effects of the very products they created and profit by. They do not want insurance profits wasted on the health care of their victims. And, they do not want public health care money spent either, because that money is best used to subsidize private corporate enterprises, not public anything. This "smoking" brouhaha is not going on now, in the middle of the move towards privatization, because of coincidence. The "anti smoking" crusade is PART of privatization...and, incidentally, the accelerated removal of laws for private industry.

7) Stories in Journal of the American Medical Assn. and The Lancet and elsewhere reported huge investments in cigarette manufacturing by none other than some of our top health (!!) insurance firms...such as Prudential, Cigna, Met Life and Travelers. We can bet that such insurers are also invested in oil, pesticides, paper/pulp/logging, pharmaceuticals, agricultural conglomerates and the entire cigarette cartel. These insurers tell people not to smoke, NOT to stop the smoking, but to create excuses to charge smokers higher premiums, to deny coverage for certain diseases and to create the pretense that they "care"...that they are against their own investment properties.
To let such insurers continue to maintain "respectability" in administering our health care is an intolerable situation. If they were "outed" for this, EVERYONE would benefit in that the only option to this corrupt "health" management system would be a PUBLIC system where every US citizen would be covered...and at considerably lower cost than the current For Profit system. To let insurers get away with this "concerned" anti-smoking crusade is to let them stay in their positions and also to work to deny tens of millions of people proper health care.

8) Everyone's justice system is being badly abused, if not effectively destroyed. Even today, judges, jurors, legislators and other officials are not even ASKED if they have economic links to the cigarette cartel. Though they may have huge conflicts of interest and enormous motives to evade scrutiny of the deadly non-tobacco parts of typical cigarettes, they are permitted to make decisions in this matter.

9) Environmental, labor and toxics activists are having their evidence against corrupt, polluting businesses stolen from under their noses. Though a person may be poisoned by industrial toxics on the job, around the home, by contaminated food water and air, or wherever, IF they smoke or live near a smoker...corporate-serving officials (even "doctors") can say the disease is "smoking related". It's not their's the fault of the victim and, conveniently, nature. No analysis is made to determine levels of chemical or radiation poisoning...and, as ever, no analysis of just WHAT is being smoked is made. One could as preposterously say that deaths caused by eating hand grenades were "eating related". Some number of the 400,000 deaths per year (U.S.) could well have been caused, certainly aggravated, by smoking dioxin and radiation contaminated cigarettes...but that is Far Different than to say that a death was caused by "smoking" or "tobacco".

Any law that does not make Perfectly Clear what is being smoked...or whether or not tobacco itself is even involved or to what (if any) degree, is illegitimate on its face. It matters little that even the purest organic tobacco may present some natural inherent everything does. This is about industrial maximizing of the risks, maximizing the addiction levels and even making the products inevitably, inescapably harmful. Tobacco plants can't commit crimes...but industrial bottom-liners can and do. This may rank as the biggest industrial crime ever (if one counts the bodies and the costs)...which explains the intensity of the tort-dodging, prosecution-evading "anti-smoking" campaign. Why else would it be promoted on corporate TV etc?
Proprietors of public establishments, employers, smokers and even second-hand smokers are advised to raise these questions before acquiescing to laws created by the cigarette cartel or its government allies. All an honest lawyer, in service of proprietors, employers, smokers or second-hand smokers, has to ask in court is "What do you mean by 'tobacco'?" The curtain of secrecy then may start pulling back.
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thanks for the info! (english)
13 May 2003
if you are a smoker and you must light up. . .smoke 'american spirits'.