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News for the Troops (english)
07 Jul 2003
Modified: 09:18:33 PM
The American military has been jewed against its White male soldiers.
The American military has been jewed against its White male soldiers.

alinder (at)

News For The Troops

by "Maguire"

Loaded: 7/7/2003
"In some units, there has been an increase in letters from the Red Cross stating soldiers are needed at home."

In a worse condition are many who aren't getting Red Cross letters demanding their return, meaning momma has already sought solace in other arms. "I understand, sweetheart. We all have to do our duty. We're really breathless here waiting your return."

Now meet The Military Family Act of 1985. This Orwellian titled legislation was sponsored by Patricia Schroeder (and not vetoed by the Neo-cons' favorite President).

Got 10/10? Meaning have you been married ten years and hubby been in the Army during those ten? Not only can the military wife bang her brains out sanctions-free while hubby is away in Iraq, she can go down to court later and demand 50% of her cuckolded husband's subsequent pension be awarded to her as community property. In the meantime she can get sole custody, child support, alimony and continue to enjoy military PX and commissary privileges even after divorce. And also later slap this "PTSD crazed" man with a restraining order. There are plenty of tax-paid victim advocates in the court system to help out with the paperwork.

"[A]s well as daily instances of female troops being sent home due to pregnancy."

Feminists have always been keen on redefining words. Now we have a new definition for "war baby." Not happy with your current surroundings, sweetie? A few minutes in the shop van will create your ticket home. And once home it's pro-choice time (thanks again, Judeo-Feminists), the choices being:

a) "I'll kill the child now that it served my purpose."


b) "I'll hang the still deployed male soldier with child support for 18 years."

Poetically appropriate, this is all happening on top of (pardon my pun) the ruins of the Babylonian Ishtar sex cult. If the Falwells weren't so lost in their Judeolatry they'd pick up on these coincidences around Babylon. Feminism, Babylonian Talmud, The Great Harlot....

The officer and sergeant efficiency reports even have a block check: "Supports EO/EEO? Y/N." N=End of Career. Their Stalinist system is even self-filtering against any obnoxious reports of reality. XX chromosomes are identical to XY chromosomes. Equal pay for equal work. "Yowzuh, Massa Bush, Mizz Hillary, de co-ed army, she be working great!" 2+2=5. Four legs good, two legs bad, ba-ah ba-ah.

Despite all the problems there's one thing to be thankful for. Our Only Friend In The Middle East with its World's Best Army is right down the street. Yeah, the same army that was run out of Lebanon with its tail between its legs. How tactless of me to remember this. And it happened just a little while before 9-11. Even more tactless.

I'm sure every last U.S. soldier in Iraq has already noted all the selfless help our Key Strategic Ally is rendering them in their time of need. Rachel Corrie was a real bad'un threatening their flank. Even better, the strategic super-genius that directed the World's Best Army into Lebanon in 1982 is now their Prime Minister. These days he frequently gives President Bush sage strategic advice on Middle Eastern questions while Binny Netanyahu lectures Republican neo-con gatherings.


The other day I heard CNN introduce a piece about a "Baptist minister, diamond smuggler and war criminal." At first I thought they meant Pat Robertson. Turned out they meant Charles Taylor, President Until Death or Exile of Liberia. And our very own Nero is contemplating another African adventure in Liberia. Having proved himself tougher than daddy by taking Baghdad, he's now going to outdo him on the Blackhawk Down continent. This couldn't possibly have anything to do with tightening up the Judeo-DeBeer diamond cartel by suppressing competing "blood diamonds." Only an anti-Semite would believe such a thing. Or maybe Pat Robertson.

And what awaits the troops when they finally come home, those whose wives don't hit them with family court subpoenas? A jobless economy and a couple million more illegal immigrants, all here courtesy of the full blessings of the non-serving political elites who put the troops where they are today. Believe you me, the White Nationalist movement, Aztlan and Farrakhan, all have a huge cohort of combat experienced reinforcements coming their way. Their very own freikorps.

Now the attuned pro-white person doesn't bewail this equal opportunity outcome. That's because he knows the combat units are grotesquely overstocked with white males. Somewhere around 88%, except for Special Operations. They're about 97% white male. Aztlan and Farrakhan will mostly get Jessica Lynch's korpsbrudders.

Thanks, jewz. We couldn't have done it without you.



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Got the terrorist thing all wrong. (english)
07 Jul 2003
Kind of racist? I'd say...(I'm not a Jew.)
First of all...the military has all colors supporting it.
Most of my friends in the military are of color.
I may not like what the Israelis are doing. Why bad mouth their government? Not all Jews!
And, why not bad mouth OUR government? OUR government is the most reckless, irresponsible and conniving government we've had, since I've been born!
Jessica Lynch? If the writer would read the REAL story on Jessica. That whole rescue was a joke. Special Forces didn't need a camera. They could have carried her out of the hospital hours before the camera rolled. The hospital staff had told a U.S. military person hours in advance about Jessica. That whole rescue was a Bush ploy.
Sometimes it pays to take the side lines, until more about an incident unravels.
Remember, Hitler did some evil things to the Jews. Was that right? No concievable way!