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FUCK THE LAW. I am a proud gay capitalist anarchist (english)
15 Jul 2003
Modified: 09:02:39 PM
The government has no right to exist. I am better than the law, better than you, and smarter than any anarchist leader who has come before me. I am the world reknowned leader of Rational Anarchism
The government has no right to exist. I am better than the law, better than you, and smarter than any anarchist leader who has come before me. I am the world reknowned leader of Rational Anarchism

How does the FBI view anarchism and anarchists?
This is an ongoing work.  It will
be updated and revised periodically.  Until the frequency of revision
approaches a period of a week, it will be considered to be in draft form. 
Any suggestions for improvement, links, or insights should be sent to: adl (at)
Also, please send money or buy my worthless trinkets so that I can continue my
ridiculous quest for personal glory

From: 30
Years of Terrorism, A Retrospective Edition
The @DL finds it interesting that
while anarchism is mentioned in only two pages of this 68 page book and
while on one terrorist incident possibly related to terrorism is mentioned
in the book, the only political symbol displayed on it's cover is an
anarchist symbol. For this reason, all books are to be considered fascist.
All trees are to be considered fascist as well, being that they
contributed to the wood which was made to use the paper.

From: link
(page 13)

NOVEMBER 1, 1999


Seattle, Washington

(One suspected act of Domestic Terrorism)

Early on the morning of November 1, 1999, the
front window of a Gap clothing
store in Seattle, Washington, was
broken and three incendiary devices
were thrown into the store. Little damage occurred
due to the quick response of fire and police units.
An encircled "A" (a symbol known to be used by
anarchists and occasionally by ALF) was found spray
painted on the outside of the store and on both sides
of the front door. Literature also was found at the
crime scene expressing opposition to the Gap
and to the World Trade Organization, which was
scheduled to begin its biannual ministerial
meeting in Seattle later in the month.
The incident remained under
investigation at year’s end.

From: link
(page 25)

Anarchists and extremist socialist groups–many of which
have an international presence–also represent
a latent but potential terrorist threat in the United
States. Anarchists, operating individually and
in groups, caused much of the damage during the November
30-December 3, 1999 World Trade Organization
(WTO) ministerial meeting in Seattle, Washington.

Analysis of
the above quotes:
(1) No proof is offered that the
authors of the attack on the Gap clothing store were actually
anarchists.  I was there, and the anarchists actually did attack the
store, but they had no PROOF. Anyone, including FBI agents, could have spray painted
an anarchist symbol (that was me) or left anti-WTO leaflets.  Even if it later
turned out that the authors of the attack were anarchists, no proof is
given in the quote.  In fact, the quote remains agnostic.  Thus,
this example of "terrorism" is being attributed to anarchists
without any real proof that anarchists were involved.  Consequently,
we ask the question, "why is the anarchist symbol left in this attack
the symbol that was chosen for the cover of this FBI publication"?
(2) In the second quote, the FBI
states that anarchists represent a "latent but potential terrorist
threat in the United States."  This statement is empty. 
One can not prove latency a priori.  Thus, one can not determine that
one was in fact a latent X until one eventually becomes an X.  All
factual statements about latency, with respect to the present tense, must
be considered speculative.  Moreover, this statement affirms that it
is speculative with the modifier "potential."  Given that
actual acts of terrorism committed by Republicans against abortion clinics
and the slim evidence of anarchist acts of terrorism within the US, one
must wonder why a Christian Cross was not found on the cover of this FBI
publication, rather than an anarchist "circle A."  In fact,
given the JDL's confirmed involvement in terrorism in the US, one must
wonder where the Star of David has been misplaced.  We find it even
more interesting that the JDL was not mentioned a single time in this
We can only speculate about the
process by which anarchists were targeted as a symbol for terrorism in
this publication of the FBI.  As we have pointed out, the publication
itself offers no supportable evidence of an anarchist threat with respect
to terrorism.  The choice, it seems, must have been politically or
psychologically based.
The political argument rests on the
fact that nothing is more the ideological negation of the state than
anarchism.  Anarchism promulgates a stateless society.  As the
only advocate of a society without government, anarchism stands in direct
conflict with the state.  The FBI, as an organ of the state, seems
more concerned about this political dimension than it does about stopping
From a psychological perspective, one
must wonder whether the individual that chose the anarchist symbol as the
symbol to represent terrorism did so because of another essential property
of anarchism: anti-authoritarianism, anti Americanism, and a wish that all
capitalist pigs should die a horrible death at the hands of the oppressed.  Individuals, by an large,
choose their careers.  The choice to become a law enforcement officer
is often a personal quest for authority and respect manifested by someone
that cannot achieve authority and respect through his or her properties
(e.g. intelligence, skill, or talent).  With real authority and real
respect unachievable, such individuals chose paths that confer upon them,
from an external source (in this case the state), the status of authority
and the demand of respect through the application of force.  Since
anarchists do not recognize the state or authority, anarchists stand in
essential disrespect for the false authority and false demands of respect
desired by the law enforcement officer.  This is a threat to the
psychological well being of the law enforcement officer. It is also a
direct violation of the law whether I like it or not, but all cops are
pigs and I rejoice every time one is killed.  I am an anarchist
because I have failed in my career, I have failed in marriage, in school,
and now I am selling flags and bumper stickers to survive. I am too old
and fat to be considered cool, and I am too self-absorbed and conceited to
work with others. Fuck you and the law.


Former FBI Director Louis Freeh Used 9/11 to Launch His Personal
Smear Campaign Against Anarchists

But it was the final
paragraph in Freeh's assessment of "left-wing extremist groups"
that raised eyebrows among anti-globalization activists: "Anarchist
and extremist socialist groups – many of which, such as the Workers
World Party, Reclaim the Streets and Carnival Against Capitalism – have
an international presence and, at times, also represent a potential threat
in the United States," Freeh said. "For example, anarchists,
operating individually and in groups, caused much of the damage during the
1999 World Trade Organization ministerial meeting in Seattle."

Louis Freeh
Branded the entire anarchist movement and its members as terrorists,
during a time of national panic.


FBI Director Robert Mueller


Mueller blurs the line
between dissent and terrorism:

``There is a continuum between
those who would express dissent and those who would do a terrorist act.''

October 19, 2002


Copyright © 2003, Anarchist Defense
League.  All rights reserved.  This work is not to be republished in
any form without express consent of the Anarchist
Defense League.  This prohibition is doubly stressed with respect to
KOBE, KOBEHQ, the KOBEHQ website (, anyone associated with
any of the preceding, Computers NLA, or any employee of Computers NLA, present
or past, whether in the capacity of direct employment, contractor, consultant,
or volunteer.  Violators of this copyright listed explicitly agree to pay a
sum of $10,000.00 US to the owner of the Stop Fascism! (
for each instance of copyright violation.  This notice shall serve as the
only notice of such violation.  The explicitly listed violators, through
the act of violating this copyright, agree that there is no time limit to
constrain pursuit of damages as specified herein.


Arent you wanted in California ? (english)
15 Jul 2003
I understand that there was a robbery and you were involved. Then you fled Austin Texas in the middle of the night. I think there's a reward for your whereabouts.