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Channeling dissent. (english)
03 Sep 2003
Modified: 04 Sep 2003
Are we going to let it happen again?
*** I was originally going to post this as a response to another article, but I thought it was long enough and extensive enough to deserve its own post.***

So basically we're still supposed to channel all of our dissent into the Democratic party. God forbid anyone realizes what's really wrong is the way the entire system works. Democracy isn't choosing between two white males (tweedle-dum and tweedle-dee for anyone familiar with Helen Keller) to make decisions for them for the next four years. Democracy is discussing things with your friends, neighbours, colleagues, etc. and making decisions about things which affect your life. It will sure be the day that my dissent is channeled into the Democratic party. Someone please read Crashing The Party by Ralph Nader, it talks about the downfall of the Democrats and how they are just as susceptible to legalized corporate bribery as the Republicans are. They just disguise it better behind their faux concern for the working class and other issues like the environment. The foreign policy has always been the same, maybe a few daring Democrats dissenting because of their knowledge of our real motives.

Look around the world, there are people starving and dying, and everyone wonders why. Can anyone say capitalism? Capitalists need economic inequity to keep the system functioning. Without the developing world, where would they get their cheap labour and resources. They are not concerned with people or the environment. Profit comes first in capitalism, and you can't argue that.

Please, recognize the real evil, the system that allows the economic inequities of the world to endure "labor movements" and reformations. Globalization is on its way, and I don't see any Democrats denouncing that.

It's time we had a real classless society. It's time that everyone stood up together - the anarchists, the communists, the socialists - and say that they won't stop fighting, working, educating, until capitalism is dead, until there is economic equality, until there is a true classless society.
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Join the DisOrganized Resistance! (english)
03 Sep 2003
Fight the power!
Come to Harvard Square this Saturday!
Leaders are a liability.

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Join the DisOrganized Resistance! (repost) (english)
03 Sep 2003
? (english)
03 Sep 2003
Modified: 10:40:45 PM
Are you going to stop screaming about your "DisOrganized" Resistance anti-Bush shit and actually discuss something? I find it quite humourous that you would just post sappy slogans and a poster promoting patriotism. That shows the extent of your intellegence and your grasp on the state of the world. Your website says it all: "ridiculing Bush", "anti-Bush", "anti-Bush". Stop the anti-Bush shit and start some anti-capitalist shit. We should be anti-capitalist, anti-authority, etc. Would you be happy with Howard Dean, John Kerry, whoever? You're focusing too much on Bush and not on the bigger picture: capitalism.

Please, for the sake of everyone's learning, discuss something with someone.
lighten up man (english)
03 Sep 2003
Those who go to Harvard Square on Saturdays discuss any issues with anyone, that's the point. You write on this forum as if you discovered the evils of capitalism and are revealing them to the world. Maybe you're a fake, maybe not, but you sure are rude. You have a lot to learn about winning friends and influencing people, 'Brian'.
I agree (english)
04 Sep 2003
Brian is correct, we need to get our priorities straight, and fight what's really opressing us. In no way was he being rude. (I Know him personally). He's just frustrated with where the energy is being focused. I don't blame him.

Brian...very well written
Rude? (english)
04 Sep 2003
I think it was pretty rude in the first place for this "DisOrganized Resistance" to post sappy slogans and their shitty patriotic flyer in response to my post. I was in pursuit of some intelligent discussion, I guess I came to the wrong place. I was responding to their rudeness with frustration, and do you blame me?
where the problems lie (english)
04 Sep 2003
I would have to agree with Veritas. The problem lies is the ability of corporate interests, and essentially big capital, to kick our elected representatives around at will and to change legislation to suit their own bottom line, rather than upholding any kind of economic or social justice for the people of our nation.

As one of the so-called "disorganized resisters" I wish that the over-enthusiastic promotion of Harvard Square protests with sappy slogans and large banners on Indy be toned down a little bit. A modest sized graphic (say 300pixels square) and an invitation is enough. On the other hand, if someone feels that Bush and Cheney are really pushing rotten policies on us and need to be stopped, I couldn't agree more! Sure, the Democratic Party is acting like a damn gold-digger, hanging on the shoulder of whatever high-roller lobby is winning at the blackjack table. It's disgusting. But let's not lose sight of the monstrous attacks on our civil liberties, our environment, our economy, and our very lives that are being launched seemingly every day by the crackpot Bush administration.

So, to return to Veritas original post, I agree whole-heartedly that we have to get back to the root problems that are dividing and impoverishing our society. we can't be afraid to hold our elected representative's feet to the fire when they have sold us out, regardless of party affiliation. We need concerted efforts locally, we need to unite and focus on specific topics, we need to identify and address the most important pieces of legislation that need to be fixed. And most important we have to find the strength and the reason to work together on this.

Karl Rove and Grover Nordquist would love to see us all divided and squabbling while they build a giant debtors' prison for us all to live in for the rest of time.

Let's step back. Take a couple of breaths. And come out to talk about these issues, to raise the public consciousness.
no title (english)
04 Sep 2003
Who are we kidding? Look at the tone of the posts between people who supposedly agree on more than they disagree. I will not tolerate being scolded by anyone for how I choose to express myself, simply because the scolder happens to believe that the focus of Indymedia, or of street protests, should be this or that.

Want discussion? Here you go: While capitalism may be the root of our world's problems, the reason this truth does not make it into the minds of your "average Americans" is that throughout their lives they are deluged with the lies of a saccharine version of history and current events (yes, of course, through the efforts of the government and corporate media.)

We can beat our heads forever against this ignorance, comforting ourselves with the knowledge that no matter how little progress we make in addressing our concerns, we are vocally expressing what we know to be the truth. If this is your choice, then power to you. To assume a holier than thou attitude, however, towards the deluded public and fellow dissidents, is counterproductive.

If, in your righteous anger, you let yourself lose any sense of decorum towards people who annoy you either with their ignorance or their particular brand of irrational exuberance, you are simply helping to cement, in the eyes of bystanders, the notion that an activist is nothing more than a preacher holding a different book. If such a strategy appeals to you, then pursue it. It does not appeal to me.
on rudeness (english)
04 Sep 2003
Modified: 06:49:26 PM
For the record, I think the disorganized resistance's response to the post that began this thread was over the top and out of place, i.e. not an appropriate response to the original post. The rant that followed, however, with its personal attacks referencing shitty this and shitty that was even more inappropriate. Makes me wonder if I will be the next to be shouted down if I step the wrong way. One thing that makes capitalism bring out the worst in humanity is the notion that unbridled competition leads to human progress. All of us here know that's a load of crap. Why, then, would we allow our most deeply held convictions to bring out in us the same sense of competition, which is what I suspect this tiff is all about?