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What a COINTELPRO post looks like. (english)
03 Sep 2003
Modified: 08 Sep 2003
Fake activists are obvious.
If you follow any IndyMedia newswire, you will see the occasional rant by some "activist" attacking other activists. This is a common COINTELPRO technique. The goal is to turn activists against one another by pretending to bring up some important issue, which on inspection, turns out to be nothing.

One of the favorite techniques is to attack someone for not doing everything, addressing every issue, or have a complete plan for anything and everything under the sun. Successful activists do not attempt to take the entire world on at the same time. They have plans, strategies, and goals. Plans require prioritization. Prioritization is often a function of the spatial and temporal context of events. By this I mean that one may choose to address one issue at a specific time and place not because it is the most important issue, but because it sets the stage for attacking other issue or weakens the oppressor at a time when the oppressor is most vulnerable.

Successful activists also realize that different activists have different priorities or are better prepared to organize or address different issues. For example, one individual may be more qualified and experienced at organizing or addressing issues involving the environment while another may be better prepared to take a forward role in promoting feminism. We join each other at each others events, but we don't expect each and every one of us to make each and every cause under the sun the primary focus of our work. No individual human can address everything at once.

When you see a so called activist post here on IndyMedia trying to shoot someone down because the target is narrowly focused or using a specific technique, you can be sure that the antagonist is either a COINTELPRO poster or a small minded activist looking to take down another activist that is more effective than himself.

There are examples of this in the threads below. Ignore these comments. Wise readers know the score. Cops post on IndyMedia. Paid operatives post on IndyMedia. Rightwing nut cases post on IndyMedia. These people make it their way of life to lie and deceive.

Long live the disorganized resistance!
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Can you give us some examples? (english)
04 Sep 2003
""There are examples of this in the threads below. Ignore these comments. Wise readers know the score.""

Cops post on IndyMedia??? Links to these posts please, and PROOF the posts are by cops.

Paid operatives post on IndyMedia??? Links to these posts please, and PROOF the posts are by paid operatives, please state how much they are paid. Is it by the word, by the post or do they get paid a salary per month regardless.

Rightwing nut cases post on IndyMedia. So do leftwing and anarchist nutcases. Should the mentally ill from any political ideology be prevented from posting?

Can you please expand your initial post to provide references to tour hypotheses???

Thank you in advance.
Proof that cops post on IndyMedia. (english)
04 Sep 2003
Check out this link:

This is copied from an earlier post on Boston IndyMedia. The cop that posted this earlier COINTELPRO message is John Daley of the Boston Police Special Operations Unit. We have copies of a message exchange between him and the cyber terrorists running a "COINTELPRO" operation called KOBE. If you remember, a demented individual posted here a few days ago under the name "Rational Normal Person." That individual is the owner of the KOBE website.

After going through John Daley's law enforcement website, we found other messages there that were copies of his COINTELPRO posts on other forums using the same technique (pretending to be an activist).

For those of you that do not know what COINTELPRO is, check out this link:

KOBE (aka Rational Normal Person, George Bullock, ...) is also responsible for posting these messages to defame Sherman Austin:

This is the same individual behind the harassment campaign documented here:
Stephen, are YOU SURE I am George Bullock? (english)
04 Sep 2003
Are you SURE I am also Kobe SBM?

Are you SURE that I have EVER BEEN WITHIN A THOUSAND MILES of California?

If you are so sure then tell the world, show them how you know...

Tell your supporters about the Grandmother in Australia you terrorised during the last week of Febuary this year.

The ball is in your court Mr DeVoy.
See You in court Stephen.... (english)
04 Sep 2003
You sure I am George Bullock?... You SURE I am Kobe anybody?

BTW quit using Indymedia as a chat room, you are lowering the standards here.
Get professional help. (english)
04 Sep 2003
Every technique you use, George Bullock, you have used and reused repeatedly for more than one year. This includes your attempts to blame the victim (one of the symptoms described in the Psychopathology of a cyber stalker).

If you didn't wish to be called George Bullock, you should not have used that name when you registered all of your websites. Since being outed as "George Bullock" you have changed your website registrations. As "George Bullock" is the name you chose, I will continue to refer to you as "George Bullock." If you are not "George Bullock," and you wish to stop being addressed as "George Bullock," then I suggest you provide proof of identity.
See also:
COINTELPRO? (english)
04 Sep 2003
Apparently you're not very familiar with COINTELPRO. I'm an activist concerned with the direction that the movement is going. Everything seems to focused on anti-Bush administration rhetoric. I'm just concerned that a large number of people who are attracted to the movement because of its anti-Bush, anti-conservative stance will abandon the movement if say, Howard Dean or John Kerry were elected. That is a concern that I hold very highly, and I was attempting to start a discussion about it on this board. All I got was sappy slogans and a DisOrganized Resistance poster about how revolution is patriotic. I though our revolution was about the elimination of nations, not the love of one.

I'm simply concerned that the movement is headed in an anti-Bush direction and the growing support will be channeled into a Democratic candidate and lost. That's my concern, I wanted to discuss it. So can some people please discuss it with me/whoever else wants to, instead of posting all this Disorganized Resistance stuff.

Someone said that the people of the Disorganized Resistance are willing do discuss anythign with anybody. I have yet to see this. All I've seen, yet again, is a poster and slogans.

The channeling of dissent into the most conservative avenue possible is a common theme throughout history. When the labour movement became a threat, dissent found the outlet of the Democratic party and the New Deal. When the civil rights movement became a threat, much of that revolt was quelled by the conservative policies of the NAACP, rather than people joining the growingly radical SNCC, or even the Black Panther Party. Is racism gone today? Not by any means. Go to a fucking fast-food restaurant and notice that a majority of the employees are minorities.

It's very disheartening to me when I can't discuss these things on this message board anymore, and I can't get answers to my questions, or questions posed for me to answer. I'm looking for a little healthy debate and discussion. I'm in now way trying to break up the movement.

Please don't disappoing me further.

Thank you.
eh (english)
04 Sep 2003
Anyone who proves a moron wrong, is cointelpro.
Anyone who proves a moron wrong, is cointelpro.
Anyone who proves a moron wrong, is cointelpro.
Anyone who proves a moron wrong, is cointelpro.
Anyone who proves a moron wrong, is cointelpro.
Anyone who proves a moron wrong, is cointelpro.

Keep writing it until you believe it.
Education. (english)
04 Sep 2003
What frustrate me the most is that people are saying we started the first revolution, and we'll start the second. If you educated yourself in history you would know that the wealthy landowners of the colonies simply rallied middle and lower-class support so they could shake off a ruling class and become one themself. It wasn't about dying for freedom or liberty. Those reasons were a rally cry to gain support from the lower classes.

Please, read A People's History Of The United States. I read it about six months ago and learned a ton, it's gotten me into a lot of history and economics.

Silly comments. (english)
04 Sep 2003
I don't discuss anything with anonymous sources. If you want to discuss something, come to the event on Saturday and talk with me in person. If you want to know what I believe, read the thousands of pages of material I have written. In the current climate of harassment on IndyMedia, I see no reason to engage in a dialog with unknown individuals. If you don't like that, well then, what can I say but, perhaps, "too bad?"

Now, go read some material, show up on Saturday, and so long as you promise not to waste my limited time with fake discussions, I would be more than happy to talk with you.
? (english)
04 Sep 2003
Umm, I don't think discussing economics is a cause for concern. Maybe discussing plans for a premeditated illegal act. I'm looking to talk about ecnomics, the current movement, etc. I don't see the reason for your concern.
Discuss it in person. (english)
04 Sep 2003
We don't do illegal acts. IndyMedia is not a chat room. If you want to discuss economics with me, come to the event on Saturday. If you want to discuss it online, come to the event Saturday, hang around with us for a few weeks, and when I trust you I'll give you a user id and password to enter our private forum. I don't discuss anything online. I do publish my views online. I'm sure you know where to find them.
Actually... (english)
04 Sep 2003
So you're opposed to civil disobedience, even non-violent?? If so, good luck starting a revolution.

And in regards to discussion, I'm not exactly implying that this is a chat room in any way, chat rooms are horrible for discussing things. This is a message board, where people discuss things and answer questions. None of mine were answered and an attempt at serious discussion failed.

And no, I have no idea where to find your material, is it popular or something?
Tell us about yourself Brian. (english)
04 Sep 2003
Who are you, Brian?
Wow. (english)
04 Sep 2003
Alright then, I'm from Foxboro Massachusetts, my cell. phone number is 774-571-0498 if you want to talk to me. I go to Foxborough High School. I'm a senior. I enjoy photography and journalism. I use Mandrake Linux as an operating system. I am currently listening to the new Weakerthans CD. I own a computer that was given to me by the Boyden Library in Foxboro, where I work as a page in the Children's Department. I have a VCR hooked up to my computer so I can record Trigun .avi movies onto tapes. I am a vegetarian. I brought a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole wheat bread to the first day of school today. I also brought Tings, some corn meal snacks or something. I just covered my Sociology book with a Limited Too bag and reinforced it with duct tape. I have a car, but I hate it and am looking forward to getting a bike.

Enough to prove I'm not part of some modern-day COINTELPRO?

Give me a call if you want, and hope my cell. phone is on.
Beware Brian... (english)
05 Sep 2003
You do realise that on this thread Harry, @ and Arkie are the same person?..

Why does Stephen DeVoy keep changing his name?...

ask him when he calls you...
I won't be calling you Brian. (english)
05 Sep 2003
I suggest you form a political club at your school. If you are concerned about the direction this country is going in, go to your town's center on some weekend and hold up a sign. In time you will find others to discuss politics with. As for me, I've seen enough of how the Internet is used for evil purposes by stalkers such as "Rational Normal Person" to avoid discussing my views online.

One piece of advice. It is unwise to publish your telephone number on the Internet. I suggest that you request IndyMedia to remove it.

Finally, I find it very odd that you would publish your telephone number online, especially after declaring yourself to be under aged.

We traced the posts of one of the FBI agents working with KOBE. We found that he posted under several different identities. One of those identities was used to solicit child porn. In addition to harassing dissidents, it seems his other task at the FBI has been to look for online pedophiles. We've traced one of his IP addresses back to an FBI office in Maryland.

Now, let's consider Scott Ritter. Scott Ritter had an online conversation with an "underaged" personality that was actually an FBI agent. A meeting was set up and that was used to discredit him.

Let's take a look at Sherman Austin. Sherman Austin was entrapped by several online discussions with FBI agents posing as activists.

Now, of course, none of this may apply to you. However, I've been on this planet long enough to know that the FBI will go to any length, even the most twisted, to discredit dissidents. Consequently, you'll have to find someone else to discuss politics with on the telephone. My I suggest calling up the FBI and asking for KOBE SBM's telephone number. After all, he is interested in politics and the FBI has communicated with him.