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Free "Free Sherman Austin" Bumper Stickers (english)
11 Sep 2003
Modified: 19 Sep 2003
This Saturday, during the occupation of Harvard Square, from 12:00 Noon until 8:00, while supplies last, we will be giving out Free "Free Sherman Austin" bumper stickers.
Since it costs money to produce these, I will be producing on 40 of them for this Saturday. All Sherman Austin bumper stickers will be given away without a request for a donation. Since there are a limited number, they will not be displayed as I only wish to give them to people who will place them on their cars. If you want one, just ask for one.

There will also be a batch of small "Free Sherman Austin" stickers for use on clothing or pasting around town. These two will be free.
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Ooo. (english)
11 Sep 2003
I might have to grab one of those when I stop by. You should really consider relocating this saturday to Downtown Crossing. I saw some little handouts at the Lucy Parsons Center and somewhere else (I forget) for the WTO protests this saturday. I just think it would make us look a lot stronger if we were all concentrated to one space. And if you don't like it, you can even go back to Harvard Square. That's what I'm planning on doing, since the little handouts I saw were for an anti-capitalist "beach party", since the WTO meetings are in Cancun and all. It sounds kind of strange, but possibly cool. And if not, I may be joining you at Harvard Square.

Good luck.
PLEASE don't "Give away" stickers!!!! (english)
11 Sep 2003
Every sticker you produce and give away for free is one less sticker we could have sold to raise money for Sherman Austin.

Please stop using Sherman to promote your own agenda.

Sherman Austin merchandise can be purchased from:-

To order stickers, please send an email to Stickers (at) with the name of the sticker(s) you would like to order.

Thank you.
See also:
think about it (english)
12 Sep 2003
i think sherman may benefit the most by having the message get out to more people. people who support him are likely to contribute regardless of whether they get a sticker or not, and people who get a sticker might end up buying a t-shirt...

please let's not start treating causes as private property, as if the water we drink weren't enough!!

anyway, as unfamiliar as I am with the case, it does sound like the charges should be dropped.
Sad comment by chantel. (english)
12 Sep 2003
The purpose of giving away "Free Sherman Austin" stickers is to raise awareness of Sherman Austin's plight, not to promote "my cause." I find your comment so out of line that I can only assume it is another forged post. I will affix a sicker on the back of each "Free Sherman Austin" bumper sticker indicating where people may send donations to help Sherman Austin. In any case, I will continue to give away "Free Sherman Austin" stickers free. I am the webmaster of serveral anarchist websites as well. I consider supporting him to be an act of solidarity. I consider giving them away for free an act of practicing the principles of anarchism.
chantel needs to be informed that... (english)
12 Sep 2003
chantel needs to be informed that KOBE may be posting messages in chantel's name. I find it hard to believe that chantel would post these things.

In any case, chantel does not own Sherman Austin's name. Even if chantel did own the name, the royalties on $0.00 x 40 is $0.00.

As I stated, I will affix a sticker with the address to which individuals may send donations to help Sherman Austin.

As for money, I take in far less than it costs me to run my websites and give things away for free. The donations are to support the websites.
So you are not even going to send us $20???? (english)
12 Sep 2003
You post here promoting YOUR event and as an incentive you give away FREE "Free Sherman Austin" stickers???

Why don't you promote your events by giving out free YOUR stickers!

Don't profit from Sherman Austin's difficulties.

Quit producing fake merchandise.

Thank you!!!!!
Steps taken to verify chantel's identity. (english)
12 Sep 2003
I've taken steps to determine whether the posts concerning Sherman Austin are real or forged. I'll let you know the results when I receive a reply.

Steve DeVoy
"chantal" (english)
12 Sep 2003
How does losing money on stickers constitute profiting? Sherman Austin needs an aware public much more than he needs $2000.00

An aware public is what will keep the prison guards from believing that they can abuse him with impunity. That is the purpose of raising awareness about him.
merchandise is an ugly word (english)
12 Sep 2003
that is all.
OK, chantel, here's the test to prove your id (english)
12 Sep 2003
I sent you an email. Send me an email in reply. Include in the email a copy of the email I sent you. Since you are online right now, it should take you about three minutes to do so.

If you post a message in my name, claiming to have received the reply, I will post a reponse on my own website and post the link to the reponse here, proving that your response is bogus.
Just send them $20 (english)
12 Sep 2003
Just send them $20 for using their cause to advertise YOUR business on Boston IMC.

Cheaper than a banner advert on here isn't it?

Do what is right DeVoy. PAY for your advertising.
Aw busted! (english)
12 Sep 2003
But the argument is valid.

You started a thread on Boston IMC advertising your little Saturday morning get together in Harvard Square, and as a teaser you will give away 40 and only 40, limited numbers come early, there are just 40 FREE!!!!!! Free Sherman Austin stickers.

You won't even send raise the fist a mere $20?

So how much do you REALLY care about Sherman Austin???
Proof that KOBE is full of shit. (english)
12 Sep 2003
At the Ashcroft event I passed out "Free Sherman Austin" stickers, for free, as well, as an activity independent of the activity of passing out fliers for the occupation of harvard square. That is, I did the two in separate cycles in order to completely disconnect them. I dedicate space on my website soliciting donations for Sherman Austin providing the address to send them that is provided on LA IndyMedia.

Now, what are you doing to support Sherman Austin?

I can answer that very easily. You are posting death threats and libelous articles about him on LA IndyMedia.

Here are links to those articles:

So don't give many any of your crap. I am doing for Sherman what I would hope others would do for me if I were in the same situation. As you even admit, you are bogus. Now go away and find some other way of satisfying your psychotic urges.
Oh Stevie!!!! We love you! (english)
12 Sep 2003
You are pathetic.......

LMAO and going to bed.

Every SECOND of your time I waste is one more second less you have to spread your anarchist shit stevie.

Who is winning?
I am winning. (english)
12 Sep 2003
For more than 1 1/2 years you have declared that you will take down my websites. They are still up.

For more than 1 1/2 years you have attempted to provoke my arrest through the posting of fake articles in my name, I am still here.

For more than 1 1/2 years you have threatened to kill me, I am still here.

Furthermore, I just got you to admit exactly what I accuse you of: Running a programming to waste my time. Getting you to admit it was worth the couple of hours it took to get it out of you.

I will save this page and use it as evidence against you.
I Am the real chantel (english)
12 Sep 2003
WTF is all this about? how fucking dare you use my name and email to spread your filth.. can we say COP please.. asshole..

i appriciate whoever emailed me to let me know about this, that someone is using my name and email to spread this shit..

if you really want to contact me and get in touch w/ Sherman austins legal team feel free to do so by emailing us at liveiranlive (at) or you can subsbribe to his list server at

thanks for letting me know about this BS

and btw feel free to pass out as many stickers as you like, im sure sherman would love it, but i can ask him next time i speak to him.. donations are nice, and they will all go directly to his mom and his legal bills.. but the most important this is to get the word out about the charges.. an injustice to one is, is an injustice to all

Support Sherman Austin (english)
12 Sep 2003
Another respected support site for Sherman Austin can be found at:
See also:
Identity Theft (english)
12 Sep 2003
This is a really interesting revelation. We are having a similar problem at:

where someone is using the names of activist in the Fresno Progressive movement. Some of these postings are promoting violence at a Free Republic (Freeper) demonstration that will take place in Fresno later today. The people posting this mis-information have also attempted to direct people to other (non-existent) events, claimed that the President of Peace Fresno has resigned, etc. One day earlier this week I saw messages, allegedly from me, all over SF Indymedia. Some of the messages were racist, others were attacks against my friends, but all were intended to confuse and misinform the readers.
See also:
Who is winning? (english)
12 Sep 2003
Every second of your time that you waste fighting Indymedia is one more second less you have to spread your capitalist bullsh*t in the rest of the world, or even to have a real social life. Think of us as a really big, virtual tarbaby that you're stuck to.

Who is winning? We are. Why? We outnumber you. We can outlast you. You have to sleep sometime. There's a lot of us, and we take turns, so we're at it 24/7. Give up. You're out classed.
You're a loser KOBE. (english)
12 Sep 2003
I wrote Chantel. I know which posts are hers and which posts are yours. No one has accused her of being a KOBE. As usual, you are suffering from delusions. The source is your psychosis, you know, the same psychosis that causes you to stalk people online.

I once read a book concerning the psychopathology of murderers. It turns out that just as some people take jobs at banks in order to steal (that is, thieves are often attacted to bank work), murderers are often attacked to robbery. You see, robbing gives them a means of rationalizing away their murder. "After all," they think to themselves, "I only murdered because I he tried to stop me from stealing."

The same goes for you, George Bullock. You are not waging a campaign against the left because of your political beliefs. You are doing so because it gives you a means of rationalizing away the fact that you are actually a psychotic suffering from an obsessional/compulsive disorder that compells you to stalk. You attempt to convince yourself that there is a motive to your behavior, but the sad fact is that there is no motive to your behavior. You are merely sick, very sick.

There is an eventual outcome for people like you. Eventually they end up in jail or they end up crossing the wrong person and end up dead.

Now, George Bullock, put the keyboard down, take out the telephone book, look up the telephone number for a mental health clinic that takes emergency calls, and ask them to come and take you to a nice padded cell where you will be cared for.

KOBE, if you're laughing it's not because anything is funny. It's because you are a lunatic. None of us are laughing either. We're looking at your online behavior, shaking our heads, and wondering whether your father raped you when you were a child, whether your mother rented you out for prostitution, or whether someone dropped you on your head when you were an infant.

Go away. Serious people are attempting to change the world for the better. It's a task and goal beyond your comprehension. You are as a mentally retarded child attending a class in quantum physics. You just don't fit in.
thanks (english)
13 Sep 2003
thanks Stephen DeVoy for taking the time to email me to find out if that asshole who was posting on here was really not me.

what a jerk, i dont care if you try to make me look like a fool, but it wasn't about me you prick now was it? you were trying to discredit me so that in return it would discredit Sherman and his legall team and the fundraising he's trying to do

I have talked to others in the legal team and we would like to say that we don't care if you ANYONE gives out FREE stickers, give out anything and everything out for free, Neither Sherman or any of us care.. what's important is getting the word out about his case, and also other political prisoners who are in jail facing a bull shit so called "justice" system and are being treated like crap everyday.

If anyone can make donations to sherman's mom it would be greatly appriciated, but the love and support that comes from a community of people if needed even more..

To learn more about Sherman Austin and his case please check out

to help coordinate a benefit show, or to put one to help raise funds for sherman's legal defense team who will be trying to appeal the plea (costing $10,000) please contact liveiranlive (at)

and for any legal transcripts or specific legal info about the case contact jmi4678 (at)

If you would like to contribute to Sherman Austinís defense fund, please send contributions to his mom at :
Jennifer Martin
12115 Magnolia Blvd. #155
North Hollywood, CA 91607
You are a serial liar, KOBE SBM. (english)
13 Sep 2003
Now put yourself out of your misery. Do it. We know you want to.
im scared you are going to hurt yourself :( (english)
14 Sep 2003
I think KOBE or whoever is ranting and raving about "becoming stronger everyday, growing bigger, muahahaha" needs to be given a nap time or an aspirin or something.. i feel like he/she is going to have a heart attack on the other side of the computer screen *pout* :(

calm down.. relax

here do it with me

breath in
breath out
breath in
breaht out..............
and get it right cutie patutie (english)
14 Sep 2003
my name is ChantEl not ChantAl

but i realize Chantal sounds a lot better and makes me all mysterious, sexy, sassy and exotic.. but meh that's not my name.. so if you are going to pretend to be me, spell it right next time fucker.. ooops i mean sucker

oh oh oh oh and just cuz im in a good mood and don't want to waste another post w/ the negative energy you pricks tried to bring here.. for the rest of you here are the lyrics to a song i like a lot these days.. non-politica.. a love song of some sort


i'll be the waterwings that save you if you
start drowning in an open tab when your
judgement's on the brink
i'll be the phonograph that plays your favorite
albums back as your lying there drifting off
to sleep...
i'll be the platform shoes and undo what
heredity's done to you: you won't have to
strain to look into my eyes
i'll be your winter coat buttoned and zipped
straight to the throat with the collar up so
you won't catch cold

i want to take you far away from the cynics in this
town and kiss you on the mouth
we'll cut our bodies free from the tethers of
this scene, start a brand new colony
where everything will change,
we'll give ourselves new names
the sun will heat the ground under our bare feet
in this brand new colony..
You faowkin CUNT. Your boy is getttin fucked (english)
19 Sep 2003
Shermie (they call him Shirley in jail now) is gettin his ass punked, and he likes it. Why didnt you tell everybody he is GAY? If he wasnt sure, he is now! As far as your ig'nant name, it might as well be Starkeisha, Kilolo or Shwaneisha. I dont give a fuck how you spell it, bitch.

You and Stephen DeVoy should get together. His El Salvadorean bitch wife doesnt give a shit. She got bored of him long ago.