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hmmm (english)
22 Sep 2003
Modified: 24 Sep 2003
oh brother
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Nick.... You got it OK (english)
23 Sep 2003
That is GREAT footage!
Thanks Nick (english)
23 Sep 2003
However you forgot to include any copyright notice in the header or on your post.

It is now GNU, Public Domain, Free for use, Free for modification.....

Free for distribution in any form.

Can you please post a non-compressed version or a link to it?

Otherwise the quality of the "freely distributed copy" of the new and enhanced version may suffer.

Thank you in advance.

"""We think stories contributed to this site should be free for non-profit re-use. Copy left is an idea central to indymedia. For more information, check out If you want to change that for your story, please give your conditions in the summary."""
copyleft suits me fine (english)
23 Sep 2003
return unto caesar that which is caesar's!

these memes are free.
Concerning: "Nick.... You got it OK" (english)
23 Sep 2003
The post titled "Nick.... You got it OK" was not posted by me. I am going to have to write a book on how to identify "COINTELPRO" styled posts.

I will not comment on the semantic content of the post. Any of the parties that know the origin of the video know that there is something wrong with the post. The intent is to provoke an explanation from those that have knowledge of the individuals involved in the video. Such explanations would then be used to gather more information.

Here is an important comment on LA IndyMedia that explains the origin of the post titled "Nick.... You got it OK."


".....speaking about animation, KOBE has gotten hold of your little video. You can expect a more "entertaining" version of it to appear soon, sans the STOLEN music from the song entitled "War"."

I'd like to add that "cameraman" did a great job and I am neither intimidated nor bothered by KOBE's harassment concerning the video. Keep up the good work. I am not anonymous and have no intention of being anonymous. Don't let the KOBE harassment effect your decisions. The best thing to do is to just continue documenting our occupation of Harvard Square and publishing the videos whenever you want to.
on the use of 'war' (english)
23 Sep 2003
I contend that having purchased the CD from which I obtained the track, I am within the bounds of fair use, especially since:

1) my use is for non-commercial art
2) the song is sampled at a low bit rate and so has been modified from its original form considerably
3) I advise anyone who is concerned about reposting or keeping the file to remove the audio track, as it is not even central to the content I posted. you may then remix it with a track that you legally own for your personal use. this is easily accomplished with Windows Movie Maker, or Real Networks' free Helix download. If you happen to own your own copy of the song 'war', of course, you can keep the file as is.
Copyright is not an issue. (english)
23 Sep 2003
Consider the source of the protestations against using the song: a group of sociopathic cyber stalkers that regularly steal copyrighted material off of the Internet and modify it for defamation. The complaint is not a complaint. It is intended to impede your free expression, slow you down, and make you hesitate before publishing your work. In short, the goal is to make you less effective.

Here are the rules I live by with respect to activism:

(1) Assume that attacks on activists are designed to impede them.
(2) Assume that all posts attempting to increase the time burden on activists are COINTELPRO. Even if the assumption is wrong, it is of greater utility to make the assumption.
(3) Assume that all posts ostensibly in the name of an activist that have the effect of smearing the same activist are bogus and intented as COINTELPRO (even if it is a private COINTELPRO operation).
(4) Assume that all posts ostensibly in the name of an activist that smear, harm, or unnecessarily waste the time of another activist to which the post is addressed are COINTELPRO or COINTELPRO in intent.
(5) Assume that posts that are contradictory to observable fact are attempts to provoke others to provide the facts that are distorted by the post. The goal is to obtain information.
(6) Assume that wild accusations are attempts to provoke an explanation as to why the accusation is false. The explanation will necessarily contain new information. The goal is to obtain that information.

There is a reason why spies are trained to make no assumption that coincidences are mere coincidences. In an environment where espionage, disruption, and assassination (even character assassination) are daily events, there is a survival advantage to assuming the worst rather than the best. One may be portrayed as "paranoid" for recognizing that there are, in fact, individuals organized to harass, but that accusation of "paranoia" does far less harm than abandoning reason and assuming that coincidences are mere coincidences. For example, had Sherman Austin been less trusting, he would not be in jail. Sherman Austin, unfortunately, is young and probably had no idea just how evil his opponents are. Those of us that are older carry no illusions about just how evil the FBI and rightwingers are.
Cheesy (english)
24 Sep 2003
Some people walking around, so you add music to make viewers think something is happening. Notice the amount of people NOT contributing to your change bucket or accepting the flyers.
what's your point? (english)
24 Sep 2003
look, AB, you think the aircraft carrier landing and the showtime movie weren't great publicity? get with the program! the truth is irrelevant. let me know what song you'd like us to set your post to when we dramatize it!
AB (english)
24 Sep 2003
There is no donation bucket.

I do not confront people. I remain passive and allow people to choose to talk to me. I am not attempting to "convert" the lost. My goal is to encourage the enlightened to take action.

90% of the people walking by show approval of our activities. Perhaps, in the course of the day, about 300 stop to talk with us. Of those 300, about 250 take propaganda with them. Of the propaganda, perhaps 100 items are bumper stickers.

Each of the 100 bumper stickers is probably seen by several hundred thousand people during its useful lifetime.

Many of the leaflets are posted at area campuses and in public places. Thousands of people read them, as demonstrated by the large turn out against Ashcroft. I believe that approximately 50% of those that turned out at the anti-Ashcroft protest were responding to our leaflet and not the organizing efforts of the organizations noted in the media.

Each Saturday we distribute about 1000 small stickers with statements against the Government. These find their way across the US. Perhaps each sticker is read by 100 people.

By now, there are probably some individuals in some other cities copying our technique. In time there will be thousands of them. The media may not inform Americans that dissent exists, but we are prompting Americans to inform each other that dissent exists.

Each of us that participate in this event have found it worthy of our time. In fact, so much so that we keep coming back.

We are right on track. Simpleminded distractions such as those provided by AB have no effect. If 1% of the people that know about us have learned of us through the Internet, I would be surprised. Nearly all knowledge of our work is spread by direct contact. This is by design.

The Internet factor is really unimportant. Spewing online is only making you look silly. If you'd really like to spew, show up on Saturday, make a sign, and spew.
mystery of the "donation bucket" (english)
24 Sep 2003
What looks like a yellow bucket in the video is in fact an airzooka, a non-violent weapon which propels a "ball of air" through the, uh, air. the airzooka proved ineffective at knocking over the cardboard cutout of Bush, so its use was discontinued.