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News ::
The effects of Cyber Stalking (english)
28 Sep 2003
Modified: 05:38:26 AM
Two entries from a Blog. A real persons feelings when falsly "exposed" by a Cyber Stalker.
STEPHEN DEVOY DID THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Famous - Saturday, 1 March, 2003
Does it mean you've "made it" if you're being stalked? Harassed?
I don't think I'm being stalked, but someone is having a bloody good go at harassing me.

I've taken steps to prevent this, and hopefully it will all go away now. This person seems to think that I've been harassing him! If you know me, can you imagine that? I know I certainly can't. And some of the things that have been posted on fora by the person he thinks is me, well. Just let me say these posts include language that I don't think I have ever! written anywhere on the net. I'm not even sure that I've written it anywhere at all. Full stop! It's just so not me!

No links. That would only encourage. But one thing I would like to point out to anyone who thinks otherwise, I do not have a static ip for my net connection.
It's not common practice amongst Australian ISPs to issue personal customers, as opposed to business customers, with a static ip. My ip can change from day to day. Heck, it could change from hour to hour! Just depends how often I connect! I know that having dsl means that I often may have the same ip for a time, but lately I've been disconnecting and reconnecting a lot because I've been having ftp problems. I've been dialling in to ftp, since that seems faster than trying to ftp over dsl. Yeah, dumb, I know. But that's what's been happening, and my ISP is looking into it.

Today I got a PO Box. I've taken my address of the net in as many places as I can find it, which happens to be only two. My domain regsitrations, and on my cv. I hate the thought that someone elses actions has caused me to change my behaviour. But in the past, when I've exchanged postcards or something with people, I've had no qualms about giving people my address. I trust people. I still trust people, but now they'll be getting my PO Box address instead. If you already know me, you can still use my street address, that's fine. But I won't be giving it out anymore.

Sick - Sunday, 2 March, 2003
I feel sick. I feel hurt and attacked. It seems that because I do the right and honest thing some person with a sick and twisted mind is using that to decide that I'm also guilty of doing the wrong thing. Maybe the person who is doing the wrong thing is taking steps to look like me?
As geeky as I am, I've never done anything like hacking, or whatever, ip blocking, ip spoofing... I wouldn't even know how to. I suppose I could google for it, undoubtedly I'd find how to do that sort of stuff then.

But that's not me! All of my life I've been the goodie goodie. I don't want to do the wrong thing! I don't want to hurt people. I don't want to lie. I don't want to cheat. I don't want to kill bugs!
Life is sacred. And so are people! I would no more attack and harass someone than I would ... I dunno... I can't think of anything bad enough.

And yet someone has decided that I am.
That I'm harassing him.
So now he's harassing me.

People are posing as me, and my family on obscene message boards.
It's sickening.

I understand why people want to take down their sites now.
But I will not do that.
This is my site!
And I will keep it!

This is my life, and nobody is going to take it from me. I will live it as I choose. As I see fit. I have done nothing wrong, and I will not hide.

The law is on the side of the wronged. That's me, not him. And maybe he's been wronged too, but maybe he's just some crazy guy, who's made this all up as an excuse to harass someone.
Who knows? Who even cares?

I'm not going anywhere.
I know I've done no wrong. I'm sure my friends know that.
I know my family does.

I know that many people can use the same ip as me. That's the way Aussie ISPs work.


The above is bogus. (english)
28 Sep 2003
The above post is bogus.

According to the psychopathology of cyber stalkers, blaming the victim is common:

"Obsessional stalkers may use or exhibit a number of defense mechanisms, and denial, devaluation, and projecting blame onto the victim are just some defense mechanisms discussed in the literature."

Additionally, there is an Australian member of KOBE. Information connecting that individual to KOBE was published once and only once. It included a chain of evidence and was published with the caveat that it was only a theory. Publishing such information, once, is not an example of cyber stalking. It is an example of exposing a cyber stalker.

Expect more defamatory and false statements such as the above from members of the harassment operation.

Stephen DeVoy
Ned Lyle is, in fact, a member of KOBE. (english)
28 Sep 2003
Ned Lyle hosted your harassment website for free. Ned Lyle coordinated, with you, an attempt to hide your identity.

As for George Bullock, that is the name you used to register your original website. I stand by continuing to use that name:

If you read, carefully, what I have stated there, it explains why I continue to use the name "George Bullock."

As for the "grandmother," I have already explained that there is a chain of evidence linking this person. As for being a "grandmother," I am old enough to be a grandfather. So what?

Now, keep rambling if you choose. You are only creating a larger pool of evidence against yourself.