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News :: Human Rights : International
Protest Racist Celebration of "Israel" in Boston - Sun 6/18, 11 AM
16 Jun 2006
Modified: 10:19:33 PM
All anti-racists please join the New England Committee to Defend Palestine to
Protest a racist celebration of "Israel" in Boston

Sunday, June 18, 11:00 AM, Boston Government Center.

Zionism is Racism
***Please forward widely***

Protest Racist Celebration of "Israel" in Boston

Sunday, June 18, 11:00 AM, Boston Government Center.

Under this year's title "Talk, Rock and Walk with Israel", Combined Jewish
Philanthropies of Boston has announced its annual event celebrating more than
half a century of colonialism and genocide against the people of Palestine.
The event consists of a rally at Copley Square at 10:30 AM, a walk to
Government Center, and a celebration at City Hall Plaza.

For the fifth year in a row The New England Committee to Defend Palestine
calls for a protest.

When Zionists "Talk, Rock and Walk with Israel," what will they be

*The mass expulsion of 780,000 Palestinians in 1948

*Military massacres, from Deir Yassin in 1948 to Jenin in 2002 to the attacks
on Jericho and Gaza in 2006

*The use of U.S. fighter jets, attack helicopters, tanks, bulldozers, and
assault rifles to attack Palestinians

*Soldiers shooting children

*The razing of Palestinian villages and home demolitions

*The imprisonment of more than 9,000 Palestinians for political reasons

*Assassination of Palestinian political leaders

*5 million refugees kept by force from returning to their homes in Palestine

*Economic strangulation of Palestinian communities

*The stealing of land by a state-sponsored settlement program

*The theft of water, the uprooting of olive trees, and the building of 450
miles of 24-foot-high concrete walls to imprison Palestinian cities and

Don't let them hold this racist march in Boston.

Join all those for justice in Palestine at 11:00 AM Sunday, June 18 at
Government Center!

Accessible via the Green line. Meet us there at 11:00 am

New England Committee to Defend Palestine

This work is in the public domain
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Stop the celebration of racism and genocide! Free Palestine!
16 Jun 2006
palestine_boston_june.pdf></a> <div class=palestine_boston_june.pdf (324 k)
Stop the celebration of racism and genocide! Free Palestine!
US imperialism, hands off the Middle East!
For national liberation through socialist revolution!

Sunday, June 18, 11:00 AM
Boston Government Center (Green Line "T" Stop)

To get copies of this flier or to work with us, see the contact information at the end.

Workers and youth unite to stop racism!

The "Boston Celebrates Israel" festival scheduled for Sunday, June 18, is actually a celebration of racism and genocide. The founders and supporters of Israel did not come to Palestine to settle peacefully and share the land with its inhabitants. From the start, the Zionist project was inseparable from the destruction of Palestine as a nation, the expulsion of the Arabs from the occupied territory, and the establishment of a Jewish-only settler state on the ruins of Palestinian villages. The history of Israel, including the bogus imperialist-sponsored "peace process", has been one of continuous massacres, expulsion, and dispossession of the Palestinians.

Today Israel maintains a brutal reign of terror over the Palestinians, with the indispensable financial, political, and military support of US imperialism. Israel killed 2714 Palestinian civilians between 2000 and 2005; it detains 7500 Palestinians in its prisons and jails, and tortures most of them. 370 of the prisoners are children. The imperialist powers led by the US are starving the Palestinians with an international blockade in retaliation for exercizing their democratic rights to elect their own government.

We are unconditionally on the side of the Palestinians in their struggle against Israeli oppression. Every blow they strike against the Zionist state is a victory for all the workers and oppressed worldwide.

No to anti-jewish racism! The main enemy is our own government!

Some criticisms have recently surfaced against the influence of the so-called "Israel Lobby" on the US. While there is certainly a powerful lobbying apparatus in Washington for the Zionist cause, the implication that the foriegn policy of US imperialism serves an Israeli conspiracy lets US imperialism off the hook for its own crimes. US aid keeps Israel afloat not because of the undue influence of a lobby, but because Zionism provides an essential service to US imperialism by serving as its base in the strategic Middle East region. False theories of Israeli influence on the US are as racist and reactionary as similar theories about the Saudi royal family or other exotic scapegoats. The main enemy is our own capitalist class and our own government, the worst sponsors of racism and genocide worldwide.

For national liberation through socialist revolution!

Only the working class, in Palestine/Israel and the US, is capable of liberating the Palestinian people from the Zionist occupation. The racist occupation brings nothing but danger and uncertainty to Jewish workers, and the bourgeois nationalist Palestinian leadership has repeatedly sold out the hopes of the Palestinian people for the false promises of its Israeli and US "partners". We call on US labor to stop supporting Zionism and declare its solidarity with Palestinian workers!

Leaflet issued by:
Working Class Emancipation
401-837-3685 laboraction (at)
See also:
Re: Stop the celebration of racism and genocide! Free Palestine!
16 Jun 2006
Or, to put it in a religious context, Democraps and Republitrash attribute to themselves the authority of Satan, the authority to say who will live and who will die even in thier own homelands thousands of miles away, who will be masters and who the slaves, who is acceptable to US and who is to be destroyed for failing to appease our Satanic dictates.

Imperialism, Satanic, lables don't change much. Evil is as evil does.

Not to suggest that all Satanists are evil. Most Satanists I have met are rebeling against Satan's rule that is disguised as main streem religion. they are more Christian than they know. Jesus was a rebel too.
additional endorsers of NECDP's protest against "rock walk talk for 'israel'"
16 Jun 2006
This protest is endorsed by Mystic River Green-Rainbow Action, by the Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts, by the Somerville Divestment Project, and by Boston Anti-Zionist Action.

In addition Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner has urged people to participate in this anti-racist protest.
Re: Stop the celebration of racism and genocide! Free Palestine!
16 Jun 2006
I am not familiar with this Working Class Emancipation/Labor Action group, but I want to thank them for participating in the protest against this racist anti-Arab hate-rally on Sunday.
Re: Protest Racist Celebration of &quot;Israel&quot; in Boston - Sun 6/18, 11 AM
17 Jun 2006
i am strongly pro-palestinian, but i will not be there as long as flannelman is there with his "defend sudan" sign. see flannelman? you alienate people!
Re: Protest Racist Celebration of &quot;Israel&quot; in Boston - Sun 6/18, 11 AM
18 Jun 2006
I just wanted to take a moment to thank the New England Committee to Defend Palestine for organizing what was in my opinion a very successful (and hot) event.

Falasteen Arabiyyeh Min IL Mayyeh Lal Mayyeh!

Why, Israel Had A Great Day Today, I'm Glad You Asked
18 Jun 2006
Despite semantic meditations about "Palestine:, the six million people of Israel went about their business today. Jews, Arabs, christians. Goods sold, bank transactions completed, stocks sold, schools in session. Borders successfully defended. Israel is going to be around for a LONG long time. Flaws and all. For most "palosetinians", it's a damned good thing too. we are beginning to see the joys of a Hamas "Palestine". It's not pretty. gegen,nmohca toptie seps
Re: Protest Racist Celebration of &quot;Israel&quot; in Boston - Sun 6/18, 11 AM
18 Jun 2006
it isn't pretty because the US cut their funding you idiot.
Paradise Lost? I don't Think So.
19 Jun 2006
noah, get off the Ark and look around. The Palosetinian "government" stole all the aid money before the Israelis and Americans blocked transfers of funds to the Hamas. I personally think that there are no Palosetinians; they are Jewish actors waiting for parts on Broadway and pose as "refugees" until they get a cast call.
19 Jun 2006
here are my impressions fresh from Boston Celebrates Israel event. Part1

Here are some impressions fresh from today Boston Celebrates Israel event.
It started at Copley square; from there, we walked to City Hall Plaza, where most of the event was taking place.
I had the same posters as last year, white on blue.
---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- -------------
Genocide against the US
Genocide against Israel
Remember 9/11
---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------
Moderate Muslims
Help US to fight
---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------
We are NOT
---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------

Last year, I had those posters attached to a massive handle (a spade handle that I bought at Home Depot: one of the people at the event joked that these were dual user posters and indeed, I wanted to be able to use them to protect myself). As a result security people and the police insisted that I should get rid of those handles, before entering City Hall Plaza. I had to rip my signs off the handles, and after that they allowed me to enter.
Remembering my last year experience I attached my posters to very thin and long pieces of wood that could not be used as weapons, yet, this year, the security people were insistent that I should get rid of the handles not even near the City Hall Plaza, but next to the Copley square. That I did, and proceeded holding my signs by hand.
It was a very difficult day for such event: hot and humid so maybe because of this, or because of the disengagement I got impression that there was less of a crowd this year than last. Also I got impression that this year both Jews and Christians who came to the event were to the left of those who came last year.
As expected, when we came to City Hall Plaza we were “greeted” by the haters of the USA and Israel.
Probably due to the weather there were fewer of them this year than last year, as well. They were pretty close to the fence (behind which the event was taking place). They were holding signs urging destruction of Israel, right to resist American occupation of Iraq, Palestine from river to see, Palestinian right of return, calling Israelis and Americans racists, nazis and colonialists. They were also shouting slogans to match, against Israel as well as against the USA.
Right before I was entering City Hall Plaza, the security people started shouting that everyone, entering it, cannot carry signs, but should leave them next to the gate. In spite of this I “smuggled” my signs. Once inside, I was trying to understand the rationale behind not allowing the posters in. I talked to several organizer people before I found someone who could explain this to me. Imagine the DHIMMITUDE of it: it turned out that if the would allow Jews and Christians supporting Israel in with their signs, they would also have to allow the Islamonazis in with their signs. This is in spite of the fact that the Islamonazis could stand next to where we were entering the area, hold their signs and shout with the help of a loudspeaker. I asked what I should do. The person told me that if I want to carry the signs, I should leave the area. I went out and stood behind the police facing the shouting crowd of Islamonazis. I started shouting too, something like “Islamonazis go back to Saudi Arabia”. And I did my best to be heard. A woman organizer came to me and started urging me to get inside and join the event. But since she insisted, that I should give up on my posters, I stayed where I was. A policeman asked me not to stand behind them. So I went around the police and continued holding my signs and shouting right face to face with Islamonazis. An islamonazi girl pointed me to an islamonazi boy, he came within ten inches made a face, meaning to scare me and started shouting.

I was not frightened and just increased the volume of my shouts. Policeman insisted that I should not be face to face with the guy like that (even though it was the guy to came to me, not vice versa). I stepped away, holding my posters. At some point I started shouting again and two policemen insisted that I should get inside the fence. I asked them what about my posters, they said, pointing to the organizers, that it was their business.
Anyway I entered the place smuggling my posters again. For the rest of the event I was standing next to the fence, facing the islamonazi crowd and holding the signs. Sometimes people were coming to me and helping to hold the signs or bringing water. At some point an organizer girl came to me insisting that I should leave the signs, and join the event. I showed her “we are not DHIMMIES” sign and asked her not to be one. After some time trying to convince me, she left.
Overall, as I said, the Islamonazi crowd was thinner than last year. Perhaps, because of this, police allowed them to be very close to the fence. At some point I counted them: there were ~10 Naturei Karta (an ultra-orthodox anti-zionist Jewish sect) who probably came from NY (most of them are located in Jerusalem, but some live in New York city). There were also ~50 of others: many wearing caffia, some young people, probably students, and some older people that looked more like junkies. Unlike last year, it seemed to me that there were fewer people that looked like they were of middle east origin (I have no idea why). At some point, I wanted to take pictures of them, but it turned out, I do not know how to operate my camera on such a bright and sunny day. (Next time, I’ll consult with zombie).
Outstanding was an islamonazi girl in her 20ties, shouting most. At some point, apparently, she led the crowd to break into the celebration place, because more police were summoned, and from what I could see, there was a minor scuffle. I hoped that they would all be arrested, but unfortunately it did not happen.

To summarize, there was much more dhimmitude on the Jewish – American side this year and this is worrisome. On the other hand, as I said above, the anti-American anti-Jewish crowd was smaller than last year and, even though they were using a loudspeaker, they were not shouting as loud as last year (perhaps police did not allow them).
Also last year, some white racist organization came to demonstrate against Israel. They stayed separate from the pro-palestinian demo and actually they were much milder and quieter than Islamonazis. This year, they did not come at all.
Yes I danced today!
19 Jun 2006
Walk, Talk, Rock, and DANCE with Israel!! I LOVE Israelis. I especially started loving Israelis when some of them were found celebrating the WTC demolitions next to their white van which contained thousands of dollars in cash and a bunch of box cutters. I LOVED them even more when it turned out the company they worked for was a Mossad front. I'm sure they were only there to document the attacks for posterity, not to in any way facilitate them, like by putting explosives in the towers. Because even though Israel spies, lies, and denies constantly, over and over, without so much as an apology, they are our TRUSTED ALLIES. And we have SO MANY shared values, like separation of church and state (Zionists are after all Atheists) and stealing land from its original inhabitants.


I mean, just because it walks, talks, rocks, and dances like an enemy of the U.S.A., DOES NOT MEAN they don't love us and we should not love them. What are you anti-semitic??

"Also, five of the Israelis came to the FBI's attention after they were seen by New Jersey residents on Sept. 11 making fun of the World Trade Center ruins and going to extreme lengths to photograph themselves in front of the wreckage. The FBI seized and developed their photos, one of which shows Sivan Kurzberg flicking a cigarette lighter in front of the smouldering ruins in an apparently celebratory gesture.

Steven Noah Gordon, a lawyer for the five, told The New York Times that their behaviour may have been offensive, but said the behaviour was not criminal -- "and they were being treated as if it was." The five have since been deported."
Re: Protest Racist Celebration of &quot;Israel&quot; in Boston - Sun 6/18, 11 AM
20 Jun 2006
is there any official reportback from this? any photos?