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B-C Greens or B-C FBI?
15 Jan 2001
Has the FBI infiltrated B-C Greens!? According to a recent posting by B-C Greens they have many "current and ex-intelligence agents and analysts" in their group!
In a recent posting to the Boston IndyMedia site, Boston-Cambridge Greens commented on a recent action by the Earth Liberation Front, stating that:

"Many of the ELF members are well intentioned, but they're playing right into the hands of the corporate government and its media. It doesn't take a genius to see the obvious (or does it?), especially regarding ELF's timing in regard
to the coming oil-eco war in Alaska (and elsewhere).
Several of the B-C Greens are veteran Earth First!ers. Several others are current and ex-intelligence operatives and analysts who now work for the global pro-democracy / pro-ecology movement. We've seen this all before, from the outside and the inside. The ELF is already being manipulated by the FBI and other agencies, thus creating a very hostile and more dangerous world for everyone."

So let's get this straight -- the "current and ex-intelligence operatives and analysts" in B-C Greens are worried about FBI infiltration of ELF? Perhaps B-C Greens should be more concerned about the infiltration of their own group!

When folks write that that the Earth Liberation Front folks are "playing right into the hands" of the corporate forces, we should remember that this has ALWAYS been the charge made against radical activists, from the Abolitionists to the Wobblies to the Freedom Riders to the Peace Movement to Earth First!.

While popular with the "Radical Goals through Mainstream Tactics" crowd, we must ask: has this charge shown itself to be historically accurate? Did Abolitionists REALLY set back the cause of freedom? Did the Wobblies (the International Workers of the World) REALLY set back the labor movement? Did the Freedom Rides REALLY set back the civil rights movement? Did the Peace Movement REALLY extend the Vietnam War? Did Earth First! REALLY lead to MORE destruction of habitat? Of course not!

Let me be clear: I personally do NOT approve of arson as a political tactic (no matter how careful you are there's always a chance of harming innocent firefighters or bystanders).

But I wouldn't be so quick to judge the ELF folks.

From what I have read about their philosophy, it appears that they are not only "well-intentioned" (another phrase popular with the "don't rock the boat" crowd)-- they also appear to be well aware of the negative effect that their actions may have upon people who like to think of themselves as environmentalists, but may be turned off by any actions that go beyond the "write to your Congressman" variety.

They simply contend that both the concrete results of their actions (destroying property and impacting the "bottom line" of the offending corporations/developers) and the symbolic effect (demonstrating that people don't have to blindly submit to the "legal" destruction of their environment) are worth the risk of alienating the marginally environmental-minded.

Given the current trajectory of humankind's impact on the Earth, should it surprise anyone that some folks have decided to up the ante?

I won't be out torching any buildings today, but I also won't be questioning the intelligence (with the "it doesn't take a genius" crack) or strategic acumen of those who choose this risky -- but in some ways undeniably effective -- approach. It may turn out that in the long run their actions will be shown as a key element in galvanizing our own supporters, not just our opponents.


Garrett Brinton.

Comments? Huffy denials?

e-mail= gbrinton1 (at)
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FBI? Doubtful. Provocatuers. Definitely!
15 Jan 2001
Let's not forget in the days following Boston's 'o3' demonstrations, it was this same individual from the "Boston-Cambridge Greens" (according to legitimate Green Party affiliates, this group does not exist outside of the imagination of one questionable individual) who openly accused the Boston IMC, local Green Party activists, and black bloc anarchists of all being "heavily infilitrated" by the FBI.

Probably best to ignore anything from this person, considering they have a history of provocation and fabricated lies.
Thanks for the background, anonymous
15 Jan 2001
Thanks for the background -- I'm new to the site (and live in CT, not the Boston area, and hadn't seen the previous bullshit that this "group" was promoting.

Had I known, I might have ignored their (hi/her?) piece, as you suggest. Nevertheless, the view they express is not an uncommon one among "frightened liberals" (to steal a phrase from Ralph Nader).

INFILTRATION: you love it.
17 Jan 2001
Let's face it. You would love nothing more than to be infiltrated.. it would give you just the self appreciative ego boost you are looking for. The recognition that you might *actually* be doing something.

So when all else fails, talking about how infiltrated you are, is the next best thing.

Give it up, shut up, and focus your priorities where they should be. Quit thinking you are important enough for the fbi to waste their time on you.
"B-C Greens" truly detract from Indymedia
18 Jan 2001
I've been reading and participating with Boston Indymedia for several months now. I just wanted to make the comment that the author who goes by the handle "B-C Greens" has done nothing but provoke unnessecary hostility and resentment within the potentially productive Boston Indymedia community. Jon Chance repeatedly posts provocative articles which degrade and insult the many beutifull groups that make up the progressive movement locally and globally.

These posts contribute nothing to either the movement in a practicle sense. Even if the media on this site were to be judged on quality alone rather than practicle relevance to the movement, his comments consistantly detract from the overall energy in this space.

Jon, I don't want to ask you to stop posting, as there should be room for all viewpoints here. But I want to ask that you give the other participants here the respect they deserve. Look back at your previous posts, which have generated more negative responses than almost any others. Your tired manra of "infultration" and damage to the movement is eerily reminicent of Stalin and Robspierre.

Is a reign of terror against counterrevolutionaries what those of us with sincere beleifs and tactics different from your own have to look forward to should the Greens ever win legitimate governmental power? Your insistance on calling yourself "Boston-Cambridge Greens," (depsite the fact that you are only one person who should not arrogeantly try to speak for all greens) fosters a feeling of schizm within the local progressive movement between the Greens and everyone else which is simply not there.

Stop wasting our time with this paranoid, self-gratifying, insulting crap. You're not hurting or helping the movement, you're not providing people with valuable information from a green perspective (the responsibility you took on when you started posting under 'B-C Greens'), you're just pising people off. Don't stop posting - ocasionally you do post some well-though out things. Just consider your very visable role in this community and how long you want to your list of on-line enemies to grow.

Don't bother writing back about my own hypocracy of writing an insulting, condecending email condeming your own insulting, condecending emails. I'm actually a COINTELPRO operative, working in conjuction with the black bloc to shut you down personally, so obviously I wouldn't care.


Check out "Keystone Cops vs. Eco-Saboteurs"
18 Jan 2001
Check out the Newswire Posting "Keystone Cops vs. Eco-Saboteurs," posted on this Indymedia site on 11/17/01

Maybe the FBI needs to "infiltrate" the local Long Island cops, too?!

-- Og

P.S. Is it my imagination, or does the guy calling himself "Boston-Cambridge-Greens" seem like a pathetic leader- wannabe with an imaginary organization of spooks and spies?
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