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News ::
Homeless Radical Interviewed by Kid's Journal (pictures)
26 Nov 2003
Modified: 12:44:39 PM
QUICK! Go outside (or imagine yourself outside)Then look up into the sky. Then imagine yourself jumping straight up faster than the speed of light, faster than anything, for the rest of your life! Now yOu are ready, yOu have just gone thru a portal, and we may see eye to eye!
"What you can do or dream only you can begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it."--from a book called _The Enchanted Boy_

O H (letters better hand-drawn, but no access to scanner now)

TN--Earlier today a homeless man found a way that he could continue to persist on his depthpath; a path that includes pursuing his radical desires for a beautiful existence.

The man, in his upper 30s was "almost" completely off his rocker when, after making a connection with someone named Mary Juana, he "somehow found" a book that could help him work things out, in lieu of having no one else to confide to.

"I was looking for a book called _Crow Dog Speaks_ (?), I think it was. But couldn't find it, and instead found this thing."

The book, really a professional therapeu-trick journaling tool meant for kids living in stepfamilies, provided just the key he needed at a time when he felt too much despair. What follows is an "interview" of sorts, the book asking questions and this man filling in the blanks (also written in the margins, sometimes in a more artistic way than straight text can allow) :

i seek comf ort here i hope yOu don't mind

Sometimes we (@ least i) gotta jump into the "Sea of Schizophrenia"; feeling so defeated. Wanting peace, beauty hue-man excellence
wanting to help lay down a new foun dation
in which alleged christ(s)/buddhas may find valuable for their alleged return. (i certainly don't have the balls it takes!)

It iz either here or fall into the Sea of Schizophrenia (more or less) To dare speak my truths & depths to as many who might hear and be inspired [as possible]

That is the question

To dare into your (readers of the journal) war mindset
To dare stride into the epicenter of Capital Misery (similar to Capital Punishment, yet more pervasive).
This imagi nation which is driving me bonkers.
To dare sing my gifts, my art, my special spirit
is to become a part of laying down love for the ones called jesus christs/buddhas/messiahs/etc. etc. etc.

Everyone and no-one is leader until this christ figure dares return

we are all leaders of our dared excellence!

Dedication: to phellow hue-beings who are drawn to young spirit (this spirit which inspires us like few others)

QUESTION: have yOu heard of Thomas Kuhn? John Trudell? Noam Chomsky? Thomas Szasz? John Holt? John Stockwell? Herbert Brun? Paul Feyerabend? R.D. Laing? Oy? Jacques Ellul? Osho? Lev Chernyi? They are an Ood place to begin (to at least begin) to see eye to eye with me.

Hey...come! Watch me swim! Or dare even swim WITH me!

QUICK! Go outside (or imagine yourself outside)

Then look up into the sky.

Then imagine yourself jumping straight up faster than the speed of light, faster than anything, for the rest of your life!

i welcome yOu
kind comrade
to swim with me for
There seems to be a path here!

My entire name is beyond language. i am infinite years old. i am tinyly tall...

i was born on an undiscovered planet, directly hidden by the orbit of Neptune (the planet Chomsky is supposed to be from!) (...)

Note to therapy readers: Look at this we call creative means to bridge with those beings called children (chill dren--how miserable a word!) Is this the best you would be able to do with your offspring yourself??

(yOu saw my art, above, it is me *spiriting*)

[filling in blanks of journal:]
Sometimes I don't like myself because...feel so alone, like no one can understand like all i speak is not making a difference for (h)eaven in our lives. Stuck in mindset hell as i too seem to be.

Yes, quite crazy. Yet not wanting insane. Not wanting the war of everyday Life. Wanting to pull back war and let fear escape openly so we all can see so we all can go into the process as our paths, not being processed
not letting Given/knife-fed processes
process us
tool us.
Not letting the so deeply paining
hell become us
even as its lost
war mentality
seems to keep us.
i am kept in fear
by the many-generation, coercively handed-down war mindset
which has well conditioned me
(re: "the biggest cops are those in our heads")

i am deeply sensitive to
the psy war/psy op thought control backed by force held in reserve

a heavy heavy heavy metal moo-sick (music)
which runs militaries that
engage in nonconsensual
killing and maiming

'We' dark agers coercing
manufacturing consent with hype and propaganda/deceit & shared values
deeply alienated, atomized, & miserable

[filling in blanks of journal:]
If I had a magic potion, I'd...Move everyone to dare to do their most excellent desires/art/music/etc. etc. etc. now while we still can and still dare (--even if only tinyly at first)

When others are angry I...want to reveal and get into their care; that just under-the-surface of angry; let them pour out their art yet see value in beautiful bridges.

My worst habit is...worrying so much? caring? Not intimately knowing others' excell ence. Running away.

The thing I like to talk about the most is...dared depths, sharing my journey, kicking back and diving deep.

The thing I don't like to talk about is...The stuff you people seem to fear. The stuff you feel forced to shut up about. The stuff which keeps you holding so blindly to spoonfed ideology.

If I could be ANYBODY in the whole wide world, I'd be...Chuck D & John Trudell & Rob & Andy (1, 2) & many many others all dancing as one. Arting our dances & selves so exquisitely that we'd derail deathculture Fear-stuckness.'d love me's for it! We'd enjoy living so much more!

[filling in blanks of journal:]
My home looks like this... i don't tell out of fear to give you too much info which you can then use to deploy and mobilize your force and manipulations
whose ends are my submission
My being "scared straight"
My becoming as dead as you [professionals, and wanna-be's reading journal]
my obeyance
my being tooled in this life
for your chosen God(s) (even "Logical/Rational" as a god)
My imagin ations being suppressed
Ranked and filed, labeled, discredited
My gifts being lost
my art being snuffed
humanity becoming insane
more than it already is.
(policymakers, planners, & transnational owners also)

This is what one of my families looks like all together...ah, they are spread all over this Earth and represent many identities, ations, species, and being forms. Drawing dem is possible only symbolically, for me.

My Family
In this home I live with...Mary Juana (and other Earth beings)

We do lots of things together like...i smoke or eat her spirit and am moved by her instincts, apparently.

The best thing I think we've ever done together is...see situations in nature which blow my mind.

The worst thing I think we've ever done together is...get way too deep in all this deep thinking because i'm finding i can hardly swim alone more and more.

Things we laugh about the most togther are...Excellent ways i could love hue-manity if only i had the means and the sanity to persist.

The person in our family who makes us all laugh the most is...this kat named Dennis. Dennis..makes us laugh usually because...he's so beautiful; he's like an angel with droopy wings; AND i just recently learned that he's a somewhat famous comedian who went underground for a few years. Bastard! He never told me! (i used to tell him he ought to get an public access TV show--at LEAST--and he could interview people in his RV, and share the laughter with many)

But sometimes we have problems, mainly because...he seems to want to "die" more than i.


My favorite character,...beautifulness..., in my favorite book,...Da Book of Or & Oy..., looks like this...

Typed Depth charges
Arted to yOu
BLAST thru

They are full of radical notions
yet deeper
going to the core, the heart
of this world which we may realize
is our art.

If I could go an live in any book, my choice would be...Spanarchy: A Methodology of Crucial Arts, in process! is yet to be written and its volumes would seek to include all, in process for realizing the value of realizing the value of *coming* (heh) together, beyond our dichotomies, our "Us Vs. Them" trenches.

(much more, perhaps one day at a website)
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mommy im skared (english)
26 Nov 2003
make the bad man go away