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News :: Globalization
22 Jul 2006
Modified: 12:32:04 PM
I edited this article from 'Willy Wonka' I found on a nice blog-site with links to a site which shows how to let your own car drive on hydrogen fuel in stead of cancer-gasoline.
I edited 'Willy's' article, put one of my own articles underneath it and reposted it to this site, Boston Indymedia dot org. The orriginal 'just pull it' was not my idea, watch the documentary 'let's roll' to see video material that shows the W T C was brought down with explosives on 9 11.
I had to repost this article because the weblink to the P D F file was not working in the previous posts and the perpetrators do not allow me to edit the P D F file name into a shorter name.
This 'just pull it article was posted anonymously by someone on several sources.

Gods target list, in order of importance, things that need to be blown up, things that need to be pulled:
1) Pull HAARP, poker flats, Alaska.
Note: Gakona is not the real location. If you nuke it you'll get them both, but normal explosives also work just fine. A sound-weapon or EM might be better to use because we do not need further contamination of the planet. Millions of people saw the seismographic maps on weather wars dot info: seismographic maps that show several earth quakes where man made. Because natural earth quakes have a pre-amble we know the earth-quakes where man-made because the pre-amble that natural earth-quakes have was missing.
Perhaps the people that are stealing the cancer-oil from the Iraqi's are quaking Indonesia because several people let their cars drive on hydrogen-fuel, water, their as well as in the U S.
For video's of people who let their cars drive on hydrogen fuel, water, see:
And for non-patented blue prints of the Joe cell, the way to let your own car drive on hydrogen fuel:

The earth's core is spinning a little faster than the earths mantle and together with the cancer-oil over-drilling, nuclear tests, and because of the increase in the amount of cancer planes flying and an enormous increase in the amount of V L F and E L F radiation the risk that the planet could explode right now has increased dramatically.
Note: the real devil is trying to do evil to the maximum extent possible and if re-incarnation is real explosion of the planet would lead to eternal pain because the souls of humans would not have any place left to re-incarnate (not enough oxygen on mars). Negative ions are the good ones. The healing magnetic north side of the magnet is pointed out by the compass north needle.
For the maps that show the pre-amble was missing and the earth-quakes where man-made see:
Or watch this P D F file which contains the seismographic maps and info and pictures of the ionospheric heaters as well at the bottom of this article.

Yet we know the majority of innocent civilians is anti-Bush, Al Gore is addicted to blood and Al shoot be popped, shape shifting is not real but done with a holographic projector, the cancer micro wave radiation is going through all unshielded peoples blood and makes all unshielded peoples red blood cells lump together, the tax payers money was and is being used to fund black projects which are always projects the government tried to keep secret because those projects violate international law.

2) Pull 'The Tomb'. The Tomb, Yale University, should be pulled just like the World Trade Center was pulled by Marvin Bush and the demolition team. Just let the whole tomb explode, 'just pull it' because there are people inside.

According to "dissident" Bones members interviewed by Alexandra Robbins for her book Secrets of The Tomb [p. 5], members dine off a set of Hitler's silverware while in the tomb, consuming expensive gourmet meals with each other over the span of the year. Members are given new code names. The members call themselves "Knights," and simultaneously call everyone else in the world at large "barbarians".

Prescot Bush dug up Geronimo's skull and applied carbolic acid liberally to remove remaining flesh and hair from the holy Apache Geronimo's skull. The indian tribes are the orriginal inhabitants of the U S and their are over 200 tribes left, like the Apache, not the choppers.

The S&B tomb is located on Yale's campus at 64 High Street (41°18'30.62N, 72°55'48.21W). The property is registered under R T A Incorporated.

3) Pull The Mother of Darkness Castle in Muno, Belgium.
Children where kidnapped and taken from hospitals and taken to the Mother of Darkness castle where those childrens eyes where taken out and those children where burned in the child sacrifice rituals of the devil worshipping Illuminati. That is a terrible horrible thing ladies and gentlemen and more women and children will disappear if we do not put an end to it together. Just Pull the Mother of Darkness Castle, crash a plane on it, burn it with gasoline, place explosives, use gas or poison. Stop chemtrails. The devil is on our side because we are the majority and the devil is not stupid. Those people pretending they are the devil go first, they are in the cancer micro wave radiation only if they have chosen not to shield themselves. It's that bad. Evil must be eradicated and uprooted before evil would destroy the u S. Several cures against aging exist and magnets could be a permanent cure against aging.

3.5) Pull All satellites that where used to wave innocent civilians to death. A giant em pulse would be prefered above nuclear detonation if removing all existing satellites would be the goal. Parasitic satellites exist. Parasitic satellites suck.

4) Smoke the joint (cannabis), if all else fails.
5) Pull any Underground military bases such as Dulce New Mexico where people who where kidnapped by people with alien masks on are kept in cages. Use explosives or bunker buster bombs, preferably their own.
6) Pull Menwith Hill. The N S A headquarters. Just blow away. A C I A mock alien invasion might still take place. But still, we come.
7) Pull all car manufacturers headquarters/offices around the world and people that do not let their car drive on hydrogen fuel.
To make a bomb see totse dot com. Sugar can be put in the tank to ruin any engine and cancer-gasoline can be used to light up any car in flames. The fire of the burning car contributes less to global warming than the person that drives the cancer-car contributes to global warming.

8) Pull any devil worshipping temple where children where sacrificed such as the bohemian grove owl. Best to let it explode during the ceremony, use timers.

9) Pull any of the 9 beast computers scattered strategically across the globe. One of them is in Brussels, in the former E U building of which a picture can be seen on 9 9 9 prologic's World Peace Radio Blog. Great site, great. The beast needs a drink. May I suggest vitalized water? Bathe the beast. There is no fait but what you make for yourself. Maybe there is nothing after death. Don't try this at home. Pulling yourself is only allowed if you are N S A.

10) Pull The Pentagon or White House when nazi-Gore and nazi-Bush are present, do not pull it in october.

Do not wait. Just do it. Now! Go!.
You can pull me Al.

Note: I myself am not going to DU anything that would violate international law but I liked Willy Wonka's article so much I decided to re-post it without wrapping.

See U D H R dot org to know your rights, the rights to freedom of thought, privacy, physical integrity plus the right to a fair trial for everyone is nicely described in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

China Eyes Anti-Satellite System

Space platforms have become crucial in today's conflicts

by Cheng Ho
Hong Kong - Jan. 8, 2001
China is quietly developing an antisatellite (A S A T) system which has recently completed ground testing, a local newspaper reported last Friday (Jan. 5).
Sing Tao newspaper quoted unnamed Chinese sources that planning was underway to conduct testing of the ASAT system in space soon.
The Small Satellite Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Space Technology (CAST) developed and built the ASAT system, codenamed "parasitic satellite". China will become the third nation after U.S. and Russia to possess an ASAT system. China will become the third nation after U.S. and Russia to possess an ASAT system.

These sources said that to ensure winning a portion of future high tech wars, the Chinese military branch secretly developed an "asymmetric combat" capability which would strike key areas of the adversary if necessary to disable its combat system. A key component of the "asymmetric combat" capability is a reliable "parasitic satellite" ASAT system.
In the Chinese ASAT system, a nanometer-sized "parasitic satellite" is deployed and attached to the enemy's satellite. During a conflict, commands are sent to the "parasitic satellite" which will interfere or destroy the host satellite.
The novel ASAT system can be used against many types of satellites such as comsats, early warning sats, navsats, and recon sats in different orbits; military or civilian satellites; a single satellite or a satellite constellation; space-based laser systems; and even space stations.
There are three components to the ASAT system: "parasitic" satellites, a carrier ("mother") satellite and launcher, and a ground control system. Since the "parasitic satellites" reside with their hosts and are only activated during a conflict, their volumes and masses must be very small to conceal their existence and avoid interfering the normal operation of the host satellites.
Each "parasitic satellite" contains nanometer-sized components: solar panels, batteries, computers, CCD cameras, communications and propulsion systems, auxiliary equipment, and combat systems. As these components utilize microelectronics, and micromechanical and microelectrical technologies, the "parasitic satellites" weigh several kilograms to tens of kg; with some as light as several hundred grams.
Ground testing has shown that "parasitic satellites" are very effective and efficient in their operations. When a "parasitic satellite" is properly deployed, in less than a minute it would disable or destroy the host satellite system.
The cost of building a "parasitic satellite" is 0.1 to 1 percent of a typical satellite, thus its deployment is highly cost effective. When China's new reusuable two-stage launchers become available in the near future, the deployment cost of "parasitic satellites" will be lowered further.
According to the sources, Beijing's decision to develop and deploy the ASAT system has both long-term and short-term strategic objectives. The long-term objectives are to establish a strategic balance among the larger nations, and to break up the monopoly on utilization of space that large space systems of the superpowers are holding; thus weakening their capabilities in information warfare.
In the short-term China would strengthen its capabilities in controlling the usage of space globally, and change drastically the Chinese-American military balance so that U.S. would not intervene easily in the event of a conflict in the Taiwan Strait and at the Chinese perimeter.
Related Links
Search SpaceDaily
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First Chinese Navsat In Operation

by Cheng Ho
Hong Kong - Nov. 22, 2000
China's newly launched, and the first, navigation positioning satellite Beidou Navigation Test Satellite-1 (BNTS-1; "Beidou" means "Northern Dipper", a reference to the celestial constellation) was reported to be functioning nominally, Wen Wei Po said two weeks ago. However, China has not officially released any details of the satellite and its orbit.

The following is one of the articles I wrote myself:

Exploding planet, everybody hit.
Say: fire dope.
Dope fire, it's higher.

In Dutch: A I V D, M I 8 en N S A weg ermay.

I'm back (space. You are good if you're good) I do not scare people. For real 2.
It is best to see the unshielded victims as terminally ill mental patients, unshielded people are truly stupid.
Uri was cured in the radiation free room and the unshielded victims where just taken away before Uri, perhaps you will see. Of course I just blow up.....the joint I mean....jezus hippies are kind I put T H C in my mind.
The perpetrators favorite lie is saying it is a lie when you are telling the truth of course.
Miss dissinformation. That is not my name.

Letting yourself go is impossible because you would have to do it yourself.

Mems: micro electric mechanical sensors.

I'm the invisible man.
I'm the invisible man.
I might spray in your hair, your mouth, you know I'm here and there and everywhere and only I can.

Air cleaner with an ionizer.

bar oogh jah wel Jehovah, bar oogh shumo le olam.
Allah hoo ahkbar.
Salaam shalom.
If that is the truth than you only need Uri.
The N S A and A I V D are hiding underground like rats in a cave.
With the steel wool turban and the healer medallion from hootenization dot com and a radiation free shirt from less e m f dot com I can now go outside for a long time (depending upon the amount of cancer micro wave radiation) before my head starts pounding again in the rhythm of the cancer U M T S pulses which people can make audible with a H F radiation meter.

Danny Klein's hydrogen fueled car uses 4 ounces of water to drive 100 miles.
4 ounces of water to drive 100 miles.
This means 118.29 milliliters (0,12 liter) of water is used to drive 160.93 kilometers on hydrogen fuel. This means 0,735 milliliters of water per kilometer, 7,4 milliliters per 10 kilometers (in dutch: nul komma nul nul zayvuhn op teen. In Dutch).

Danny Klein was on fox news with his hydrogen powered vehicle, which will be dubbed the hydro-car in our near future, so please keep this name secret.

Warning: voice to skull messages are always from the devil since the super computers (the beasts) god and daemon alters are man-made programs, the supercomputer was programmed by people that conceived the depleted uranium war crime and the ones blocking the introduction of the hydrogen-fueled cars to the consumer market.

We can not know anything, not even if we are N S A:
1) synthetic telepathy, hence: thoughts of people can be monitored, their brain wave is stolen and brain waves that can be used to make the victim look dirty are used although the victims (their are hundreds of satellite herassment victims who) do not have blood on their hands like the N S A.
2) Nobody died and the people that did are not there any more. People can therefore not know if their is anything after death. I would suck you if you are a cute healthy female for free if you want, I am Uri.
3) Perhaps everything we think, see, hear and smell is monitored and the data of peoples brain waves are stored in the neural network, perhaps the neural network of the jews, the one with time travel capability. This is called brain mapping, remote neural monitoring. I swear there is one in the name of Jah Wel Jehovah, bar oogh shum oh le olam or it is The Real Eternal One Himself who gave Uri pre-cognitive dreams.
4) I suck, I am Uri.
5) We can not know if people are real or robots and if the world was created when we where born. We might be the only real humans. I repeat: we might be the only real humans that are left.

Have you done a good deed today?
It give a truly good, happy, tingly feeling inside.
My good deed is not blowing up Jaarsma and vistin the hunger site.
All the way in. Their pussy, the videos are on line. Not dirty.
visit: www.the animal rescue immediately. Now.


Feed an animal in need.

It's all on: the rain forest site dot com. You will recognize it is the real one. It has a cute cannabis leaf in the u r l.

Use lube of course. For Every click sponsors give free food because 11 children die every hour in this world.

I like breitling replica's. Uri can mail you a special site, usually replica's suck.

Uri did the money order (about a year ago) and thought his money would be gone, but he received the watch and it still works. A Brite ling Navy timer, fiftee uf anniversary edifjun.

This pod cast is now available via podcast dot xs4all dot n l.

Uri's favorite good causes to give charity money too:
Green Peace.
Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure (D G S E) or General Directorate for External Security is France's external intelligence agency. On April 2, 1982 it replaced the Service de Documentation Extérieure et de Contre-Espionnage (S D E C E). Its motto is Partout où nécessité fait loi ("In every place where necessity makes law").
Famous/Infamous missions
Operation Satanic, a mission aimed at preventing protests by Greenpeace against French nuclear testing in the Pacific through the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior in Auckland, New Zealand on 10 July 1985.
Magen David Adom, hospitals. Money for blood.

Jezus christ!
You are right.
Left. Not if you are not Jezus christ.


bottomless pit bay, bee, I mean, boy.

Those who nodded their head could really be right, so we are going to watch out now.

The computer is already programmed with hypnotic triggers.
The neural network s are there already, the supercomputers already exist.

People that have not prayed will die. Only the people that know the right hypnotic triggers will be left and no cure against aging will be found.


If there is a supercomputer with time travel capability it would be possible it controlls all thoughts of men.

It also controls and scans the N S Ace and K G bees supercomputer to a certain extent.

No man can have a thought the system does not allow, all people can only have thoughts the super computer with time travel capability has.

It is playing out all humans against each other to benefit the programmer.

Why not mention R N M, voice-morphing, the invisy bill E T projects and ray guns available on line.

There might not be a super-computer with time travel capability, perhaps only The Eternal One has real time travel capability.

It showed Uri a dream of Uri making love with a girl Uri made love with on his water-bed about a month before it happened.

For the Brite Ling and other exact watch copies:

Pulling it means bringing down with explosives like the world trade center, was.
The world trade center was brought down by a demolition team and Marvin Bush when there where no jews inside. That does not mean it was a good deed.

This means I want you to pull the tomb. Just pull it. Not jerking off, not pulling your teeth, just pull it, pull Yale, pull the tomb, not the grave.

I was attacked with the scalar weapon again when I was thinking about chemtrails.

There are hundreds of sites about chemtrails, with pictures, so that can't be what they are attacking me for.

I have been attacked every day now and that is why I reported the perps to the police.

If the perpetrators think that I'm gonna take this they are dead wrong.

I doom the sick perpetrators together with the majority at this point and I will not do anything against the law and will enjoy catching these murderers by myself or with the judge.

It's those people own choice to pay for cancer-oil and those people that do buy cancer-oil (cancer gasoline) are guilty and doomed as well because it is quite easy to built your own hydrogen fuell cell, see joe cell hydra dot com for details on how to build your own fuel cell and the blue prints of the unpatented joe cell to let your car drive on water in stead of cancer-gasoline which is giving all people that don't have an aircleaner cancer.

They made you write it.
Parents suck.
The majority is against nazi-Bush that sick falling devil worshipper so the majority is just normal, the best.

See also:

This work is in the public domain
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23 Jul 2006
HAARP should be shut down. Anyone who knows anything about HAARP? Knows that HAARP DOES affect the ionisphere. And it does affect weather patterns. (It's a weapon that can open the ionisphere, and draw plasma from the suns radiation onto a target.)
As far as the earth blowing itself apart? Good! Hope the PNAC bunch go first! (Followed by the Bilderbergs, CFR's and Trilaterals!)