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Commentary :: Human Rights hits new low, now openly anti-semitic
19 Dec 2003 in its commentary section now has at least one article labelling zionists "christ-killers" and claiming that any jews who react badly to being called "christ-killers" are actually zionists who know they are actually partially responsible. in its commentary section now has at least one article labelling zionists "christ-killers" and claiming that any jews who react badly to being called "christ-killers" are actually zionists who know they are actually partially responsible

All NORMAL, SANE, INTELLIGENT people here (meaning, no radical lunatics) read that thread and be outraged as you should be. Anti-semitism is now apparently approved by the editors as long as you claim that the jews you are being anti-semitic against are zionist jews.

Really sick assholes apparently control the peace movements in san francisco, and they are now revealing their true colors.

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Re: hits new low, now openly anti-semitic
19 Dec 2003
Boston IndyMedia is the pits.

Just because someone posts something offensive on SF IndyMedia does not mean there is anything wrong with SF IndyMedia itself.

What really sucks is the pro-Zionist censorship on Boston IndyMedia. I was disgusted that Boston IndyMedia censored a post because it included an American flag with a swaztika. There is cause to accuse the US of being fascist. Boston IndyMedia is on the wrong side.
Re: hits new low, now openly anti-semitic
19 Dec 2003
One more thing...

"All NORMAL, SANE, INTELLIGENT people here (meaning, no radical lunatics)"

We don't need some Zionist telling us what we should think or feel. If you want to be God, the job's already taken.
Re: hits new low, now openly anti-semitic
20 Dec 2003
name-calling is always constructive :) :) :) :).
Re: hits new low, now openly anti-semitic
23 Dec 2003
“Christ killing Zionists”: A response to Bigotry and Bias

The recent article about Zionist killing Christ which appeared on SF – Indy media is so overtly anti Semitic any rational person would not feel the need to even have to expose it but we live in a world where while My grandmother who lived through Auschwitz and lost her entire family is told the holocaust Zionist propaganda

(please forgive English)

To quote the form the trailer of the new Lord of the rings movie "The end has come". The end has come for tolerance in the USA. Over the last five years I have watched how anti Zionism has slowly mutated from liberal progressive force trying to critic Israel’s policy to a shield that for vile Jew hating.

Before I even comment on the topics Jew bashing its interesting to note how viciously those people who spout hatred of Jews under the guise of attacking Zionism defend their sacred shield of "I am not anti Semitic I am anti Zionist". All traditional anti Semitism can now be proclaimed if we replace the word Jew with Israel. You can accuse Jews of eating blood; killing Christ controlling the world as long as you say just it was Israel not "Jew". If you dare accuse those overt anti Semites of exactly who they are they scream and yell that your racist for daring to blow there anti- Zionism cover. The recent article about Zionist killing Christ which appeared on SF – Indy media is so overtly anti Semitic any rational person would not feel the need to even have to expose it but we live in a world where while My grandmother who lived through Auschwitz and lost her entire family is told the holocaust Zionist propaganda.

Anti Semitism always found an excuse to exist people need a reason to hate. People have always hated the Jews; each generation had their own reason to hate Jews. In the middle ages we were hated because we weren’t Christian. In the 1900 we were hated because we were racially inferior. Now we are hated because of Zionism. But theses are not reason we are hated theses are excuses for hate. Jews are a unique group it’s hard to classify them as either a religion, ethnic group nationality it’s a mixture of all the above. History and people have not found a comfortable way of dealing with the "Jews" because of our amorphous status. So Jews historically have not fit in. When Jews primarily expressed their religious side they were attacked for their religion. When Jews expressed there cultural side, as they in the 1800s they were still attacked. When Jews expressed their national side as they do in Zionism they are demonized. So what are Jews to do? I am pessimistic and I don’t think Jews will ever integrate into society; Society can’t tolerate groups that can’t be neatly put into camps.

So onto anti Zionism as the grand shield for Jew hating. Nobody claims that being anti- Israel by itself is anti-Semitic. What makes certain types of Anti Zionism something anti Semitic is when one set of values is applied to Israel, the Jewish state, and another set values is applied to the rest of the world. This is pure unadulterated bias, something the left proudly demonizes as immoral. If one looks at a sentence handed down to young black man in this country you would find they are considerably heavier for African Americans as they are for whites. If a young poor black man shoplifts a pair of jeans he would go to jail a lot longer then an Enron executive. The ACLU and the majority of progressive organization would correctly call this practice racist. If you apply the same logic to Israel and Palestine you would see it is 100% the same exact thing. Let’s take Ariel Sharon record to start with, the man who during anti Iraq war protests co stared with Bush on many placards proclaiming him a war criminal. The crime is sabra and shatilla, a massacre of innocent Palestinians in Lebanon. Sharon was found indirectly responsible for not preventing Christian militia man who were at war with the Palestinian army from the massacre. A crime I agree as leader he had the responsibility to make sure civilians didnt get hurt and he a failed miserably. What fascinates me is nobody really cared to go after the Christian Militia men who actually did the killing. No world tribunal was ever called up to bring those directly responsible to justice but Sharon who is indirectly responsible is considered by many to be foremost war criminal. What’s interesting to note is while the west is well aware of the Indirect involvement of Sharon in the massacre of civilians very few people have heard of the massacres of Damur or the destruction Deir Ashahe or the massacres Shatila & Burj-el Barajneh committed by troops under Arafat’s control. In fact Christian groups have accused Arafat of killing up to 40,000 Lebanese civilians during the PLO's sojourn in Lebanon, which began in the 1970s after it was turfed out of Jordan during Black September. At the same time Arafat accused the Jordanians of massacring 10,000 of Palestinians during Black September. In the 80s the government of Assad literally bulldozed an entire city men women and children and killing over 10,000 in the city of Hamma because they were Islamic Freedom fighters. The ethnic cleansing of Kurdistan by Us ally Turkey, Iran and Iraq gets no attention. No one knows about theses massacres in which the magnitude of killing and hate far exceeds that of anything Zionists are accused. Does this mean Israel is guilt free , hell no she’s guilty and should pay, just like the poor African American kid who shop lifted , but shouldn’t the CEO of Enron stand justice to. This is one example of Bias.

Why Israel is held to one value and her neighbors another? Only two possible reasons 1. We hold Arabs or Muslims to a lower level then the rest of humanity or 2. There is a hatred of Jews that result in applying a different standard to Israel then the rest of the world. Either answer is based on bigotry.

Another great example of bias is found in this thread where someone accused Israel of passing a law banning prostelazation. The veracity of this claim is dubious and I can’t verify if it’s true or not. For argument sake lets assume that such a law exists clearly it would be an undemocratic law it a state that claims to be democratic. So now that we have taken Israel to task for curtailing religious freedom lets apply the same standards to her neighbors regarding freedom of religion. Just to start with any Muslim state where all monotheistic religions besides Islam are relegated to an inferior status and have apartheid style laws applied to them. These laws called Dhimmi laws apply in all Islamic states today include a special tax that has to be paid by non Muslims the fact that if a “dhimmi” comes across a Muslim he must yield the way to Muslims the laws also make demeans on how non Muslim places of worship may function. The most relevant one to this argument is the fact in an Islamic state it’s punishable by death to convert to any religion from Islam. So let’s take Israel task for passing an anti-democratic law and let’s take Muslim countries to task for overt religious intolerance. One more specific example in regards to freedom of religion in the Arab Israeli conflict. Israel often makes Islamic men and women undergo humiliating security check when going to places of worship, while many of these security checks are for legitimate terror concerns many times soldieries treat Palestinians with no respect and humiliate them. It is worthy to note that when Jerusalem was under Arab controls Jews were not allowed accesses to their holy sites and in fact many were burned down.

In the original article the author refers to Israel siege of the Church of nativity as an attempt to kill Jesus again. Forgetting the fact that this was stand off between armed militants and the IDF lets see how well the PA has protected non Islamic sites. In the opening days of the Second Intifada Palestinian militants attacked the tomb of Jewish patriarch Joseph driving the Israelis out and ransacking the Tomb, burning all the Jewish books and turning the site into mosque. The PA did nothing to stop them. So why do we hear about the siege of the church of the nativity as a crime against religion, in which IDF soldiers did not step foot in the church, but hear nothing about the destruction of Joseph tomb. I say lets investigate both cases and punish those responsible for any damages. The question of Bias remains

The biggest example of bigotry to me applies to those who call for the end of only one state and no others. Anyone who calls for the end of the Jewish state but does not call for the end of Arab states, Islamic states, all ethnic and nation based states is a racist and an anti-Semite. It’s no more racist for their to be a Jewish state then there is to be an Islamic state. If you are going to call for the end of Israel which is a Jewish state you must also call for the end of any state that declares itself “sovereign Arab state”. One day when states no longer exist that favor specific ethnic groups and nationalities I will rally for the end of the Jewish state. Until that day I will fight for the right of the Jewish state to exist. Its no more racist fro there to be a flag with the star of David on it then there is to have A half crescent or cross. It’s no more racist for Israel to declare itself a home for the Jewish people then for an Arab country to refer to itself as an Arab state. I have many anarchist friends who call for the end of Israel , they are not racist because they also believe that all states in the Middle east must cease to exist in their current form and I respect there view for its intellectual honesty.

Israel is a Jewish state but her constitution affords equal protection and laws to all people. Accept for becoming a citizen her laws apply equally to Arabs and Jews. This is of course racist just like its racist that my friend Bjorg who never lived in Finland can become a citizen of Finland in a heartbeat because he has Finnish blood flowing through his vein. While a young man from Pakistan would have to wait countless years to even have a shot of becoming a citizen. Israel law of return favors Jews and discriminates against Arabs as does every countries citizenship laws. Of course over a million Arabs are citizens of Israel with equal protection under the law which is more then they would have living under Arab rule. Does this mean Israel is a great place to live for Arabs? Some would argue yes, Israeli Arabs have one the highest standard of living of all Arabs and one of the lowest mortality rates. I would argue that while they are materilisticly better of then the rest of there cousins and theoretically have equal rights under the law they are still discriminated against in Israel. Compared to Jewish Israelis they are a lot poorer and are often treated as second class citizens. The same sort of Problem that exists in the USA and EU in regards to non white minorities. Israel like the rest of the world needs to work on these problems