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Victory will be Ours
22 Jan 2004
The United States cannot secure victory because the forces of anti-Semitism will overwhelm it.
Bush's pro-Israel policy will ultimately fail because he is nothing more than a sycophant to the Jews. The evil United States and her allies had thought that anti-Semitism was dead when our beloved F├╝hrer died and our glorious cause suffered a setback. However, the fight, the Kampf, against the Jews has been born again in the Al Queida movement! I support anarchy in the United States because the loss of government, and the chaos caused by it, leaves a power vacuum that wonderful people like bin Laden will fill. As a result the Jew state of Israel can finally be wiped off the map. Heil bin Laden!

related link:

This work is in the public domain


Boston IndyMedia is lame.
22 Jan 2004
Since Boston IndyMedia seems to think all of this is some kind of joke, we'll share with you a message sent to DeVoy by the author of the lead post:

"If you do not remove the pornographic postings of the American flag from your site, I will obtain your full identity, hunt you down and I will slit your throat from ear to ear. I don't give a damn if I have to come to downtown Baghdad, downtown, Tehran, or downtown Jeddah, I will slit your throat as sure as the sun rises. I promise I will not make it a very pleasant experience when I come for you."

Here is the link:
Since Boston IndyMedia will not do the right thing.
22 Jan 2004
As we know, anti-Semitic material is quickly deleted from Boston IndyMedia's newswire. However, in this case we see that Boston IndyMedia does not remove it. This is consistent with Boston IndyMedia's cooperation with the smear campaign against DeVoy. As we all know, Boston IndyMedia is home to the fake activist known as Veritas. Boston IndyMedia share IP information of local dissidents with the Boston Police Department. Whatever incident occured relating to the Secret Service and the Lucy Parson's Center was likely a Veritas stunt (once again, connected to Boston IndyMedia).

As a main publishing house for fake, libelous, forged, and defamatory material published using the name of a real activist and real writer (local as well), I think it only fair to provide a link to DeVoy's real work:

The above is a list of links to DeVoy's actual work. That Boston IndyMedia would so openly cooperate with a smear operation against a local activist is proof that Boston IndyMedia should have its plug pulled.

Any volunteers?
Re: Victory will be Ours
22 Jan 2004
No, Activist, the public's view of Zionism cannot be hurt. People already know that: anti-Zionism = anti-Semitism The former is just a euphemism for the latter adopted when anti-Semitism rightfully fell into disrepute. Zionism is simply the notion that Jews are human beings who deserve the homeland known as Israel. Those who are against Zionism are for the destruction of Israel. Anti-Zionism could not be more anti-Semitic.
Excuse me, but you don't speak for me.
22 Jan 2004
"People know..."


It's just the other way around. Nearly everyone knows that anti-Zionism DOES NOT EQUAL anti-Semitism and Zionism is NOT THE BELIEF that Jews deserve a homeland, it is a specific program to steal land from the Palestinians and hand it over to European colonizers.

So, "DR. Truth" is what you say is true, why do you need to resort to fabrications and fraud to make your argument? After all, DeVoy does not publish anti-Semitic material. You, on the other hand, do publish anti-Semitic material, only you use HIS name and not your own.
Re: Victory will be Ours
22 Jan 2004
No, far-left lunatic, you'll never escape the FACT that anti-Zionism is identical to anti-Semitism. Your own prejudice and anti-Semitism shows up in your post. You're prejudiced by assuming I'm the author of that article. You're anti-Semitic by repeating the oft-repeated lie that Israel stole land from the Palestinians. That's a lie as huge as any of Hitler's lies. You need to study history. The truth is the land now known as Israel was previously a colony ruled by the British Empire. There has never been an independent state of Palestine. The Palestians have NEVER owned that land. In fact, the nationality known as "Palestinian" is a fabricated one for the purpose of anti-Semitic hate and the destruction of the Jewish homeland. Jews came to that land and PURCHASED land. They did not steal it. It is the neighbouring Muslim countries that attempted to steal land from Israel and murder its citizens. Israel has only fought back. It has only defended itself, and in doing so occupied some territory. If the Muslim countries didn't want that, they should not have attacked in the first place. If a person breaks another's jaw in the act of self defense, it is not assault. That's the problem with the wacko anti-Semitic (oops I mean anti-Zionist) far left. They can't tell the difference between terrorism and self defense. When you oppose Israel's right of self defense you endorse the murder of and hatred of Jews. The PLO has never been anything other than a terrorist organization whose ultimate goal is the destruction of Israel. By being an "anti-Zionist" you are pro-terrorist. You are anti-Semitic. And btw, please prove I'm the author of that article. You can't. However, your contention that I am proves your prejudice. You simply assumed something that was unproven. That's the mistake the looney leftists consistently make. You've made it also by assuming the Israelis stole the Palestinian's country instead of learning history.
More garbage from "Dr. Truth"
22 Jan 2004

(1) States are not legitimate.
(2) From (1) it does not matter whether or not there was a Palestinian state. What matters is whether there were Palestinians living on the lands and whether they were pushed off of the lands.
(3) Purchase of stolen land is still theft.
(4) No one has a right to land just because people of the same religion lived on the land long before. If that argument were true, the Irish would have claim to all of Western Europe as the Celts used to inhabit it.
(5) We don't need to know whether you posted the original bullshit. All we need to know is that you support its publication.
(6) Since you support publication of forged and fraudulent statements made in the name of innocent victims, you are, in all respects, a brownshirt.
(7) DeVoy's work is consistantly anti-fascist, anti-racist and anti-state. Nothing in his stance against Zionism is anything but anti-fascist, anti-racist and anti-state.
(8) DeVoy also attacks the US Government. So don't most of us. We are not anti-American for doing so, we are anti-fascist.
(9) DeVoy attacks Cuba, Iran, Hitler's Germany, China, Vietnam, and countless other countries because of their authoritarianism. You don't see the Cubans, Iranians, Germans, Chinese and Vietnamese accusing him of hating them. The reason for the difference is that Zionism is an intolerant and infantile philosophy that cannot not stand criticism. It needs to deflect all criticism under the false claim that it is motivated by hate.

That you would support attacking a hard working person that opposes racism and support depicting him as something he hates, a Nazi, just showed how mental fucked up you are.