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Commentary :: Organizing
Another world already exists! You are NOT the resistance.
23 Jan 2004
The shortest distance between two points is the path of least resistance.

Another World already exists; You are NOT the Resistance

With the World Social Forum underway I have once again heard the slogan, often repeated, that states that ‘another world is possible.' And the Zapitista's have been heard to say, ‘Vive le Resistance.' I hear of ‘Videos from the Resistance.' You see this world we live in is what we might call ‘the real world', and those who stand in opposition to the real world are ‘the resistance', and our task is to work towards building a new world, for ‘another world is possible'.

The task is daunting. First the foundations must be laid for another world, and then, with great effort and much labor a new world must be built brick by brick. Of course, before the structure can rise first the foundations must be laid, and the long and grueling struggle to break ground and pour concrete to lay a foundation for the building of a new world is the task of the resistance. For even the saying ‘another world is possible' indicates that the struggle to begin breaking ground and laying the foundations remains to be completed. The statement ‘another world is possible' is a rallying cry to break ground and begin to lay the foundation.

Now in nature it is unheard of to waste effort. Aquatic creatures are marvels of design, so streamlined that with minimal motion they propel themselves through the water. Aquatic creatures do not struggle and labor to move through the seas, rather they glide with elegance and amazing grace.

No one builds a circuit with a resistor and a closed switch in parallel. A current will move around the resistor and flow through the closed switch, since this is the path of least resistance. It would be pointless the build a circuit, therefore, with a resistor and a closed switch in parallel.

No one would build two paths for water to flow, one through a filter and one through an open pipe. Almost no water would pass through the filter, but rather the water, following the path of least resistance would pour through the open pipe and avoid the filter altogether. In nature, water flows with elegant grace, always choosing the path of least resistance. When it encounters an obstacle, it is not in the nature of water to batter and pound and labor to destroy the obstacle in its path. The water elegantly skirts the obstacle. It twists and turns and flows and meanders, and the physics of water flow dictate that rivers and streams meander, eternally following the path of least resistance.

The hydrological cycle dictates that all water reach its end destination, which is the oceans and seas from it which is also its source. The water reaches its destination sooner or later, and in the natural world obstacles are of no concern to water, which follows the course which sooner or later leads its to its home in the sea.

The elegance of fish of in the sea or birds soaring and gliding effortlessly on out stretched wings are examples of natural design, which leads all creatures and all natural forces to expend the least amount of energy and effort, and to gracefully follow the path of least resistance. This natural law can only be seen to have broken down when consider human societies, where great effort is made to cause current to flow through resistors sitting in parallel to closed switches or to send water through filters sitting in parallel to an open pipe. Therefore the world continues on its course and the assigned role of the resistance throughout human history has been to labor and toil in the endless struggle, to cry out ‘Vive!' and to endlessly labor at inspiration. The roads and paths of history are littered with the wrecks of burned out activists, and indeed the constant need for inspiration in the midst of struggle is one of the great themes of the resistance.

Now why lay foundations, and why expend effort laying bricks when another world already exists. Many, many times I have tried to share some knowledge of this fact that another world already exists, and my efforts up to now have been hampered by the blocking schemes of the resistance. You see the real resistance is hard at work hiding the fact that another world already exists. Indeed the real work of the resistance is to protect the false notion that this world we see is the world that really exists, when in fact, this world in which live is the real fiction. It does not exist and therefore the really hard work consists of laboring to convince people that no other world exists, that this world is the only world that does exist, that it is inevitable, unavoidable, and that no other world is possible.

So then I suggest that the really hard work, the labor, the struggle, should be left to the real resistance movement, those who resist and labor to hide and block the knowledge that ‘another world already exists.' There is no need to break ground, no need to pour concrete, no need for endless efforts to inspire, no need to remain forever bogged down by the effort to rally the earth to the cause of laying a foundation for another world, for another world already exists.

Therefore, you must be like the water. When an obstacle is in your path, do not struggle, but rather go around, meander, and continue your journey to your home in the sea. You must be like the fish, streamlined and elegant, with remarkable conservation of energy, or like the bird soaring effortlessly on outstretched wings, covering distances while expending almost no energy at all, soaring and gliding on outstretched wings.

The shortest distance between two points is the path of least resistance.

Another world already exists!
You are NOT the resistance.

So therefore, I do not say ‘Vive le Resistance' but rather I say ‘Down with the Resistance'. To the resistance is given the difficult struggle of blocking water from reaching the sea. The water meanders, it wastes no energy, it does not tire, it does not exhaust itself, it requires no inspiration, it cannot be contained or oppressed, it rises into the air in clouds, it courses through underground rivers, sooner or later it reaches its home.

What you can do...

One of the first things you can do is to create as many problems for the resistance movement as you possibly can, by revealing secrets. The resistance, the true resistance, is found in what are usually referred to as ‘powerful high places.' People in what are called ‘powerful high places' keep secrets. They hide what they choose to hide to keep it hidden. This is the resistance. Now many are the things that the resistance keeps hidden, and there is nothing that they hide that can remain hidden forever. (What you hear in secret proclaim from the rooftops.) As everyone knows from years of experience, the control of information, the keeping of secrets, and the spreading of half truths and even falsehoods is one of the secrets of the resistance. Anyone who thinks long term understands the tenuous nature of such a short sighted strategy, and the only thing that keeps the resistance strong and empowered is the belief that oppression can succeed, and that it will forever hold the truth at bay.

One of the secrets to following a path of least resistance, of learning from nature, is to understand where you come from and where you are going. As for obstacles, rather than struggling with a rock in your path, or even a towering mountain range which is blocking your progress home, is to know enough to not bother battling rocks or climbing mountains, but rather, like the river, to circumvent rocks and even mighty mountains. In the same way, the shortest path to another world is to flow like meandering water heading directly towards another world, skirting all obstacles in your path, until you reach another world, which is your home and your ultimate destination. Now, given that another world already exists, the longest path, and the path of greatest resistance, would be to first rally and inspire, and perhaps then break ground, and then pour concrete, and then labor to build another world from scratch. This would be a tremendous waste of effort, given that another world already exists. This world, this other world, already exists, but is kept hidden, and therefore the shortest path to another world, since it already exists, is to destroy the secrecy which keeps it hidden.

Now, given the nature of the resistance, I am going to issue a challenge here, step by step. My purpose in issuing such a challenge is to break down at least part of the wall of secrecy which keeps another world hidden, for it is the knowledge that another world already exists that is the prerequisite to actually heading directly to another world, following the path of least resistance.

I have already said much on this matter previously, and I have been heard on this matter before, and so I will be brief here, and will include links to more discussion below. On a previous page which I called Prophecy 2004 I included an introductory section which described strange craft which I first witnessed in Banff National Park when I was fifteen. Certain events which took place during the time of the Summit of the Americas on Earth Day, 2001, are directly related to this seminal event at Banff.

wing_sunday_2.jpg - 16239 Bytes

The Earth Day ‘Eden Wing', April 22nd, 2001

I told a story that might sound ridiculous if it was told in this world (but then, as I am suggesting, this is not the real world, but actually the real world is another world which already exists). To summarize I told the strange sounding story of how I planned to protest at the Summit of the Americas by ‘unfurling a banner'. This banner would be thousands of miles long and made out of clouds and shaped like a giant ‘Eden Wing' placed over the Sahara desert. Of course, I cannot make a wing cloud, but then, you see, as the Beatle's song put it, I figured I would get by with a little help from my friends, and the friends I was counting on to see to it that I got my wing shaped cloud banner during the Summit were the same people, from another world, which already exists, the same people I encountered years previously at Banff. To make the most of this planned propaganda coup, and to use the symbol of Earth Day, and all it stands for, to make the point I wanted to make (which was to announce that another world already exists) what I had to do was to issue press releases on Friday Night (April 20th) which announced that I would be unfurling a big banner, shaped like a wing, made out of clouds, over the Sahara, during the Summit of the Americas that weekend. Links to these ridiculous sounding press releases can be found on the Eden Wing Press Release page. I sent many, many emails during an all night spamming session that began Friday afternoon, and went all night until Saturday morning, and I also spammed the News Groups. For example here is a link to one newsgroup spam sent to Alt.Bible and you will notice that the date is Friday the 20th of April, 2001 at 17:30 (which is 5:30 in the afternoon, which would make this one of my earlier spams).

link to alt bible spam

The test includes such ridiculous lines as, "The first video is in the infrared and I feel that enough of a wing has finally formed to post a video. The second video is in a different sort of infrared that monitors water vapor and is very, very beautiful to watch. As the wing flaps up you can see that it is pulling water vapor into the Sahara desert. Like I said, very beautiful."

Now there are a lot of other links to newsgroups posted on the page, some from later on Friday evening. And my point in bringing this to your attention is to simply ask the following question. Is that not a coincidence. I mean, if another world did not exist, then one would expect a failure, is that not true. I mean you would find some crack pot making a complete ass out of himself.

Now even more remarkable is that right after Earth Day, the extravaganza continued with live broadcasts from the Space Shuttle outside the international Space Station, and, as I said before, these people showed up on live television in one of these crafts and were filmed by NASA's Shuttle Camera, as well as being broadcast live on international television. No one has ever been allowed to see the tape, unless they were lucky enough to be watching the event live on television as I did. This was an 'historic moment' for me, since it was the first time one of these objects ever appeared on television, and it was these same people who appeared outside the space station in this craft who were also the ones I was counting on to give me a big wing banner made out of clouds and positioned over the Sahara desert for Earth Day, 2001. If anyone has any questions about who was behind that whole ‘Eden Wing' appearance the answer lies on a video tape kindly made by NASA using the space Shuttle camera, right after that wing appeared in the skies over the Sahara.

I sent out the following email in an attempt to pry the video loose, so I could make a video file to post on my site, but no luck...

Subject: UFO on CBC Newsworld
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 11:26:05 -0600
I was watching the space station show on CBC Newsworld when I saw what looked like a UFO go speeding by from the lower left to the upper left hand side of the picture. It was during the last minute or two of the show. Play the tape. Take a look.
Shortly after this the computers were knocked down on the space station. I understand there is supposed to be triple redundancy and it is odd to have all three systems knocked out, especially right after something like that happened. I then watched a tape of a terrified crew, and the next day I watched a very strained looking crew member attempting to give a casual looking interview.

To NASA's credit, they did acknowledge that they caught such an object on the shuttle camera, even though, probably for 'National Security Reasons' or something like that, the tape itself has never been released.

Offsite link on the BBC: UFO Video goes to Hollywood - a quote from the article: "officials at NASA are said to have asked to examine the tape, because they believe it shows the same type of craft once spotted by the space agency's own cameras during a space shuttle mission. "

Now having got this little detail out of the way, I want to emphasize that there are traces of evidence that are available for public consideration to back up what I am telling you here. Somethings you can see for yourself, for example you can see the press releases from Friday, and you can see the wing made out of clouds on Earth Day, 2001, which was Sunday. And you can see that I sent an email on the following Wednesday, which described the craft which appeared on Tuesday (April 24th), and you can also see that NASA did film such an object, even though you are not allowed to actually see the video tape that NASA made, and thus come to your own conclusions and make your own observations and judgments. The reason that you are not allowed to see this tape is because the message of this tape is the same as the message intended to be conveyed by that Eden Wing on Earth Day, and that is that another world already exists (it is not just ‘possible' - as though, by saying it was ‘possible' we are acknowledging that no such world yet exists, and the one that we live in now is somehow normative). This is kept secret, although it is a secret not very well kept, I might add, in that, if you examine all the strange coincidences that I bring to your attention in some of the other pages I have written on this matter, you will notice that there is still much that you can see, while others things are either kept secret and hidden, or are matters that I can only testify about (but are confirmed by other strange pieces of evidence that you can see).

Now given that the shortest distance between two points is the path of least resistance, why is it the case that so much strenuous effort is being put into the cause of creating another world from scratch, including the tedious effort that goes into breaking ground and laying the foundations and then building and building brick by brick, assuming, of course, that first people can be convinced that ‘another world is possible' and thus begin work on the foundations (this is the point of using the phrase ‘another world is possible' as a rallying cry is it not - this is a rallying cry to lay foundations and begin the building of a new world).

Now given that another world already exists, the shortest route between where we are with what we have now, and where we are going is to head directly towards the new world which already exists. If we can understand the meaning of symbols then we would understand that not only does another world exists, we have an open invitation. After all, nothing is being kept hidden in the new world, rather things are being desperately hidden in this, the non-existent world, the world that is destined to crumble to dust and collapse once the new world is revealed. (And this realization should tell you something right there, and explains why things are kept hidden). What we see is a plainly visible Eden Wing Banner, made out of clouds, celebrating Earth Day, unveiled after being announced followed by an appearance on the Space Shuttle Camera which was broadcast live. The meaning of this symbolism is obvious. We have an invitation.

So therefore, to get to ‘another world' we must be sure to do first things first, and what this means is that secrets must be revealed. What is hidden must be proclaimed from the rooftops. What this will eventually result in is both the collapse of the old world, as it crumbles into dust, as it falls into ruin, as it must, since it is false, and only secrets can keep it standing, and in addition not only is another world possible, since it already exists, we can at the same time head directly towards the new world, avoiding all barriers and obstacles, following the path of least resistance, much as the water does as it flows towards its home in the sea. Like fish in water, we can gracefully move through water with the least effort, like birds we can soar and glide upon wings. This is preferable to the hard bitter slogging, this is preferable to that persistent battle with ‘activist burn out' that goes along with being ‘the resistance' and fighting to climb mountains, rather than simply going around them. YOU ARE NOT THE RESISTANCE. DOWN WITH THE RESISTANCE. ANOTHER WORLD ALREADY EXISTS!!!

So to summarize then, what you can do is tell a friend. First things first. First we pry that NASA video tape loose, and then we demand that the other secrets that have been kept hidden are also revealed. And we are not alone, since secrets are not being kept in the new world, which already exists. The second thing, and this is very important, is that we must do some preparation for the new world, so that this situation can be properly managed as it unfolds. Here I am referring to that dangerous case of highly destructive Post Traumatic Shock Disorder which I suffered, and described on the page linked to here. If you are like I am, and you are impatient, or if you are wondering why such a thing could exist and yet take so damned long to unfold, you must consider that as the old world crumbles and collapses in ruins as the quake hits and shatters its facade, the dangerous potential of widespread damage to human beings is also omnipresent. So then, based on my own experience, I would say that it is also a requirement that one become familiar with PTSD as a disorder. The mental health community, the therapists, must be taught that this phenomena is very real and they must come to understand what it means and how to deal with it (I am a kind of case study which illustrates the point). As time passes the intensity of this phenomena must increase, and given that our ‘leaders' are not capable or willing to manage this transition, but rather are doing everything they can to block progress and stop this from happening, therefore, we must not rely on leaders but must become each our own leader. We must be aware, and in writing pieces like this I am doing my bit to increase awareness of this issue, doing my bit to manage the evolving situation, doing my bit to expose people to the kind of stresses and strains associated with this PTSD, and hopefully I can also bring this matter to consciousness so that people will not join with the oppressors and resist and fight the new world (as the effects of PTSD distort their personalities and their judgments) but rather I would hope that by speaking frankly about these matters I can encourage people to deal with these problems in a healthy manner so that we can finally at long last move on towards a new world and finally at long long long last we can get there, we can arrive at our destination. (I am really impatient, and so I have decided that any lobbying and pleading and cajoling and instructing and speaking and preaching that I can do that can help this situation to progress and evolve I will do, doing everything within my ability to contribute towards bringing that day closer. Indeed, based on the signs I have seen, and the interpretation of the symbols I have seen, that day is now much closer than it was when I first began this journey in Banff, and thrilling and promising things have happened, and soon enough, as the situation continues to develop and mature, will happen again, and with greater frequency.

I will conclude by once again lobbying hard for people to recognize what is right and just and thus, I would hope, encourage people to pursue a path that in the end is in their own best interest. At the present time there is nothing more important on Earth than the video tape that was shot by NASA themselves (and which is probably in the possession of the Pentagon by now, and being kept top secret). No other piece of information is this important, no other revelation of the truth so vital to raising human consciousness and bringing truly profound earth shaking changes to this planet than the revealing of a long hidden truth to a humanity kept blissfully ignorant and plunged into darkness due to the mismanagement of this situation by those in what are usually referred to as powerful places. If they will not manage this situation and assist in moving things along properly and sensibly, well then they should make way for someone who can and who will. So don't forget that when you ‘resist' the Pentagon, that in truth, it is the Pentagon that is the resistor and not you. YOU ARE NOT THE RESISTANCE. Stop thinking like that. I am convinced that the resistor mentality is harmful. It locks you into a helpless mode of thinking that dis-empowers you, and it also dignifies power by assigning power to those called powerful while assigning the weaker role of ‘resistor' to you. You are not a weaker agent ‘resisting' the ‘powers' rather YOU ARE THE POWER AND THEY MUST RESIST YOU!!! Keep that in mind and change your thinking accordingly. Contemplate what I have brought to your attention here and deal with your own psychological difficulties, whatever they might be and however they might manifest themselves, and take the power that is yours and bring down the resistance.

You will be hearing more and more from me on this issue at some time in the future when I once again feel inspired to preach and cajole and urge and demand justice on this issue. Until then, remember...

Another world already exists!
You are NOT the resistance!!!
You are the POWER!
Vive le POWER!
Down with the resistance!

To Summarize

so then let's burn this place to the ground and get it over with so we can start over...its a hell of a lot easier than trying to fix everything that's wrong with this bloody place...

This work is in the public domain
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Great article.
23 Jan 2004
Thanks for post it.