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Commentary :: Organizing
The sin of religion - a filth covered rag
24 Jan 2004
See y'all in a month

The sin of religion - a filth covered rag

In the fall of 1996 I began a personal campaign that has morphed over the years and taken different forms, but which off and on I referred to as ‘reforming religion.' My conclusion at the end of the day is that no matter what happens, unless punitive justice and punishing judgment comes, there will never be anything but worthless sin in religion. In particular, the way to religious reform, and reform of the planet in general, is to raise the price, in dollar terms, since all the sin and the corruption of both religion and the world is caused by the love of money - greed, plain and simple.

The religious obsession (among Christians) with sin living in the genitalia, oft repeated in those church letters collected in the Church Testament in the Bible, reveals itself to be just a diversionary tactic designed to save people money, and protect obvious greed from exposure as the sin it really is. It is for this reason that religion reveals itself as transparently corrupt and rotten to the core. And as the saying goes, when salt loses its saltiness, it is no longer a preservative, but rather it is thrown out and trampled under foot. In the same way the rotten corruption of religion is a contributing factor to the rotting of the world, as the foundations of the world are destroyed, wrongness and genuine sin run rampant and continue gaining power and strength, going unopposed. While this is going on there is no one to rescue the weak and the helpless, or save them from the clutches of those whose greed has led them into the pit of immorality and just plain outright wickedness and cruelty. Injustice is the order of the day, while religion reveals itself as worthless and rotten to the core.

This rottenness of religion becomes obvious to anyone who wants to put aside their personal greedy gain or the desire to protect their ‘way of life' (as its so often called) and instead just take a good long look at the truth.

Now for many thousands of years the planet has been handed over to what we might call ‘compassionate conservatives' (to quote the new buzz word to describe this very ancient system of protecting the interests of the few at the expense of the many). I also refer to this myself as the ‘donations model of salvation.' The type of ‘salvation' I am referring to here is not that abstraction endlessly promoted by religion (the pie in the sky model, where the ‘fate of the ghostly soul after death' is brought to the front, while the fate of the human being, today, right now, in this world, is pushed out of sight - thus saving and protecting money instead). According to the ‘donations model of salvation' what we need are good hearted people who will donate, ummm, say, uhhh, well how about a dollar a day. Each day 30 to 40 thousand children die of malnourishment and starvation, and this figure does not include the many hundreds of millions of children and adults who go perpetually malnourished and hungry on this planet everyday, and always have, and if the world continues on its current path, always will.

For thousands of years the world has played the ‘donations game' and this game of encouraging people to send off donations is the gift of religion to the world, their model of ‘social reform' and changing the world. This model leads to perpetual suffering and wide spread death, and the much celebrated ‘victories' of religion, paraded on our television screens, a few tens of thousands here and a few there, don't even begin to address the problem, and represent just a tiny fraction of the total destruction. In spite of the fact that the donations model has had thousands of years to prove a dismal failure, and in spite of the fact that this has been repeatedly brought to the attention of religion and protested for years (by myself) nevertheless, religion, being the evil minded, heartless, godless, unfeeling thing that it is does not repent, does not stop to think about the harm being done. Religion carries on in evil as religion does, promoting failures and blocking the path to true reform, because, at the end of the day, this is the true task of religion. Religion is just one more manifestation of filthy greed, a way to protect money and a way to prop up the powerful and strong and crush and destroy the weak and the helpless on this planet.

Now the truth about this planet is obvious and even quite well known, at least by those who are not completely ignorant, who have found ways to get information outside official channels, such as the official channels of religion, which promote untruth and deception, which labor to keep truth hidden for obvious reasons. For example, it is well known that in the poorest countries of the world, a tiny elite that benefitted from that form of imperialistic corruption known as ‘colonialism' control the land and the wealth of those exploited, robbed, ripped off nations. For example, if you watch the footage of those so called ‘average Venezuelans' attempting to plot a coup d'etat in Venezuela you will be astonished to see a large mob of light white skinned people, well dressed and very well off. What happened, you see, is that the Chavez government got elected, like the government in Brazil and Argentina, on a quasi leftist platform promising a poverty reduction program. The poverty reduction program requires taxes, and since the white ‘average Venezuelans' have inherited the country from their ancestors who stole it and murdered and plundered to seize its riches, well, given the so called laws protecting ‘the sacredness of private property', well those rich light skinned so called ‘Venezuelans' don't want to pay taxes to lift those brown skinned Venezuelans (who attend those pro-Chavez rallies) out of poverty. No, they would rather plot a coup d'etat while the white media and the white churches remain silent about the obvious injustice, and ignore the deep history of racism and thievery which continues to be the root cause of poverty and death in so called second and third world countries today. While this violent injustice continues, and brown skinned people are disappeared or plowed into mass graves in such places as Guatemala, religion carries on appealing for donations so that Christians can fill a shoe box in their closet with receipts. If Jesus comes, they can show how they supported his anti-money,.anti-rich, poverty reduction program by having Christians running for their shoe boxes and their worthless donation receipts (the proof, the imagine, of their so called ‘concern for the poor').

Real concern for the poor means telling their story, rather than hiding this persistent racism. Its called colonialism. It means you invade poor nations and steal all their stuff and sell it yourself. Its how poor nations have been left mired in poverty today, and also how the rich countries got to be so damned rich in the first place. Meanwhile, it is the task of evil religion to spread the myth that they are so much richer due to the ‘blessings of God' which were bestowed on their country for many long hours of Bible reading, and as a reward for their neurotic concern with genital sin. This hoary old myth, so popular among the religious in wealthy countries hides the ugly truth about robbery and murder and plunder and land stealing which was colonialism, a form of racism which continues to plunder and destroy around the planet right to this very day. Meanwhile religion fills our television screens with the brown and black skinned faces of the victims, with no context for the obvious racism revealed in these images, while we are told again and again that ‘you can save them all...all you can do is perhaps save one funny colored little kid.' Religion therefore, while blocking the truth and persistently resisting any social change that challenges their privileges (by challenging their wallet) also discourages and disheartens and does its best to convince people that another world is not possible, that change is impossible, the situation is hopeless. That act of cruelty, disguised as kind, begging, pleading compassion, is typical of religious hypocrisy.

We know, for example, that in Columbia, riven with internal strife and violent revolution, just a small group of extremely wealthy families own over three quarters of the arable land and an equally egregious proportion of the nations wealth, while millions of Indians and brown skinned Columbians live in utter poverty and squalor. The pattern repeats itself around the world. The solution here is not ‘donations.' The solution is justice, the righting of an ancient wrong that continues to fester like a puss oozing sore to this very day. It goes unacknowledged, and the truth is never ever told, but rather every attempt is made to sweep the truth away under a flood tide of filthy lies that comes spewing out of the mouth of some dragon. As for religion, it is not by truth that achieve triumphs in the land. But rather friend deceives friend and ministers deceive congregations who are eager to listen to liars. They never speak the truth to one another. Deep in their sin, they wear themselves out looking for new ways to go astray and abandon the right. Wrong follows wrong and deceit follows deceit, and religion refuses to acknowledge what is right.

The rotten nature of religion can be easily seen by just watching religion as it goes about its business. Nothing religion does matters. Nothing religion says proves to be of any great import, and whatever good there is in religion is buried at the bottom of the swamp of unrighteousness. The most visible manifestations of religion in society reveal themselves plainly as completely good for nothing, as thoroughly thoroughly rotten. For example let us consider the suffering and injustice of the earth, perpetuated so that people won't have to pay taxes, so they can protect their wealth, so they can keep their greedy cruelty hidden, consider these things, and then consider the worthless campaigns and misdirections of religion.

We are invited to fight for Terry, a woman in Florida who has an empty fluid filled sack where half her brain used to be. This courageous woman is fighting to ‘get well' and her valiant struggle is peddled by religion as ‘the cause of the right to life.' I can think of tens of thousands of children today, who still have a brain where their brain once was, rather than some fluid filled empty sack, but you don't here much about their ‘right to life.' You see that would involve a social movement which would clearly be raising taxes and undoing the injustices of white supremacy on the planet, and this cause does not interest religion. The fact that even though I am telling you about this today, and telling rotten religion at the same time, does not cause religion to take up the cause of the ‘right to life'. Indeed for almost a decade I have learned that it is pointless because the truth of the matter is that evil, satanic religion, which is what we have here, is uninterested in the right to life. That is why they campaign for someone with no brain, so that it might seem they are concerned with the ‘right to life', because you don't want to seem like you are heartless and unjust. At the same time you don't want to be just, truly just, because that would involve raising taxes and leveling the playing field. You see, you CAN HELP THEM ALL. Don't listen to the liars of religion, with their fists firmly grabbing onto their precious wallets. You can help them all, and the way to do it is through justice, true justice, and taxes, real taxes, and social programs, real social programs, and social progress, real social progress.

One of the most visible manifestations of the rottenness of religion is broadcast every day on television screens around the world. I say around the world, because it is the nature of sinful religion to include among their sins the sin of arrogance, for where one form of rottenness finds a home soon seven more types of rottenness move in, or even seven times seventy more forms of rottenness, and the end result of religion is seven or seven times seventy times worse than before they supposedly ‘got saved' and allegedly ‘had their sinfulness washed away by the lamb.' If I speak to people with common sense and a bit of common decency still functioning then I encourage you, if you have a strong stomach, to spend a day perhaps listening to the useless nonsense and pointless crap that comes spewing out of religious television. As you are watching, to really appreciate the sin of religion, remember to consider the suffering, and the death wave, consider the corpses falling during that mumbling and the babble of meaningless nonsense that is spewing out from your television screen. Think of the cruelty of it all, think of the mindless wickedness that would motivate people to behave so shamelessly. Think of the greed, which is at the root of it after all, that greedy desire for a tax cut and the gutting of all social programs, to pay for yachts and mansions and richness, which is the real root cause of the poverty on the planet. When some devil mouthed minister appears on your television screen to talk about how ‘God blessed' your country with wealth, as a reward for strict laws against the genitals, think about all those dead Indians and enslaved blacks and think about all the wealth that was sucked out of the veins of those ripped off and plundered countries, because you see, these are well known facts of life, and only the lying mouth of some minister labors to deceive, labors to make us forget, labors to get you staring with anxiety at your ‘evil genitals' your ‘wicked flesh'. This will keep you out of the wallet of that minister, all the allies of that minister who continue to rob and plunder poor countries to this very day.

And this is why religion is heap of rubbish and you can certainly tell by turning on your television set and listening to the babble of meaningless nonsense, the spell conjuring referral to ‘Joshua 3:15' or ‘Numbers 12:25', which is supposed to prove something, but can never change the simple facts, things that are obvious to those who still have a heart. And so the minister discourages the righteous with their lies, and wear out those who struggle for what is right by their perpetual filthy schemes and their mindless attempts to misdirect and deceive.

Now it is clear to me that such people cannot, they will not repent. Therefore, there remains only one position that one can take, and that is to rescue the weak and the helpless and save them from the clutches of their oppressors, and that means laboring to destroy religion and to bring such ministers down into the dust, for the dust is clearly where they belong. It is sin to compromise with such sin, and it is evil to transfer conscience to the workers of iniquity, to struggle to better religion, when conscience clearly belongs with the victim and religious television and many ministers belong in the dust.

Now up to now I have been involved in playing the game as its rules have been laid out by charlatans and frauds and I will do so no more. For example, perhaps you have heard the one about the ‘false prophet who works great signs and wonders to deceive churches.' This type of worthless attack could only appeal to those religious people eager to be deceived, who listen to liars because they cannot tolerate the truth. Come, these ministers say, and things will go on as they always have, with ministers preaching and congregations making donations. Let us fight against him with our mouths and refuse to listen to a word he says. Now will these endless Bible verses about ‘false prophets' save the day for some desperately hard up ministers whose sins are being clearly exposed? The sin remains and so all they can do is lie to those who listen to liars, and perhaps protect their donations. The sin still remains and so does the false prophet. Perhaps you hard about the false prophet who made mistakes. Yes, tragically he wasn't one hundred per cent perfect, and luckily, that was more than enough reason for him to go off to destruction. Perhaps you heard about that one, and if you have not, you will hear about more and more. Now, funny how this works, but someone can be less than perfect, but nevertheless, the sin of ministers still remains, and the false prophet, who wasn't perfect, well he still remains, and he is still after ministers, and always will be. Not much is accomplished here, but leave it to ministers to give it a shot and protect both their wallets by more acts of misdirection, more deception, delivered up to those who are eager to be misdirected and to those eager to be deceived and lied to. Not much changes at the end of it all for that filthy sin still remains and the so called false prophet working what are so called ‘false signs and wonders to deceive churches', well he still remains. He might even work a few more of those terrible, terrible ‘false signs and wonders', the ones that are causing all the problems behind the scenes for churches and ministers and religion. You know what I mean. But that won't be all he will do, because that filthy sin still remains, and this will still be the case even if it were possible for ministers to make a silk purse out of some sows ear of quoted Bible verses, condemning some false prophet who cannot be dealt with in any other way, after all, because the filthy sin still remains.

So to summarize, while ministers fight for Terry's ‘right to life' and admire her ‘brave struggle' to regrow her lost brain and thus ‘get better', I will carry on exposing the rottenness of religion. All their so called righteous deeds are like some filth covered rag.

Now I am the false prophet who works ‘false signs and wonders so as to deceive even the churches.' This is a bible quote by the way, and there are others. Well, every now and then I work one of my false signs and wonders, but to tell you the truth its been a while, and I actually spend most of my time exposing the rottenness of ministers and the sin of religion. This is an easy task since they cannot cover up the blood. Rather it is left exposed on the rock to cry out to heaven for punitive justice, for punishing judgment. Now if everything turns out perfectly, heaven will turn out to be deaf to the cries of the victims, and ministers will thus pick up the pieces of their lives and carry on just as they did before, peddling worthless religion while the world dies around them. That is what will happen if all goes well for them. The prayer of ministers then becomes, ‘let their be no God.' Perhaps there will be no God but there will be a Devil, and that would be even better, for then there would still be someone to hear a minister's prayers.

Now them is fighting words, but then no one uses fighting words who isn't looking a fight, and I am looking for one. I am that ‘false miracle working prophet' who is not one hundred per cent perfect. If you want a list of my mistakes, you know the ones that prove I am in fact that false miracle working prophet, you can ask a minister. I have a list myself, a list of the deadly imperfections of ministers and so I propose that we go about showing everyone our respective lists and fight really dirty and see who gets the better of who.

Now I am imperfect, and I make mistakes, but unfortunately that is not going to save ministers. They think it will, which is why they are aggressively pursuing this angle. As I heard one television minister say the other day, even one mistake, even one imperfection, proves that a false miracle prophet is in fact false, and thus can be ignored. There was a time when I was concerned about being as perfect as possible, because, you know, I understand how sinful church people are, and how they are ready to come down like a ton of bricks when they can find that one excuse. I am no longer concerned and will now proceed to make all the mistakes I will make without worrying about it, because you see, no matter how imperfect I am, or how many mistakes I make, the bloody sin of religion still remains, and nothing in the end will protect ministers from that simple fact of life.

So having said this, I now go off to perform another sign, and perhaps another wonder. Only someone like me would even consider doing such a risky sounding thing, but that is who I am. I have come to the conclusion that it is worthless to ‘build bridges' and I will not transfer my conscience to the oppressor, when it is clear that it belongs forever with the victims. I have exhausted myself, and for nothing. After all my efforts to ‘raise consciousness' and ‘raise awareness of these issues' I find myself walking away empty handed, and when I look to the future, being a brutal realist, I see that what I can expect is more of that chatter about ‘false prophets' and ‘mistakes'.

Today is January 24th, 2004, and Ash Wednesday is February 25th, 2004, about one month away. For the next month I am going to be seeking another one of those ‘false signs and wonders' and if I get my way this time, I AM GOING TO COST YOU PEOPLE ONE HELL OF A LOT OF MONEY. Making an appeal to your moral sense is useless, and I have learned that much over the years, but I remain confident that once you start getting hit in the old wallet, you will suddenly begin to become more teachable.

The risk is mine. But win or lose you ministers can be sure that I will carry on exposing your sin and your rottenness. As we both now, given the previous ‘false sign and wonder' that you feel compelled to preach about, I have already made a small hit on your pocket book. I have cost you a little money, and I did get your attention. Unfortunately you are to atrociously stupid to understand the meaning of the word repent, and instead you have decided to fight, and so a fight you are going to get. Now, you know that you keep me at a disadvantage by hiding the truth. This is quite tiresome for me, but advantageous to you. This means that I have trouble explaining what is going on when I am talking to other people, since they must make their judgments based on a lack of information.

However you have much more information, and so therefore, at this time, why don't I just ignore those people who know so little, and talk to those of you who know so much. Now, as you know, I pulled off a really bizarre false sign and a wonder back in 2001. Here I am referring to those predictions of September 11th and the invasion of Afghanistan and the Iraq war, and the rest of it. Not bad for a false prophet. Now as I said at the time if you could find even one false prophet in one of those churches of your who could even come close to matching my accomplishments in this regard, well bring it on. You chose instead to rise up and fight against me. Now you might recall that I told you at the time that I knew you would hide what I gave you, and that is why I was planning to give it to you. I gave it to you so that you could hide it, and thus destroy yourselves. This you have done. What you have oppressed, what you have hidden, is soon to be revealed, and this is intended as a sign, for you are oppressors and you there is so much that you hide on a regular basis. I intended to use this little plot against you to reveal the truth of my charges against you to the world.

Now if you will go back to what you have hidden, you will see that it says there a California Earthquake. The Big One. Your Crystal Cathedral shattered, splintered into a pile of broken glass. The former prophecies came to pass, as you would know, being in on the secret after all, and now the time has come for what remains to come to pass as well, or to fail, whatever the case may be. To you I assign the task of praying for failure, so that babies can continue to die every day, as they have under your watch, and so that taxes can remain low and justice never be done to the plundered planet, as has also happened under your watch. To you I assign the task of hoping and praying that there is no God, or perhaps you can pray that there is no God but there is a Devil. Either one of those things will work out for you.

Now think of the benefits to yourself personally. Sure the planet will continue to go to hell in hand basket if I don't defeat you people, but then you will be able to say that I made a mistake and thus I am the false prophet who made a mistake and wasn't perfect. That should get your donations back up to where they were before I came along and cost you money, thus causing you to become alarmed and angry.

I consider this to be a wonderful sign. If anyone asks about me, tell them I am spending a month trying to raze that Crystal Cathedral to the ground in California, the victim of a great big earthquake on Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. If they ask what would make something do something so ‘stupid' well you can tell them about those other signs and wonders. I mean its not like I am coming up with the idea out of thin air. I do have some history. I won't bother sharing it with anyone for the next month, since I will be to damned busy with this, and besides I am really really tired. I have exhausted myself and for nothing. All I have received is perversion and oppression and now I have ministers plotting against me. It was not a waste of my time, however, because I learned so much. If someone asks you why I would be targeting that Crystal Cathedral on Ash Wednesday you can explain to them that there is a battle going on between myself and a bunch of corrupted, rotten ministers. The choice is between joining with those ministers to share another celebration of the ‘Hour of the powerful' or you can tax the powerful and celebrate that by rescuing the weak and the helpless.

It is time for me to settle this issue of whether or not ‘another world already exists' and whether or not such a world is full of justice. It is time to bring this to a conclusion and settle this issue once and for all. And if I succeed this time, I AM GOING TO COST YOU PEOPLE A FORTUNE!

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Over 40,000,000 babies have died of starvation and malnutrition since this website was founded...
Information sources - Unicef, Care, World Health Organization

Amount of grains produced in the world which are consumed by livestock - 80 per cent...
Amount of grains produced which are consumed by human beings - 10 per cent...
Amount used in industrial processes - 10 per cent...
Cattle return 1 gram of protein for every 50-100 grams of protein they consume...

Information sources - United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, United States Department of Agriculture

12 myths about hunger -

You know, I was just thinking that they arrest people and charge them with a crime for doing vicious things like this. Some judge sitting on some bench somewhere will express outrage and then throw the book at someone for doing something like this. So why, then, I ask, is this outrageous crime going unpunished. Why is it that when Joe LunchPail and Sally HouseCoat commit this crime they get punished, but when a glorious world leader so some minister in a pulpit commits the very same outrage they go forever unpunished. No, what we get are promises to only starve half the kids and then that promise will only be good in about twenty years, and even then its worthless. So then, allow me to hand out the first of the No Prizes to the ministers of the earth, those guardians of our morals, those hawkish monitors of all sinful genitals, those guardians of the holy marriage bed, and while I am at it allow me to give a great big No Prize to that hero of the religious right, that glorious World Leader, George W. Bush. It is about time some people faced some long over due justice in this place, no matter how wealthy or famous or so called 'powerful' they are supposed to be....I am sick and tired of this mindless cruelty and all the mumbo jumbo propaganda that goes on to support it and make it seem acceptable, hell, even holy, noble or heroic...

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Top Secret! Highly classified information revealed!!!!

Another world already exists! Down with the resistance!


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24 Jan 2004
Yes it is amazing to watch the lengths people will go to, the genocidal crimes against humanity they will commit, and the lies they will tell to hide their tracks, all to avoid paying taxes and pile up a little fortune for themselves...and religion is included among those lies, that propaganda that strives to hide and protect the guilty while crushing and destroying the innocent, thus avoiding paying taxes and pursuing the global justice required to set things right...The world Economic Forum is on now, and we see that once again the promises have been made to save the kiddies by the year 2020. This is required because back around 1980 the promise was to save the kiddies by 2000, by only starving half the kids by that time. What happened instead, is that instead of cutting the number of starved kids in half by the year 2000 what actually happened is that wealth of the very top percentage doubled in those twenty years, while the poor got twice as poor. This was the opposite of what was supposed to happen, and given all the tax cutting and program slashing going on now, we can expect the same pattern to repeat up to that glorious year 2020, when we were supposed to be only starving out half the kids we are now (as though something that stomach turning was acceptable as so called goal) pray then, if you are the type to pray, and your prayer should be that yes, there really is no God, because otherwise you are going to be losing a fortune, and even then you are still going to have pay your fare, making this all doubly expensive...
Re: The sin of religion - a filth covered rag
26 May 2004
Oh, the hubris of the white male anglo, projecting his own society's misfortunes and prejudices upon the third world! If you had only taken the trouble, Mr. Bergen, to find out Venezuela is the true melting pot America has always bragged to be, but can only mimic. Race is not an issue in Venezuela, it wasn't in our past (when we didn't need a civil war to abolish slavery) and it won't be in our future. If you want to condem racial injustice, you will be better off much closer to your own home. Just try catching a bus in Virginia, then we can talk about racial issues!