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Commentary :: DNC
dnc protestors: beating around the bush?
27 Jan 2004
if you get my drift.
seriously, can we talk about this? why are we protesting an opposition party that is the only real chance of ending bush & co's reign of terror? is there really any point in protesting the democrats until we have unseated the vicious right wing regime currently ruling this country? that should really be everyone's first priority.

why? read your history. spain 1936: the anarchists, socialists, communists and republicans all fought each other while madrid burned, and the fascists won. i should hope we've learned better by now. or look at chicago 68, even. i am every bit as radical as most people on here, and i'm going to protest the rnc in ny, just four hours away, because no one has yet made a convincing case to me that anyone should be protesting the dnc.

in short, i think this will be at best a waste of energy and at worst almost entirely counterproductive, in terms of its cumulative effect on national political discourse. feel free to post your own take on this though, open minds are good as well as strong opinions.

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Re: dnc protestors: beating around the bush?
27 Jan 2004
Was Bill Clinton your ideal leader? Wake up my friend. The democrats differ from the republicans only slightly, different economic backing and slightly different take on social issues. They are almost exactly the same on major issues like foreign policy (though they try to say they're not, Kerry sponsored a bill harassing Syria, how does that bode for the future?) big business, and "free" trade. The reason to protest the DNC is to show the democrats that THEY ARE NOT REPRESENTING OUR OPINIONS. And to push the democratic party towards the left. Have you been completely asleep to the fact that the democratic party has been sliding to the center (and perhaps on towards the right) for the past 20 years?
If you welcome them with open arms, or simply don't attend the protest you are just giving them your power without any qualifications. If this country is to become a democracy then those elected should reflect their constituencies to the greatest degree possible, and the democrats do not do that.
Re: dnc protestors: beating around the bush?
28 Jan 2004
yo whats up, im from ny and will be at the rnc to defend my city from the republican hordes.
and i will lend boston a hand in solidarity

i want to defend my home and family from being exploited for the gain of the 1%er republican orcs

i can totaly understand bostons desire to likewise defend itsself from the corporate whores that gave bush the authority to play napolean all over the third world, gave us the patriot act because all they focus on is being reelected, and dont give a flying fuck about our rights that we derive from nature and not fat white people.

and their too pussy to stick it to bush with the truth of 911 (exept for kucinich)
they wont take apart the military industrial complex that starts wars to sell its toys.(exept for kucinich)
or the prison industrial complex that jails people for decades for selling weed.
(cept for kucinich) or the state run media that has warped the sheeples perception of reality(yep, again cept for kucinich)

maybe thats why they suck,(cept for kucinich) and maybe thats why kucinich is being ignored by his party and the media whores that will ultimatly decide for us who is electable.

before you call me a spineless liberal sellout i will lay it out. im an anarchist and i believe in direct democracy and decentrailizing and deconsolidating all power

i also believe that of the candidates playing their roles in this tragic comedy on a rotting condemned stage only dennis kucinich has the integrety and spirt to repair the damage done by bush.

and he can end the occupation of iraq , and hes the best hope labor has to repair the damage done by both parties to the working people of this world.

so even though im going to be at the dnc as an anarchist i still feel that im not so much protesting kucinich as i am helping show the old left is still alive and kicking and it has the spine to take up this fight on its own.

i aint naive. i know he wont get through the primarys because the media has stamped him unelectable do to possible troublemaking.

i know the media will shut him out and he wont even be on diebolds "voting machines"
still i cant help but admire the little guy, he has cajones to take on the media, a secret government, its puppet and the war and globalization they have forced upon us.

so, what im trying to say is there is one that doesent suck. but it wont stop me from expressing my disgust at the current state electoral politics in general.

also i feel itd be a good faith thing to help out in boston, that might inspire a bit of mutual aid come august in my city.
fuck diebold, fuck both partys of this plutocratic bullshit farce of "representitive" democKracy

kucinich or no one in 04, or ya know whuteva.
hobbbit president or uprising, either sounds good but only one is likely to happen.
Re: dnc protestors: beating around the bush?
28 Jan 2004
all this debate going on with the democrats against bush, is merely strategic debate between imperialists on how best to run the empire.

the only difference i see between these two groups of ultra capitalists, is about comfortability. clinton, bolstered the US imperialism war machine. he expanded the military, he expanded our array of military bases around the world to unprecedented numbers, he waged a war of genocide against iraq where 1.5+ million were starved to death by sanctions, and dropped more bombs on baghdad in one strike in 1998 then were dropped in the entirety of first gulf war. not to mention all the free trade agreements he set into place. also in 1998, he passed a patriot act similar bill, but it only targetted immigrants so it didn't draw any real attention. i won't get into his entire history, i'm sure you know most of it.

he was more violent then the first bush, or the bush we have in the white house now, if you base the violence on how many people world wide have died or are suffering under directly because of his actions.

now what differentiates him, is that he did all this in a comfortable way. he led his murderous regime to export violence all over the world, but he did it while balancing the budget, while unemployment rates dropped, where people's luxuries; even if they were oppressed, grew. people were comfortable.

he bombed the shit out of countries, but in a way where american soldiers didn't get hurt. he did it multilaterally, rather then bush's abrasive unilateralism.

and along comes bush, and he has ruined all of clinton's extreme imperialistic expansions. the people, of the entire world, are opposed to the US. people in this country are waking up, because bush peeled back some of the layers of empire to expose the inner gears.

the democrats MUST be protested, for their lies about being antiwar, for their support of the war in iraq, in afghanistan, and around the world. these aren't our friends. these are our enemies.

even kucinich, the "progressive" candidate, has endorsed edwards. edwards! edwards isn't even pretending to be antiwar! so kucinich, has just ended up being bait on a fishhook, to grab energy from the antiwar movement into becoming campaign managers for the democrats.

i could rant onand on, but i guess i'll leave it there.
Re: dnc protestors: beating around the bush?
28 Jan 2004
also; chicago 68 was protesting against the democrats for being prowar. the democrats, at that time, having started and escalated the vietnam war in the first place, were similar to george bush the way he is now. imagine if george w bush right now was running on a peace campaign! "elect me, and once i'm reelected, i will get us out of iraq!" each one of hte candidates, has been for the war; maybe not bush's exact model of the war, but they've only disagreed about strategies for waging war.

also don't forget, that nixon was running on a very similar campaign to the democrats right now. we all know how that turned out . . .
Re: dnc protestors: beating around the bush?
28 Jan 2004
go mcgovern.
so the bottom line is this is fucked no matter what, i think kucinich would actualy try to go about fixing alot of the shit bush has done, whether he could do it without getting kennedyed would be another matter.

i didint hear anything about him endorseing edwards and im a volunteer for kucinich, thats a new one on me were did you hear this?

i think skull and bones kerry is the one that the media will select for us to replace bush, if an election even happens.

gen tommy franks thinks our constitution wont save us from the "quarintine" camps when the big one happens. and martial law has already been implemented in seattle and miami.

their testing us, and getting other citizens used to the sight of "undesireables" being draged away screaming by riot gear clad gestapo while helecopters fly over head and a.p.cs prowl the streets.

they want the state run media to demonize us to the point were our warnings and cries for help will fall on the deaf ears of citizens that arent realy alive.

the voluntarily labotomized masses will believe that if they keep quite what happens to us wont happen to them.

they will ignore reality and watch "reality programing" such as who wants to survive an islands fear factor to win a millionares wedding and subsequent rapid divorce.

yeah marrying people for cash on tv that upholds the sanctity of marriage because its between a boy and a girl plus if its on tv it cant be evil.

hooooraaay weeerrrreee doooooooomed!
oh and pad up children, safty first.
Re: dnc protestors: beating around the bush?
28 Jan 2004
here is the first article to pop up about edwards and kucinich's deal;

kucinich was only a ploy to get progressives to sign over their allegiences to the democratic party.
Re: dnc protestors: beating around the bush?
28 Jan 2004
Opposition party? you must be kidding yourself.
the only opposition party is no party.
yadda yadda DNC
28 Jan 2004
You guys lookin' at the DNC are pointed in the wrong direction for now. Look southward toward NYC where THE greatest danger to the land will be convening to plan the final blows to the Constitution. We'll deal with the Dems AFTER 2004.
Re: dnc protestors: beating around the bush?
28 Jan 2004
focused - right on.

face it people, one of these douchebags is going to be president next year. as soon as the dems take over, i'm going to be out there protesting their bullshit, but is there really any point right now? seriously, i think most of you are missing my point. you're right, the democrats aren't our party. i am not debating your politics, only your tactics! think about TIMING! trust me, if bush gets a second term it will be even worse than the first. as far from us as the democrats are, a lot of them were really unhappy about the patriot act, too.

no, party politics aren't the way to an anarchist utopia, but getting an administration in that isn't *AS* dedicated to crushing the lights out of all civil liberties can only be a good thing, as it will give us more breathing room to agitate for further change. think about that, just think about that for a few minutes before you start spitting rhetoric again. unless you really don't give a fuck about the patriot act (and its inevitable successors), we NEED to get bush out of the white house.
Re: dnc protestors: beating around the bush?
28 Jan 2004
also, read up on spain, it seems like all of you missed that one.
Re: dnc protestors: beating around the bush?
28 Jan 2004
I see what you're trying to get at but Spain is a stretch. The groups you mentioned would've had a decent chance if it wasn't for damned nazi's. Why not use the example of America's labor movement, turn of the century? The divisions there are why things are so fucked up here anyway. Although, the real problem with your statement is that if we could get rid of the pervasive divisions in American Society, putting the democrats in office is not the thing we should focus on.
I'd Be Dancin' in the Streets if Bush LOSES!
28 Jan 2004
If a Democrat can pull this election "out of the hat"? I'd be elated! I do agree that there is little difference between parties.
Bush's bunch are pure evil. Too many secrets being kept from a supposed, open society. Besides, the constant lies spewing from ALL their mouths.
Right now? The Democrats need to concentrate on REAL ISSUES and quit bickering.
As for the protesters? So...Freedom of speech! PROTEST TILL YOUR HEARTS CONTENT!
Re: dnc protestors: beating around the bush?
31 Jan 2004
The democrats are no better than the republicans. We've fought against the lesser-of-the-two-evils argument for so long, why should we buy into it?