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Commentary :: Environment
smallDems strategY? Combatative or Creative, Tough Fight Against to Dominate or Fair Fight for what IS Right to Nurture
21 Feb 2004
Kucinich, an honest Friend By, For and Of regular, common working folks, has consistently,steadfastly presented a necessary vision which has inspired an understanding, and burdgeoning realization that his clear plans entail specific actions for Peace, Progress & Prosperity reminding to renew and Reclaim COMMON SENSE of COMMON PEOPLE,COMMON DREAMS, Aspirations motivating UNCOMMON ENERGY TO IN-COMMUNITY CREATE A COMMON DESTINY TO ACHIEVE THIS COMMON GOAL FOR OUR ENTANGLED COMMON FUTURE, by restoring our True Historical standing of Egalitarianism, beacon for Oppurtunity and the happiness of to pursue Life and liberty in a healing Rennaissance Epoch of caring,sharing and courageous daring for sustainable policies from a transparent Sunshine Goverment promoting the Public Interest to advance Domestic wellBEing
Click on image for a larger version

"Don't believe that a small, but committed # of People can change things, inDEED it is the only thing that ever HAS!" ~~~Margaret Sanger

" A new, SpiRiTuaLly based social ACTivism is beginning to assert itself. It stems NOT from hating what is wrong and trYING to fight it, but from LovYANG what could Be and making the commitment to bring IT Forth."

~Marianne Williamson~~Taken from "Healing the Soul of America: Reclaiming Our Voices as Spiritual CitiZenS"

Where is Punditocracy and vacant AnyBodyButBush compromising, shrinking spirits, bookie-mentality, knee-jerk negativity TAKING critical reasoning in this Country?
EXPEL the elites Media Police from your sovereign Mind ! How did we allow them to further a popular prejudice? about possibilities for progressive platforms of Real change?

THEIR IS NO PROOF A POWERFUL PROGRESSIVE PLATFORM PUSHING Peace, Progress, Prosperity in the People's Public Interest is not Iminently Imperative and Highly Likely to sweep down and all around our Hijacked process and goverment to Righteously install the FIRST! Workers White House.
In fact their is PROOF Bush jr. is not electable, these corrupt men had to steal the election for him ! If we can elect Ronald Reagan, surely now in the 21st century we can definately elect the 1st Just, Compassionate, Wise, Authentic and Actualized, Honestly Conscious World-Leader to Help Bridge all the Gaps and Seperations unnecessarily activated and agitated by a few who just don't understand working with a Life, Love, a LIGHT Perspective ! Besides media could get a cartoon character or a dolphin or an old parrot elected if they so desired.
THERE ARE MORE OF US THAN THERE ARE OF THEM, THEY NEED US MORE THAN WE NEED THEM, in fact by fighting for their freedom we are holding out a converting Hand towards them, to come my friends Smile, Celebrate< Join-in the Advancing Tide of Human Unity and board the PeaceTrain fueled by Bio-Electro-Magnetic Potential Energy alignment of personal/societal growth and CosmoStarPower calls from Heaven and Ancestors.From this renchantment with the Higher Cause of Our existence this is the abundant Food to renew, restore, rebuild, reinvigorate and ressurrect a Rennaissance Spirit enabling US citizens to reclaim Founding Father Ideals, Dreams and Hopes in rolling back the darwinistic, my pain-your gain, I got mine, to hell with yours, social operating program accelerated by cynical reactionary forces in 1980, the Reagan years, business needs to be seperated from Public Administration and policies of People First in the 21st are the balance and balast required to Level this Ship of State.
Progress+++Kucinich stands for necessary True Progress and Deep, FUNduh!mental Change this threat to the cowardly status-quo is why the corporate-hostage media is trying to disappear him and shamefully conducting the BLACKOUT of 2004, ironically pulling their credibility down, bringing closer media-decentralization and fair playing-fields ! Incrementalism, or democrat-coated Republicans canNOT winch us out of this RUT.
Peace+++has a PLAN to rescue our stuck Troops to cease more unnecessary deaths, will not use iron-fist 20th century "diplomacy", but will end unilateral pre-emptive seperate,go-it-alone Policies disrespecting 90% of the world's people in this increasing holistic realization of connectivity and interdependence understood to heal and make healthy our astonishing Home, the living organism GAIA,man? Created to create and duty to Worship.
Prosperity+++NAFTA, GATT and the WTO are not in the public interest, he WILL take better care of peoples needs-jobs, schools health-care, welfare and environment by investing in clean energy and other public-works projects !
Pentagon+++ONLY ONE talking about and prepared to lead a consensus to Reign-in the indefensible Defense budget that is A Frankenstein-like DRAIN on our domestic security and well-being.
Polls+++Kucinich sat in on Dem. meetings saying "It's sick" they make all their decisions based on polls. His campaign relies on truth and straightforward consistent clear plans, not insulting PR ad image-marketing media-bluster to sell our future path-choosers as a "product" After all the deceit he knows many americans BSdetectors are on Redalert, and this is no time to resort back to phony, puffery and trickery of how it has regrettably done in the past, if we expect and put up with what we've always been given-WE WILL GET WHAT SAME/OLD, SAME/OLD WE HAVE ALWAYS GOTTEN.!!
Popularity+++an enthusiastic, inspiring vision backed by CONVICTION is powerful and very-likely to BUILD THE BROADEST BASE !
POLICY CHANGE NOT PERSONALITY SWAP- AN OATH TO DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION AGAINST ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN and DOMESTIC, not Oaths to secret societies that could put select men-above the Law, above Man, attempts to Play God, by selling lives, nature and owning people and entire planets for short-term exploitation.

Kucinich, said in Milwaukee debate 2/15/03 we need to stop the dark-focus habit of waging "war" on this problem or that problem. It furthers the prejudiced belief that the outside world, nature, other people, life itself is dangerous, bad or evil and needs to be tamed by imperfect Man's intervention and control, I think we can unite to win this by waging Peace on the few trying to change this country into something it never has been OR can BE.

integrity is evidenced from his remarks in an interview about sitting in on democratic meetings and seeing what goes on, he said they make all their decisions based on polls ?? "It's Sick", he said. I have a message for these wayward writers who are taking turns, in a deliberate, orchestrated smear campaign to impugn a modern-day prophet and refuse to recognize, and hence INSULT, the burdgeoning grassroots movement arising from the awakened masses. HERE is The Message---this beautiful movement can only be delayed ,Never stopped because it has Founding Father energy and LightWorkers and healers who Love this Land and the principles of Liberty, Equality and Unity and are working very hard to co-create a New Covenant to give to posterity ! We are alive, real and in tune with the higher cause of our existence.
"The Redcoats are..., The Corporations Are Coming! The
Corporations Are Coming!!"

>>>>>The Texan in the White Hat; an interview with Jim Hightower

By Steve Brown

>A guy came up to me at an art gallery in Austin a couple of years ago, shortly after Bush had been in office. He recognized me and we made a little chit-chat. Then he clenched my arms rather anxiously and looked me in the eye as though he was seeking confirmation of something that he feared, and he said, ‘They’re changing America, aren’t they?’

That struck me as exactly right. They are. They’re changing America. It’s not just a matter of the demise of the middle class, as horrific as that is, not just about jobs going off shore or environmental rules being upended to make more money for polluting interests. They’re actually going after the American ideals, the reason our country exists, which are the ideals of egalitarianism, seeking to supplant that with their notions of plutocracy and autocracy.
We’re a nation that, rather proudly, I think, for 225-odd years, has been striving toward that possibility of egalitarianism. We’ve been expanding that initial premise of democracy that was put down by Jefferson, Madison and the rest. And while we haven’t gotten there, at least we’ve been trying, and that’s the big shame in my view of what the Bushites and the weasly Democrats in Congress have brought upon us.

They say we can now abandon that goal of idealism, that we can pursue the good fortunes of the few at the expense of the many.

That’s some kind of country, but it’s not America. It’s not why we’re important as a nation historically.

>Congress doesn’t seem to relate well to regular people.

Congress is a little irregular, if you think about it … How many people who are typical Americans making less than $50,000 a year, are sitting … in the Congress of the United States? How many people enjoy Cadillac coverage health care, which every member of Congress gets? How many people enjoy the job security of a member of Congress, which has a 98.6 percent reelection probability, greater than Soviet Russia used to produce?
America is made up of bartenders and cab drivers, shopkeepers and farmers and school teachers. How many of them are in Congress?

We have a Congress and a government that is so tied in to corporate elites because they themselves are either of that class [or are trying to be]. I believe half of the 2002 newly-elected members of Congress were millionaires, so it’s not that they hate us, it’s that they don’t know us any more and so there’s no connection to any sense of reality we’re experiencing. Their reality is so different from the rest of us, and as a result of that, we have nobody participating, essentially, in our elections.

>This is not America.

>>>>>Mobile, Global Citizens Say Dennis Makes the Difference

by Amara Rose

They can't vote, but internationals love Dennis Kucinich for U.S. president,

"When you feel yourself starting to become whole, it's all right to accept positions of power, but not before then. The overriding problem with our country, and our world in general, is that we are, in large part, managed by incompetents. Most of these are men who have spent their lives seeking power rather than themselves."
~ Robert James Waller, from the book, "Old Songs In A New Café"

>These global citizens share a common kinship: their faith that Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich spells "sea change" on a worldwide scale. Catalyzed by the tenor of the times, they're reaching out to support a spiritual voice with a practical purpose.

People tend to refer to Kucinich by his first name, signifying an affinity for the man who grew up in poverty and is committed to creating a "Workers' White House." This recognition of "The Friend," as the Sufi mystic Rumi calls his teacher, is both ancient and cross-cultural. Collectively, we've manifested a beacon for quantum evolution.

Canadian-born Soleira Green, who lives in the U.K., describes our current crossroads well: "America is on the verge of a choice so huge. Will they choose to become the global stewards for an internationally connected world or will they choose to continue on as they are? My sense is that the American people are split fifty-fifty on this one and it could swing either way. What's it going to take to get us all, all around the world, to consciously choose the new?"

> "The USA to me and to others in the world is looked at as Hitler's Germany, in this moment. Ask who you want—to tell them, 'this is the country of the free', you get a laugh. It's a bitter laugh.

"In every other country but the USA people are fearing a third world war. In countries where they have experienced war in the last generations, there is no wish for war. The U.S. has not had a war on its own territory for generations. They have brought war to other countries. People around the world know this, and they are well informed. They all feel threatened by the politics of the current president.

"I really feel, if there would be a president like Dennis Kucinich in the U.S., willing to collaborate with other countries and to keep world peace, a lot of tension would disappear and people would be able to put their energy on important issues, such as education, healthcare, care for the planet, spiritual growth, understanding different cultures."

>"If there is someone I could trust to represent the best interests of the common people throughout the world, and to represent Mother Earth herself, I can think of nobody better than Dennis. In a world where we are seeing increasing chaos, polarization, and despair, I truly believe that Dennis Kucinich can help turn the tide. In a world increasingly held captive by the forces of tyranny and terrorism on the highest levels, I believe that Dennis Kucinich is the one candidate for U.S. president who clearly, compassionately and courageously represents the second global emerging superpower in the world today, the voices of ordinary people united throughout the world!"

>"When I was a little girl I did not understand how Hitler could bring a whole country to follow his horrible plans. I said to my parents, 'But why did you not do anything against him?' I never understood how subtle these things are, what they do to you: you get the police in your own mind! You do it to survive!

> "I really feel, if there would be a president like Dennis Kucinich in the U.S., willing to collaborate with other countries and to keep world peace, a lot of tension would disappear and people would be able to put their energy on important issues, such as education, healthcare, care for the planet, spiritual growth, understanding different cultures."

>Imagine what our culture might be like if the White House consulted a group of wise women prior to implementing any major policy change!

With a leader who embodies both energies, we stand poised to yinify—that is, to unify in the Feminine essence, one with Gaia, whom we call Mother Earth.

As we return to our Spirit-guided beginnings, it's abundantly clear that, regardless of whether they can vote at the polls, our global allies can vote with their hearts. This campaign is being played on levels beyond the literal. Just as Y2K didn't devolve into the widely predicted mass chaos because, collectively, we "voted" for a higher outcome, Dennis Kucinich can become the next U.S. president with a critical mass of awakened souls voting with their hearts for this scenario. Voting for the one who will voice the vision for us all. Voting for the Light.

Yumi Kikuchi, now traveling in the U.S. on behalf of Kucinich, puts it succinctly: "Dennis is electable if all Americans have a chance to hear him once. I am not American, but my son, born in Hawaii, is. I want to raise him in the USA and I do not want to raise him in fear but in love.

"Fear ends and hope begins with Dennis Kucinich. Dennis wins, Peace begins."

>>>>>The Wrong Side of History
By Daniel Patrick Welch

>This is not parlor politics or polite, gentlemanly disagreements with our colleagues "from the other side of the aisle." It's a long, older struggle: call it revolution and counterrevolution, progress and reaction — whatever you choose. But those of us who froze our asses off while being herded like cattle along 3rd Avenue in Manhattan a year ago were not "misled." We, and the ten million who marched with us the world over last February 15, we refused to be misled — indeed refused to be led at all by the liars and their sycophants who packaged and sold this war. The world, it can be safely said, from the overwhelming hostility now aimed at the U.S., was not misled. History itself was not misled, only sidetracked by a power whose bloated military "strength" defies all need or rational excuse.

The world is waiting, too, to see on which side of history post-Bush America will decide to right itself. Will it abandon its insane military buildup, and actively disengage from its designs of global domination? The question weighs heavily on the futures of our children.

>The question is, what will replace the Bush junta? It is a sweeping question, one which, given the pummeling the world has taken at its hand these past few years, should be a grand one. Akin to the rebuilding of Europe, say, or the end of the cold war. There was a similar opportunity then, when we talked of the "Peace Dividend." But it was handled by men with small minds and greedy palms, and the New World Order busied itself instead with more wars, and the global dominion of a tiny handful of gigantic corporations roaming the globe, looking for every last pocket of opportunity to wring for cash.

Now we face a similar choice, and I suggest we should entrust it to a government whose vision is as broad as the epoch requires. John Kerry, alas, does not fit the bill,

>There is an inner clock, one that keeps time despite the seeming sway of history and the drums of war. Some people have it, and most do not. I fault Kerry in this regard. I am not bashing him, so please spare me the hate mail — I am not capable of throwing the election by pointing out obvious flaws. Senator Kerry and the Democratic establishment may well do so by over looking them, however.

With regard to the Iraq war, I am quite sure that I will never forget, nor can I forgive, a vote in favor of the War Resolution. It is not just about pride or my frozen ass, but a deeper truth about leadership and trust. If indeed Kerry was duped, then he missed something most of the world did not, and is not fit to lead at such an important moment in history. The excuse that such a vote could be based on secret information to which the world was not privy is scarier still, as it enshrines a penchant for secret government and renders meaningless the very concept of rule by the people. Not that I favor any particular rationale for supporting a decision which resulted in the loss of tens of thousands of lives and the shredding of any remaining vestige of international cooperation — but I think scariest of all would be if he knew it to be wrong, but voted for it anyway, out of a willingness to play the game, to be a good soldier.

This, I have come to believe, is the most likely case, and it settles too well with a few other instances where conviction succumbs to expediency.

>In fact, I think Americans are ready for much more than we are given credit for. The experience of the past few years has truly shaken people's consciousness. Broad sections of people are increasingly wary of a distortionist, toadying press; increasingly demanding of true health care reform, and not just a further bloating of the insurocracy. Even some polls have shown that large majorities back key elements of a progressive agenda. In an irony that must make the candidate scream, one caucus in Washington ratified all 10 points of Dennis Kucinich's platform, while giving two thirds of their delegates to other candidates. The world is full of cautious, blow-dried, Ken-doll politicians with their finger in the wind. Caution and timidity will predictably yield what they have thus far: a suffocating stalemate fought on the right wing's turf — and lost, often as not — where two halves of a giant party wrangle over middle class white votes. What we need is the steely determination in the face of power that makes real change possible. We will get that through an election that electrifies a movement and sweeps republicans out of power with a broad vision for real change.

>>>>>Wake Up Torchbearers
Tuesday, February 03 2004 08:05 AM PST

by Stephen Dinan
stephen (at)

>The voices for true progress are NEVER popular until the changes they carry forward are finished. History then looks back at them as heroes. Torchbearers who behave like sheep are not torchbearers. Torchbearers call a country forward with the sheer intensity of their will, the vastness of their heart, and the clarity of their vision.

When you succumb to discussions of electability, you are putting down your torch. You are wimping out on the larger mission. You are shrinking yourself to fit a socially conditioned box and you will not accomplish what you dream possible. You are effectively saying, "I can't do it, it's too hard."

>The main tool to motivate this herd has become endless rhetoric about winning, until most of the candidates sound more like football quarterbacks before a game than presidents. We are capable of more than this. We should demand more than this.

What most of those behaving like sheep do not seem to realize is that the wolf is strengthened by sheep behavior. Our insecurity is what will defeat us. Our power comes in finding our boldest, most authentic truth and standing passionately for that in the world.

>Our planet cannot wait for more conscious leadership in America. It has become a survival imperative that we grow into the next stage of our maturity. Our country must grow into adulthood, when we stand with dedicated commitment to compassionate, responsible leadership in the world. It is time for America to lead the world forward in healing ecosystems, eliminating war, treating the sick, dismantling nukes, feeding the hungry, and balancing the economic scales. Right now, we lead the world militarily and economically and lag badly morally. That simply has to change.

>America's growth into adulthood is not going to happen with Bush at the helm OR with any of the media-chosen front-runner Democratic candidates. The media has dubbed them the chosen ones largely because they represent the status quo. They do not represent a fundamental advance but a slight improvement in the left-right swing of the pendulum. What we need at this point in history is PROGRESS. Real, authentic, deep progress on all fronts. The "main" candidates are not torchbearers for fundamental progress:

>That leaves us with Dennis Kucinich.

Dennis Kucinich is the ONLY Democratic candidate who is taking a powerful stand for America's next stage of maturity on every front. He has the specific platforms and programs that will create America's next stage. He's also got the experience on local, state, and national levels to govern. He is committed to going beyond war, to creating a sustainable energy economy, and to healing the social ills of our country. He walks his talk and stands up, even when that is not popular. He is also a world-centric leader, not just focused on narrow American interests. He's our first real opportunity for a planetary leader of wisdom and integrity at the helm of America.

Dennis is a major leap forward in a way that none of the other candidates are.
And he can win if the forces working for real change rally around him this month. It's got to happen fast.

>Now tell me, do you want to look back on one of the most pivotal elections this planet has ever seen and know that you were one of the sheep rather than one of the torchbearers? What if Bush is far weaker than he seems and ANY Democrat will win. What if the existence of such an exaggerated version of the last stage of America is precisely what can catapult into the next, and, at precisely the moment when boldness is possible, we choose the safest, most centrist of the bunch? How large a failure would that be? What if a safe, centrist military man keeps the juggernaut happily rolling forward to our ecological demise?

And what if the whole sheepish dialogue was precisely what ensured the global breakdowns we were so afraid of?

Our biggest failure may be in electing Kerry (or Clark or Dean) precisely when we need someone bold, visionary, and amazing to inspire America again to make our transition into adulthood. The Big Four candidates are simply not going to do it. The media is not going to do it. WE are the only ones who can do it and it will happen by galvanizing all the forces for social, ecological, and planetary transformation around Dennis Kucinich's campaign. Now.

HearYe,HearYe Blast your Email lists,Democrats are Coming Back HOME!

Kucinich volunteer forum concerns: Fertilizer to grow grassroots flowering garden helping to Put People First in the 21st.

Posted: Thu Feb 12, 2004 3:51 pm Post subject: What are you afraid of?!


What are you afraid of, America?!

Are you afraid of national healthcare?

Are you afraid of a free education so you won't be in debt for the next 10 years?

Are you afraid our jobs shipped overseas will come back to these shores, and you won't have an excuse to be broke anymore?

Are you afraid the war in Iraq will end, that our troops will come home, that our taxes won't be wasted to the tune of $1 billion a week and American lives wasted for the sake of Haliburton?

Are you afraid corporate welfare will end? What, are you a member of the 2% that owns a company that makes its billions by screwing its employees as well as every taxpayer? How big is YOUR handout?

Were you with me at the Peace Rally where the military took our photos from the tops of buildings, and are afraid our FBI terrorist files will get shredded?

The electability issue is as ridiculous as each of these statements. It's "fear" beat into people's heads that has as much credibility as "code orange".

Keep em scared. Keep em safe. Keep em voting Republican else Republicrat so they who have power can keep it and we can stay nice and scared to do anything about it.

WINNERS DON'T FEAR SUCCESS. And this isn't horseshoes—THIS IS OUR LIVES. The only person I trust in charge of this country is the man who doesn't have his hands feverously stuffing his own pockets and those of his already-rich friends with MY BLOOD AND MONEY.

Sorry for the rant, but I'm hopping mad at the second and ready to kick people with my proverbial pointy boot...

Posted: Fri Feb 13, 2004 10:03 pm Post subject: open letter to Dean and Dem Cen Com-want to publish -help


Dear Gov.Dean and Democratic National Committee: a Letter From a Kucinich Volunteer
Democratic Party leaders, now is the time to evaluate your options. As David Corn wrote in (“Populism101”), all the leading candidates in Iowa sounded like Paul Wellstone or Dennis Kucinich, like populists. I think this is because the candidates have been in the best seats to watch the audience response to Kucinich in the debates. The candidate field has adopted his language but they cannot change their records.
In Washington and Maine we have examples now of what Kucinich can do. despite marginal coverage in the corporate media. How much free press coverage have the other candidates enjoyed? How many ads have they paid for? How many paid workers do they have? How much corporate money do they have? How much personal money do they have? Compare the candidate delivery per dollar, per exposure that Kucinich can give..
Be fully aware that Democrats will have less money than Bush in November.

In a Dec 12, 2003 report, ”Ethicist Ranks Democratic Contenders: Dean Falls Short on Ethics Scale”, ethicist, Jack Marshall, ranked the Democratic candidates. The only candidate still in the race in the top category, "Principled", is Rep. Dennis Kucinich. Senators Edwards and Kerry are in the "Principled when it's convenient" category and the other remaining candidates in a category called, "Warning! Ethically Challenged!".

In the poll cited at the Dec 9 candidate debate, the concerns of voters were listed as #1 the economy, #2 health care, and #3 honesty of the candidate. Kucinich has clear and thorough plans for the first two as satisfying as is his record on the third.
The Jan 14 report of the Institute of Medicine, a non-partisan research advisor to the federal government recommended:“Health care coverage should be 1.universal, 2.continuous, 3.affordable to individuals and families., 4. affordable and sustainable for society., and 5.Health insurance should enhance health and well-being by promoting access to high-quality care that is effective, efficient, safe, timely, patient-centered, and equitable.”
HR 676, the Conyers/Kucinich bill ,called “Medicare For All”, lays the groundwork for a ten year plan to convert the US system of health care to a single-payer system. The General Accounting Office evaluated this system and said it will cover all the people (43.6 million uncovered) , better cover those under-covered (30 million), and cost less than we now spend on health care through the private system. In the August Journal of the American Medical Association, a group of doctors (over 7,700) recommended adopting the single-payer system. All other proffered health care plans, including President Bush’s, leave between 11 and 22 million people uncovered. The Institute of Medicine report also states: “Lack of health insurance causes roughly 18,000 unnecessary deaths every year in the United States.”

Dennis Kucinich speaks with respect and empathy for all of the people of this country. He believes that economic security is achievable through wise management of our resources, including human capital. When we protect the environment and promote renewable energy sources, we protect our health and economic well being. When we insist on living wages, we acknowledge that a two tier society has arisen which does not adequately compensate people for their contributions to society . Why is it that some people working as hard a they can, sometimes even two or three jobs, still cannot afford decent housing, decent food, and health care? When everyone is afforded free pre-kindergarden and free college, the American dream may then flourish, for now it is sadly withered.
Kucinich protested and voted against this war in Iraq and he believes we can let the Iraqis determine their own future, that we should not force privatization on them, nor control the rebuilding of their country. And he makes the connection that money spent on excess Pentagon budgets and this occupation is money robbed from the people of this country, making us less secure, not more.

What about the invisible, abandoned electorate? From 1992-2000, people who earn less than $50,000 a year (80% of the population) dwindled in poll attendance, from 63% to 47%. This is a loss of around 10 million voters, and now likely 15 million (see Jim Hightower’s “How Florida Torpedoed Gore”). Calculate the number of young voters who have never voted (87% of those under 28 in 2000).
The Democratic Party needs to recognize the great opportunity ito retake legislative seats by promoting Kucinich. Ralph Nader promises not to run if Kucinich gets the nomination.
Gov.Dean, you have plumbed the depths of the internet, but millions still lie beyond the digital divide. As I have canvassed door to door I see how many non-voters are moved to register because of Kucinich. Door to door campaigns bypass the corporate media monopoly on information dissemination. Kucinich’s platform and personal past make him uniquely able to get millions to register and vote in November, improving the real bottom line, representation in Congress. Kucinich won his last election in Ohio with 74% of the vote, belying the wild left stabs of the corporate media.
The Kucinich platform should have all the backing we can muster in Boston. Many Dean and Clark supporters appreciate the Kucinich platform but believe the corporate media that Kucinich is “unelectable”.
His platform is detailed like no other (see No other platform recognizes the threats to our environment with as integrated a vision.
Kucinich has something none of the candidates, Bush included, can buy. Kucinich is a member of the vast majority, the non-wealthy. He is rich and principled in his love of our country and all the people of the planet. Let us pray as Lincoln did at Gettysburg that “a government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from this earth.”

-california devotee, THANK YOU Californians, we love your enthusiasm !

William Jennings Bryan-"on Imperialism"
delivered 8 April 1908, Indianapolis, IN

Audio Excerpt of Address

Mr. Chairman and Members of the Notification Committee: I shall, at an early day, and in a more formal manner, accept the nomination which you tender, and shall at that time discuss the various questions covered by the Democratic platform. It may not be out of place, however, to submit a few observations at this time upon the general character of the contest before us and upon the question which is declared to be of paramount importance in this campaign.

When I say that the contest of 1900 is a contest of 1900 is a contest between Democracy on the one hand and plutocracy on the other I do not mean to say that all our opponents have deliberately chosen to give to organized wealth a predominating influence in the affairs of the Government, but I do assert that on the important issues of the day the Republican party is dominated by those influences which constantly tend to substitute the worship of mammon for the protection of the rights of man.

In 1859 Lincoln said that the Republican Party believed in the man and the dollar, but that in case of conflict it believed in the man before the dollar. This is the proper relation which should exist between the two. Man, the handiwork of God, comes first; money, the handiwork of man, is of inferior importance. Man is the master, money the servant, but upon all important questions today Republican legislation tends to make money the master and man the servant.

The maxim of Jefferson, “equal rights to all and special privileges to none,” and the doctrine of Lincoln that this should be a government “of the people, by the people and for the people,” are being disregarded and the instrumentalities of government are being used to advance the interests of those who are in a position to secure favors from the Government.

The Democratic party is not making war upon the honest acquisition of wealth; it has no desire to discourage industry, economy and thrift. On the contrary, it gives to every citizen the greatest possible stimulus to honest toil when it promises him protection in the enjoyment of the proceeds of his labor. Property rights are most secure when human rights are most respected. Democracy strives for civilization in which every member of society will share according to his merits.

THE GREAT MADNESS: A Victory for the American Plutocracy
The entrance of the United States into the world war on April 6, 1917, was the greatest victory that the American plutocracy has won over the American democracy since the declaration of war with Spain in 1898. The American plutocracy urged the war; shouted for it; demanded it; insisted upon it, and finally got it.

The plutocracy welcomed the war not because it was a war, but because it meant a chance to get a stronger grip on the United States.

[The plutocrats believe there are some things worse than war]: the confiscation of special privileges; the abolition of unearned income; the overthrow of the economic parasitism; the establishment of industrial democracy. The plutocrats would welcome a war that promised salvation from any such calamities; they would also welcome a war that promised greater foreign markets, the destruction of foreign competition, more security for property rights and a longer lease on life for plutocratic despotism.

The plutocrats, or wealth lords, ... were for the war from the beginning. They urged preparedness; they demanded national defense; they cried aloud for reprisals upon Germany because ... it gave them a chance to deliver a knock-out blow to the American democracy.

Big business was in public disfavor. Advertisements, "boiler-plate," news stories, press agents and blatant philanthropies had little effect. The people would not forget the "public be damned" days of the business buccaneers. They had learned about the rebates, the unfair rates, the debauchery of public officials and the criminal practices by which many of the most successful of the big business men had climbed into power. The people were "wise" to big business, and they were getting wiser every day.

The immense success of the parcels post sounded an ominous warning to special privilege. There was general talk that the telephone and telegraph industry would be nationalized next, and that the railroads would follow suit at an early date. If this socializing of industry was once begun, where was it to end?

The public had been educated, through many years, by progressive and radical political leaders, newspaper men, and social workers. There was the labor movement in its various phases - unions, socialism, I. W. W. The people were learning the lesson rapidly. Laws were passed; commissions were appointed; regulations were imposed. Most of the laws were violated; most of the commissions were captured by the plutocrats and most of the regulations were evaded. Still public opposition rose stubbornly and surely.

The plutocracy wanted a free hand. Since the Spanish War the United States had been a lending nation. The wealth of the country in 1900 was 87 billions; in 1912, 187 billions; in 1917, 250 billions. There were 120 persons, who admitted, in 1916, that they had incomes of over a million dollars a year. The wealth of the country was vast enough to feed, clothe, house and educate every boy and girl; enough to give all of the necessaries and most of the simple comforts of life to every family. The plutocrats were not interested in these matters, however. They wanted security for investments at home and abroad.

Things at home were in bad shape and promising to get worse. Millions of people were sore on the system which fed the owner and starved the worker; millions of casual laborers - men and women wandered from job to job; from city to city, discouraged, homeless, indifferent. The revolutionary fury that was passing through the country broke out menacingly in Colorado, West Virginia, Lawrence, Paterson, Bayonne and New York. People no longer asked, "Will there be a revolution?" but, "When will the revolution come?"

The plutocrats had lost public confidence. They realized that if they were to hold their position - public confidence must be regained.

Timeless Analysis from 1917

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