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Commentary :: Environment
25 Feb 2004

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Sometime Lite is More
25 Feb 2004
Hitler lite would have been an improvement over Hitler.
25 Feb 2004
Ah ... the idiocy of lesser-evilism. Let's think about your stupid little off-the-cuff comment in detail for a moment ....

Picture this, Andy: Hitler-lite (your preferred candidate) is just as genocidal, but not as arrogant. He establishes death camps for Jews, gypsies, commies, homosexuals, and other "undesirables". He does not, however, come right out in public and say what he's doing; he does not invade any foreign lands and draw the ire of the other national powers; he puts on a happy public face, claims to "feel your pain", and all the while pursues exactly the same genocidal strategy but with better diplomacy.

Now, since he's not invading anyone, none of the national powers care and the business community (led by Ford - which makes all his government engines and generators - and IBM - which makes all of his tracking apparatus for counting exactly how many undesirables have been gassed) loves him. In fact, on the off chance that some silly commies or human rights protestors get wind of the death camps (which Hitler-lite always refers to as "re-integration facilities"), these corporations - and a whole raft of German companies - intervene with the US and other national governments to make sure that the national powers take no action against Hitler-lite's regime. In the meantime, of course, Hitler-lite is steadily sending people into the ovens and - even worse - amassing arms and research.

Since there's no direct opposition to his pretty public face (and since whatever opposition does materialize is immediately blunted by the efforts of corporate powers), he is given loads of time to build up a massive military stock and finish that research on that "jet" engine thing the engineers are all worked up about and that new kind of bomb that so excites the physicists. After that, it's on to the Rhineland, then the World. Huzzah.

Lovely, Andy. Great fucking world you've got there. Huzzah for Hitler-lite. Moron.

In truth, in-your-face fascism is almost always preferable to covert, touchy-feely, "I feel your pain" fascism for the very simple reason that it is so obvious. Only a Democrat, for example, could have started the avalanche of trade agreements. After Clinton broke the ice with NAFTA, GATT, and WTO, it was open season for corporate sell-outs of American trade policy. Only a Democrat could possibly get such a nightmarish thing like National ID Cards (and legislation making it an arrestable offense to not "show you papers" when confronted by a cop) without an uprising. Only a Democrat regime could allow 8 long years of absolutely no improvement in fuel-efficiency standards with no outcry whatsoever from the mainstream environmental groups. Only a Democrat could oversee the largest growth of the worker-CEO wage gap in the history of the country while simulatenously ending the social safety net as it had existed from the days of FDR. Only a Democrat. In particular, your democrat, Mr. John FORBES Kerry himself, voted for every single one of those things and now, just to add a bit of hilarious irony to your insane lesser-evilism, Kerry is now promoting a "Separate but Equal" stance on gay marriage.

An enemy that spits in your face is almost always better than one who smiles as he slides the dagger between your ribs. It's time for you ridiculous ABBists and lesser-evilists to come to terms with that basic fact.
bangarang: more BAAM rhetoric.
25 Feb 2004
Interesting how you chose the exact opposite of what I meant by Hitler-Lite. Specifically, I intended to imply that fascism without the genocide is better than fascism with the genocide.

A glaring self contradiction in Boston Anarcho-Frustrated thinking is that the elections don't matter while making a big deal over those that look at the elections as not really mattering (in the sense of major change) but mattering in the sense of reducing, even if by a small portion, the amount of new aggression and further slide down the path to totalitarianism that will be the product of a Bush victory.

BAAM-ists remind me of the Quakers during slavery. Many of them preferred to see run-a-way slaved killed if it would draw more attention to the attrocity of slavery. To BAAM-ists, it seems that its better to have Bush than Kerry precisely because Bush makes obvious the evil of Capitalism by openly flaunting his fascism. I'd rather see less human suffering while struggling against the beast than egg the beast on to the point of mass slaughter.

We haven't seen 10% of what Bush is capable of yet. Avoiding the murder of Arabs and Muslims and the internment of anarchists is a possibly big difference between Bush and Kerry in these elections. If Bush wins he does not need to worry about the next election. He'll do whatever he can to fuck everything up as quickly as he can. Kerry, on the other hand, would have to worry about the next elections.

Don't confuse deep thinking with support for Kerry. Those of us not trapsing around in masks but putting our real reputations on the line don't have the time for your childish games.
To AnRkEy
26 Feb 2004
""bangarang: more BAAM rhetoric.
by AnRkEy
(No verified email address) 25 Feb 2004""


""Those of us not trapsing around in masks but putting our real reputations on the line don't have the time for your childish games.""

AnRkEy is that your real name?

(No verified email address), why didn't you post your email address so we can discuss this topic together?

""putting our real reputations on the line"" no you didn't, you made up a name, didn't post a valid email.

Do you know the Boston Panhandler by any chance, he is the same, all talk, no action and he hates BAAM for some reason.
Hey look, another cop posting in support of BAAM.
26 Feb 2004
Cute how the cops defend BAAM, isn't it.
Pig Smell
26 Feb 2004
You can tell it's a pig by the "panhandler" missive. Cops use the term, others don't.

Also, the Revolutionary Communist Party, when it stands in Harvard Square distributing Revolutionary Worker in exchange for donations is doing exactly the same thing. When you go to a protest and see the ISO handing out Socialist Worker in exchange for donations, you have another example of the same thing. Yet, these guys are mentioned.

Pretty clear that "the panhandler" is targeted for smears by the government, isn't it. I take it that means they feel threatened by him. It also mean that his work counts.

If an "anarchist" is posting this crap, then you can be sure that "anarchist" is a cop.
27 Feb 2004
Hmmm ... okay.

Almost all of the commentary - and I use that term loosely - that followed my post was completely illegible and the parts that were legible were also inane. I will not, therefore, pretend to respond.

I am curious, however, as to how BAAM! or the RCP or the ISO was suddenly dragged into the discussion. Neither myself nor anyone who posted in this thread prior to my post mentioned any of these groups whatsoever, not even by implication. If you'd like to clarify how any of those groups or their memberships are relevant to this debate about electoral strategy is relevant, I'd be pleased to entertain the issue, but at present it is purely non sequitor (and an absurdly juvenile non sequitor at that).

I'd highly suggest that you stop drinking all that Kool-Aid that comes in those John Kerry '04 cups. Perhaps when you are sober again, you can re-post something that approaches a legible, sensical comment.