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Parent Article: To His Excellency Javier Pérez de Cuellar- thank you for efforts in undrestanding the infleunces in PERU with a bias in KGB syndications in South America
Non-Disclosure Agreement-
11 Mar 2007
Modified: 07:12:04 PM
3days before dec of war-ossama_bin_laden-1.tif
Non-Disclosure Agreement
I agree that the font size of this non-disclosure agreement is acceptable. I also agree that upon signing this I was not in emotional or physical duress nor was I inattentive to items in non-disclosure agreement.
The information contained in this communication is confidential and/or proprietary business or technical data. If you are or are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, copying or distribution of this
communication, or the taking of any action in reliance on the contents of this communication, is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please immediately notify the founder of ASF© Jason Dedrick, by
telephone (720) 981-1264 and delete or destroy all copies of this communication.
All references of “I,” will refer to the founder of ASF©, Jason DedrickI
MODEL FOR J P 2:05-cv-00470-MJP in case with WTO protestors in PROFILE VERSES INTENT OF PROFILE - ABUSE IN FUNDING CASE THROUGH IMPROPRIETARY MODLE -“Network ring blockade©”If you have received full proposal or partial proposal in written or verbal form: You are lead recipient to whom has received document: full or partial business plans. You are, by opening or reading
this document agreeing not to invite Jason Dedrick to meet anyone without proper notice as each non-disclosure is unique and a minimum of 24 hours is required. Also any communication with networked individual or individuals
suggested is held accountable through meeting or contact of suggested person or persons. All individuals who are met as result of referral must send information concerning each person to: ASF©:this to prevent ambush marketing
and or theft of concepts or models not held in protection. This in special focus to: N.A.S.A.’s privatized fabricator circuit, A.S.F.A., Bonestell Space Art, Any Reality based production other than one managed, produced, and otherwise directed
by Jason Dedrick including new media (interactive) or otherwise traditional communication forms, Boeing, Microsoft former CEO Paul Allen, Wells Fargo, Disneyland Imagineer, EA games, Radical Games, Draw Jam, Time Warner AOL,
USA Networks, Dominion Venture Capital, MTV, Columbia Pictures, Tele-film Canada, ZED division of CBC, Vancouver Film School, Space Adventures ltd., municiple representative of the town of Vulcan, Alberta, and the recently acquired
Kinko’s/Fed-ex, Budget Suites, Hilton Hotels, Robert Bigelow and Bigelow Aerospace.“People Based Network Ring Blockade©”are as follows, Ulma Thurman, Patrick Stewart, Utada Hikaru, Mike Farr (pending communication), Benjamin
Granillo (pending communication), Jerusah Hill (pending communication), Paris Hiltonor, Jordan Scott (pending communication).
The “Network Ring Blockade©” also applies to any company formed within 15 year and one day’s time of signing date, who are parent, affiliated or share assets of SIC codes of companies mentioned to “Network Ring
Blockade©.” This to prevent any company forming in third party, “non”-affiliated attempts to steal ideas and defer association or accountability to said “Network Ring Blockade©.” Also, any contract previously engaged or referred by
signed individual are protected by this non-disclosure agreement. By signing this document you will herby, within one week’s time disclose any person or persons to whom you have disclosed information to in previous engagement,
or would like to suggest. To not comply with last statement will result in discontinuance of communication at all levels and you may be held solely liable for all theft that could be a potential in any business strategy. Also, as there is no
homeland protection notice to said contents that have been received by Jason Dedrick for any part of production primarily “Free America©” as there are distinct separations in business plans that no governmental contract may
protect you, if you cause jeopardy to, as an individual or group in a civil case; executed by a legal representative on behalf of Jason Dedrick. A network ring is defined as any set of companies who share stock and utilize linked
fabricators that consist of similar; people, resources, technology, and information and who congregate around common goals that may infringe upon the proprietary rights of Jason Dedrick’s production and Literary and Artistic Work
as protected under the Berne Convention.
The fabricator level is defined as those companies who handel raw resources. All elements contained in communication, due to very rare nature of presentation, are held in proprietary rights of Jason Dedrick© with or
with out copyright as strategy on name selection and product development are based on executable events not currently established as norms used in five year productions whose first year goal is management of two and a half
month event management. Any attempt to infringe on these business strategies through reverse copyright ambush marketing is forbidden.
This is a partial five-year business plan. There are many strategic elements not contained in this document that are dynamically interactive and essential for a successful production. Strategic elements and full financial
business plan will only be discussed with potential investors upon receipt of a signed and certified request from the legal department of the potential investor at the discretion of the founder, Jason Dedrick. The patentable element of
process for all elements of the community formed by participants of the G.A.M.E. are all currently under the ownership of Jason Dedrick, this until the company MP-MARS© is formed during the first year event “In Quest of The
Renaissance©,” by all the 50,000 members who have signed investment contract and returned their signed portion to ASF©. Also all content of letters addressed to specific target groups and the information contained within, are also
proprietary- as elements tell the story of what has happened to make this project and that will be used in conjunction with the “on-line novel,” written by Jason Dedrick to chronicle the story. A signed and registered copy by mail is held
as to validate information contained in communication in P.O. Box 32448 Bellingham Wa. Any attempts to cajole, coax, bribe or offer money to friends, family and acquaintances of Jason Dedrick into paid “Think Tanks,” or likewise
“Round-table Discussions,” as an attempt to obtain any legal rights on paid gaming process or any other elements of Jason Dedrick’s ideas are forbidden and illegal if provable...this, in direct attention to attempts already undergone and
unsuccessfully tried by the follgowing is placed on line with astrike through in content with a measn to review rendering and rstorizing issues in content meaning verses intent --Consumer Opinion Service, Inc. for Disney and N.A.S.A. in regards to paid gaming system models for Micro Modular robots on Mars. where the office of Naval Intelligence is listed as other who may open box. Only the office of Naval Intelligence may request information
without legal contracts, as I will begin mailing my media campaign through the Office of Navel Intelligence in March 2004. The Office of Navel Intelligence also may have permission in regards to the use of all my personal information to communicate, including elements from the office of personnel management, with the U.S. Space Command and members of UNCOPUOS only in regard to the development of a National
Space Week using ASF© as lead entertainment non-profit company on fifth year of operations-this to help validate a safe operating entertainment based privatized space company especially in the paid interent gaming using space XXXXXXX. ASF© will terminate all proceedings and contracts if any department of the military should undemocratically be composed of a greater percentage of military employees
respective to their voting state and that state’s votes in the traditional, non- resource based, electoral college.

There are two main parts to this partial business plan.
The first is all the information compiled to show how the ASF© will be a successful five-year venture.
The second part of the partial business plan is all the information and planning for the first year; this including the horsedrawn
futuristic carriage and the yearly event promotions called, “In Quest of the Renaissance©.”
All elements of this proposal are only for the illustration of concept and in no way do they imply active or former involvement on any part
of the potential sponsors. They do however represent some of the specific proposal attempts taken to complete this production with as
much long term gain as possible. All names are those people with whom I have either spoken to or communicated my concept with, in
confidence and trust. A complete list of names of individuals I have communicated with will be outlined in the timeline part of strateg5y.
This document has been prepared by Jason Dedrick, and may be amended to suite any possible legal issues not currently aware; as
proper information and claim must be made to Jason Dedrick. Make all complaints or letters of inquiry to:
____bon-kim moon if all content has been recieved in timeline to allegations effecting OOSA assets in donation stratgeis with dimidated constants theory for development of ground facilites for launch- such as to be a representative of UN office of (moon's discretion)_________________________________printed
I.D. ref#> _______________________________
DATE : / /
Content, business plan, and all cited elements in non-disclosure are owned by
Jason Courtney Dedrick/as based on ARMY CONTINGENCY psy-op use of heath and privacy related laws and the recent addendums to GORDON and GORDON WHITE And WHITE for review of automated data base matching technology and competetive contracts for N.S.A. technologies that vai for control of data parsing to office of prejudicial liabilites in case such as this- with naming conventiosn as basis of prejudice with ARMY contingency psyop.
See also: