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News ::
Things you good people of Boston should know.
11 Mar 2004
This "anarchist" is operating in YOUR area. He is asking donations from local people so he can maintain a website that allows him to finance his OWN personal vendetta.
This website's updates have lagged today due to steps I am taking regarding legal action against the FBI. I will notify my readers once my plans for legal action have been finalized.

It is my intent to sue the FBI.

In order to make it clear to you how serious this is, the FBI began an online death threat campaign against me two years ago. At that time I thought it was some nutcase harassing me. I went to the FBI office in Austin, Texas on Sept. 11, 2002 and filed a report, including documentation indicating the sources of the harassment. Within days of doing this, the harassment program intensified. Within a month the harassment program obtained its own website and used it to recruit other to harass me. I now can prove that the Austin field office of the FBI gave their notes from that interview to the harassment operation. The harassment operation, it turns out, is run from the Baltimore field office of the FBI.

From the beginning, the FBI's demands, under the guise of a cyber stalking project, were that I close down all of my websites. When I refused, they terminated my employment hoping that would shut down my websites. When I found another means to fund my websites, they attacked that means. When that failed, they began editing this website illegally. They have engaged in hacking, emailing viruses, spoofing email addresses, forging documents in my name, committing illegal acts on the Internet (such as threats against the President) using my name, hacking my email account, hacking my cell phone account, committing fraud in online purchases, physical stalking, invasion of privacy, libel, defamation, active interference with employment, intimidation and death threats. In sum, I charge the FBI with violating the First and Fourth Amendments and with official oppression.
See also:

This work is in the public domain


Another FBI troll post.
11 Mar 2004
FBI Agent Stalks DeVoy. FBI Agent is motivated by personal vendetta:


"Let me get into your ISP and find out exactly who you are. I think I'll just develop some information about you and psot it for all to see. You pathetic little dweeb.
Speaking of time on your hands, we all know what you have in your hands"

From - Comments by SBM on Voy Forums (1)

"Shove your documentation up your ass.
If you were so proud of your defunct BBS Soap Jerk Box, why did you not allow the appearance of IP's , afraid you would be revealed.
Why did you freak when I posted a question and referred to a contact that was linked to from your Nazi forum.
You may be the target of some documentation my little wiener boy, don't pick a fight with a dog you do not know, you might justbe in for a larger surprise when a knock comes on your door.
Footprints? HAHAHAH The only footprints you see or feel or the ones my boots leave on your ass. As for me, you could not find me from this IP at all. Completely untraceable and a temp account created and deleted each time I log on. Logs are deleted as well.
Not that it matters, you can piss and moan 24/7 for the next 200 years and yet have no legal complaint agains tme.
Bark at someone else moron, you pathetic little Nazi troll.
Does your mamma know you post this Nazi crap with her PC. hey didn't I see you on America's Most Wanted last night, the pathetic Jew hater? Yeha, it's you. maybe I'll just drop a dime on you....... AHAHAH
I'll think up something a little more creative for you in the near future.... be on guard moron."

From - Comments by SBM on Voy Forums (2)


This FBI agent, after posting this threat, contacted DeVoy's employer, got him fired and then spent the next two years using US Taxpayer funds harassing DeVoy, publishing libel and defamation in DeVoy's name, contacting Homeland Security to harass DeVoy, posting libel against DeVoy's wife online, threatening DeVoy's family, threatening to burn DeVoy's house down.

DeVoy is not a pan-handler. Unlike you, you fucking FBI piece of shit, he works for a living and doesn't seek authority to abuse. So shove it up your fucking ass.
Unlike you, you fucking FBI piece of shit, he works for a living
11 Mar 2004
You think I am FBI??? You think I am employed by any agency of the government?


But I do have a passion for grilled Swordfish and I play a mean game of Chess.

How about we meet up in Harvard Square one sunny and warm spring Saturday?

That would be fun, we could talk about happier times and I could checkmate you yet again....
We don't care who you are.
11 Mar 2004
What we do care about is who you are working on behalf of. We also have a collective memory that extends well beyond the last few days. Your two year harassment program and its connections to the FBI and various corporations have been documented. Your compulsive and endless spamming of this newswire with your pathetic smears demonstates that you suffer from OCD. You're lack of concern about the effect of your hatred and crimes on your target prove you to be a sociopath. Any sudden meeting with you would result in your arrest.
Take a hike, Fed.
11 Mar 2004
Stop vomiting on our newswire. Stop using our tax money to shit on us and use it for healthcare instead. May I suggest a professional shrink?
We can neither confirm nor deny that the troll works for us.
11 Mar 2004
We can neither confirm nor deny that our pedophile-loving agent is trolling IndyMedia. It is the agency's policy not do reveal what our agents do when they are not busy jacking off in front of webpages full of child porn. All questions should be directed to AG Ashcroft. You'll find him wearing knee pads in the J.Edgar Hoover room.
FBI Agent SBM arrested.
11 Mar 2004
The Secret Service arrested FBI agent and pedophile SBM today on charges of threatening the life of the president, conspiracy to shoot Boston Policemen, placing a hit on Henry Kissenger, mailing anthrax to Congress and performing oral sex on a goat. News at 10:00.