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Commentary :: Human Rights
Why did "Indymedia.Org" abandon its Post Articles page?
11 Mar 2004
Modified: 10:51:55 PM
Indymedia.Org no longer has a "Post an Article" section!
Why did "Indymedia.Org" abandon its Post Articles page? At the time about 4 months Indymedia.Org ran an advert on its site that said it was "Reconfiguring" its Website and Servers so the "Post an Article" section would be down for a while.Then 2 weeks later it posted another advert saying it had a major funding problem and its future as a website was doubtful. (Indymedia.Org had never up till that time asked for any funding donations - so why did they,as they claimed, wait until things were financially desperate?)

From that time Indymedia.Org has continued to operate its website uninterrupted on the net and post international articles - but now you CAN'T post any articles;pictures etc..!!!

So what really happened to Indymedia.Org?
Were they threatend by the U.S.Government to shut down the "Post an Article" section because the Feds didn't like the (Anti-Bush/Anti-Republican) commetary and other informative articles (on FBI/CIA tactics etc.) that individuals were posting? This is an enigma!

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Re: Why did "Indymedia.Org" abandon its Post Articles page?
12 Mar 2004

IndyMedia is an entirely volunteer run organization. During the last few months, we experienced a series of technical difficulties including an increase in the price of our hosting service (un unforseen Corporate price hike that took both the IndyMedia tech team and those individuals who volunteer fundraising efforts by surprise). Rather than becoming discouraged with this situation, the techs and each local IndyMedia organization involved in the situation decided to take this opportunity to re-structure their websites, as well as change many of their old or outdated procedures and programs. Like many, but not all IndyMedia Centers, Boston IMC decided to switch servers, switch our website's organization around, add improvements and try processes available with our new site.

The IndyMedia decision making process is no enigma - it's a clear, straightforward, and longstanding (4 years, going strong!) tradition of open policies and discussion.

For those people interested in reading through the entire decision making process of this situation, the archives can be found on our open e-mail lists, as well as on the english IndyMedia site. The first announcement of the server situation was made on the IMC Tech list on October 28, 2003. Each IMC followed a similar, but individual process to decide what steps they would take in reaction to the tech announcement.

And each IndyMedia Center is at a different stage of their re-development after the server switch. Boston IMC is still working to improve our new site, and many of the new features that we've planned to open to the public are still under construction. Progress takes time! And fears that IndyMedia is threatened by the U.S. Government, the FBI/CIA, etc. are bogus fears, at least as far as our (individual, collective, volunteer!) civil rights are concerned.

For more information on the website and server switch, visit the archives at:
Explaination Doesn't Wash!
12 Mar 2004
To S.Eppler:
You still didn't explain why you "Eliminated" the "Post an Article" section - or why its taken 4 months to reconfigure the Indymedia.Org website. Plus all those thousands of Articles that had previously been Posted on Indymedia.Org, have Vanished or are nigh on impossible to locate - not only thta but you haven't even gone to the least bit of trouble to make a posting on the Indymedia.Org webpage on how or where to find those Articles! Why? Are they just all that unimportant?

All in all your explaination isn't good enough and just doesn't add up!
If all the other Indymedia sites can continue to function and "Post Articles" it stands to reason that Indymedia.Org's problems can't be fianacial (you're still not soliciting donations!) or technical in naure!
Re: Why did "Indymedia.Org" abandon its Post Articles page?
12 Mar 2004
Perhaps you're confused by our new layout. Our "Post an Article" section is still up and running (strong!). The link to connect you with that page is located in the navigation menu directly beneath the "boston independent media center" logo at the top of the page.

Our newswire, media and featured article archives are difficult to navigate, but they are available to both volunteers and the public alike on our newswire archive page. I've checked the archive and can confirm that we have data that goes back to the very beginning of the Boston IndyMedia Center. All out archives are there, we just have alot of them!

And we are still making changes to our website, but what you see is currently what you get! We have several new features that we hope to have installed before the Democratic National Convention, and our entirely volunteer tech team is working on upgrades and improvements to the current site. Again, our decision making process can be found online through our various e-mail discussion lists, as well as by attendence at our local open collective meetings.

If you are concerned about changes made on the main english-based IndyMedia site ( then you may want to direct your questions and concerns to their volunteer collective. Their decision making process is similar, but different, from Boston IMC's. If you are familiar with the IndyMedia network, each organization handles our process, finances and website maintenence in a different way, and changes made to a local IMC page doesn't necessarily reflect changes made to a global page, and vice versa.

Truly, if you are further concerned or confused by the organizational structure or the nature of the IndyMedia network, we suggest that you review our info page, to further understand our process. And also to consider speaking with the volunteer collective at our next scheduled meeting. We meet the first Sunday of each calendar month, at the Lucy Parson's Center, 549 Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA.
Re: Why did "Indymedia.Org" abandon its Post Articles page?
12 Mar 2004
I don't know exactly what's going on, but there is still a link on the Global IMC site for people to post their articles--but it does appear to be disabled. You can also still view the open-publishing newswire postings. It may be that there is a temporary glitch they are working on fixing; I don't know why they would leave the links up otherwise. Like Svea said, you may want to check the archives of the Global Tech list (they should be publicly available). Go to, where there should a relatively self-explanatory set of links to follow. If you don't find any information there, you can always e-mail the Global Tech team, asking what's up. We really don't know anything here in Boston--Indy Media is a very decentralized affair and those of us in Boston focus our limited volunteer power on this site. I don't think it makes sense to leap to conclusions about grand conspiracies without doing a little investigation. It's unlikely the Global IMC collective would just roll over and play dead because the FBI is being a pain in the butt.

If there is a temporary glitch with posting to the Global site, the tech team may not being focusing their resources and time on fixing it. It's simply not a priority. The reason the newswire consisting of links to local features is featured on the front page is because the Global collective decided (wisely in my opinion) that it made sense to steer people towards posting at local IMCs, getting them to read the stories there as well as on the Global site. I suspect the Global newswire had gotten quite unmanageable in terms of turnover rate of postings and the amount of garbage posted to it before they removed it from immediate sight.
Boston's Indy Media should rethink its Policy Violations.
12 Mar 2004
Boston's Indy Media is using Policy Violations to place articles as Hidden Articles. Whether the article is legit or not...No article should be Hidden. Boston Indy Media should take a look at themselves. Seems that they are no better than Ashcroft! Ban this!...
One More Time!!!
13 Mar 2004
Its not you CAN'T "Post an Article" on - its you CAN'T "Post an Article" on, nor can you find or locate any of the thousands of articles that had been posted there before their "Avowed" Reconfiguring of that Website soem 4 months ago!

The explainations given still don't wash or shed any light on what caused or on what continues to fuel the apparent and de-facto "CENSORSHIP" that WWW.Indymedia.Org won't admit but willfully practises!
Re: Boston's Indy Media should rethink its Policy Violations
13 Mar 2004
We've had long discussions about whether or not to hide articles and which articles to hide. Our current editorial policy is far from arbitrary aand has been refined over a number of years. It's necessary to maintain the integrity of the website as a resource for Boston-area progressives. Some IMCs that in the past had a policy of hiding nothing saw their newswires practically taken over by neo-Nazis. We faced such a problem several months ago until we began cracking down on them. Then we had to deal with a situation where two individuals in a feud practically took over the newswire, with their posts attacking each other crowding out more worthwhile material. We do not aim to be some nebulous free speech site. We aim to be a progressive news and communications site, which is why we reserve the right to hide anything that runs counter to that mission or threeatens to disrupt the integrity of the newswire. I think virtually every IMC in the US, if not the world, has some policy that allows them to hide disruptive newswire postings. We are hardly exceptional in this regard.

Hawley, in my response to you, I was talking about --that's what I meant by the Global IMC site. I have no idea what's going on. I was making some educated guesses. If it concerns you that much, I really suggest you check out the Tech list's on-line archives or e-mail them directly. Leaping to conclusions about grand conspiracies is going to get us no where and can be very damaging to the left.