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Commentary :: Human Rights
Islam good US bad
31 Mar 2004
Wed March 30, 04: Iraqis grin and cheer after hanging charred and dismembered bodies of Americans from a bridge
Islam is a culture of violence and death. When Islamists invade the Sudan to kill parents and take children for slave prisoners they rarely stop to feed the hungry as the US did in Afghanistan.

When militant Muslims take over a country such as Iran or Afghanistan they rarely worry about human dignity not to mention human rights. Soccer stadium executions of young woman who have had sex without being married are routine. Tongues cut out torture and execution of young men who curse or blasphemy are considered proper.

There is no presumption of innocence or right to a speedy trial, their is no cruel and unusual punishment clause or right to vote or speak.

Honestly ask yourself in the privacy of your own thoughts which side you better identify with. Is the US really such a terrible place? If yes then why do so many diverse people risk death to come to the US every day?

Copyright by the author. All rights reserved.


Just the kind of racist crap I'd expect on Boston IndyMedia.
31 Mar 2004
Brenda, would you deduce from the fact that Zionism is genocidal the conclusion that Judaism is genocidal? Since I have a brain, I would not come to that conclusion.

Would you conclude that because Stalin was a mass muderer, all socialists are mass murderers? I would not, because I have brain.

Would you conclude that because Hitler was a capitalist, all capitalists are mass murderers? I would not, because I have a brain.

Brenda, if you only had a brain...
To The Last Paragraph...
31 Mar 2004
The United States ISN'T a terrible place. Crooked politicians, ill laws and constant lies. That is the perception I see, the world is seeing.
People risking death to come here are poor, undereducated and desperate.(If they were rich and educated? I doubt they'd leave their country.)
As for the Muslims RADICALS, in the Middle East and elsewhere? How can anyone change unless there is education? The education in some of those desolate areas are strick Muslim. There won't be any change until the WORLD government bodies wake up!
Re: Islam good US bad
31 Mar 2004
anti-Brenda must be the dumbest person on the planet earth. Islam is a very violent religion. Passage after passage speaks of killing the infadels. And the worse part is these are the passages that are getting all the publicity and are being actively carried out in the world.

The facts speak for themselves Islam is responsible for an ongoing war against all non muslims the world over from New York, to Madrid Spain, to Africa, to Moscow, to the Phillipines. People the world over are murdered dailly by Muslims with an endless blood lust.
Is this ZioNazi coming out week?
31 Mar 2004
BostonZioMedia is just blooming with them.
Re: Islam good US bad
31 Mar 2004
Yes Able it is ZioNazi coming out week as you say!!

Infact you can tell who the ZioNazi's are because anyone who speaks out against Muslim terrorists or as you and I say "freedom fighters" is a ZioNazi.

Isn't it funny how these ZioNazi's give themselves away? All these people condemming the "freedom fighters" in Madrid. Just more ZioNazis and all those office workers and firefighters in New York city who speak out against the "9-11 Muslim freedom fighters" just more ZioNazi's. Well it makes sense NYC is the capital of ZioNazis if you dont include Tel Aviv.

You know those people in the Phillipines fighting Abu Sayef "freedom fighters" just more ZioNazis, yeah you guessed it.

Those Arabs in Saudi Arabia rounding up Al queda "freedom fighters" Just more Jews ooops... I mean ZioNazis pretending to be Muslim Arabs fighting Al Qeda "freedom fighters".

Yeah Abe its a crazy world. I can believe people dont see the pure hearts and good intentions of all these Islamic "freedom fighters". Then they go and ignore all the ZioNazis who dare complain about train and bus bombs. Gosh..
Don't put words in my mouth.
31 Mar 2004
I didn't call Islamic extremists "freedom fighters." That you claim I did shows your dishonesty. My point is simple: all ideologies have their extremists, even Judaism and it is the extremists that do evil deeds, not the moderates.

That the article picks on Islam as if it were somehow an exception, as if all Islamics were evil displays the bigotry behind it.

A ZioNazi is an extreme Zionist in the Jakobinsky bent, much like Sharon. Anyone who demonizes an entire people based on the behavior of some very small subset is indistinguishable from a Nazi.