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News :: Human Rights
Stephen DeVoy falls to the depths of insanity
01 Apr 2004
The FBI, NEFAC, Indymedia, all conspiring against a fat assed nobody named Stephen DeVoy? BWAHAHAHA

Statement on the future of the Stop-Fascism! Website: ANSWERED

I have irrefutable evidence that the FBI is behind the harassment of this website.  I can prove that the FBI runs the KOBEHQ website by proxy, is the source of death threats against me, has been engaging in illegal online activities and has been modifying this website (e.g. removing my comments and changing content). 

BULLSHIT. We have irrefutable evidence (right on your website) that you have published libelous material about innocent parties which you have accused of being associated with KOBE, and with other government agencies. You have harassed innocent individuals because you believed (as you do now) that you are the victim of some nebulous conspiracy to “destroy” your fat paranoid ass. Perhaps you are, but you will never be able to prove it. The fact that you have “positively, 100%, confirmed” so many “facts” which have been later proved conclusively mistaken or outright WRONG, your “evidence” is permanently labeled as questionable, and will be summarily dismissed.

I also have proof that the FBI monitors my every online move, in real time.  Modifications to the website are made by interfering with the packet stream as my uploads and downloads pass through my ISP - something that Carnivore is capable of doing.

You got nothing, bub. There is no way you can sniff a sniffer AFTER it has intercepted a packet. There is no trace. There is no proof. IF there was a program monitoring your site and was altering it, then it has been legally sanctioned, and is probably related to the legal position you put your ISP in as a result of publishing the material you publish. They are responsible as well as you. Tough shit. Create your own ISP and host your own site, loser!

I am nothing more than a writer and ex-employee of a contractor working for the Information Awareness Office.  I am not engaged in criminal activities, am not the member of any organization and merely write about what I see as the rise of fascism in the United States.  In response to my constitutionally protected free speech, the FBI has interfered with my employment, harassed me and my family, engaged in online fraud and published forged documents in my name.

MORE BULLSHIT. You have implicated government officials, your ex-employers, the Federal Government and even the President of the United States in “nefarious schemes” for which you provide “proof” which is actually nothing but speculation. Your warped conclusions have no basis in reality, and your continued pattern of stating your speculations as fact will no longer be tolerated. Your employee record at Cycorp clearly shows that your programming skills are lacking, and that you are not a team player. Even as an anarchist, you constantly seek validation by trying to distinguish yourself from other anarchists and frequently speak to yourself in the third person in a congratulatory manner.

All of the harassment has centered around my comments about Israel and the connections that I can prove between the Mossad and 9/11.  I have several other websites, each dealing with very different aspects of anarchism.  None of the other websites deals with the issue of Israeli involvement in 9/11.  Those websites have not been harassed by the FBI.

Not yet….

My conclusion is that I cannot engage in free speech in the United States of America.  I cannot write about what I believe to be the truth with regard to the relationship between the United States of America and the Government of Israel.  Faced with the active interference of the Government in my writings on this topic, I must acknowledge that I no longer have free speech.  Therefore, this project has come to and end due to the direct force of the US Government in violation of the Constitution.

Damn straight. What you “believe” is irrelevant. When you state your speculations as FACT, you cross the line. Your “proof” is unsubstantiated, and you must state it as such, or face the consequences.

My other online publications will remain and develop as planned.  In place of this website I will be publishing documentation detailing the crimes of the FBI with regard to their violation of my civil liberties.

Really? Try that and find out what happens (wink).

I will also be starting a new "Stop Fascism!" which will be available by subscription only.  It will contain the same content, theme, and treatment as this website but will not be available online.  It will be in the form of a weekly CD mailed to subscribers.  That CD will contain the entire website and all updates, just as the online version does now.  In time I intend to create a hardcopy magazine which will be issued monthly.  It will contain my analysis of the month's news and events.

All such material will fall under the Interstate Trade Commission, and will be closely monitored. Who knows, you might be trafficking drugs in those CDs, right? (snicker)

Details on how to subscribe to these new publications made in substitution of this website will be posted here in the next three days.

If a program can “alter a website”, then it can certainly monitor data transferred to your website. Your other mail is already being monitored, Stevie.

In the meanwhile, I intend to seek the assistance of a civil rights lawyer and discuss what remedies are available regarding this act of repression by the US Government.

Let me save you the time. You have no remedies, and you have made too many mistakes. Get out while you’re behind, and save what little dignity you might have left.

The Devil Himself

This work is in the public domain


Our website is state of the art, and attracts likewise.
01 Apr 2004
I know you have seen it, Stevie. All written entirely in ASP.NET, webmail (using Merak Mail Server....the very same as used by the FBI, NASA, and other Government agencies, streaming media server, and multi-tiered access. I thought you were a programmer, Stevie.

You claimed to be working on an AI program to use heuristic processes and boolean logic to determine "harassment" on your "soon to be announced Indymedia-like site to replace Boston Indy". Of course, you couldnt deliver. But in the unlikely event you WERE working on such a program, KOBE Tech developed an AI program to counter you. Now, we have a working example, and you have nothing. Its like you saying that you have an atomic bomb, then forcing your adversary to create a countermeasure, only to find out that there was no bomb to begin with. Good for us. Bad for you.

Care for a game of chess? Perhaps some swordfish? BWAHAHAHA