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Commentary :: Environment
'Roads and Bridges and [walkways]'
14 Apr 2011
Maybe a reverse take on 'Broken Windows' (,, that is, maybe one might think a "cat" left dead on side of walkway for months is minor and of little moment in light of all the other concerns in the world, or in their lives but maybe it is all related, like 'what happens to non-human animals might very well happen to us.
'Contacting' those who are no longer called "MassHighway" by HTML form, no email unless 'hidden' to prevent contacting people directly.

The name might have changed but some things continue.


There ought to be a way to 'contact' the Highway Department
electronically, and more directly, unless I missed it, and also none of
the topic subjects appear to be appropriate in this HTML form.


To: [Medford City Counselors] in hopes they contact 'Walkway Division' (yea right, that it would ever be called this, like 'roads and bridges [and walkways]')

A sign of things: between Elm Street and Roosevelt Circle, a cat there
since at least November 2011 (though understandably over looked since someone "buried" 'it')
Date: Thu, 07 Apr 2011 10:48:03 -0400

[Also, hardly surprised that the so-called 93fast14 ( ) will not address, I presume, the fact that there is not a single "sign" at Roosevelt Circle at "Exit 33," right near "arbitrary" limits of proposed 'sound barrier' which if went a relatively bit further would limit noise
to people near areas parallel Fellsway West, near rotary (of course the
proposed area is considerably louder by way of perceptions of mine), that indicates that people might actually be walking here.

The speeds that some, maybe a lot of people "exit" route 93 north (N),
or go through "Stop" sign at Ridgeway Road, or pass by at undivided
"fork" at Fellsway West and Route 93 N on ramp, or come off 93 South exit by Wrights Tower, (often called Pine Hill) where street light out for years, is something to be experienced if one wants to risk "crossing" here.

And the "Yield" at this off ramp does not mean to people crossing there, some come off at about the nearly the same speed they were on highway, and, no "raised" crosswalk, not even repainted for years when worn, and then half-done for about a year. [compare some parts of Mass. Ave. in Arlington or Winchester, or Somerville, note Assembly Marketplace now, where two cones per crosswalk]

And at Forest Street, where many decide at relatively fast speed either go here or continue in rotary to 93 South or Roue 28 "split" which if waiting to cross leaves one unsure did last second when "they' decide which way they are going.

As for indicators by way of sign or other means there is not a single one, certainly no "Yield to Pedestrians", which would be a radical concern for people, and none of those lime-green cones with "State Law" postings regarding crosswalks...., no "Medford Save Lives" sign, maybe one on Fellsway West, or did that "fall" down, and never get replaced near Riverside avenue, by the site of a former church.

[some people got the "T" to change the 325 bus to make the "last stop" outbound the other side of the rotary at certain times which is undertsandable but a better solution if for peoole, those pushing strollers, walking, with dogs, maybe, or skateboards, what have you to also be able to "share the walkway.]

When "cat" that was dead near the walkway on Route 28 South, between Elm Street and Roosevelt Circle, more finer details provided at the time in order to allow one to locate, was reported by way of electronic mail, it was during weekend, sent so possibly someone could initiate its removal as soon as could be done. This was November of 2010.

I appreciate those City Counselors that tried to get it removed, and
apologize for not verifying whether it was "removed" or not. In
addition to details above, before the first of all that snow New
England received, I placed a piece of garland by tree to even better
possibly indicate its location.

A first walk by this area after the snow had mostly melted lead me to
think the cat was gone, and hopefully not pushed by the walkway machine
that removes snow on occasion from the walkways in this area, hardly a
regular occurrence but it has been better as of late, save the
"crosswalk" openings and the narrowness of Forest Street at rotary for
quite some time throughout the Winter, the 100/325 Bus stop area being
accessible by way of South Border Road's "dead end" walkway that leads
to rotary area, thanks to me, the lack of crosswalk "openings" making it
even more dangerous to walk here. Needless to say Forest Street walkway
seldom ever cleared aside from when I make a narrow path with
shovel..enough of that.

A few weeks ago to my amazement someone was cutting large branches that
overhang sidewalk right near where cat "was" (the suggestion I will make
below is not that this "work crew" did anything regarding cat), also the
sign on trucks still says "Mass Highway"), not reflecting "so-called
restructuring, but of course piles of debris blocking storm drains were
not cleared but that is for another day; though refreshing to not only
see rotary cleaned by street cleaner, as somewhat usually done, but
[on] April 6, 2011, even the portion of Westood Road leading to
South Border was cleaned. This has not apparently been done in years,
as evident by what is usually in the gutter there. Maybe only
observable by someone who walks here.

At last to the point of this, the other day I noticed a pile of "dirt"
about fifteen feet from where dad cat was, and it turns out the cat had
dirt placed over it, but someone maybe as sentimental as me, for showing
concern not only for children, as I first noted in first email, as
displayed by leaving a stick, a branch in the pile, certainly
thoughtful (of course I am being...)

Not going to ask anything, not expect anything, well in a certain sense,
I don't. That is one ought to expect certain things but they learn
over time and by experiences and observations to not, in a a very
different sense.

On Fellsway West, between St. Francis and Salem Street and even beyond
do the new bins appear to be helping "flying litter" in the gutters and
"grass" strips of walkways be clear of paper, cigarette boxes, "plastic"
bottles and cups, "nip" bottles. cans, food wrappers, etc.,

As of 13 April 2011, the "car" continues to lie in after spent months
on side of so-called walkway, again first noticed November 2010.

What's the Einstein remark:

"Our task must be to free widening our circle of
compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and
its beauty

a Medford Citizen

Not surprised only an HTML Form, not an email to contact anyone but I
didn't spend that long looking:

"-------- Original Message -----

Subj: Animal (Cat) Dead on Fellsway West , 13 Nov2010

Date: Sat, November 13, 2010 3:43 pm
To: com


I appreciated the response to my concern and
the acknowledgment of my concerns..., and this time I realize I should not be contacting you. I do not see an email address for "animal control," but again this is not
reason to direct your way.

I should know if I ought to contact DCR or [MassHighway]
Massachusetts Highway Division (Massdot)] who else, but I presume this
coming Monday someone can direct me. I did want to try to begin the
process in hopes that the cat on Fellsway West, Route 28, South side,
along sidewalk, not on it but off to side, after Elm Street and almost
at the bend of the overpass for route 93, can be moved.

Again sorry to contact you. This morning when I saw it
as I was walking for the bus even though I am used to seeing such things
I was struck and would prefer children, etc. not to see, not to mention
to have the cat at least properly moved elsewhere besides the side of
the road.

This work licensed under a
Creative Commons license
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'Dead Cat' on 'Walkway' 'Case Closed' (November 2010 to April 28, 2011)
30 Apr 2011
Yes, I wrote the wrong year in the base note (as ought be evident).

As I approached the Bus 100 'inbound' Roosevelt Circle 'stop' I saw two 'street cleaners' coming from the area of Elm Street and the rotary, between which the cat was on walkway then 'buried' (dirt pile with stick to 'signify' something I presume), but still on walkway till I reluctantly 'pushed' into gutter until it was 'removed' two days ago, Thursday, April 28, 2011, first 'reported' November 2010.

As an aisde, if one wants to know if a bus stops at or near a particular street:, as an example, I used when getting a book from the Bedford...library (of course it could have been 'requested' and picked up elsewhere but felt like going there) I was able to determine that bus stopped nearby.
Not anyone's 'listener' (my listeners, our listeners, etc.)
30 Apr 2011
I foolishly put this in 'Summary' though I ought to have recalled it would be ignored, as only the 'body' appears to get 'submitted:'

I think it's mostly all related, social organization and much else, so-called 'quality of life' for everyone, or MassWealth for all, 'wealth' meaning here, more than adequate, fundamental, basic necessities for everyone, or beyond 'the rich' and 'poor' 'discussions.'