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News :: Human Rights
11 Sep 2011
The FAA and NORAD have the technology to land any airplane that veers off course so how did 9/11 happen
On this anniversarry of 9/11 one unanswered question is this the website has an article saying that any hijacked airplane could be landed without anyone being harmed by any of the FAA or NORAD employees sitting in desks in front of Computers.It also is a known fact that NORAD as far back as the late 1990’s expressed concern that Terrorists might use hijacked airplanes as a weapon in America or Canada This would mean that NORAD was afraid a hijacked airplane might hit a building and they had from the late 1990’s until 2001 to program the airplanes to land based on what someone at a Computer not the Pilot commands it to do.Had this happened and for arguments sake no one was expecting planes to be hijacked on 9/11 then the First plane would hit the World Trade Center,then NORAD and maybe also the FAA would decide as a safety precaution to land any additional planes that veer off course.So the Second hijacked plane because of Computerized Autopilot right as it’s going towards The World Trade Center would begin to go in a different direction and eventually safely land without anyone on board being harmed and without the plane touching the World Trade Center.The rest of the hijacked planes would also once they went off course also by Autopilot go in a different direction and safely land without anyone on board being harmed or without hitting any buildings.And by the end of September 11,2001 the World Trade Center would still be standing but have a hole in it.The Pentagon would be unharmed and maybe 30 people not 3,000 would be dead.So what happened?Here’s the article on
Autopilot could land hijacked planes
 11:15 12 September 2001 by Catherine Zandonella, San Francisco
“Aeroplane hijackings could be halted in progress with existing technologies, say aviation researchers, but the attempt would be risky.Most modern aircraft have some form of autopilot that could be re-programmed to ignore commands from a hijacker and instead take direction from the ground," says Jeff Gosling of the Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Berkeley.”
They never used the existing technology they had,to prevent something they were concerned about why? According to former U.S. Secretary of State James Baker in his report for the Council on Foreign Relations published in 2000
“Indeed, the situation is worse than the oil shocks of the past because in the present energy situation, the tight oil market condition is coupled with shortages of natural gas in the United States, heating fuels for the winter, and electricity supplies in certain localities.
(Foreward Vi)

What this means is back in 2000,at the same time as the California power Blackouts.Baker believed here in America there could be limits on heating for people in a cold winter.This was not the same as 1980 when prices were raised but no one was in danger of freezing.What happened,this may sound complicated is this,saying BinLaden didn’t do 9/11 doesn’t mean BinLaden didn’t bomb other buildings.BinLaden did bomb a U.S. embassy in Kenya and he did attack the U.S.S. Cole because he was angry that America had asked his buddies the Taliban(The guys America was now buying Oil from)to stop their mistreatment of Women.

The Taliban back in the 1990’s were doing all the things to women that have been reported in the papers.(I enclosed a picture of what they were doing to Women so while we discuss why the U.S. Government took out the World Trade Center something I hate George W.Bush,Dick Cheyney,David Rockefeller,Condi Rice,James Baker,and Zbignew Brzezinski for,we never also forget that America attacking itself doesn’t change how truly evil BinLaden and the Taliban were and the Taliban still is)

BinLaden decided because President Clinton at the urging of Hillary asked the Taliban to stop doing to women what is in that picture,that he would do three things to America while he continued as head of Al Queda to help the Taliban torture women within the borders of Afghanistan

1)Bomb an American embassy in Kenya
2)Bomb an American Naval ship in Yemen killing U.S Navy Men
3)Make sure an Oil Pipeline which carries Oil from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan over to Pakistan which Americans need instead of being given to Unocal an American C.I.A. connected company would instead be given to Bridas an Argentianian company Argentina would get America’s Oil!

At the sametime Saudi Arabia was not supplying as much Oil to America as they did before,BinLaden would encourage the Taliban to do something which could possibly freeze to death anywhere from 100,000 to 500,000 Americans

Saudi Arabia was angry that there were American troops stationed in their country,Saudi Arabia was angry that Bill Clinton used a Saudi Arabian Airforce base to bomb Iraq in 1998 without consulting them First they didn’t like Saddam Hussein but they wanted to be consulted before America used their Airforce base for anything so after the Saudi’s stopped producing enough Oil for America the Taliban became the ones America hoped to get Oil from

According to the Baker report the world is not running out of Oil but has used up it’s surplus capacity meaning they need to get more out of the ground the world will always have it but Saudi Arabia wasn’t gettting as much out of the ground for America as they did in the past.And Saudi Arabia now could sell as much Oil to China and India as they wanted.In the past they needed to sell Oil to America to make money.Now they could make as much money selling to China.

Before the Clinton administration complained about the treatment of the women in Afghanistan BinLaden didn’t mind both America and Israel using the Oil that would be available in the future once the pipeline was completed.BinLaden felt as long as Sharia law was practiced within the borders of Afghanistan it wasn’t unIslamic to sell Oil to Jews.It even made him look more moderate to some people.So both America and Israel would get the Oil once the pipeline was completed and the Taliban came to power. As long as no one complained about what they did to women in their own borders and the fact they had attacked United Nations workers.They weren’t attacking Americans or Israeli’s.

Once America asked the Taliban to stop their mistreatment of women and prominent America women like Mavis Leno the wife of Comedian and Talkshow host Jay Leno formed organizations to oppose the Taliban’s treatment of Women.BinLaden decided to attack America and he would not accommodate Israel either.He attacked the US embassy,attacked a U.S. Naval ship,and knew that giving the Oil Pipeline to Bridas would indirectly kill Americans.

If a U.S. Naval ship in Yemen had been attacked in the 1950’s the U.S. President would have 100% support in invading Afghanistan since that’s where the guys who did it lived.Because this was the 1990’s,the post Vietnam era,Bill Clinton bombed Afghanistan with an airstrike but there was zero public support for sending in ground troops the American people would never have supported having Thousands of troops killed by invading the country.While Conservative military men disliked the American people for that a ship was bombed by BinLaden and the American people didn’t want any ground troops.They found unlikely friends on the Left Feminists felt that after years of complaining since the 1960’s that American foreign policy was based on just greed a U.S. President with a wife who was running for the Senate once he left office asked repressive Men to do the right thing and they attacked a Naval ship and now were going to indirectly kill hundreds of thousands of Americans.

While the Feminists hated George W.Bush over the abortion issue,they felt doing 9/11 was about womens rights,and their neighbors not freezing to death,so since Democrats privately supported it also,they were willing to say BinLaden attacked the Trade center when they knew what really happened.

At First I fugured maybe the only choices were 3,000 dead in the World Trade Center or 500,000 dead but once the military began the war in Afghanistan both parties made unnecesarry cutbacks and restrictions on the Civil Liberties and Lifestyle of the American people.Liberal Americans who support Women’s rights,oppose racisim,didn’t know how badly women were being treated in Afghanistan now were having their Civil Liberties taken when some of the people who did 9/11 like George W.Bush only saved the lives of all the Americans who would’ve frozen to death so they would be alive to purchase Oil.BinLaden is dead and a war on innocent Americans is being waged by both parties with the goal of taking the Civil Liberties and freedom of nice people.3,000 orphans the children of 9/11 don’t deserve a less free,less happy country.Here are some quotes from Zbignew Brzezinski’s book, “The Grand Chess Board” written in 1997 at a moment when BinLaden hadn’t yet become America’s enemy but because of how much Oil China was now getting from Saudi Arabia instead of America Brzezinski even backthen wanted to make sure America got the Oil Pipeline

“The Public supported America’s engagement in World WarII largely because of the shock effect of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.”
(25)“It is also a fact that America is too democratic at home to be autocratic abroad.”(35 )

“About 75 percent of the world’s people live in Eurasia and most of the world’s physical wealth is there as well both in it’s enterprises and underneath it’s soil Eurasia accounts for about 60 percent of the world’s GNP and about three-fourths of the world’s known energy resources.”

“About 75 percent of the world’s people live in Eurasia and most of the world’s physical wealth is there as well both in it’s enterprises and underneath it’s soil Eurasia accounts for about 60 percent of the world’s GNP and about three-fourths of the world’s known energy resources.”(31)

This work is in the public domain
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