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Commentary :: Politics
Vermont is like Hong Kong; How's it going in Boston with Political Supression?
30 Sep 2014
University of Massachusetts/Amherst Graduate '76, Ms. Cris Ericson, age 62, is disgusted with political suppression in the State of Vermont. She compares it to what is going on in Hong Kong. So, how's it going back there in Boston? Are you suppressing the voices of independent and minor party candidates there?
Cris Ericson
Cris Ericson.jpg
Civil Rights Being Violated in Vermont
Monday, September 29, 2014 5:18 PM
From: "Cris Ericson" crisericson @
To: chris.herren @
alan @ Alan Keyes
jfarah @ Joseph Farah
info @
dissent @ Rosemarie Jackowski
emilypeyton2012 @ Emily Peyton
dan @ Dan Feliciano
info @ Governor Peter Shumlin Campaign
scott.milne @ Scott Milne
peopleunite @ Matthew Andrews
orly.taitz @ Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq.
talk @
donnap @ H. Brooke Paige

Dear T. Christian Herren, Jr.
Chief of Voting Section, Civil Rights,

Request for federal injunctive relief.
Our Civil Rights are being violated in Vermont
in a number of ways.

(1) Jim Condos, Vermont Secretary of State,
and Will Sennings, Elections Division,
should stop violating Vermont law.
17 V.S.A. 2906(b):
b) Candidate information web page.
1) Any candidate for statewide office and any candidate for federal
office qualified to be on the ballot in this State may submit to the
Secretary of State a photograph, biographical sketch, and position
statement of a length and format specified by the Secretary of State
for the purposes of preparing a CANDIDATE information WEB PAGE
within the website of the Secretary of State.

Will Senning and Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos
should be charged with subverting the intent of the law because
they merely provided candidates with a pdf format page which must
be "downloaded" to be seen, and is therefore NOT a WEB PAGE.

(2) Governor Peter Shumlin should be charged with
money laundering for signing funding bills to give
VPR and other "NON-PROFIT" organizations,
who exclude some candidates
from debates and forums, because he
knew or should have known that they would exclude
some candidates while inviting him,
and therefore he was signing funding bills
to give taxpayer money in support of his campaign.

VPR - Vermont Public Radio-
and others act like China to limit democracy
by excluding candidates from debates and forums
and assuring that only pro-VPR corporate funders' choice
of candidates will be elected.

Today, Pro-Democracy Protesters Occupy Hong Kong's Central District - Since the 1997 handover of Hong Kong to China,
the semi-autonomous city has operated under a "one country, two systems"
formula, allowing a limited democracy. In August, the Chinese government
announced plans to vet candidates in Hong Kong's 2017 elections,
virtually assuring only pro-Beijing candidates would be on the ballots

(3) "...This is Matthew Andrews, the Liberty Union Party candidate
for Congress....
Seven Days finally wrote about Liberty Union....
the author, Kevin Keller, ...
His article was a slanderous hack job.
You can read it here:"

Sevendaysvt claims to be a "non-profit" but they have clearly acted
for years as a PAC, a political action committee promoting some
candidates while clearly discouraging voters from voting for others.
They should not be receiving any taxpayer dollars, and if Governor
Peter Shumlin signs bills giving them taxpayer dollars then he
should be charged with campaign finance money laundering.

Our Civil Rights are clearly being violated in Vermont,
just like what the protesters in Hong Kong are complaining about:
our choices are being limited because of Governor Peter
Shumlin signing bills to give Vermont non-profits taxpayer
dollars which they use to promote him as a candidate
while discouraging voters from voting for others.

Ms. Cris Ericson
2014 Vote Cris Ericson
Please send campaign donations to:
Cris Ericson Campaign for U.S. Congress 2014,
or Cris Ericson Campaign for Governor of Vermont 2014,
879 Church Street
Chester, Vermont
crisericson @
See also:

This work is in the public domain
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Re: Vermont is like Hong Kong; How's it going in Boston with Political Supression?
30 Sep 2014
Here is the information that is supposed to be on a WEB page for Vermont voters. Absentee and Early Voting already began in Vermont on Sept. 19, 2014 and so many voters do not know anything about most of the candidates who are on the ballot.
Is this also happening in Boston?
VERMONT 2014 Candidate Info
Vermont Secretary of State,
Scroll to bottom of page for
list of candidates.

Candidate for Representative to Congress
CRIS ERICSON, Chester, Independent

Candidate for Governor
CRIS ERICSON, Chester, Independent

1., 2., 3., 4., 5. are the same for both campaigns for Cris Ericson,
for Governor and for Representative to U.S. Congress.
6. is different for each campaign.

1. CANDIDATE NAME: Cris Ericson
2. Candidate photo:
3. Candidate Logo:

4. Contact for additional candidate information:
30 words
Ms. Cris Ericson
879 Church Street
Chester, Vermont 05143-9375
crisericson (at)
Chester, Vermont is in southeastern
Vermont in an area of rolling hills,
small farms, artists, musicians
and delightful people.

5. Biographical sketch: 100 words
Cris Ericson left Vermont after
attending Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont
and worked on movie sets in
California, returning to Vermont in 1995.
In Los Angeles 1990, she worked on the filming
of "Point Break" and was injured by Patrick Swayze
with "trade secret" special effects.
Ms. Cris Ericson became a pro se litigant representing herself
in court. It took seven years to get Material Safety
Data Hazard Sheets to prove the chemicals were federally
regulated toxic hazardous concealed military high explosives,
Lead Azide, Lead Styphnate and PETN plastic high
explosive. The United States District Courts
suddenly dismissed her complaints.
Ms. Cris Ericson became a political candidate
because she believes government is corrupt.


6. POSTITION STATEMENT 550 words Cris Ericson for Governor

STOP the F-35 STRIKE FIGHTER JETS from being based in
Chittenden County, at the Burlington International Airport,
the most populated area of Vermont. Two Navy F/A-18C
strike fighter jets just crashed in the Pacific Ocean during
a Solar Flare event, Sept. 12, 2014. The cause of the crash
is under investigation. The newer F-35s are not even tested
to be safe yet. NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory reported an X1.6-Class solar flare
Sept. 10, 2014 which took a couple days to get to Earth.
X-Class solar flares can disrupt GPS navigation, radio
communications and power grids.

LAKE CHAMPLAIN should be declared a grandfathered in
public drinking water reservoir because it has always been
a source of drinking water for Vermonters and currently
one-third of Vermonters draw their drinking water from
Lake Champlain. STOP natural gas pipelines from running
underneath Lake Champlain because they can burst and
clean up can take years, depriving Vermonters of drinking
water. OUTLAW motorboats on Lake Champlain because
they pollute Vermont's drinking water with lead from drops
of oil and gas. STOP dumping MONSANTO's chemicals into
Lake Champlain to "treat" (KILL) invasive aquatic species
because they pollute Vermonters' drinking water. STOP
dumping treated sewage into Lake Champlain and re-route
it elsewhere. Treated sewage contains remnants of
prescription drugs people urinate and defacate into their
toilets. It is a national disgrace that Vermonters are drinking
treated sewage mixed with lead from gas and oil dripped by
motor boats, and then chemically treated again with
even more chemicals! The situation is disgusting and must
be stopped! Vote for Cris Ericson and really clean
up Lake Champlain!

DISABLED PATIENTS who require prescription pain killers
should not be treated like criminals! STOP the required
testing for illegal drugs of innocent patients. Medical Doctors
are not Police! Innocent patients should not be treated like
criminals on parole! The insulting and demeaning and absolutely
hateful treatment of disabled Vermonters must STOP!
No patient can be healed by an arrogant disdainful doctor
who treats them like a criminal!
The unemployment statistics of Vermont are a scam because
many people would go back to work if they had prescription
drugs to function. They are threatened into staying home
instead because a percent of these drug tests come back
with false positives, and people can be arrested. There is
no more patient privacy. Read the tiny fine print on the patient
privacy brochure, it states that your doctor will report you to
Law Enforcement. Vermont has become a hateful police state!
You are innocent, until proven guilty. Your doctor has no right
to tell you that you are guilty first, until you prove your innocence.
Stop the medical profession in Vermont from violating the
U.S. Constitution! If all disabled persons in Vermont pack up
and leave, that will put an enormous hole in the Vermont budget
because pharmacies, grocery stores, and doctors will miss
their payments. Demand Respect! Vote for Cris Ericson!

MAKE MARIJUANA LEGAL by simply repealing all state marijuana
laws. Federal laws will still apply, but we don't need Vermont
State Police flying in helicopters over our homes looking for
marijuana growing in our gardens! Vote for Cris Ericson!

TOLL BOOTHS on roads entering Vermont will make Tourists
appreciate us more. Allow all Vermont license plates in free.
Out-of-state trucks put a huge dent in our pavement, make them
Cris Ericson for
Representative to U.S. Congress 550 word Position

(1) U.S. Congress votes to give 30
Billion taxpayer dollars a year
to the National Institute of Health (N.I.H.).
(2) The N.I.H. gives Billions to
pharmaceutical corporations for research,
design and development of new prescription
drugs and medical devices.
(3) The pharmaceutical corporations
sell the drugs and devices,
and keep all the profit.
(4) The pharmaceutical corporations then give
millions, out of the billions, to lobbyists
who wine and dine members
of U.S. Congress.
(5) High paid employees of the
pharmaceutical corporations put money into
Political Action Committees ( PACs) which
put money into the campaign funds of politicians
in the U.S. Congress.
Cris Ericson calls this campaign finance
money laundering
because your taxpayer dollars have come full
circle and ended up in the million dollar
campaign funds the incumbent politicians
are now bragging about. Taxpayers should
demand a share of the pharmaceutical
prescription drug and medical device profits
under "work made for hire" Patent
laws because taxpayer dollars paid for all the
research and we deserve part of the profit,
which could be deposited in the Social Security

Supreme Court of the U.S. wrongfully decided to
allow Corporations to be "persons",
and by ruling Corporations
as "persons" they are aiding and abetting
Stop the F-35 strike fighter jets from being
based in the largest population area of
Vermont because they are designed to be dual
capable to carry nuclear bombs, and nuclear
bombs will be stored adjacent to the civilian
Burlington International Airport, creating an
astoundingly unsafe situation.
(1) Elected officials in U.S. Congress vote to
give Billions of dollars to the Pentagon.
(2) The Pentagon gives Billions of dollars
to Defense Contractors.
(3) The Defense Contractors give literally millions, out
of the billions, to Lobbyists. The Lobbyists
wine and dine the elected officials.
(4) The high paid employees of the Defense
Contractors give money to Political Action
Committees (PACs) which give money to
elected officials campaign funds.
(5) Your taxpayer dollars have come full circle,
into the million dollar campaign accounts the
incumbent politicians are bragging about.
(6) Worse yet, members of the U.S. Military are
coming home with amputated arms and legs and
psychological trauma and they aren't
getting enough medical treatment.
Cris Ericson calls this campaign finance money
laundering, which she feels should be
considered a crime, because our service men
and women are left suffering while elected
politicians are bragging about having bagged
your taxpayer dollars into their campaign accounts.

Make Marijuana Legal!
Old Testament Holy Bible, Genesis:
God gave us every seed bearing plant.
Declaration of Independence 1776:
"the Laws of Nature
and of Nature's God entitle them".
U.S. Constitution, Amendment 1:
"Congress shall make no law respecting
an establishment of religion".

Obamacare has ongoing changes
signed into law by President Barack Obama.
Some people believe that he has exceeded his
authority under our U.S. Constitution.

Vote for Cris Ericson,
Independent for U.S. Congress, because if
she is elected she will offer a deal to
whichever party is in majority control of the
U.S. House of Representatives. If they agree
to make her Speaker of the House, she will
join their party. Otherwise, she will use
C-Span to teach the American public
everything wrong that is going on, and the
New American Revolution
for honesty in government will begin!

If Cris Ericson is elected Speaker of the House,
then Impeachment proceedings against
President Barack Obama for exceeding his
legal authority under the U.S. Constitution
may begin. As Speaker of the House,
Cris Ericson will be third in line for the
Presidency when Joe Biden and Barack Obama
are both Impeached. Finally, there will be a
woman President in the U.S.A.