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Commentary :: Environment
24 Things We Are Not Told About The Smoke-Ban Scam
12 Jun 2004
Info here may be helpful to bar owners(and their attorneys) in opposing any bans. This is not just about "smoking", it's about an enormous dodge of corporate liabilities, and worse. Info useful for pesticides, environmental and corporate crime activists.
This is NOT 'for-smokers-only'. It's for anyone concerned about extremely health-damaging private industrial corruption of everyone's government. It relates to all consumer products, to conflict-riddled medical and scientific institutions, and to the legal system itself.

1) April ('03), the U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) condemned lax government monitoring of tobacco pesticide residues in cigarettes. See: Wash Post > <
And...Environmental News Service > > <

2) Partial list of non-tobacco cig ingredients (all untested) from which manufacturers select their secret "recipes":

3) For US Patents for Fake Tobacco materials and processes...type in Pat. No. 3,978,866, for starters, (then do "next" or "previous") in this
category at:

4) (Philip Morris had to post this as part of U.S. "settlement".) Lots of dirt...rarely noted by "anti-smokers".

5) Radiation (!) contaminating tobacco...

6) The 12 initial POPs include eight pesticides (aldrin, chlordane, DDT, dieldrin, endrin, heptachlor,
mirex, and toxaphene), two industrial chemicals (PCBs and hexachlorobenzene, which is also a pesticide), and two unwanted by-products of combustion and industrial processes (dioxins and furans).
NINE of the 12 worst industrial pollutants on earth are, or have been,in cigs...and in unwitting, uncompensated smokers' lungs.

7) From Pesticicide Action Network, re/ 450 registered tobacco
pesticides (from oil & pharmaceuticl firms). : "Tobacco, Farmers and Pesticides: The Other Story."

8) RJR's (biased) review of Judge Osteen's rejection of EPA "secondhand
smoke" stuff.

9) More on EPA/2nd hand smoke; This avoids all along anything about
what's IN "secondhand smoke". Cigs not defined or analyzed...smoke not
defined or analyzed. This is not science.

10) Fantastic scandal...that never heated up: Health insurers links to
Big Cig.
If that site is a problem...see same material at:

11) Re/ "fire safe" cigs/burn accelerants:

12) Methyl Bromide use on tobacco:

13) US Gov't Accounting Office March 2003 report on lax gov't monitoring
of tobacco pesticide residues. GAO fails to note dioxin from the chlorine
chemicals, and fails to define what it means by "smoking", but even THIS info ignored by "anti smokers". No bans on pesticides demanded.

14) The Muto/Takazawa piece on "Dioxins in Cigarette Smoke".
Archives of Environmental Health, Pg. 44 (3) : 171-4 May/Jun89 (Compare
to "Health Effects..." just below.)

15) HEALTH EFFECTS OF DIOXINS ...w/ info re/ U.S. dioxin maximum limits etc. (Compare to Muto/Takazawa discoveries re/ dioxin in cig smoke. Do the easy math. Result: just 20 typical cigs, w/ chlorine, hit unwitting victims with 716 times the US minimum for dioxin exposure!):

16) Interesting. "Smokers" job performance better than non-smokers!
Journal of Psychology. 2002 May;136(3):339-49 Related Articles, Links

17) from the National Center on Food and Agricultural Policy, from
1997 use data. (Not all, just major tobacco pesticides); Number, I
believe, is pounds used per anum.
1,3-Dichloropropene 13,279,285
ACEPHATE 871,899
ETHEPHON 102,130
ETHOPROP 182,321
MANCOZEB 356,811
PEBULATE 131,665
TOBACCO Total 26,974,241

18) "Liggett Documents Show Pesticide Use For Tobacco," (...such as DDT, Endrin, and malathion.) WALL STREET JOURNAL, April 9, 1997, p. B8. (sdb 4/9/97) [can't find computer link, yet.]

19) Title: How [untested] cigarette additives are used to mask environmental tobacco smoke. Dr. Gregory N Connolly, Director, Massachusetts Tobacco Control Program, Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health. (Doesn't address products that contain NO real tobacco.)

20) Websites for burn accelerants (STILL!) added to cigarettes:
>,1413,108~5342~1420042,00.html >

21) and these websites for toxic gases from the burning of synthetic
fabrics...which happens when a Burn Accelerated cigarette may fall:

22) Australia finally opened up the Pandora's Box about non-tobacco
cigarette adulterants, specifically DDT and other pesticide residues.,5942,7758403,00.html

23) And, a huge lawsuit in Israel...not about "smoking" but about
ADDITIVES: From newspaper, Haaretz:

24) Bill Drake's invaluable site:

Bottom line: This is about a LOT more than "tobacco" or "tobacco smoke".
It's about ALL the parts of the broad cigarette cartel, including insurers and investors, passing the blame and burdens of law onto the VICTIMS...the smokers and non-complicit pub and restaurant owners and the like. Manufacturing Processes...exempted from scrutiny or regulation.
It's about what may be the biggest evasion of corporate liability of all time...all wrapped nicely in healthful "for your protection" language.
It's about scapegoating a "sinful" (?) natural plant for crimes of industry.
It's about preparing for the NEXT Prohibition of yet another natural plant for the benefits of some of the most health damaging industries on the planet.

It ought NOT be about "anti smoking" (by victims) but about Anti Intentional Secret Spiking of Smoking Products With KNOWN Deadly Substances (by industries, with help and approval from gov't officials).

This work is in the public domain
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Worse than crack, heroin and oxycotin!
12 Jun 2004
Makes me want to quit!
Re: 24 Things We Are Not Told About The Smoke-Ban Scam
14 Jun 2004
Yeah, people should be taking on the tobacco industry more for all the shit it puts in cigarettes. But I'm still really glad that I can go into a bar without having to get a lungful of all that shit!
Re: 24 Things We Are Not Told About The Smoke-Ban Scam
14 Jun 2004
Listen let me first say that the only thing that disgusts me more than tobacco is the tobacco industry. I have always had great distain for the cigarette smoke and ash that pollutes my house as well as my dad's lungs. Nonetheless I vehemently oppose the smoking ban for 2 reasons. 1) As much as I'd like to see smoking vanish I have strong reservations over the government forcing private institutions to ban on and action that is completely legal to do by law. I don't oppose regulation like in an eating establishment where there must be a smoking and non-smoking section but to force a complete ban when the restaurant is privately owned to me seems a bit tyrannical. 2) The way in which these sporadic bans have taken place have been very damaging particularly in smaller communities. I’m from the South Shore and when the smoking ban was first enacted in Plymouth local bars/restaurants like Handlebar Harry’s, which was the most popular place in town, became vacant while all their customers just drove down the road to places in Kingston where there was no smoking ban. The main justification for these bans has been in the interest of the workers who must inhale the smoke, putting them and their lungs at risk. This is something I’m very sympathetic to and is what initially got me to support the bans. The problem I see is one of rule of law as well as the amount of power the government has. Cigarettes are horrible and if they were made illegal it wouldn’t bother me all that much. (That’s of course by the standards of which are law is based given the pot and mushrooms are illegal, personally I think people should have the right to decide for themselves what they want to ingest.) The fact is though that they are legal and for the government to force privately owned institutions to in effect make illegal something that’s legal sets a bad precedent. What’s next banning alcohol, swearing, and sexually suggestive dancing? A moral argument could be made against all three though their not illegal. For a comparison I point to the fact that I hate Neo-Nazis and fascists. I wish they weren’t around and wish they didn’t spew their hatred, but under the law free speech allows them to do so and if the government wanted to ban their speech I wouldn’t stand for it. Smoking is legal so therefore why must it be illegal in a private place. Shouldn’t that be up to the owner?
Re: 24 Things We Are Not Told About The Smoke-Ban Scam
21 Jun 2004
Comments on some comments:
* We really need to STOP calling Big Cig "Big Tobacco". That's THEIR marketing term, and quite a lie of omission. If some cigs contain no tobacco at all (see the patent point above), it's ridiculous and wrong to be taking about "tobacco smoke" anywhere, bars, restaurants or what not.

* To hit on "smoking" is to be pretty cruel. It's the term the corporate sector uses to put blame onto the VICTIMS...the ones doing the "smoking" of what they THINK and are TOLD is tobacco. Smoking of WHAT, exactly, is ne'er said. This "smoking" term is used precisely to take attention AWAY from not only the crimes of the cig makers for so grossly adulterating the products but from all the pesticide, chlorine, fertilizers, ag products, adhesives, burn accelerants, pharmaceutical substances and so on. AND it also serves to distract from the little fact that EVERYTHING put into a cig, untested or known-deadly or not, was put there, without consumer notification, with the APPROVAL of government officials...often the same ones now telling people "no smoking".

* It's NOT about "quitting smoking". It MUST be about MANUFACTURERS Quitting SECRETLY POISONING the products. It's the INDUSTRY that must "quit" it's psychopathic manufacturing processes. THEY must "quit" tolrating dioxin in cigarette smoke. It's the OFFICIALS that must quit accepting money from members of this cartel..and who must quit allowing this mass public poisoning.

* Alas...many of those who "hate smoking" or are negatively affected by it may REALLY hate Chemical-Contaminated, Multi-Ingredient, etc. cigarette smoke...a Far Cry from plain tobacco smoke. Also...those with asthma and other conditions may have been given their ailments by the very industries that are represented throughout a typical cigarette. Dioxin ,the worst, is not just a Known Human Carcinogen, it is an Immune Suppressor...thus damaging our natural ability to fight all diseases and outside intruders. Therfore, unfortunately, militant anti-smokers are HELPING the cause of their own victimizers.
Why's dioxin still legal in cig smoke? Easy. To remove the chlorine would be to admit to the harms of chlorine's by-product, dioxin. The complicit industries and their gov't friends (like Gov. Romney?) do not care to share the blame for over 400,000 so-called "smoking related" deaths a year in the U.S. Better for them to blame the victims and blame the hijacked public domain plant.

* If the smoke isn't analyzed or described...if the smoke in bars isn't even shown to BE tobacco smoke, and if the tobacco smoke itself isn't shown to be the culprit that harms workers or anyone...what the hell are we doing banning "tobaccco smoke" anywhere?

* Those who'd like to see a ban ought reconsider. Please remember Reefer Madness and the horrors of THAT prohibition. Look at the filled prisons, the distractions from corporate/gov't crime, the ruined lives, the corruption of medicine & law, the waste of public money, the tragedy of keeping non-toxic hemp off our farms, and so forth.

The No-Smoking crusade, pushed by the Corporate Sector, remember, including the flipping World Trade Org., is a program that USES popular dislike of "smoke" or those dirty "smokers" to protect the very industries that CAUSED the global plague of disease.
Most of the "anti smoking" brigade IS PART of the cigarette cartel...the pharms with their tobacco pesticides and chlorine, insurers that invest in cigs AND cig adulterants, food producers that provide MANY crop ingredients to cigs, etc. They, and their media pals, and sadly, even doctors in the for-profit medicine game, are working to blame uninformed, unprotected, insuffiently-warned smokers, and a "sinful" public domain natural plant for massive corporate crimes.

If proper science, medicine and justice were applied to this case, there'd be enough money from liability and criminal penalties to fund a PUBLIC health system for the next millennium. But that idea is dead in the water as long as folks BELIVE the "for our protection" garbage coming out of the "anti-smoking" PR firms et ilk.

This is VERY Similar to what the Bush League pulled re/ Iraq. We are Frightened to Death (of an evil dictator or an evil plant) by lies of omission and commission and by exaggerations and then THEY ride-to-the-rescue in self-serving ways that take our money and our rights.