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News :: Politics : Race : Radical Culture : Social Welfare
34 Of The Myriad Ways Republicans Steal Elections
12 Dec 2015
Some of the ways Karl Rove, Mitt Romney, John McCain, Jeb Bush, G H W Bush or many others conspired to steal elections
Although the word gerrymander was coined in 1812 after a Bostonian, Gerry Mander, Massachusetts has less vote fraud than red or purple states.
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the way G W Bush Operatives Stole The Election From John Kerry
This writer intends to vote for Rand Paul, the only antiwar candidate in the Republican Party and the only candidate among Democrats and Republicans who is making ending the illegal wars of the US a campaign priority. Unlike Rand Paul, many in the Republican Party steal elections. Why is there much more vote fraud among Republicans? Answer: They are a minority of voters. In addition the 1% need to give the illusion to the 99% that there is democracy in the US.

How have Republicans cheated in elections
1. barring third parties from the ballot
2. barring third parties from debates
3. voting machine fraud
4. stealing ballot boxes
5. unpostmarked absentee ballots
6. absentee ballot forgeries
7. illegal removal of people from voting rolls (as Jeb Bush did in 2000 for his brother)
8. jamming the handicapped voter transportation lines (as NH Republicans did and went to jail)
9. switching yes to no (as Diebold machines and Secretary of State Husted's operation did in Ohio on a pot legalization vote)
10. masking as unbiased voter registration drive and throwing away all nonRepublican registrations
(as Nathan Sproul, hired by McCain, by Romney, by Karl Rove, and by state Republican parties in Virginia,
Minnesota, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, MInnesota and other states did)
11. Voting the dead (as Nathan Sproul did in Florida and elsewhere for his Republican paymasters)
12. hacking the totals (Bev Harris of Black Box Voting showed Al Gore how Diebold machines could be hacked in 3 minutes' time
13. Sending police to intimidate voters or to block off their precincts (as Jeb Bush did in Florida in 2000)
14. Conspiring with the media to instruct the public incorrectly in order to invalidate ballots as the Jacksonville Florida Times Union did in 2000 putting out a special edition in the black precincts instructing voters to mark each page of the ballot (20,000 ballots invalidated)
15. delaying the opening of polls as the Ohio Republican Party did in 2004 in Akron Ohio and at Kenyon College, for instance
16. The Republican dominated Supreme Court (5 males who quash the will of the vast majority of Americans) have decided that money is speech which allows billionaires to flood the corporate owned media with ads.
17. Murder: Missouri's Democratic governor Mel Carnahan died during his 2002 campaign in a plane crash. Missouri's Democratic senate candidate Jerry Little died in a plane crash during the campaign in 1976. Iowa's Libertarian candidate, whose presence on the ticket would have given the Democrats a victory, died in a plane crash in 2014. Senator Paul Wellstone, Minnesota Democrat, died in a plane crash during his campaign. John Perkins who was an economic hitman for the government documents the number of leaders of other countries killed in the CIA's arranged plane crashes.*
18. barring Democrats and independents from the counting of ballots as happened in Warren Ohio in 2004.
19. Spreading lies about candidates as John Kasich did about his opponent Ed Fitzgerald in Ohio.
20. cutting back on the number of voting machines in Democratic precincts
21. draconian voter ID requirements which penalize the poor
22. owning the media as Mitt Romney did by purchasing Clear Channel through Bain Capital of which he was the sole owner
23. owning or controlling the voting machine companies, as Mitt Romney's son did purchasing a voting machine company in Ohio, as the Republican Party did through Wally O'Dell, CEO of Diebold
24. Racism: blacks, Latinos barred from the ballot by literacy tests, poll taxes, and in the modern era other ways
25. gerrymandering... the arrangement of a district to maximize Republican power as the Ohio Republican Party has done
26. the US Senate, an anachronism which gives 64 times as much power to a citizen of Wyoming with 584,000 as a citizen of California with 37,253,000 people.
27. A Supreme Court which has quashed the will of the majority (as in Gore V Bush in 2000)
28. treason (G H W Bush and others in March of 2012 as private citizens negotiated with the Iranian government to continue to hold US hostages until the election...)
29. Denying many prisoners the right to vote
30. truncating the hours in which voter registration is possible
31. truncating the hours in which citizens may vote

32. allowing the recipients of stolen elections to remain in office, as has happened in the 2015 election for Kentucky governor, both elections of G W Bush, etc.

33. Military control of nonofficer soldier ballots

34. The electoral college which has meant that candidates receiving fewer popular votes have still won.

Someone on a network news show
said today that Republicans are 28%
of the population. Many dispute
that figure. In 2012 Romney received
less than 20% of the votes of those

in 2012, the estimated population
was 314 million. If one deducts
2% for noncitizens, then 307 million
were eligible to vote. If one deducts
23% for population under 18,
then 236.9 million were the Americans
eligible to vote. The total vote for president
in 2012 was 127 million votes, with Obama
receiving 51.19%, Romney receiving
47.32%, Libertarians receiving .99%
and Greens .36% with other parties
receiving less. Romney's 47.32%
is 19.9% of the total number eligible
to vote. of The numbers for third
parties would be higher but many states
block third party voters in a variety
of ways, and corporate owned
media block third parties from the debate, etc.
In addition the Republicans on the Supreme
Court have defined money as speech so
that billionaires can flood the airwaves with
ads for their politician pawns.

8.6% of the US population has a felony conviction
but different states have different rules about
felons (a number which includes Jesus, Gandhi,
and others voting.

One can dispute the numbers used but the
unchanging reality is that Republicans are
a minority party.

Nathan Sproul hired from McCain, Romney and Karl Rove to commit vote fraud

10 dirty election tricks

CIA murdering populist leaders

Picture illustrates the way Ohio and other Republicans keep control through gerrymandering.

Picture illustrates the way Ohio and other Republicans keep control through gerrymandering.

Retired NSA Analyst Proves GOP Stealing Elections

5 ways Republicans make it harder to vote

NC voting machines flip votes to Republicans
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This work is in the public domain
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Re: 34 Of The Myriad Ways Republicans Steal Elections
12 Dec 2015
Modified: 12:27:13 PM
35. spamming opposition party websites with pornography or commercial spam

36. having those trained in provocateur behavior disrupt internet forums, public meetings

37. campaign infiltrators who take charge of fundraising, financial records, media ads etc.