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News :: Environment
Wild and Crazy Boston Info
25 Jul 2004
(excerpts from the latest Cutting Edge)

VI. As this next week's Democrat Presidential Nominating Convention kicks off,
the city is beginning to look like one giant lock-down facility.
One of my daughters lives in the Boston area and works downtown. Listen to her
email to me dated July 22, 2004, as she describes the "lock-down" condition of
Boston as the Democrat Convention draws near.
"I guess we are going to be prisoners after 4 pm. Once you are in the city you
are in the city and once you are out you are out. Do you know they rented out
either all of Lansdowne St or one of the major clubs so that the Clinton's
party there on Wed night? Not to mention the (Sox-Yankees) double header
and a game tomorrow here in Boston. They are already closing streets inside
city and have taken over a major part of the park next to Storrow Dr. probably
as a command center. NIGHTMARE!!!! School is staying open but the teaches are
giving the homework out now and not giving quizzes or anything until the week
after because they know some students just won't be able to get into the city
for class. Like my teacher last night said, they don't realize the
and they won't until they have to try and get into or out of the city."
Vicki directed us to an official Boston Convention website, which provided
very salient information.
NEWS BRIEF: "Important Traffic and MBTA Information for the Democratic
"... This is the first national political convention to take place since the
attacks of September 11, 2001, and the United States Department of Homeland
Security has declared it to be a National Special Security Event.
Accordingly, a
number of road and lane closures will take place from Monday, July 26th
Friday, July 30th that will have a major impact on traffic in the region."
We encourage you to read of all the road restrictions and/or closures planned
during the Democrat Convention. You will realize why Boston-area merchants are
angry to the point of gnashing teeth, as they are going to lose multiple
tens of
millions of dollars in revenue because of the severe restrictions placed upon
Boston. Did you know that Homeland Security had declared this convention to
be a
"National Special Security Event"? This announcement means that Homeland
Security is going to get an unprecedented opportunity to practice Martial
Law-type conditions in a major city. A lot of police and civilian leaders are
going to receive invaluable training for the time when the real planned crises
Now, let us examine some of the most troubling aspects of the security for
NEWS BRIEF: "Surveillance targeted to convention: Wide network of cameras
planned", By Ralph Ranalli and Rick Klein, Boston Globe Staff, July 18, 2004
"An unprecedented number of video cameras will be trained on Boston during the
Democratic National Convention, with Boston police installing some 30 cameras
near the FleetCenter, the Coast Guard using infrared devices and night-vision
cameras in the harbor, and dozens of pieces of surveillance equipment
mounted on
downtown buildings to monitor crowds for terrorists, unruly demonstrators, and
ordinary street crime. For the first time, 75 high-tech video cameras operated
by the federal government will be linked into a surveillance network to
the Central Artery, City Hall Plaza, the FleetCenter, and other sensitive
Their feeds from cameras mounted on various downtown buildings will be
piped to
monitoring stations in the Boston area and in Washington, D.C., and officials
will be able to zoom in from their work stations to gather details of facial
descriptions or read license plates."
This level and type of surveillance of average citizens and of a city is truly
unprecedented! Once again, you have to realize that the Federal Government
to be taking advantage of the Democrat Convention to implement their newest
types of surveillance equipment and to field-test their capability to both use
and to coordinate this surveillance capability.
Can you believe that officials in Washington, D.C. are going to be examining
live surveillance feed from various areas of Boston? I find that revelation to
be both troubling and instructive as to the level of security/surveillance
systematically implemented throughout this country. No dictatorial government
can long survive if it does not keep its population and its dissidents under
close scrutiny. Past dictatorships have implemented extensive citizen spying
groups who report to the secret police as their method of keeping control.
President Bush has talked about implementing a citzen-spying-on-citizen
type of
program, he may not need it with this level of electronic surveillance.
As we examine this next article, note the admission that security forces in
Boston have the capability of aircraft to detect and "map out" radiation
NEWS BRIEF: "Security officials say plans are in place for security", By THEO
EMERY, Associated Press Writer, July 23, 2004
"BOSTON (AP) _Federal and state security officials pledged Tuesday to protect
the region from terrorist attacks by land, sea and air during next week's
Democratic National Convention, saying they've tried to prepare for every
possible scenario. Officials from the U.S. Coast Guard, the Environmental
Protection Agency, state police and other agencies said they'd be on constant
alert during the four days of the convention, the first national political
gathering since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 ... various agencies
will monitor the convention from a central command center at an undisclosed
location, and that the state's emergency management bunker in Framingham
will be
staffed around the clock during the convention ... Art Johnson, chief of the
emergency planning and response at the EPA in Boston, said his agency will
an airplane on standby in Portsmouth, N.H., if it's needed to map from the air
any chemical or radiation release."
When you read that surveillance activities will be controlled by "a central
command center at an undisclosed location", you must realize that this means
officials will be doing exactly what we said above: they will be implementing
their newest types of surveillance equipment and field-testing their
to both use and to coordinate this surveillance capability.
Boston Harbor Greatest Perceived Threat
"While planners have not prioritized any one threat over another, Flynn
said the
harbor is among the greatest worries. U.S. Coast Guard Captain Brian Solerno
said there would be more patrols, more searches of boats in the harbor, and
areas of the harbor closed off to boats during the convention. There will be
roughly double the typical Coast Guard staff on Boston Harbor during the
convention ..."
Boston Harbor will also be virtually shut down during the Convention. Normal
boaters will probably have no opportunity to enjoy their boats during the four
days of the convention. They might be seized as possible terrorists! Then, God
help them if they are then declared "enemy combatants"!

Homeland Security Armored Tank Truck
The New York Daily News posted an article showing the newest civilian control
tank truck in the Homeland Security arsenal. These vehicles will be used
the New York City Republican Convention, so it is a safe bet they will also be
used during the Democrat Convention in Boston. Listen to the physical
characteristics of this monstrous fighting machine and of its capabilities.
will realize that this tank truck was designed to control and intimidate large
groups of people, not combat those elusive Al-Qaeda terrorists!
NEWS BRIEF: "Armored truck newest NYPD weapon", New York Daily News, July 21,
"Meet the Bearcat, the most secure armored truck police departments can
buy. The
truck is at the Javits Convention Center until Thursday, and you may see it on
the streets during the Republican convention. The latest model of the
15,000-pound armored vehicle has high-tech security features to protect police
from bombs, out-of-control crowds and pretty much any scene they might
... Half-inch-thick armored plating protects the exterior of the vehicle,
police can look out the 2-1/2-inch-thick bulletproof glass windows. The armor
makes the truck bulletproof and blastproof on all sides and the bottom. The
Run-Flat tires remain inflated even if they have been punctured."
We then hear that this tank truck has room to transport prisoners.
"The truck seats 10 people, and benches in the rear can be folded up to fit a
stretcher or more passengers in the back. Police can access eight side gun
ports, which have room for a gun or give police an opening for firing tear
The hatch on top of the truck gives police another vantage point for surveying
crowds. The truck is equipped with a number of strobe and other lights and
has a
police band radio. The BearCat is only available to government agencies."
Oh, yes, and this crowd intimidator costs "only" $200,000 each!
Protesters - Troublesome Bunch
To get an idea just how Boston police and Homeland Security officials plan to
deal with protesters, let us review this next story.
NEWS BRIEF: "Judge upholds "free speech zone" but permits march on
By Theo Emery, Associated Press, July 22, 2004
"BOSTON -- A federal judge ordered the city on Thursday to allow protesters to
march directly past the site of the Democratic National Convention, but
to change a nearby protest zone, despite calling the fenced-in area 'an
to free _expression' ... (Judge Woodock said) 'it was "irretrievably sad" that
precautions such as those at the demonstration zone were necessary, citing how
protests have become increasing violent and terrorism has grown into a new
threat since Sept. 11, 2001. Woodlock also referred to U.S. Secret Service
intelligence about possible protest tactics that Assistant U.S. Attorney
Henderson told him privately during the hearing. Woodlock refused to reveal
You know the planned dictatorship is inevitable when a judge who is
appointed to
protect the people will make a harsh ruling such as this one without revealing
the specific "intelligence" information upon which his ruling is based.
Time and time again since 9/11, false terrorist alerts have been issued based
upon no real intelligence warnings. You can see ahead of time which alerts are
totally bogus by looking for the words, "not based upon any specific
intelligence". Judge Woodlock seems to be basing his terrible decision on the
same lack of specific information.
Just exactly how harsh his decision was, we need only look further in this
featured article.
"(Judge) Woodlock described the site -- which features overhead netting, chain
link fence and razor wire -- as a 'festering boil', but refused to make any of
the changes protesters sought. 'I at first thought, before taking a view
(of the
protest zone), that the characterization of the space being like a
camp was litigation hyperbole', he said. 'Now I believe it's an
One cannot conceive of other elements put in place to create a space that is
more of an affront to the idea of free _expression than the designated
demonstration zone." (Ibid; Emphasis added)
Yet, after uttering these words, Judge Woodlock allowed this giant jail
cell to
stand. Protesters at the Democrat Convention are going to literally be
incarcerated in a huge jail cell comprised of " overhead netting, chain link
fence and razor wire". From this cell, they will be allowed to exercise their
liberty to "Free Speech"!
From G-8 To The Nominating Conventions
In early June, G-8 ministers met in Georgia for their semiannual meeting.
large protests against Globalization policies have been common in the past,
security people were taking no chances this time. They opted for sheer terror
and intimidation -- and it worked! Listen:
NEWS BRIEF: "Lockdown on Sea Island: The body bags have been shipped in,
are running scared, and foreigners are being arrested and deported",, 08 June 2004
"As the summit opens today, the atmosphere on St Simons is more ghost town
gold-rush ... it's the eerie absence of automobiles that tells you
something is
about to blow. In a community where four- or five-car families are not
driveways stand deserted. For days, the Humvees streaming across the slender
causeway that is the islands' only link to the mainland have been met with
nose-to-tail traffic streaming in the opposite direction; around half the
islands' residents have evacuated, scared silly by the double, and largely
undifferentiated, threats of international terrorism and violent protest ...
2,000 body bags have been delivered to the clapboard Chamber of Commerce
the road from the bookstore. This intelligence is passed around like a
joint at
a fortysomething party, a delicious whiff of recreational danger. Five minutes
later, one of the island's fire chiefs drops by, fresh from a briefing.
It's not
a rumour. The body bags are here, together with a refrigerated lorry to take
away the corpses."
This sheer intimidation worked just fine for the security officials at this
Summit. Protesters were so few and so easily controlled, Boston and New York
City officials were so impressed, they sent officers to speak at length
with the
G-8 Summit security people. They took notes and asked questions. Then, they
to return to their respective cities to prepare for the protesters expected at
the Democrat and Republican Conventions.
Have thousands of body bags been sent in to Boston and New York City?

VII. After President Bush warned that a terrorist attack was "likely"
before the
November elections, rumors began to spread that Federal officials were
planning for just such a scenario. Of course, once an election is canceled
because of a terrorist attack, the entire electoral process that supported the
elections would be ripe for disappearance. After all, General Tommy Franks
warned us last November that our Constitutional system of government would not
likely survive the next terrorist attack.
Let us review the first story.
NEWS BRIEF: "U.S. Mulls How to Delay Nov. Vote in Case of Attack", Reuters,
reprinted by Wired Magazine Online, July 12, 2004
"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A senior House Democratic lawmaker was skeptical on
Sunday of a Bush administration idea to obtain the authority to delay the
November presidential election in case of an attack by al Qaeda. U.S.
counterterrorism officials are looking at an emergency proposal on the legal
steps needed to `want to attack within the United States to try to disrupt the
election. Harman said Ridge's threat warning 'was a bust' because it was based
on old information. Newsweek cited unnamed sources who told it that the
Department of Homeland Security asked the Justice Department last week to
what legal steps would be needed to delay the vote if an attack occurred on
day before or on election day."
Certainly, this threat helps fulfill the "Rumors of Wars" prophecy Jesus
in Matthew 24. In fact, we are treated to a daily dose of false terror alerts.
Many people who do not know Jesus Christ are really believing these alerts and
are suffering increasing heights of anxiety. Recent polls show that fear of
terrorism is one of the top fears Americans have right now.
Therefore, we are tempted to write off this election threat as bogus also.
Whether we have a terrorist attack, or whether we do not, depends totally
on the
Illuminati plan and timetable. If they intend for the final events to
in 2005 or beyond, we will have no terror attack; however, if their
timetable is
sooner than this, we might see such a terrorist attack. Such a terrorist event
before the election would certainly give President Bush the opportunity to
out the Illuminati plan to dissolve our system of government and impose a
"temporary" dictatorship.
However, did you know that the Patriot Act already empowers the President to
cancel elections should a terrorist attack occur?
NEWS BRIEF: "Patriot Act Gives Bush Power to Cancel Elections", Alex Jones
Prison Planet, July 22, 2004
"Political analyst Al Martin writes that the legal mechanism and contingency
plan for canceling US elections is already in place. 'The contingency plan in
question is the Continuity-Of-Government plan (COG), first drafted in 1949
the Truman regime shortly after the Soviet Union detonated its first atomic
weapon', Martin explains. In addition to COG, 'Bush has this power under
I Act with the expansion of his authority under the War Powers Act of 1947,
since, it should be remembered, a declared state of national emergency already
exists in the United States at present ..."
"This is actually much more sinister than the White House is making it appear.
According to the release by the White House and the US Election Assistance
Commission, the White House is supposedly just asking the Election Assistance
Commission to work with the Attorney General and establish a legal mechanism,
wherein George Bush could change all 50 state constitutions, as well as county
and municipal election laws in one fell swoop -- in the event it became
necessary to postpone the elections.
"The sinister part is that Bush, in the post-Patriot I environment, already
(as we've said a hundred times before), the legal authority to postpone or
actually temporarily cancel the elections. These are two different legal
mechanisms. The only reason Bush would need the underlying state constitutions
and county and municipal election laws to be changed is if he intended to
his authority to permanently cancel elections."
Now that you know of this Presidential authority, how important is it that
few legislators actually read either Patriot Act I or II before they voted for
it? As we have repeatedly stated in past years, all the parts of the plan to
impose dictatorship are already in place, awaiting only the necessary final
act(s) of planned terror to bring it into reality.

This work is in the public domain
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Re: Wild and Crazy Boston Info
26 Jul 2004
I would like to see live tv feed from the democratic natinal convention in Boston, MA.