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Commentary :: DNC
Images to End the War
25 Jul 2004
Modified: 04:33:27 AM
To End the War we must simply regain control of the Democratic Party from the grip of corporate control it is now under. Kerry is just another phony politican- funny truth pics to drive the point home... esp for the tons of new people coming to Boston IMC just for the Dem Convention Coverage. This is why we are protesting Kerry: ** boston indy- feature request ;-) remove this sec **

Bush is not the Problem
the Military-Industrial Complex is The Problem.

They are trying to force perpetual war and big brother on us. There is another way to deal with these issues. We've lost freedoms all Americans have had for 200 years, and Kerry wants to "keep 95%" of the Patriot Act. It's all a lie to control us and install their 'total information awareness' domestic spy program.

It's not about catching terrorists, it's about silencing dissent.

Kerry's solution of more cops sounds just like bush. He's going to hire all the returning (not-their fault but possibly semi-psychotic) soldiers to be cops, then have them arrest lots of youth for 'driving while black', then these kids in the 'land of the free' will get the choice- join the army and get a paycheck, or go to prison and get a broomstick up the wazoo.
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The 'War on Terror' is not the only way
25 Jul 2004
Bush, Kerry, the DLC, the $$ media all tell us the only way to deal with terrorism is to attack them all. They are all wrong- period. There is a better way. If we end the injustices, we can end the hatred.

bush is a moron, so why would we want a president that is going to follow the same path as the village idiot?
See also:
Why Do They Hate Us?
25 Jul 2004
Click on image for a larger version

In the last year, have we created or killed more terrorists? Will we ever get them all?

Kerry breaks with policy of 6 previous presidents to fully support Bush's insane agreement to allow Sharon's West Bank land grab.

Palestinians and Israelis continue to die because citizens of the US — the country that intervenes more than any other to perpetuate the status quo on the ground — are offered a grossly distorted account of events on the ground that gives them no real sense of the imbalance of power between the two sides in the conflict, no idea of the extent of the US role in the conflict, and little impetus to call for a more even-handed US foreign policy in the Middle East. It is hard to quantify in absolute terms, but .... a safe guess is that somewhere in the region of 98% of the violence perpetrated against all civilians in the conflict is violence perpetrated by Israel against Palestinian civilians, their property, and their land. Read more at
The War is a Farce
25 Jul 2004
The troops and the Iraqis are counting on US to stop this madness. More troops have died this month than last month- the handover is a farce. The new prime minister Allawi is CIA !!! Kerry is covering for bush, he even said Bush might bring the troops home before him!
Kerry and Bush are more similar than different
25 Jul 2004
OMG- after Fahrenheit 911 we all know what an absolute IDIOT bush is, and Kerry says 'he thinks' he can do better? He is covering for bush, lest the 911 coverup blows up and the whole house of cards is exposed.

Kyle Hence of 911 Citizenswatch and CIA Veteran Ray McGovern just shredded the 911 Commission Report yesterday on national TV (c-span)
Watch is yourself and enjoy
ffwd to 28min if you only have a short time
Shear the Sheep
25 Jul 2004
You might as well know the dirt on Kerry now, because if he's nominated in Boston, you can bet the $$ media will let the skeletons out of Kerry's closet... and it ain't pretty.

Did the primary voters know these facts about Kerry?

# John Forbes Kerry is the richest Senator and...
# He's the Career Leader in Lobby Money!
# Kerry has +$1,000,000 stock in Walmart
# In 2002 Kerry 'earned' between $15-77 million, with a net worth of $200-840 million!
# He's going to allow 5% of the 'Patriot' Act to expire- keep the other 95% -woohoo?
# Kerry had his first Purple Heart within 24 hours of taking command of his swiftboat on December 1,1968, and accumulated 3 such decorations for "wounds," but never spent a day in the hospital.

more with links
See also:
Evil is Real
25 Jul 2004
"Evil is Real, And it Must be Opposed"- Dubya
from Radio Sub Rosa's Pax Americana- Track 1 mp3

Free Music for the Peaceful Revolution
See also:
What do you say if you see a delegate?
25 Jul 2004
Modified: 06:48:53 AM
Let's say your at an intersection waiting for the light to change, then you notice some possible Dem delegates in a car- and the light switches and they start to drive away.. what do you yell out to them, in the hope they might wake up?

Imcs are great, but they seem mostly to be communicating with other imcers. Would a first time tv believing visitor be awakened with a visit to the imc? I hope this post can assist in that endeavor as hopefully gazillions of pissed off freshly sheared sheep come looking for the truth about the DNC.

I humbly submit to you my site for consideration as the one thing you might blurt out to those delegates driving away- just yell out "ben frank dot net" as it will hopefully provide some food for thought and the foundation for a revolt on the floor.

just so you know, there are no ads, or amazon or any sort of profiteering links on the site, it is solely created out of a desire for change, because a better world is possible and I believe NOW IS THE TIME to reclaim our democracy.

oops- forgot this
kerry brought an 8mm home movie camera to vietnam : Did Kerry Discard Vietnam Medals?

That story about Sadr stopping the violence if the UN would send any troops other than the US and UK was totally suppressed in the US- not just buried, never aired in the first place. The presence of US troops is merely so we can remain in control of the oil, and keep our 14 'enduring bases' in Iraq as a foothold for control in the region. Stop the Deception!

if you like these pics, you'll find more here and here, and these pics are 8x10- designed to be t-shirts or full page flyers- enjoy ;-)

And of course music is my bag, baby- play some of this revolutionary music and get inspired- motivate yourself and others, then hook up some speakers to your car stereo like Alex Jones did while blasting this awesome truth mp3

peace now
ben frank
See also:
Inside the Convention
25 Jul 2004
Mr. Chairman, The unified delegation from the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts- birthplace of the American Revolution and our democracy - rises to cast our votes as a single voice for the next President of the United States, and our favorite son, John Forbes Kerry.
Kennedy = War Criminal!!!
25 Jul 2004
Kennedy was a war criminal, started and built up the war in Vietnam. Was NOT planning on pulling out without victory, contrary to popular myth. So, if you are against war, Ben, I am not sure why you start out with a picture of Kennedy giving a quote he obviously did not follow up with action...

just b/c he was killed does not make him a martyr. MLK is obviously an entirely different story - MLK was NOT a war criminal, he was a man who thirsted for justice and put his entire being behind satisfying that thirst.
IMC Bandwidth
25 Jul 2004
Hey Boston Imc,

i understand that maybe this page is heavy on the bandwidth, maybe you could ask another imc server to host it.... with just a picture of one of the sheep on the front page and a link... whaddya say, eh (o ;

I'm just figuring that as far as getting the truth out to the masses, we want to direct newly awakened Americans to the imc network. As people are protesting this week, trying to talk some sense to the tv believing democrats, aren't we going to direct them to ?

If so, shouldn't there be a big, bold Corporate Kerry banner or link or something to educate people on things the $$ media is refusing to look at- ie the drug war, the 'war on terror' as the only option, the occupation and 14 enduring bases, etc.

you know what i'm sayin? why on earth doesn't boston imc have a permanent (for this week at least) feature or link or something like this? why?

not to be accusatory- because that's how they get us, divide and conquer- but i would hope there are a few boston imcers that can see the obvious logic of what i'm saying- there is no reason not to have a corporate kerry link up, except to please the skull and boner crowd. Could there be cointel pro plants.... a reasonable conversation should reveal those that have nothing to stand on.

peace now!

Ani DiFranco on cointel-pro... what's your next bold move
Re: Images to End the War
25 Jul 2004
WHY should we 'presume' John Kerry has the nomination?

"NINE out of 10 of the Democratic delegates gathering in Boston this week think the United States should not have gone to war in Iraq and say the gains from the war were not worth the loss of American lives, a New York Times/CBS News poll shows."

The vast majority of delegates and democrats are against the war. The majority of americans are now against the war in Iraq. John Kerry has shown anything BUT leadership throughout this whole debaucle and seems to want to continue the war longer than even bush. He and bush are only electable among the bilderberger skull and bones crowd.

A candidate like Dennis Kucinich is speaking to the majority, therefore he is the candidate that is electable. It is that simple. Dennis is the candidate that can win this election. All the crap about Kerry being the only one who can beat bush is just that. Kerry is an infiltrator!!

Do we want to reclaim our democracy or what? Giving in.. in. It has to stop. Dennis has been fighting for us and the democratic party all this time, it's time we start fighing for him.
Talk about a poser
26 Jul 2004
bush was born with a silver spoon in his mouth- he's a phony...
so let's replace him with another stooge born with a silver spoon in his mouth?
Why are our only choices members of the wealthiest families in America?