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Commentary :: DNC
John Kerry has no popular support
26 Jul 2004
Modified: 02:41:39 AM
John Kerry appears to have no popular support, so how exactly has he 'won' the nomination.
If you don't believe me, watch the rally in Ohio on Cspan

He has maybe 50 people there, including staff. The guy even picks up a african american child as a prop in the beginning of the video. It's truly pathetic.

Does anyone really believe that Kerry ran away with the nomination? Or could this be the work of diebold? Interesting in Dennis Kucinich's homestate of Ohio he recieved a small percentage with Kerry taking where is all of Kerry's Ohio support? Interesting also that Ohio is the home of diebold.

This is our chance to take back the party!!! Just like Dennis has been fighting for us, we need to FIGHT FOR DENNIS!

Kerry is going to lose the election. He seems to be throwing it to Bush. It is Kerry who is unelectable. This guy puts people to sleep.

Dennis is the man with a plan, and the voice of the people. Listen to him speak and you will never be bored. Put Dennis up against Bush and it's a no brainer. Once the people hear Dennis, and realize why the media has been hiding him from all over for them and their evil cohorts.

THE PEOPLE of this great nation want peace, not this jerk Kerry who is propping Bush up. Only Kerry and HIS 'democratic' platform lend credibility to Bush.

WE have to stop this war on the people of the world. We cannot wait four more years. Every day innocent people are dying, american soldiers and innocent Iraqis. More soldiers have died this month than last month and the media is not even covering it. This is more than disrespectful of our brave fallen soldiers, and is Kerry talking about it? No, he's pretending that all is well with CIA operative Allawi at the helm. What a freaking joke. This war is a farce, the patriot act is clearly not stopping any terrorist are we just going to let the farce continue or are we going to fight back and take our party back! Take back America!!

This is our chance! Kerry could not be a worse candidate, truly, I cannot think how he could be any worse. He is Karl Rove's dream candidate. And Bush, well he couldn't be any easier to beat.

This is our chance progressives!!

I have this dream of people chanting outside the convention


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Re: John Kerry has no popular support
26 Jul 2004
I think Kerry will do well. If you look back at clinton's run he had lower polls and popularity than bush 41 and clintion won.

BOB Gorman.
Ret. cop
umass student
Re: John Kerry has no popular support
26 Jul 2004
I am confused, I support Dennis, I do, everything he says is spot on. But most of the nation does not know him. So even if he got the nom, in such a short time he could never fight the Bush media circus. As far as four more years, I won;t put up with it. If Bush steals this one, and if he is called the winner, it is not a true victory but a stolen one. I WILL LEAVE THE USA. The last four years fucked me so bad, I lost everything due to this bastard, my company, my savings(wasn;t much) now my house. My taxes have doubled! in four years, I can't pay it and now I am disabled and have been waiting for next to ever. Anyway, being disabled I am spending all my time to get BUSH OUT AND ON HOUSE ARREST IN TEXAS, so i talk to alot of people. Most folks HATE BUSH and want Kerry in. Maybe not because Kerry is the BEST CANDIDATE but he is WOLRDS ABOVE Bush. I am a realist, as much as I want a Peace candidate, with all the SPOT ON PLANS THAT DENNIS HAS, the corporations will slaughter him now, America has to beat down the Republican/corporate machine first, before they will accept him. I donated money to Dennis so I am behind him, but unless we can get the country to know him that quick, I think we'd be in trouble. I THINK WE NEED TO ALL STICK TOGETHER AGAINST BUSH, EVERY SINGLE DECENT AMERICAN, IS AGAINST BUSH. MY TRUE FEELINGS ARE IF YOU ARE PRO BUSH, YOU ARE A TRAITOR. BUSH HAS DESTROYED OUR COUNTRY AND IS POISONING OUR PEOPLE WITH MERCURY. HOW IS THAT DIFFERENT THAN WHAT SADHAM DID, BUSH IS JUST DOING IT SLOWLY (he is a little slow anyway) WE NEED TO GET HIS ASS OUT, ALL TOGETHER OR WE ARE ALL INTROUBLE THAT IS IT.
Re: John Kerry has no popular support
26 Jul 2004
I agree that Bush needs to go, however John Kerry is giving credibility Bush, he is helping the race remain neck and neck. This war is a farce. Dennis would have shredded the whole deck of cards by now. Kerry is propping Bush up. He hasn't seen fahrenheit 911 and now they won't let Michael Moore speak at the convention. Millions of Americans now understand what really happened before the war, and what is really happening now in Iraq. And Kerry is pretending all is hunky dory in Iraq. He's not sorry about his vote. He thinks Bush will bring the troops home sooner than him. He even stated he "thinks" he can do better than Bush.

Okay, step back for a moment and look at Bush...this is the most obviously corrupt president ever. ANYONE could beat Bush. The media lied about the war. They lied about 'electability' They are STILL lying about the war, not even reporting the soldiers that are dying in Iraq, pretending the insurgency is all Zarqawi and alqueda...what a joke! Dennis would have shredded these lies already, and Kerry is letting him get away with it. THAT is how the race is even close. My God, LOOK at Bush's actions on 911 and he is telling us he will keep us safe. Bush shouldn't even be in the race. The media would have to give Dennis airtime, debates etc. and that is all he would need. Have you really Heard Dennis?!! Then you know what I am talking about.

Why is Kerry hiding out elsewhere during the democratic convention? He plans to just show up and be coronated. Why is everyone just going along with this sham?

Here is a MP3 of a debate(a recreation) between Dennis and Bush. This election would be in the bag with Dennis at the helm

here are some debate clips from the Dennis/kerry/edwards/sharpton debate

There are a ton more free peace MP3's here

We've got to get fired up about the real things!
Re: John Kerry has no popular support
26 Jul 2004
one more thing,

think about how Kerry is covering for Bush now....

He is going to PARDON Bush for his war crimes later. No doubt about it. Bush should not go to crawford, he should go to jail and ONLY Dennis will hold Bush and his evil cohorts accountable.
Re: John Kerry has no popular support
26 Jul 2004
John Kerry...the "L.B.J." for the 21st century.
talk about a poser
26 Jul 2004
maybe it's just the wine but I can't stop laughing
Re: John Kerry has no popular support
26 Jul 2004
sorry. Dennis already sold out and threw himself behind Kerry. Eschew electoral politics - create your own revolution
Re: John Kerry has no popular support
26 Jul 2004
Kerry was booed!! Just read this on a blog...

Things didn't go so well for Mrs. Kerry at the Pennsylvania welcoming party:

Teresa Heinz Kerry urged her home-state delegates to the Democratic National Convention to restore a more civil tone to American politics, then minutes later told a newspaperman to "shove it."

There's a video clip of her saying this to the reporter if you click through the link.

This came on the same night her husband was booed throwing out a ceremonial first pitch at Fenway Park. George Stephanopoulos was right on target in his interview with the ESPN crew later in the game: the Kerry campaign shouldn't have done that since politicians appearing at baseball games are always booed, and that sets a bad tone for the start of the convention (how much play do you think the booing is getting on Fox News?).
Kucinich has already endorsed Kerry
26 Jul 2004
Dennis Kucinich has already endorsed John Kerry, choosing party loyalty over principle.

The only way to show Kerry that we are serious about opposing war is by opposing the war machine, which Kowardly Kucinich refuses to do. Insead, he's chosen to become a collaborator with the War Party.
Re: John Kerry has no popular support
26 Jul 2004
The delegates to the convention are


Do the right thing for America!
Re: John Kerry has no popular support
27 Jul 2004
Yeah, everybody do right by AMERIKKKA!

And vote Democrat.

Remember, even your peacenik liberal hero, Dennis Kucinich, NOW SUPPORTS KERRY AND HAS BACKED AWAY FROM HIS "ANTI-WAR" STANCE.

Re: John Kerry has no popular support
27 Jul 2004
Kerry has no support. Wonder why. Is it because he voted for the war, voted for NAFTA, voted for GATT, is a gun grabber, and even voted for the PATRIOT ACT.

The hell with that and him.

I'm voting for Badnarik.