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News :: DNC
2 protesters followed and then detained by plainclothes cops
28 Jul 2004
Modified: 09:36:23 PM
2 protesters were detained while walking down bolyston street by plainclothes police, one of whom's juridiction was washington, DC. They were followed for several blocks before the detainment.
Two kids were sitting at Mass Ave and Newbury street, dismantling a broken studded belt they had found, to salvage the studs and, you know, up the punx. some police stared at them kinda funny, but that seemed like a pretty common thing. One woman came up to the them and stared at them intently before walking on.
They put the studs in one of their pockets, then started walking down boylston. 5 or so blocks later 2 women and a man jumped in front of them, presenting flip-open badge/IDs, and took them quickly out of the way of pedestrain traffic, underneath a building's awning. They were seperated and questioned. One of the cops asked for one of the kid's IDs, and the cop was asked if this was a detainment. the cop said no, so the kid refused to show his ID. then it became a detainment, and the kid showed his ID.
all the information was written down, social security number was asked for (and not given). The other person had their place of work written down as well. and the cops started playing nice cop, and asked what the purpose of the studs were, and indicated that someone had called in a TIPS style complaint about them as possible terrorists.
one of the cops was Kathleen McBride from the washington capitol police department, whatever that is, and wouldn't ask questions about jurisdiction. The male police officer refused multiple times to identify himself, acknowledged that he was 'just the driver' and also 'just there for muscle' and eventually he acknowledged he worked with the boston police department and was a rookie. The other woman cop also worked with the boston police department and apparently wouldn't identify herself.

yes, we're being watched.

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Re: 2 protesters followed and then detained by plainclothes cops
28 Jul 2004
This is a good reason to ride a bike. When approached, pedal off and TAKE COVER in traffic! Done it sooo many times...
you do not need to give id.
28 Jul 2004
hi. you do not need to give id in boston if you are detained.
there are only 2 circumstances under which you are currently required to identify yourself in the city of boston:
1. if you are the driver of a car or similar vehicle(but not a bike)
2. if you are in jail.

there is no other circumstance under which you are required to identify yourself. please report to the NLG any situation where you are told by the police you are required to identify yourself, and especially any situation where you do identify yourself.

much love, but know your rights.
Re: 2 protesters followed and then detained by plainclothes cops
29 Jul 2004
Freindly legal is giving bad advise. Either he is totally ignorant or trying to get protesters busted. Don't know which, don't care because he is either woefully outdated or intentionally viscious. Since the Hibel decision by the Supreme Court you can be arrested for failure to ID yourself and it dosen't have to be in an arrest or driving situation. He really needs to get updated and his shit together before he hurts someone.
Re: 2 protesters followed and then detained by plainclothes cops
29 Jul 2004
I hope the pigs crack some of your heads, ya losers. protesting the DNC? shaddup. dorks. wait til late august until you got something REAL to protest, assholes.
Re: 2 protesters followed and then detained by plainclothes cops
29 Jul 2004
Hey Joey, why don't you get a fucking life and get off the computer and do something for a change? You have no idea how hard these people have worked all year long and you obviously don't live here. So get off your fucking computer and do something useful. Its pretty fucking sad to see you've replied to every DNC article w/the same lame retort. grow up.

to everyone else: the feds have been in full force all day.
Legal Stuff Please Read
29 Jul 2004
sightseer56, the Hibel decision said that a law saying that someone has to provide an ID (like they have in Nevada) is constitutional. Massachusetts has no such law. So the Hibel decision does not effect this state. If you have further questions, contact the National Lawyers Guild.

Normal #: 617-227-7335
Emergency #: 617-723-4330

You do NOT have to provide ID to the police at anytime!

Know Your Rights:
Re: 2 protesters followed and then detained by plainclothes cops
29 Jul 2004
I'm sorry, I just cant stop appreciating how stereotypical you sorry fuckers are. Puppets? Jesus christ, the common folk don't give a fuck about puppets! You guys suck and have no imagination. More liberal honkies who want something to whine about. I just don't understand why you sorry pukes wanna protest the DNC. Maybe I would've agreed with you when I was 16 and more of an angry, misdirected idiot. but now you just like a couple of typical activist wingnuts. by the way, what were the other protesters like? did you have any right-to-lifers? who were the other dipshits who joined your wacko parade. TOOLS! HEE HOO! MAybe we'll cross paths in late august in NYC, where I'll be spending my time tellin the republicans to stick it up their asses. Now THERE's something to protest. eat my organic asshole you sucker college-students.
Joey why dont you go back to college
29 Jul 2004
Hey joey joe, breath their big guy. I know your ego must be hurt and all that you feel you have to waste time trying to influence a scene you obviously wish you controled more .

Why dont you instead of ranting on with some blind anger put foward some concrete maybe factual, possibly logical not emotional reasons why we shouldnt protest the sorry excuse for a political party known as the democrats.

Ive never been to college yah buttwad how about yourself?

The democrats are for so many obvious reasons not a decent political party to bother supporting. You claimed somewhere that that a huge percentage (something like 90% was it) of the delegates oppose the war. Well why than havent the dirtbags done something to bring the troops home and change the millitary policy? Either their spinless or useless, so remind me why i should support them? Or please enlighten me with something beyond insults on why or any other hard working "normal" person should not oppose the snot wad dumocrats?
Re: 2 protesters followed and then detained by plainclothes cops
29 Jul 2004
The democratic party is just as bad as the republican one and both are part of, and workin in the intrest of the rulingclass. Not us. There is no real diffrence.

They deserve to be protested just as much as the republicans. If you dont realise that, then i feel sorry for you.

Fuck you, you liberal moron.
Re: 2 protesters followed and then detained by plainclothes cops
12 Aug 2004
Up the Punx!