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Commentary :: DNC
Democrats give election to Bush- Hope dies
29 Jul 2004
Modified: 04:34:13 PM
So it seems the dems have nominated the worst possible candidate, assuring that Bush will win the election.
I don't understand how we are supposed to have hope at this point? If Kerry is elected we will have 4 more war years, send more troops to die. He thinks Bush's biggest mistake was not sending enough troops to die.

My only hope now is in what Kerry himself said, that Bush will bring the troops home before the election as an election ploy. And then Bush will win. You know I don't really give a damn about Kerry, what I do care about is this horrible war, so if Bush brings our troops home for whatever reason I will be happy.

People, including Michael Moore, seem to want Kerry to return to his protesting roots. Does anyone really believe that he will? He was a plant from the beginning. He is a fake and a fraud! He has fooled everyone. And why did he have to push everyone else out in order to get the nomination? Because he is the absolute worst candidate possible. I don't get why anyone wants us to have hope that Kerry will do better for our country. He isn't even pretending to want to do better. He wants to out-do Bush. Edwards wants to kill them all. Barrack Obama wants to send more troops. They are all posers.

Did anyone hear the strange noises they keep playing at the convention. The weirdest one was after Wyclef's song " If I were president, I'd be elected on friday, I write a peace treaty on saturday, stop the war on sunday, bring the troops home on monday" It was a beautiful protest song THANK YOU! and then it was followed by this really wierd noise and video. Really wierd folks. I KNEW we were headed toward 1984 but this SCARED me. What are they doing to the people in that convention center??!!

What have they done with our country!!?? And WHY didn't DENNIS stand up against this war? It was not enought to just mention it. We needed him to lead the fight against it. We needed him to help the delegates understand they and the democratic party are UNITED AGAINST THE WAR!!! WE can never unite behind a war monger who wants a draft. WTF are we supposed to do now?

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Re: Democrats give election to Bush- Hope dies
29 Jul 2004
Kerry is too conservative for me but I think his war hero record will sink Bush in the end. I hope he underlines it constantly compared to Bush's record.
Re: Democrats give election to Bush- Hope dies
29 Jul 2004
Come to NYC's Central Park in August. Work at home to raise the issue of the war everywhere, anyway you can. Write for Indymedia. Be creative and bold. Support GI resistance counseling and Military Families against the War. Support FNB. Sleep in on election day, or vote for Nader or any other anti-war candidate. Start planning for the biggest most militant, anti-war demos and direct actions we can muster at the Inauguration --no matter who wins in November.
" WTF are we supposed to do now"
29 Jul 2004
What we should do now is continue with our efforts to educate, inspire, and push for social change.

What is happening here is nothing new... it played out at the Chicago DNC in 1968. By the time of the 68 DNC... Martin Luther King Jr. and Bobby Kennedy had both been assassinated. The nation was bubbling over with opposition to slaughter in Vietnam. Despite the base of the democratic party being against the Vietnam war, the party turned right and nominated the pro-war hawk Hubert Humphrey (Lyndon B. Johnson's vice pres. LBJ himself had refused to run for a second term because of massive opposition to the war).

So here again we see the democrats revealing themselves to be the war party... and if they win, they will follow the path of the "liberal" LBJ (who became known as "Lynch and Burn Johnson" for his actions in Nam.

So don't burn out 'o fellow believers in a new world. Some of us have been at this for a long time. Keep pushing for change... study the actions and thoughts of past rebels who yearned for a new society. Study history and then go out and make some of your own. Be militant but keep a smile on yer face and a flower in your heart. Never give up... victory belongs to the people.
Wah Wah Boo Hoo
29 Jul 2004
You're just as manipulated by the media as the next jerk. Why the hand-wringing over the war in Iraq? Ever think about what's going on Columbia, or Haiti, or the kid that's being molested down the street from you?

This war is not the be all end all of the shite in this world.
Re: Democrats give election to Bush- Hope dies
29 Jul 2004
For Kerry to underline his war record is to emphasize exactly the wrong message givng added impetus to the complete militarization of society by trying to outdo one another as to whom can assume the most martial posture. No one should ever forget that the Vietnam debacle was an even more criminal, immoral & deadly invasion than the current disaster in Iraq - the only "heroes" were the courageous peasants resisting it, as well as, to a lesser extent the draft resisters, conscientious objectors and peace activists opposing it. And the unremitting attempts to overcome the so-called Vietnam Syndrome and restore imperialist aims and means are only served by grotesque gloifications of that dark period in our history. We know where Kerry is headed and it's further down the same road Bush is on. Who wants to join him?
Vote Kerry for Status Quo - Vote Bush for Fascist Dictatorship
29 Jul 2004
I can't stand Kerry either, BUT...

I think that Kerry/Edwards believe in the democratic process. Bush/Cheney clearly don't. That is enough of a difference for me. I see this as a refferendum on democracy. do we want to keep our seriously flawed system, or trade it for a fascitst dictatorship. To me the answer is clear.
Re: Democrats give election to Bush- Hope dies
29 Jul 2004
I am against the war as well, but I am bit of a pragmatist. If we were to pull out now, the power vacuum would be a calamity for Iraq. Regardless of how we feel about Iraq, it is now our responsibility and I think that is the message of the democrats at this time. IMHO, we will have less far to go after a Kerry administration to achieve the goal of peace than we would after a second shrub presidency where we would probably invade Syria or Iran and re-instate the draft. Do you really think that a president with the hubris to pre-emptively attack iraq without so much as a majority of his people voting for him will not consider a november victory a license to continue his administration's imperial vision of the middle east? I'll vote for Kerry - a cleanup in Iraq beats an invasion and cleanup of another middle east country in addition to iraq any day.