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Commentary :: DNC
Ominous remark in Kerry's DNC speech
30 Jul 2004
Modified: 05:32:59 AM
John Kerry says that he plants to include Republicans in his administration. Why?
John Kerry made an extremely ominous remark tonight in his acceptance speech for the Democratic party's presidential nomination:

'when I am President, the government I lead will enlist people of talent, Republicans as well as Democrats, to find the common ground so that no one who has something to contribute will be left on the sidelines.'

Those (like me) who would expect a Democratic administration to be composed of Democrats can only feel great shock at this revelation. After all, when did you ever hear of a Republican administration that, in the interests of finding 'common ground,' it would also include Democrats? Can we really expect anything significant by way of change from a Kerry administration whose levers would be pushed and pulled by people who are ideologically opposed to everything the Democratic party stands for?

Not only is it hard to fathom this bizarre statement of intention, it has an unhappy precedent. Largely because he received only the narrowest victory over his opponent, Richard Nixon, John F. Kennedy included numerous veterans of the Eisenhower administration, or other persons affiliated with the Republican party, in his own. While this was a gracious step to take from someone who had the decency to acknowledge that he had not attained the White House with a convincing mandate, this left President Kennedy at risk of his administration being subverted from within.

Indeed, the decision to include persons from the enemy camp (in particular, the CIA was headed by Republicans) in his administration contributed not only to the Bay of Pigs debacle - essentially a Republican project Kennedy was persuaded to let go ahead - it may have even contributed to his own assassination. There were clearly many people at the highest levels of the Kennedy administration who had no stake in his tenure, who would in fact have preferred a Republican or a more conservative Democrat. They were well-placed to play roles in his assassination and to help cover it up afterwards.

Even if Kerry is not assassinated himself, what are the odds of a Kerry administration being undermined from within by Republicans? After all, Republicans do not become our friends simply because they also happen not to like George Bush. Hardly anyone who is sane does.

Democratic voters have a right to expect a DEMOCRATIC administration from John Kerry - not simply one composed of defectors from the Bush camp. It looks like Kerry will be betraying the Democratic party from Day One.

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Re: Ominous remark in Kerry's DNC speech
30 Jul 2004
Ominous Remarks? Methinks not. Expected yes. Hey what is the problem here? ABB ABB ABB. Well it aint Bush is it? You folks voted for the war-mongering, pro WTO, NAFTA, GATT, IMF, Patriot Act signing, Wall-Mart Stock owning f**k. Maybe the anarchists are right. Voting dont change chit. Just defuses energy. Politics belongs on the street. Except that having candidates gives us a platform, a voice. Folks like David Cobb or Ralph Nader.

Kerry is a natural result of ABB gone mad...

Hey Hey JFK
How Many Kids Would You Kill Today?
Re: Ominous remark in Kerry's DNC speech
30 Jul 2004
To me the most ominous remark was when he said, "As president, I will wage this war with the lessons I learned in war."

Is he not confirming that this war is not ending any time soon? Regardless of who wins in November, this war will drag on for years.

Kerry should be saying, "As president, I will end this war as quickly as possible." The least he could do is to say that his emphasis is on bringing the troops home.

But instead, he simply pledges to "wage the war" better than Bush.

I guess when all you settle on is "ABB", what you get is ABB.

Good Daily Show last night, BTW. Catch the re-run if you can.
30 Jul 2004
Not only did Kerry say "As president, I will wage this war with the lessons I learned in war"... but nearly every moment of the entire convention spoke of Kerry's "heroism' in Vietnam. There was the constant refrain of how "he served his country in Vietnam", and how he volunteered to go fight in Vietnam.

The US war on Vietnam was an imperialist adventure that slaughtered up to 3 million Vietnamese and nearly destroyed the entire country with napalm, chemical weapons, round the clock B52 carpet bombing raids, and other war crimes. Nothing about the US role in Vietnam was "heroic", and not a single US soldier "served his country" by being there. Over 55,000 US soldiers died in the rice paddies of Nam because of the hysterical lies of anti-Communist fanatics in Washington.

That Kerry and the Democratic Party have turned America's shame into a platform for a successful presidential campaign shows just how far to the right the country has swung. Kerry and the Vets surrounding him on the stage used to patrol the Mekon delta in "swift boats"... heavily armed patrol boats designed to penetrate "enemy controlled territory" and bring death and destruction to Vietnamese villages thought to be sympathetic to the liberation fighters. Were the US troops "heroic" and "noble" soldiers "serving their country"? NO... they were marauding foreigners marching in a yellow land, pillaging and destroying every step of the way. Read Kerry's own testimony denouncing the US war on Vietnam upon his return from the battlefields, he spoke the truth then... that the war was genocidal, and that the massacre at MyLai was not an aberration, but everyday policy.

The history of the monstrous, bloody, racist, and genocidal imperialist war in Vietnam has now been rewritten by Kerry and his Democratic Party. To have been part of that cruel, useless, and blood-spattered adventure is now to have "served one's country." The B52 pilots who dropped thousands of tons of bombs on rice paddy dikes so as to destroy rice production and increase starvation... who exterminated tens of thousands of simple rice farmers with their "rolling thunder" carpet bombing campaigns, are now "noble patriots."

When Kerry took the podium to give his nomination speech, his first words were delivered with a salute, "My name is John Kerry and I'm reporting for duty." The ghosts of Vietnam are all around us, they still haunt the nation, they are restless... and they know their numbers will be increased with the dead from Iraq... no matter who becomes President.
Re: Ominous remark in Kerry's DNC speech
30 Jul 2004
Go over to to read a good account of Kerry's time in Vietnam.

Mainly he seemed to spend his time machinegunning to death innocent civilians. Especially any fishermen who ventured into that river. What could they have been thinking? Maybe "my family is starving, lets go try to catch some fish." Then shows up Lt. John Kerry and he machine guns them to death.

These must be the "lessons" he's learned that he's going to apply to this "war".

Wow, just great.

Vote Green, then get ready to challenge and protest a Kerry administration (which will certainly be carrying out Repubican policies, with or without the Republicans.)

Oh yeah, note that there is a strong anti-war movement in the Democratic Party. a poll showed 90% of the delegates opposed this war/occupation. I didn't hear Kerry say a word about including anyone with an antiwar view in his administration. But he's already sending out invites to Republicans. Just Great!

Give up on the Democrats. Build a new political party. Be it the Greens or whatever. Just get to work building something new that will represent our views and ideals.
Re: Ominous remark in Kerry's DNC speech
30 Jul 2004
Kerry may have 'served his country' in Vietnam - but he and all the others who fought in this conflict disgraced humanity.
Re: Ominous remark in Kerry's DNC speech
31 Jul 2004
he didn't serve his country. he served his government and its corporatist masters.

some things never change.

or, the more they change, the more they stay the same.

or, kerry is a wanker, a former pawn for imperialist interests and a wannabe emporer.

still though, abb.
Re: Ominous remark in Kerry's DNC speech
31 Jul 2004
It's called bipartisanship. Maybe our government could get something productive done once in a while if they weren't spending all their time childishly bickering.
Re: Ominous remark in Kerry's DNC speech
31 Jul 2004
"Kerry may have 'served his country' in Vietnam - but he and all the others who fought in this conflict disgraced humanity."

Does that include people who were drafted? Does that include the Vietnamese?

Not everyone could get a deferment or could flee to Canada.
To the fool who wrote the above comment about 'bipartisanship'
01 Aug 2004
'It's called bipartisanship. Maybe our government could get something productive done once in a while if they weren't spending all their time childishly bickering.'

Why should Democratic voters get a 'bipartisan' administration? They are entitled to get a Democratic one.

If the American people want a 'bipartisan' government they should start a fusion party consisting of liberal Republicans and conservative Democrats, then see how many votes they get. But to my knowledge, there is no Republicrat party up for election this year.

And what does 'bipartisan' mean anyway? In today's terms, it means using the Democratic party to push conservative policies.

There is, in fact, no such thing as bipartisanship The idea is a PR stunt.

Wake up you fool!