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You'd better stop posting to my board, or else!!!
27 May 2001

I'm Barbara KKKoe, Imperial Grand Wizard of the Kalifornia Klansmen's Koalition for Immigration Deform, and I'm getting pretty pissed that all you Mexican-lovers are screwing up my beautiful, ethnically-pure hate board. In fact, I'm getting so desperate that I'm starting to ban people, so whatever you do, don't use various proxy servers and nicknames to confuse me when you post to:

I'm Barbara KKKoe, Imperial Grand Wizard of the Kalifornia Klansmen's Koalition for Immigration Deform, and I'm getting pretty pissed that all you Mexican-lovers are screwing up what had been a perfectly good, ethnically pure on-line hate board.

It was bad enough when you challenged the racist assumptions of my witless underlings and turned my board into a forum for arguments about stopping FTAA and repealing NAFTA rather than a nice safe little cyber-camp where us gun-toting militia nuts could swap stories about those *savages* who are *invading* the U.S. and work up the courage to engage in more brave acts of vigilantism at the border.

But then you had to go and start exposing my close links with neo-fascists like Glenn Spencer and David Duke! And when I saw that article posted that revealed how I gave a speech at the *Million Militia March* (actually only a couple hundred of my closest neo-Nazi pals) I nearly wet my pants! The arrogance of all you indymedia folks, looking up the truth like that and posting it for all to see.

But then you REALLY went over the top with the recent posting describing how the anti-immigrant movement gets millions of dollars in funding from the Pioneer Fund, a fascist front group out of New York City.

In fact, I'm getting so desperate that I'm starting to ban people, so whatever you do, don't use various proxy servers and nicknames to confuse me, or else...or else I'll get even madder!

(apologies to max gerber, who took the lovely photograph I found on the web, but has nothing to do with this satire. sorry, max, it was the only one I could find)
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Comments from the site
28 May 2001
Here's some more proxies - for the cause (english)
by triple anon 9:21pm Sun May 27 '01

Just tested transparent anon proxies :

(passes the X_FORWARDED_FOR header but good enough to post on CCIR)

If you guys need any more just post...

I can come up with thousands of them - let's see if they can block them all (I use proxy hunter)

As far as "right-wing" people posting on here goes - that's OK, we can stand the light of open discussion, we have functioning brains, banning is not required here.

Here's where these jerks get their dough. (english)
by DirtDigger 11:38pm Sun May 27 '01

Here's where these jerks get their dough. I posted this info on the CCIR board a little while ago, then they were suddenly and mysteriously hacked, and when they came back on-line, lo and behold, this post and one dealing with COINTELPRO had been removed.

Just a coincidence, I'm sure. Still, I'd use a proxy server as Triple Anon suggests.

Anyway, here's the info on the funding of the anti-immigrant movement, just in case anyone thinks the caricature of CCIR above was excessive or unfair:

**Alan Nelson of FAIR, co-author of Prop 187, was paid with the neo-Nazi Pioneer Fund money while he wrote it.**

> Alan Nelson. Nelson is one of the authors of
> Prop. 187 and was a driving force behind the
> measure. During the almost two-year "lead-up"
> to passage of the measure, Nelson was occupied
> almost full-time on work connected to the
> initiative. The question is, who paid him
> during this time? - an organization calling
> itself FAIR (Federation for American
> Immigration Reform). And where did FAIR get its
> income? - from the Pioneer Fund!11 To say under
> such circumstances, then, that the Pioneer Fund
> did not help bankroll Prop. 187 is disingenuous
> at best, and somewhat deceitful at worst. It's
> precisely this kind of dissembling and
> duplicity that contributes so greatly to the
> murky and even sinister aura which surrounds
> the activities of the Fund.

excertps from a reprt written By S. R. Shearer:

The Pioneer Fund was established as a charitable trust on February 27, 1937 in New York City. Harry H. Laughlin, Frederick Osborn and textile magnate Wickliffe Draper were the principle founders.1 The Fund's stated purpose was to "improve the character of the American people" by encouraging the procreation of descendants of "white persons" and to provide aid in conducting research on "race betterment with special reference to the people of the United States."2 The current president of the Pioneer Fund is a shadowy figure named Harry F. Weyher, a financier and corporate lawyer who eschews interviews and runs the Fund without pay or staff from his offices in New York; he is assisted in his work by four other "Trustees" - one of whom has been Tom Ellis, a close associate of Pat Robertson and Tim LaHaye in the Council on National Policy (CNP), the principle coordinating agency in bringing together various members of the religious right with the business right and the political right. All serve without pay and staff.
The Pioneer Fund has assets of about $5-million and gives away most of its $1-million in annual income to a dozen or more scholars from Northern Ireland to California who study IQ and genetics. The Pioneer Fund supported a significant portion of the research cited in the recent best-selling book on race and intelligence, The Bell Curve, by Richard J. Herrnstein, a Harvard University psychologist who died in September 1994, and Charles Murray, a political scientist at the American Enterprise Institute. In the billion dollar world of philanthropy, the money doled out by the Pioneer Fund may seem paltry. But the numbers don't tell the real story of the Fund's influence. "The Pioneer Fund has been able to direct its resources like a laser-beam," says one critic, Barry Mehler, a historian at Ferris State University who has been gathering information on it since the 1970s. "I credit the Fund for being a major factor in the present resurgence of the biological-determinism movement - a factor that is far out of proportion to the amount of funds it has."3

All of the men connected to the estab-lishment of the Fund were admirers of Adolf Hitler. They believed unequivocally in white superiority and held that it (i.e., white supremacy) derived from "the evolutionary process." They were motivated to establish the Fund by what they considered to be the overwhelming "success" of the Nazi eugenics policy6 - a startling defamation, but one which is easily documented. Take Harry Laughlin, the Fund's most energetic early personality, for example: in May 1936, Dr. Carl Schneider, a professor of "racial hygiene" at the University of Heidelberg and dean of the school's faculty of medicine (and who, incidentally, also served as a "scientific adviser" for the extermination of handicapped people in Germany) offered Laughlin an honorary degree of "Doctor of Medicine." Laughlin was deeply moved; he enthusiastically replied, "I stand ready to accept this very high honor. Its bestowal will give me particular gratification ... To me this honor will be ... valued because it comes from a nation which for many centuries nurtured the human seed stock which later founded my own country and thus gave basic character to our present lives and institutions."7

By the way, thanks for the additional proxy servers, Triple Anon. But how about a quick explanation about how to use them, for us non-techies? I've been using a couple of proxy servers that are point-and-click accessible from the web, but I'm sure they'll ban those IP ranges pretty soon. So how can people use those #s you posted?

Dirt Digger
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