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Announcement ::
MOVE Documentary Film Screening // Sept 16th
07 Sep 2004
The Boston Anarchist Black Cross hosts a free screening of the new documentary on the radical movementment known as MOVE.

Thursday, September 16th: 7pm
MOVE Documentary Free Film Screening

Thursday, September 16th: 7pm

Flyer One: Flyer Two:

This documentary covers the full controversial history of the radical movement, MOVE, in Philadelphia that was created by John Africa in the 1970's. The story is told through interviews with actual MOVE members including Ramona Africa, the MOVE 9 prisoners, and MOVE supporters and analyzed by its neighbors, Philadelphia journalists and other outside opinions. Howard Zinn, author of "The People's History of the United States" narrates this interesting and informative documentary.

at the Lucy Parsons Center 549 Columbus Avenue South End, Boston

By Bus: Route 1 By Train: Orange Line Mass Ave Stop

More info on the film:

This event is hosted by the Boston Anarchist Black Cross (ABC). Contact: ABC-Boston (at) Web:

What is the Anarchist Black Cross:

The Anarchist Black Cross Network (ABCN) is a decentralized network of local groups that work strategically against capitalism and the state by targeting its prison system and the prison-industrial complex. The Network supports imprisoned comrades through letter-writing campaigns, legal help, and visits when possible. It also works to call attention to the rising incarceration rate and its link to capitalism, along with exposing the truth behind the private prison industry and for-profit imprisonment.

What is the Boston ABC:

The Anarchist Black Cross of Boston is affliated with the larger Anarchist Black Cross Network (ABCN). Boston-ABC fits into this picture as the the defensive arm of the local anarchist struggle. We hope to help forge an organized support network for local activist in need. We've all seen the Boston Police Special-Ops Strike Force and their black-on-black uniforms. We all know why they do not wear badges. This is the latest local aspect of the nationwide paramilitarization of the police forces. We must act now and build organizations to help defend our communities from this threat.
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Re: MOVE Documentary Film Screening // Sept 16th
07 Sep 2004
that doesn't make sense... Mumia still claims his innocence, and it is very obvious that he didn't receive a fair trial. also, as a black revolutionary it makes perfect sense for the police, from the same department he had openly criticized, to target him.
Everyone should take credit for their actions, and i believe mumia would take credit for the death of officer faulkner had he committed the crime.
I also don't see your point, because although Mumia and Move are connected, this article has nothing to do with Mumia and he is not mentioned.
Re: MOVE Documentary Film Screening // Sept 16th
07 Sep 2004
Mumia claims he was innocent, and yet miraculously Mumia and the cop were both found shot at the scene. Which leaves the issue, If the cop was dead, and Mumia was on the scene bleeding, shot by the cop, who shot the cop?

Can you confabulate a magic bullet theory which places Mumia away from the scene of the DOUBLE shooting?

Mumia is related because he covered the MOVE bombing clandestinely for NPR. All the more reason to be targeted. All the more reason to shoot back at Frank Rizzo's goon squad. Again, Mumia was bleeding, shot by the officer who was found dead.

Who shot him other than the armed bleeding guy at the scene.

As for the MOVE organization itself, it was a victim of commune busting. But the MOVE movie showing will clearly be an event designed to incite the public in a skewed and Marxist way. I am just shining some white light on your red light.
Re: Penisflexed - Robert Goodwin
08 Sep 2004
More spew on Indymedia by Boston's own serial stalker. So, what makes you call the very nice guy who runs Revolution Books a "peddler." How is standing on the street offering a newspaper any different than waiting for people to sign up for pay-per-view? I've seen him out there on the hotest and coldest of days. He is dedicated and courageous. That's much more than any of us can say for you.
Why the ABC is showing this film
08 Sep 2004
I don't know why you thought it was relevant to bring up a random Mumia argument, but regardless, the MOVE organization was violently attacked and repressed by the Philadelphia PD. They were murdered, framed and many sent to jail with enourmous sentences. This subject is of great relevance to today's radical community, as the same tactics are currently being employed against us again.
And a nod
08 Sep 2004
...and mj, thanks for your comments.
Re: MOVE Documentary Film Screening // Sept 16th
08 Sep 2004
Ooooh 73. I would gladly give you all of my personal information if it would help you to learn how to be a man. Unfortunately I cannot give you my self-respect, my determination, and my autarkeia. Maybe Saturday I can give you some more of my personal info.

The MOVE organization was dealt with unjustly. My premise was that this injustice will be used at the Lucy Parsons Center to skew this fact of history into an argument in favor of anarchy and socialism.

The SWP has been trying for a long time, like Timberland Boots, to recover from the time it dissed the black community. It hopes to collect angry, poor and ignorant blacks and hispanics into the socialist movement. Do you honestly think that such people would not be oblterated if they started an open conflict against the United States? Consider for one thing that Blacks and Hispanics of a more literate and self-improving nature would be shooting them from positions in the US Army.

I am simply opposing the use of the MOVE bombing as a bloody shirt from which to fashion a red flag. There is nothing wrong with that.
Re: MOVE Documentary Film Screening // Sept 16th
09 Sep 2004
You made up a reason to bring up the RCP. You didn't even make up a reason to bring up the SWP. And you certainly aren't backing up your implication that anarchists intend to let any of those parasitic fucks hijack their event.

And I went to your website. "Content" Flexed? More like Content Missing... aside from reposting excerpts from your glorious campaign of trolling an IMC, you have ZERO album reviews (although this is supposed to be the point of the site?) and ONE interview... with a science fiction writer. Maybe if you spent less time red-baiting and gay-bashing on this newswire and more time actually putting something on your website, you'd feel better about yourself and your "autarkeia."
Re: MOVE Documentary Film Screening // Sept 16th
09 Sep 2004
Hmmmmm who is the biggest cheerleader for Mumia? Hmmm is it RCP Revolutionary Worker, or SWP Socialist Worker? Hmmm or is it MIMNotes? They love him too.

In order to review an album, one must first receive an album. Maybe you can record an album and send it to us instead of telling me what to do with my site. No, the "point" is not to be reviewing albums.

How could Communists and Socialists POSSIBLY hijack the MOVE movie? Lets see, what kind of posters do I find on the wall when I go to the Lucy Parsons Center? Where else can I find bookstores like it? Harvard Square. Central Square. Where else can I get a Communism Socialism Anarchism smoothie?

Was I gay bashing on this thread? No. Maybe my very existence threatens your gender self-perception. I certainly didn't say anything bad about you here. How do we get from the RCP sponsors of MOVE to the gay issue again?
Re: MOVE Documentary Film Screening // Sept 16th
09 Sep 2004
to be fair, move was really more of a cult than a movement.
The Truth: MOVE was a cult of smelly armed luddites who offended thier neighbors with a rank and unhealthy lifestyle.
09 Sep 2004

The MOVE organization spoke out vehemently against all forms of government, including that of the United States, technology, and professed equality with animals and insects.

Many of MOVE's members [...] were former drug addicts and alcoholics who proclaimed that John Africa had straightened out their lives.

They never ate any cooked or processed foods and their diet consisted mainly of raw fruits and vegetables (Anderson, 10). They even ate raw meat at times. They did not seek medical treatment for illness or disease but instead chewed garlic to ward off disease.

The members bathed very infrequently since bathing with soap was forbidden.

The group members dressed alike in heavily soiled, torn clothing and children sometimes wore no clothing at all.

The groups radical living situation, which stood in line with their belief to live in a natural state without the use of technology, caused them to come into conflict with their neighbors and the surrounding community.

The order of the day at MOVE headquarters was called progeniture (Anderson, 9). Men, women, and children had roles which they were expected to fulfill. Men were expected to be sexually potent, and women were expected to bear many children.

Women were taught that their main role was that of conceiving and giving birth to children. John Africa taught them to "DO AS, be like the principle of life," the principle of life being procreation (Anderson, 9). Women were not allowed to use any forms of contraception such as birth control, and abortions were forbidden. They were also not allowed any medical attention such as visits to the gynecologist or the obstetrician. They were expected to give birth completely naturally, without any medical care. Upon giving birth, women were expected to lick their babies clean and sever the umbilical cord by biting it with their teeth. After biting the umbilical cord, they had to eat it (Anderson, 9).

Children were not taught in the public schools because this form of schooling was, of course, part of the "system." They were taught instead at the headquarters from The Guidelines (Assefa, 15).

People in the group were assigned titles such as "Minister of Defense," "Full Naturalist Minister," "Minister of Communications," "Minister of Information," etc. (Anderson, 10)

The living arrangements of MOVE at their headquarters in Philadelphia lead neighbors to complain about the garbage, the human and animal wastes, as well as other health hazards to the community (Nelson 1996).

he tension between the group and the rest of the community lead the city to demand an inspection of MOVE's property in Powelton Village. The group refused, and further fortified their headquarters by building an eight foot blockade around their property. When city officials came to the group's headquarters with a court order to search the property, six members of the group stood on top of the blockade they had built brandishing weapons at city officials and holding signs which said "Long Live the House that John Africa Built" (Anderson, 30). This lead to a confrontation on August 8, 1978, in which the police moved in against the compound, and officer James J. Ramp was shot dead, allegedly by MOVE members. Following this incident, nine members of the group, including Mumia Abu-Jamal, were convicted of third degree murder and sentenced to 30 to 100 years in prison (Wagner-Pacifici, 32).

Following this incident, the group relocated to a row house which they fortified like a bunker and became even more vocal with their anti-government teachings in an effort to free the nine members they felt were wrongly convicted (Anderson, 55). Neighbors soon began to complain about the groups unsanitary conditions and about the noise from the group blasting their profane messages over loud speakers set outside of the row house (Brin 1996).
Re: MOVE Documentary Film Screening // Sept 16th
10 Sep 2004
"...children sometimes wore no clothing at all."



Though to be fair, the totally subjugating the women thing is no good.
Re: MOVE Documentary Film Screening // Sept 16th
11 Sep 2004
That is an ad hominem attack against me. Apparently because I disapprove of homosexuality being nonchalantly portrayed as a normal alternative lifestyle, my views on the Lucy Parsons Center and MOVE are somehow invalid. Way to poison the well.

There are nonsectarian books AVAILABLE at the Lucy Parsons Center, however this is different from the Lucy Parsons Center being nonsectarian.

Welcoming everyone except radical centrist american federalists who believe in the Constitution, and not in the dismemberment of the state are not really welcome at the center or its events. They are welcome to buy books there, contribute money to the owners, and perhaps become communists, socialists or anarchists.

Again how does my acceptance of heterosexuality as the natural and dominant mating strategy invalidate my views on the MOVE organization? By all means you should go see the movie, but bear in mind that recruitment is also taking place.
Re: MOVE Documentary Film Screening // Sept 16th
12 Sep 2004
Recruitment into MOVE?
Recruitment into Boston ABC?
Recruitment into Communism?
Recruitment into the Lucy Parsons Center Collective?
Recruitment into the homosexual lifestyle?
Recruitment into the RCP, SWP, and/or MIM?
Recruitment into Boston Indymedia?
Recruitment into the ranks of people who don't think the best way to deal with a little separatist nature cult is to firebomb a city block?
What? You are confusing.
Re: MOVE Documentary Film Screening // Sept 16th
12 Sep 2004
I already said that the Philly pd and Frank Rizzo were wrong. Stop being hysterical. Of the other groups you mentioned yes. All of those.
Re: MOVE Documentary Film Screening // Sept 16th
12 Sep 2004
"contribute money to the owners"

We have owners? News to me.
Re: MOVE Documentary Film Screening // Sept 16th
12 Sep 2004
If you want to debate the very bricks of your building, then so be it. If you are renting out the space, then an owner of the establishment is listed on the lease. For all intents and purposes your store has an owner. If I slipped and fell on the ice and cracked my skull on the doorway at LPC there would be someone who had to appear in court.

I am only assuming that you run your premises in such a way that it non only breaks even but that you gain enough money to finance the socialist movements you hold therein. If not then perhaps that is why you are not very effective.

Normally, men would profit by their properly run establishment which brought in enough revenue to paint a decent store sign, order books, form a real media apparatus and contribute to paramilitary organizations. In fact the owners would be able to generate enough revenue to publish their own hardcover books and spread their message further than a few blocks.

But don't listen to me. I am just a crazy person who believes that hard work and foresight pays off and makes you a more powerful spokesman for your cause.
Re: MOVE Documentary Film Screening // Sept 16th
13 Sep 2004
Haha! That's why 31 year old "radical centrists" never get anywhere. They can't tell when people are being sarcastic, and they inaccurately call anyone who makes fun of them a socialist.
Re: MOVE Documentary Film Screening // Sept 16th
13 Sep 2004
"If you are renting out the space, then an owner of the establishment is listed on the lease. For all intents and purposes your store has an owner."

Uh, actually that would be the lease signer. They don't "own" anything related to the LPC (stock, computers, tools, rights to the name, etc.).

We are incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit project. All decisions related to the project are made by a collective. There actually is no owner.
Re: MOVE Documentary Film Screening // Sept 16th
13 Sep 2004
Which means that the lease signer is the one responsible for the activity taking place at the LPC. Now that we have cleared up that little red herring, we are necessarily in agreement that the lease signer would be facilitating the recruitment of socialists using the MOVE Documentary.
Re: MOVE Documentary Film Screening // Sept 16th
13 Sep 2004
"Which means that the lease signer is the one responsible for the activity taking place at the LPC."

No, it means they are legally accountable for meeting the conditions of the lease agreement with the landlord of the space. That's it. Nothing else. Period.


It is the COLLECTIVE, as recognized by the ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION that govern the project, that is responsible for anything regarding the project, physical space, and name "Lucy Parsons Center".

Is that crystal clear enough for you yet?

Lastly, it is an ANARCHIST group (as in, not socialist... well, at least in the sense I assume you are using the term) that is using our space to show the MOVE documentary. If you have some issues with supposed "recruitment" I would think it would be with them.
Re: MOVE Documentary Film Screening // Sept 16th
14 Sep 2004
You are incorporated? LOL So how do you distinguish yourselves from the evil corporations that are destroying the world? Are you a "good corporation" that doesn't make any money? How do you determine progress of your corporation at the board meetings?
Re: MOVE Documentary Film Screening // Sept 16th
14 Sep 2004
"Are you a "good corporation" that doesn't make any money?"

Yeah, pretty much. Thanks for asking.

"How do you determine progress of your corporation at the board meetings?"

Well, since we are a non-profit project run by a collective made up of anti-capitalists our "progress" is not exactly determined by profit margins.

We will be celebrating our 35th anniversary in a few months. In the world of all-volunteer, collectively-run, non-profit small businesses I would say that is fairly "successful" wouldn't you?
Re: MOVE Documentary Film Screening // Sept 16th
14 Sep 2004
Well, you have longevity, I'll give you that. It also helps that while you hate capitalism and the evil corporations, you gladly accept credit card donations. That makes sense. Very consistent. Very firm in your moral outlook.

It also helps that you have such a wonderfully hand crafted sign out front, and a fresh supply of college freshmen looking to engage in the Boston alt-lifestyle that most of us know died out in the late 80's with new wave.
Re: MOVE Documentary Film Screening // Sept 16th
15 Sep 2004
We also pay taxes to the State, and rent to a landlord, and utilities to, well, utility companies. Until is a thing of the past, unfortunately there are a few concessions that you need to accept in order to run a halfway sustainble bookshop. Such is life.