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Commentary :: Education
The Indians had 12,000 years to get their act together.
12 Sep 2004
I don't klnow who Matt thinks he is, being the champion of the gay and also the Indians. Maybe he should join the Village People. I myself am 1/16th Penaccok Indian, and I will say whatever I like about the Indians. Be thankful that I say what is correct about them.
In terms of the quest to become the ruling force on earth, Indians did in fact have 12,000 years to get their act together. The Indians were in America for over 12,000 years, during which time some lived peacefully, others hunted and ate each other, or hunted animasl to extinction. The Iroquois Confederation marks a turning point in Indian history, where they began to federate in order to protect themselves from other indian tribes who were cannibals.

Unfortunately they confederated too late to be a dominant force in the world of human affairs. Many races of people have paid the price for this sloth of political maturity, and have been either decimated, obliterated or absorbed by a more dynamic civilization.

Some people want to hide this fact because it makes them feel uncomfortable or less progressive, but hey, progress hurts.

A final point needs to be made which is that like the Ashanti, the white man would not have become "Great Father" over the indians without the help of the Nez Perce.

And please, don't pretend to tell me how to view my history.

This work is in the public domain


Why do you measure success in those terms?
12 Sep 2004
There would be nothing odd in a person being partially of one race and being a bigot against that race. It happens frequently in Latin America. Therefore, your statement about being part native-American is meaningless.

What I find interesting is your belief that becoming a dominate force in the world (i.e. imposing your will upon other peoples) is some how a mark of superiority. It seems self evident to me that it is a sign of ethical and moral inferiority. It follows, then, that Europeans are amongst the world's most inferior and that native-Americans are superior.
Re: The Indians had 12,000 years to get their act together.
12 Sep 2004
History does not concern itself with which races were the most ethically superior. If so, World history would be a story of the Neanderthals, the Australian Aborigines, Peking Man, Tahitians, , the Essenes, Jaina, the Baha'i.

While these groups have contributed culturally to humanity, history is largely concerned with whose civilization was the highest, the largest, the most powerful, who had the strongest willed philosophers, the greatest warriors, and the fastest chariots.

History is the Uruk, The Egyptians, The Romans, The Hindu, the Persians, Alexander the Great, the Greeks, the Romans, The Mongols, The Turks, The Muslims, The Franks, the Germans, the English, the Americans. For a brief time even the Iroquois and the Russians.

Man's purpose is to become the most that he can bexome. Some view this as becoming the most moral, the most intellectual, the most in harmony with nature, and the most compassionate. Alexander built an empire in 7 years which withstood even his death. This is why there is still an Alexandria and Egypt, and a Kandahar in Afghanistan.

All politics is a struggle for global geopolitical hegemony. Everything other than man maximizing his identity and his power is fluff.
So, History is a story written by the arrogant about the arrogant.
12 Sep 2004
That proves nothing.

You need to learn do distinguish between religions, races and species. Neanderthal were another species, not race. Jaina and Baha'i are relligions not races.
Re: The Indians had 12,000 years to get their act together.
12 Sep 2004
Bah. You are splitting hairs. the distinctions are irrelevant. It doesnt matter if it is a hippie commune, an indian tribe, a kibbutz, or a media collective.

Any organiztion that is not out to dominate is out to be dominated.