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News :: DNC
Reflections on newswire harassment.
14 Sep 2004
Looking over the hidden list, it seems that someone really wants to discredit someone.
Let's do a thought experiment. Harassment is nothing new. In the past sociopaths and immature teenagers would use the telephone to do prank phone calls. This spats usually last a couple of weeks and then the sociopath finds someone else to harass.

The harassment we've seen on Boston IMC has been going on for more than two years. The harasser claims that it is a group and not a single person doing the harassment. The target of the harassment is one Mr. DeVoy who used to work indirectly for the Information Awareness Office and is responsible for bringing it's activities to light (which caused its funds to be withdrawn).,1608,157672-113-119,00.h

When someone does a political action like DeVoy did and then is harassed for more than two years online, the purpose of the harassment being to discredit him, you have to ask yourself - what does this guy know that someone does not want people to listen to?

Driving someone to paranoia is nothing new in American political harassment. It seems to me that paranoia, if it is real paranoia, does not require inducement. When someone tries so hard to make someone paranoid, you can only conclude that the goal is to keep people from listening to him. Since this has been going on for more than two years, I wonder who is footing the bill?

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Try walking in someone else's shoes.
14 Sep 2004
"anarchist", I wonder how non-paranoid you'd be if you were harassed, defamed and libeled online for more than two years while receiving no support from Boston IMC or other "anarchists"?

Has it passed your mind that harassing someone for so long can injure them?
Re: Reflections on newswire harassment.
14 Sep 2004
Whatever, it still does not excuse defamation of other anarchists. Making accusations that various groups are working with federal agents as part of some vast conspiracy to harrass someone is a very serious and potentially damaging allegation. I have no sympathy for someone who engages in that type of slander.
I'm not convinced it's slander.
14 Sep 2004
Haven't seen enough evidence one way or the other.
Re: Reflections on newswire harassment.
14 Sep 2004
So does that mean you are defending potentially damaging defamation and slander of other radical activists based on paranoid delusions, or not?
Re: Reflections on newswire harassment.
14 Sep 2004
As far as I know, Boston IMC was never approached by Stephen DeVoy by any other method than email. I was not around when this all began but if we knew him we would might find a reason to defend him. The harassment he has recieved has been horrible, but it has also been confusing. Posts have been made in his name that may or may not have been posted by him. In addition we can only speculate about how all this began and who is involved. There is even speculation that both parties are the same person. If a person communicates entirely by electronic means I could see very easily how they would become paranoid and not trust even an open group like indymedia.

I think I can speak for all of us here when I say that we at the IMC are also very tired of having to watch the newswire like hawks to stop the nonsense. It is not only a campaign to discredit DeVoy but also to discredit Indymedia as well, at least in its effects. If anyone has hard information about the individuals involved, such as names, phone numbers and addresses, please contact the IMC via our email address imc-boston-office (at) .

Consider these comments from literature on Cyber Stalking.
14 Sep 2004
Maybe Boston IMC will see how it has made a bad situation much worse:


"Indeed, one could hypothesize that that stranger-stranger cyberstalking might be more traumatic in some respects, as the victim doesn't necessarily know who their stalker is, doesn't know what the stalker looks like and may land up with tremendous anxiety or fear of all strangers. Consider the cyberstalker victim who doesn't know if their stalker is in their geographic area and doesn't know if their stalker has any history of stalking or violence. In this case, the "unknown devil" may be more frightening than a "known devil."

In discussing cyberstalking, Parry Aftab, the Executive Director of Cyberangels, said, "They are scared out of their mind and no one takes them seriously. The victim is victimized twice." Indeed, it may be hard for those who have not experienced it to appreciate how terrifying it can be to repeatedly get threatening e-mails from someone you don't know anything about. Or how, after being cyberstalked for months or years, a victim might become depressed or ill."

Now, consider the evidence (he left town, left his job and doesn't use email anymore):

"Impact of Stalking: Traumatic Distress

Pathé and Mullen (1997) asked 100 stalking victims to complete a 50-item questionnaire about their experiences. They reported that the majority of the victims were subjected to multiple forms of harassment including being followed, repeatedly approached, and bombarded with letters and telephone calls for periods varying from a month to 20 years. Threats were received by 58 subjects, and 34 were physically or sexually assaulted.

The vast majority of victims made major changes lives: 53% changed or ceased employment, and 39% moved. Increased levels of anxiety were reported by 83% of the stalking victims, while 55% reported intrusive recollections, flashbacks, nightmares, appetite disturbances and/or depressed mood. Almost 1 in 4 acknowledged having suicidal thoughts.

Their findings on major lifestyle changes and impact were replicated by reports from the U.S. Center for Disease Control, based on a survey of women in Louisiana during 1998-1999.

Based on the severe impact being reported, it should come as no surprise that 37% of the victims in the Pathé and Mullen study met the diagnostic criteria for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); an additional 18% had features of PTSD but did not meet the criterion relating to threatened or actual physical harm.

Although I have not found any data (yet) that specifically address this point, I wouldn't be surprised to discover that the longer the stalking continues, the greater the risk of depression or learned helplessness emerging. Other studies have also indicated that stalking victims are likely to change their social patterns significantly (e.g., not go out as much) and experience strain in marital or family relationships. Comparable, perhaps, to what many rape victims experience, victims of stalking may change their pattern so that they never go out alone or significantly reduce the number of times they go out alone.

More recently, Kamphuis and Emmelkamp (2001) reported on traumatic distress in a community-based sample of 201 female stalking victims who sought support. As was the case in the Pathé and Mullen study, these investigators found that the majority of victims had experienced multiple forms of harassment including threats of violence (74%) and actual violence (55%). More than half of the victims met the criterion for clinically significant pathology on the General Health Questionnaire. Stalking was associated with substantial posttraumatic stress symptoms comparable to levels found in other kinds of traumatized victims. The investigators concluded that support-seeking female stalking victims experience pervasive and persistent threat and intrusion that may produce high levels of psychological morbidity. In a separate study, David, Coker, and Sanderson (2002) found that the physical and mental health effects of being stalked were not gender-related. Both male and female victims experienced impaired health, depression, injury, and were more likely to engage in substance abuse than their non-stalked peers.

It is important to remember that the findings above are based on studies of stalking victims, and while it may be that cyberstalking victims will experience similar problems, there have been no actual studies looking at victim impact of cyberstalking. "
Re: Reflections on newswire harassment.
14 Sep 2004
Not trusting a group and actively spreading slanderous accusations about them are two totally seperate things. Devoy said some crazy shit about NEFAC, Boston IMC and the Lucy Parsons Center. He has yet to retract any of it.
Basically, fuck him. I have no sympathy for people who attack my comrades with lies and bullshit, and I don't care how "persecuted" or harrassed they are.
"anarchist" doesn't seem like much of an "anarchist".
14 Sep 2004
A thread like this and no "KOBE"? All we have is "anarchist", forwarding KOBE's goals.

In one short period DeVoy lost it because of the harassment. So what?

I'm on DeVoy's side. I've met him myself, in Harvard Square. I don't know who you are, so I'll pick the guy I know.
Re: Reflections on newswire harassment.
14 Sep 2004
Really, I don't even know what a KOBE is, or really care. All I know is this Devoy guy seems nuts, and has spread all kinds of provocatuer-style slander about local anarchist and anti-authortarian groups in the past.

I would never side with someone who plays the part of provocatuer (whether paid agent or otherwise). If he's your friend, that's your problem.
'anarchist' is a fake
14 Sep 2004
it's obvious.
OK - so you got me
14 Sep 2004
I still think he's an ass.
Both parties are at fault, but DeVoy seems to be unwilling to stop.
14 Sep 2004
I know that "Tired" is DeVoy, and I want him to know these things. Simply relax and read very carefully, and do not assume I am posting these statements to harass or in any way demean you. They are the truth, plain and simple. I will address them individually:


No one would defame himself online and shut down his websites because of his own harassment against himself. KOBE is a different party from DeVoy and DeVoy is the victim. That anyone at Boston IMC would even entertain the obsurd idea that someone would harass himself out of a job by doing what was done to Poirier Sales (with the help of Boston IMC) is a sign of complete stupidity or navite.


"KOBE is a different party from DeVoy and DeVoy is the victim". You need to look at your own part in victimizing others in your quest to determine the identity of your "harassers". In the archives of this newswire (and many others), remain your harassment campaigns against innocent parties because you THOUGHT they were involved in KOBE. They would include Dave Young of Computers NLA, Jack Feldhaus of Sigma Data Systems, Tom Lasswell, a student in Boston University, an old grandmother in Australia, your ex co-worker Josiah Hagen (and supposedly his brother Phil Hagen). ALL MISTAKEN. None of those people are now nor have they every been involved in KOBE, yet you harassed them by e-mail, telephone, and an online boycott campaign. Computers NLA was horribly harassed by you, and they were only a former webhost. The original boycott article YOU wrote was used in the recent Poirier Sales boycott campaign. You may be a victim, but you have victimized others who are innocent. ALL of them are innocent, because you have failed to correctly identify even ONE member of KOBE. Veritas, the people at Cycorp, the FBI....all victims of yours who have absolutely NOTHING to do with KOBE, regardless of what the voices are telling you.

DeVoy was harassed so much, he left town with his family and relocated without telling anyone where he went.


That wasnt before you decided to accuse your own father (who let you move into his home), and your brother of being the "harassers". You served your brother with a restraining order because you thought he was trying to take your daughter away. You published an article entitled "My Father is My Enemy" on your former White Rose Journal website. The article was defamatory and disloyal to your family. It gave KOBE personal information it did not have prior to that. Yes, you are under surveillance by the authorities, but that is because you are an anarchist WHO ALSO PUBLISHES PROPAGANDA. The garden variety anarchists are generally ignored exept when they assemble in protest. You have chosen to be an antagonist, and therefore you are a target.

Why would he want to share his email address or telephone number under such circumstances.


KOBE published the e-mail addresses for its members, and we have repeatedly attempted to reconcile our differences, but you refuse, choosing instead to continue this back and forth attack and reprisal. You victimize someone, then you expect there to be no response? Isnt that a bit odd? You have accused everyone of being "in on" the harassment and being part of some dark conspiracy against you, including posters from here and elsewhere.

By failing to delete the harassment posts from the start and consistantly, Boston IMC played a direct role in harassing him.


You fail to take responsibility of your part in thos whole thing. YOUR posts are also harassment in the eyes of this IMC. Constant harassment of individuals you THINK are actually KOBE, and are not. You think that anyone who agrees with KOBE is also a member of KOBE. You are wrong. This IMC decided to delete posts from BOTH parties, and that makes sense to me. Why doesnt it make sense to you? You say youre a Star Trek fan. Remember the episode with the guys who were black on one side and white on the other? They both were full of shit, but each one thought he was "right". We are BOTH wrong. How is it that I can see that but you cant?

I don't blame him for not trusting Boston IMC.


DeVoy (probably you), once accused this IMC of being run by the FBI and being COINTELPRO. You used the newswire to spread your boycott announcements, your Cycorp theories, your long and rambling conspiracy rants....they probably dont trust you either.

If Boston IMC wants to be trusted, it should recognize that attempts to smear activists should be removed immediately.


The Indymedia Network doesnt need to worry about wether YOU trust them or not. They are already trusted by the vast majority of its readers, and for the most part the editors do a good job in deleting disruptive or "smear" posts. You have written quite a few "smear" campaigns yourself. But because you view yourself as the victim, when they delete your articles, you interpret that as "support" for your alleged harassers. Such a one way perception that is.

Until it does that, why trust Boston IMC?


You dont have to trust this IMC. DeVoy (you) has stated many times that he "no longer posts in his name at Boston Indymedia". Nevertheless, strange "advocates" post here (like you) who claim to know the intimate emotional distress and minute details of his experiences. It y\would be more credible if you simply admitted your identity as I have. I am KOBE SBM, and I no longer wish to disrupt this newswire, but you keep baiting me.

Lets restrict our war to our own websites. You can even post articles on our newswire and our forums, ANONYMOUSLY. I am betting that the editors here would feel better if that happened. I have been posting articles which address ideaologies....not individuals (for the most part). Some of my responses and articles are hidden, and some are not. Usually, I can see and understand why they are hidden. Why cant you?

YOU are as much a harasser as KOBE is. Take a long hard look at that.
Re: Reflections on newswire harassment.
14 Sep 2004
Tired, you say you have had no contact with him since April?

I find that very hard to believe.

I really don't know where he is.
14 Sep 2004
I've heard bits and pieces. I saw what you did to Poirier Sales and I saw that they took down a link to his site. I know he doesn't live where he was before. Someone said he went to Bolivia. Someone else said something about Chile. I know he loved California. Maybe he's there, but I don't know.
Re: Reflections on newswire harassment.
14 Sep 2004
I notice you mention Poirier Sales.....

You obviously were thinking the same thing as me. "How could someone who has not had contact since April know DeVoy lost his job in August???"

Nice recovery by the way.

This was news to me he lost the job......
I can only guess he didn't make any retractions because he either still believes it or has seen no counter proof.
14 Sep 2004
I haven't seen any retraction. He might believe it is true.
Wherever he is, I bet he's still at it.
14 Sep 2004
Bolivia, Chile, California - He's probably out there somewhere trashing Bush.

Re: Reflections on newswire harassment.
14 Sep 2004
Now that makes sense! Calling him an "agent provocateur" after he took down John Poindexter and the TIA! Just who do you think he's working for, some secret third party trying to bring down the US Government and NEFAC at the same time?

Look for contradictions. Figure out which was a greater risk. The greater risk says more.
That is part of the problem. The Narcissistic self-praise.
14 Sep 2004
"Now that makes sense! Calling him an "agent provocateur" after he took down John Poindexter and the TIA! Just who do you think he's working for, some secret third party trying to bring down the US Government and NEFAC at the same time?"

He really believes that he "took down John Poindexter and the TIA"? That's the statement of a grossly inflated ego. It was CONGRESS who cut off funding for the TIA, but it is still running strong (in another guise) .

John Poindexter is a Caltech PhD, and he is doing fine. Although the consolidated concept known as the Total Information Awareness (TIA) never coalesced, its elements are nevertheless STILL BEING USED by the FBI, the CIA, and the DHS. Yet, DeVoy actually believes that he had even the SMALLEST part in defeating the TIA? I hardly think so.

---"Look for contradictions. Figure out which was a greater risk. The greater risk says more. "---

Lets look at the contradictions:

An anarchist who sells bumper stickers to support his own personal websites which promote a personalized concept of anarchy while attacking the anarchist movement as a whole.

A person who claims that he has been harassed and stalked, who opened the JPAO which was designed to to the EXACT SAME to John Poindexter (and later to other innocent individuals having no part of anything at all).

An individual who organized a protest against a small computer store in Harbor City California because they once unwittingly hosted the KOBE Headquarters website (for three months), yet cries bloody murder when the same thing is done to him, using the SAME BOYCOTT CAMPAIGN HE WROTE HIMSELF.

An individual who supposedly values the privacy of his addresses and photograph, who will post the photos of others along with any and all information about those individuals, captioned with 36pt type alleging conspiration ties with undesireable groups or federal entities.

Did KOBE do any of that to anyone EXCEPT DeVoy? Why did they do it...because he attacked them and they attacked back (unlike his other victims who simply ignored him). Does this post sound like that of a paranoid individual who believes that the invisible black helicopters are hovering over his home?
Me thinks NF is a liar.
14 Sep 2004
I seem to remember an image put up by your target where you were being recuited to harass him. That, I think, was before he ever heard of you.
Not attached at the hip.
14 Sep 2004
I just miss him. Do you realize how many people came to Harvard Square just to hug him?

You took him from me. That's why I don't like you.

This reminds me of him:

Starry, starry night
Paint your palette blue and gray
Look out on a summer's day
With eyes that know the darkness in my soul
Shadows on the hills
Sketch the trees and the daffodils
Catch the breeze and the winter chills
In colors on the snowy linen land

Now I understand
What you tried to say to me
How you suffered for your sanity
How you tried to set them free
They would not listen they did not how
Perhaps they'll listen now

Starry, starry night
Flaming flowers that brightly blaze
Swirling clouds in violet haze
Reflect in Vincent's eyes of china blue
Colors changing hue
Morning fields of amber grain
Weathered faces lined in pain
Are soothed beneath the artist's loving hand

For they could not love you
But still your love was true
And when no hope was left inside
On that starry, starry night
You took your life as lovers often do
But I could have told you Vincent
This world was never meant for one as
beautiful as you

Starry, starry night
Portraits hung in empty halls
Frameless heads on nameless walls
With eyes that watch the world and can't forget
Like the strangers that you've met
The ragged men in ragged clothes
The silver thorn of bloody rose
Lie crushed and broken on the virgin snow
Now I think I know
What you tried to say to me
How you suffered for your sanity
How you tried to set them free
They did not listen they're not listening still
Perhaps they never will
Okay. Believe it or not, Im human too.
15 Sep 2004
DeVoy knows that Im not really a heartless cyber-terrorist. I TWICE extended an offer to him to help ramp the impending war down before it started, but he chose instead to ignore the offer. Two years later, he is a casualty of his own decisions. All of his former websites and forums are closed because we destroyed them. That didnt have to happen, but he CHOSE to force the issue.

All of us are the result of our choices. I also find it strange that DeVoy's favorite modern philosopher was Nietzsche. He also happens to be MY favorite philosopher, but my understanding of the writings of Nietzsche differ from DeVoy's considerably. Some have said that the writings of Nietzsche were the basis of Nazism. I dont necessarily believe that, but I do believe that Nietzsche would have supported my political positions over DeVoy's. I think DeVoy somehow sees the philosophy of Nietzsche as a template for anarchy. Actually, he was supporting "Natural Aristocracy" based on the accomplishments of the INDIVIDAL . Nietzsche writes about the very ROOT of hierarchy Vigorously attacking Christianity and democracy as moralities for the "weak herd". He argued for the "natural aristocracy" of the superman who, driven by the "will to power", celebrates life on earth rather than sanctifying it for some heavenly reward. Such a heroic man of merit has the courage to "live dangerously", live away from the "herd", and thus rise above the masses, developing his natural capacity for the creative use of passion and opening himself up for his true potential. As a member of a minority, his words are very powerful for me. But what of DeVoy?
Re: Reflections on newswire harassment.
15 Sep 2004
jeez guys

it's just the internet. the beauty of the internet, is if you are being harassed, it is easy to leave the internet and ignore what is going on. maybe go out into the real world and straighten things out there.

but as far as i know, steven devoy only really existed on the internet. all i know about him is based on what i have read on boston indymedia.

the internet is not the place to depend on your political reputation.
Previous message was not posted by Stephen DeVoy.
15 Sep 2004
I am in contact with Steve and I asked him whether he published the comment above.

He did not publish it. It is a fake.

He was impressed with how well the author copied his style and got a laugh out of it. Someone of what was written he agrees with. For example, that it is in his best interest for the harassers not to know where he is. He is not being treated for any "psychological" problem. He is employed, doing well and likes it where he is. His wife and daughter are well and they are happy too.

He expressed his disappointment at Matt's defamatory statements, but doesn't consider Matt to be significant enough to deserve a rebuttal, especially considering the fact that Matt is "talking out his ass" and bases his opinion on the claims of a rightwing harassment campaign.

Steve is not interested in fighting with KOBE and never really has been interested in fighting with KOBE.

That said, I recommend that you leave him alone. Steve is a very bright guy and, since I know him well, I can say with confidence that he will rise above this harassment and come out stronger than before it began.
Re: Reflections on newswire harassment.
17 Sep 2004
OK, I will pass your request on to other members of the Boston IMC editorial collective, Nefarious Cabal.