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Commentary :: Human Rights
Selective Approach, REVIEWED
21 Sep 2004
Pakistan's selective approach towards the terrorism, due to the nelegince of USA as coalition partner.


Abdul Hamid Khan
Balawaristan National Front (BNF)

The following list of a small portion of Balawaristan (Pakistan Occupied Gilgit Baltistan), where Wahabi population is less than 1 %, one can imagine how Pakistan is eluding USA and world attention, by becoming coalition partner with it’s selective approach against terrorism.

Name Father's Name Age Address
Haji Mohammad s/o Saeed Mohammad 45 Village Gindayi, Tehsil Yasen, Dist. Ghezer
Yousuf s/o Sher Balang 30 Vill. Gindayi, Tehsil Yasen, Dist. Ghezer Leader of Harkat-Ul-Mujahideen. Recruits Mujahideen for Indian J & K
Azam Khan s/o Sayoorj 27 Vill. Gindayi, Tehsil Yasen, Dist. Ghezer
Member of Harkat-Ul_Mujahideen
Jan Alam s/o Mir Salam 28 Vill.Noh Bala, Tehsil Yasen, Dist. Ghezer
Abdul Majeed s/o Abdul Hakim 32 Govt. Employee. Resident of Yasin, Center Dist. Ghezer
Yousuf 45 Govt Employee, Resident of Ghojahlti, Tehsil
Yasen, Dist. Ghezer. He help in recruiting
Nadir Aman s/o Khoshjaw 55 Vill. Sandi, Tehsil Yasen, Dist. Ghezer Help terrorists recruitment
Salam s/o Jan Dada 50 Vill. Sandi, Tehsil Yasen, Dist. Ghezer
Help terrorists recruitment
Inayat Qazi 38 Vill. Sandi, Tehsil Yasen, Dist. Ghezer Member of Talibaan and links with Al-Qaida
Mohammad Sharif s/o Mohammad Hakim 70 Vill. Sandi, Tehsil Yasen, Dist. Ghezer Cleric, who helps Talibaan and Al-Qaida
Sakhi s/o Izat Aman 60 Vill. Sandi, Tehsil Yasen, Dist. Ghezer
Nasir s/o Amir 50 Vill. Sandi, Tehsil Yasen, Dist. Ghezer
Abdul Haq Barkat Khan 35 Vill. Sandi, Tehsil Yasen, Dist. Ghezer
He lives in Korangi Karachi, member of LeT
Iqbal Hassan 55 Govt.Employee, Resident of Sandi Village,
Tehsil Yasin, Dist. Ghezer
Abdul Latif 45 Vill. Sandi, Tehsil Yasen, Dist. Ghezer
Qazi Mozoom 60 Vill. Sandi, Tehsil Yasen, Dist. Ghezer
Helps Talibaan, Al-Qaida and HM recruits
Abdul Karim 45 Cleric, who helps Talibaan and Al-Qaida
He is Wahabi Turkmanistani in origin, native of Bahrkohlti Yasen, Dist Ghezer, he helps recruitment of Laskkar-e-Taiba and Talibaan
Mir Akbar 60 Resident of Gupis Center, his son Nawazish
is serving as Major of ISI and deputed in Karachi. Mir Akbar is helping Talibaan, Al-Qaida in Gupis by providing shelter and abetting
Hamid 50 Pathan in origin. Ex Govt. Employee, helps Talibaan and Al-Qaida, provides shelter and other facilities in Gupis Center
Mir Wali s/o Juma Khan 45 Govt. Employee, Village Phander, Dist.
Ghezer, who helps Talibaan and Al-Qaida
Mir Hussain 60 Pathan in origin. Ex Govt. Employee, helps
who helps Talibaan and Al-Qaida
Abdur Rehman 58 Village Bahrkohlti, Tehsil Yasen, Dist. Ghezer
Turkmenistan in origin, who helps, Talibaan and Al-Qaida by providing shelter, logistic facilities and keep inform ISI and other Terrorist related persons.
Abdul Qayyum (alias Shah) 62 Resident of Thawoos, Tehsil, Yasen, Dist.
Ghezer, who helps Talibaan and Al-Qaida
Jahanzeb s/o Raja Ghulam Dastigir 38 Resident of Yasen Center, Dist. Ghezer who helps Talibaan and Al-Qaida His elder brother does job as Judge of Chief Court, who have links with other terrorists of Darel and Tangir, where an ammunition dump was blasted by ISI and then sent this Judge to defuse the situation. Jalal-Ud-Din, had been appointed as judge directly by the directions of ISI to handle terrorist and ISI interest in the court, considering his sectarian favor and friendly approach with it, by neglecting al norms and existing rules.

1. Yousoof s/o Sher Balang, Commander of Harkat-Ul_Mujahideen for Ghezer
2. Azam s/o Sayoorj , member of Harkat-Ul-Mujahideen, who sends youth from Gindayi, Noh and other villages of Yasen to J & K. A 22 years old boy Mohammad Hasil, father's name Niyamat Khan was sent in 1999 to Kashmir, who is still missing and his father became mad and died due to this shock. Now they are trying to open office in Gindayi Village of Tehsil Yasen for recruitment of terrorists.

1.From Tehsil Yasen Jalaluddin; a member (direct recruited judge) of Chief Court 2.liyaqat 3.Karachi Dashhman 4.From Tehsil Gupis Mir Akber, 5. Bahrkohlti Nasir, 6.Yasin, Hakim zaman (a Pthan government teacher) 7. Mohammad Sharif, of Sandi Village 8. Qazi Mazoom of Sandi, 9. Sakhi s/o Izat Aman of Sandi, support
Yousuf s/o Sher Balang of Gindayi and Azam s/o Sayoorj of Gindayi to recruit and promote terrorism and manage for Tabligh (preaching of Islam) , but unfortunately ISI uses some of its agents on pretext of Tabligh to provide cover of its terrorist motto.
From Ghojahlti Village 2 government employees, Mohd Jan Patwari and Yousuf, from Yasen Center Govt. employee Majeed, from Gindayi of Yasin Haji Mohd recruit youth for terrorist activities in J & K and they also have connection with other terrorists and their supporters in Pakistan.
1.Mir Akbar, 2.Hamid a retired teacher (Pathan settler) of Gupis Center recruit for Jamaat-e-Islami, Harkat-Ul-Mujahideen and also provide funds to the terrorists.
3. Mir wali s/o jooma of Phandar Gupis Tehsil and 4. Mir Hussain (Pathan settler) of Shamaran, Gupis also recruit terrorists and provide shelter and funds to the terrorists. A 19 years old boy Tasir from Gupis Shamaran was killed in Indian occupied of J & K last year.

There are huge presence of Kashmiri, Pakistani terrorists besides Talibaan and Al-Qaida in Gupis, Gilgit, Skardu, Astore, Darel and Tangir. Big camps are situated in Astore, Ghowadi Baltistan, where local people are not allowed. ISI Blank No Plate 4 wheel drive vehicles with dark glasses stand in front of the terrorist camps for 24 hours. ISI supply weapons and men from Juglote on KKH near Gilgit to Astore and Ghowadi Skardu at dark and drop in the camp at dawn and no one can stop or ask them on the way.

One can imagine, how ISI has managed to disturb J & K, so many people are involved in 2 Tehsils of Dist. Ghezer, where Wahabis are less than 1 percent of the total population. One can imagine how worst is the situation, where Wahabis are in majority. This was the evil intention of Pakistan Army and its ISI to threat the local indigenous people besides, non-Muslims (Christian, Hindus and Jews etc). But we the indigenous people of Balawaristan irrespective of our sect, are more concerned than other religions. Because these are our own brothers, who can act as tools of ISI, and can be used against their own brothers and blood relatives of Balawaristan (Pakistan Occupied Gilgit Baltistan) in future on the instigation and direction of ISI, if world community does not take any premeditate action against their masters. Unless Pakistan Army and its ISI is reined, terrorism cannot be stopped worldwide.
It’s a question of surprise, that how Pakistani occupation forces and it’s ISI are able to hide these terrorists and their links without check, even after Musharraf had shown his willing to curb terror.
It’s a fact that the Judiciary, Administration, Police and other important departments are running by 99 % fanatic Wahabis in this Shia majority area. The presence of Shia community in the said important departments is less than 1 %. This is long standing strategy of every successive ruler, to recruit Wahabis, but few Soonis, Shias and Ismailis in the above mentioned department to hold their grip over the area. This is the reason that USA ban on Terror groups does not work in this part of the world. Where Judiciary, Police, Administration, Education and other departments help and provide shelter to the Wahabi terrorists, on the direction of ISI to continue their jobs.
USA ban on Terror failed, because ISI knows how to deal US and how to elude it’s ban. ISI has to do nothing but to change the names of the terrorists groups. If US wanted more, it handover fewer, kill and capture les than 1 % of its’ controlled terrorists for the weaponry and funds from the US in return

It's a bitter truth that terrorism has been introduced by the present coalition in 1980s, to fight against USSR in Afghanistan by introducing zealous Muslim youth against Kafirs (infidels). The Pioneer among the coalition countries was USA and then Europe. Pakistan was used in this drama as theatre and General Musharraf as the main hero. Saudi Arabia was the main financier among many other countries. At that time, the think tank of USA and Europe did not bother to think that the ongoing ZEALOUSNESS awoken intentionally against Kafirs can be U turned against other infidels (other than the Muslims), in future. A volvo is a volvo, which does not bother of it's inventor or its owner, if he comes on the way, when it's fired from a cannon. It's also an unfavorable habit of USA to train techniques and provide funds and sophisticated arms to others by considering the present situation and forgetting the use of the future. It is a universal truth that today's friend may be foe of tomorrow and vice versa. If the interest of USA can be changed, the same is also applied for others. Now, Russia has become a friend of USA and Osama Bin Ladan (USA sponsored, trained and brainwashed by ISI) and many other Zealots have become FOES of USA. There is no zealousness of Saudi Arabia towards USA and the same with USA. USA also supplied arms and ammunitions to these Zealots by using Pakistan as transit route and master of trainees. USA experts also taught different techniques to ISI, so it could be used to its Muslim youth by using the effective tool of brainwashing against Kafir and USA did not take into consideration at that time that Pakistani Muslims also consider other religion-followers (Christians, Jews, Hindu, Sikhs etc) as Kafirs. It should be noted that mostly the Zealots belong to a minority Muslim sect Wahabi, because of the Saudi Arabia’s funding and General Zia's belief in that sect. Before terrorism was introduced, Wahabi sect had no say in Pakistan before invasion of USSR into Afghanistan. Sooni majority community did not use to allow Wahabis to the Hanfi, (Brelvi) Muslim majority sect mosques. The huge number of Muslim countries as well as individuals' involvement in Jihad (Holy War against Non-Muslims) against USSR at that time has now become a huge problem for USA to control. But, Pakistan remained the main transit; harboring, brainwashing and sheltering country even after USSR got divided into many countries due to its economical crisis. After the job finished in Afghanistan, USA and Europe took easy and relaxed, but the huge number of Zealots had to do their jobs scattered worldwide, and mostly remained in touch with ISI, because of its unfinished job with India in Jammu & Kashmir. India cried, when USA leading coalition’s favorable Zealots entered in to Indian occupied J & K, to carry on their paid jobs as they had learned against USSR, but USA and Europe did not bother and even did not condemn it till 9th 11, 2001.
After 9th 11, USA again using Pakistan by showering its weapons and dollars against its old friends (Al-Qaida and Talibaan) once again by neglecting the old experience, that today's Musharraf and ISI can become foe for tomorrow, if it increases the range of its ballistic missile, to reach USA soil. USA think tanks have no plan to control such cannons in near future.
USA had also been crying to control the weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and attack against Iraq was one of its aims as was told to the world. Here again, USA appreciates Pakistan Army and its Chief General Musharraf, when Pakistan Made nuclear bombs (WMD) found in North Korea, Libya and Iran, unlike Iraq. It must be noted that USA does not know the series of Pakistan-Made nuclear bombs in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is the most favorable and friendly country of Pakistan and it's impossible, that Pakistan gives its precious item (WMD) to countries other than Saudi Arabia and it's unbelievable for me if not for USA think tanks. Saudi Arabia was the only country in the whole world, which has been helping Pakistan financially very well before and even after 9th 11.

That is irony, that USA is again adopting selective approach towards the Terrorism and letting General Musharraf and ISI to elude USA and European people by allowing Pakistan to harbor, brainwash and provide training, shelter and funding to terrorists for selective terrorism against India, Russia, opposition party of Bangladesh, Nepal, present Afghanistan and many other countries. US government does not bother, that this selective license for terrorism can become more difficult for USA itself for tomorrow, if ISI was not reined properly.
To eliminate one evil by another and one crime by another is not an approach of justice and wisdom. US has used the evil of Fanatics Terror to eliminate the evil of former USSR, which caused great problem to the US itself and rest of the world. Evil is evil and crime is crime, whether it’s committed by Osama against Afghans and Americans in Washington and New York or the use of gas against Kurds and mass killing of Shia by Sadam, is crime and evil. In the same way the use of heavy and cluster bombs of USA against the innocent people of Iraq cannot be termed as pious and wisdom, this is also evil and crime. To kill a human being irrespective of it’s perpetrator, whether he or she, is a crime. Evil and crime are to be settled by justice and wisdom not by the same evil and crime. Crime and evil can bring hatred mourn, not happiness and peace. World must learn to hate and condemn the crime and evil irrespective of it’s perpetrator and love with peace loving human being. Civilized world, should not believe hypocrites love, hate and condemnation, the kind what Talibaan did immediately after the WTC aeroplane bombing on 9, 11, 2002. Talibaan Afghanistan was the first country, which condemn WTC destruction, to mislead the world and elude Americans just like crocodile shedding of tears. The same strategy adopts by the master of Talibaan and Terror, Pakistan in case, when it’s sponsored terrorists strike against the innocent people of Jammu & Kashmir, India, Chechenya and elsewhere in the world. The world should not consider the words of such type of liars and hypocrites, whose words and deeds do not match.

USA is happy that it has got access to the nuclear side of Pakistan and many other Military installations by the help of General Musharraf, but meanwhile it failed to assess, how Pakistan was able to make nuclear bombs without the knowledge of USA. And most dangerously, how Pakistan was able to send its WMD to the international market, without interception of USA satellites and intelligence agencies. Pakistan has successfully declared one of its top scientists as scapegoat, so as to elude the world once again.
I think, Pakistan will make the world and US surprise once again, when its dozens of bombs will be found in Saudi Arabia and continental ballistic missiles will threat US forces directly. Wait for that, till
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Re: Selective Approach, REVIEWED
21 Sep 2004
Pakistan is the biggest axis of evil! USA and the world will eventually know it! Pakistan's support on Wahabi funatical eduaction in school syllabus and forcing 75% shia majority of Balawaristan (Pakistan occupied Gilgit Baltistan) into studing 5% sunni religious syllabus is clear proof of Pakistani support to terrorist ideas!
Hell to Pakistan
Balawaristan (Pakistan occupied Gilgit Baltistan)
Pakistan is the world's only nuclear armed Islamic State
23 Sep 2004
If Sharia Law is ever implemented in Pakistan, then all of Europe and Southwest Asia is doomed.