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News :: Labor
I need a job
04 Oct 2004
My name is Stephen DeVoy. I am a computer scientist in the United
States. I am currently studying Spanish and wish to live and work in
Latin America for a year. I've heard that there are opportunities in
Chile for computer programmers.
I program in C, Pascal, Fortran, LISP, MODSIM, and TRACK. I am familiar
with Windows, DOS, and UNIX. I have a bachelor's degree in Computer
Science and a bachelor's degree in Philosophy. For ten years I have been
working in the field. My experience is in Artificial Intelligence,
Object Oriented Programming, Executive Information Systems and
Multimedia. I am a talented writer (in English) and have spent much time
in Honduras, El Salvador and Mexico.

If anyone has any information which might help me to find work as a
programmer or computer scientist/software engineer in Chile, please
write. Your correspondance would be greatly appreciated.

Muchas Gracias. :)

This work is in the public domain


With All That Talent?
04 Oct 2004
C+ programming? You're joking? You could get a job ANYWHERE! Massachusetts has many IT openings. Work here. Save some cash. (Should be easy. Programmers make good money.) Move to South America for a year.
Go to:
Tons of IT jobs!
One you will work for at least ONE OR TWO YEARS???
04 Oct 2004

This is Stephen DeVoy's actual resume. It was downloaded from which is now gone from the internet. It still belongs to DeVoy as the WHOIS still shows: Sites owned or once owned by Stephen DeVoy

Stephen R. DeVoy's Resume

Contact Steve


Seeking an interesting position in software development or project management.

I also need plenty of goof off time to use company computers to update my anarchist websites.


Served as programming department director with a staff of approximately 20 programmers.

During this time, I was Secretary of the Mars Society Austin Chapter. I used company resources to explore the possibility of an anarchist society on Mars. I also opened a website called which was a waste of time and money. I was FIRED from this job because I was secretly an anarchist working with foreign nationals.

Designed and implemented CyBlack, Cycorp's virtual blackboard shell.  CyBlack automatically organizes intelligent agents, facilitating their interaction and promoting non-deterministic problem solving.

It never flew. It was trashed by Cycorp, as being too rudimentary and had no real use.

Extended the LISP dialect SubL, creating SubLOOP, an object oriented programming language for use at Cycorp.

Also dropped. Another waste of time and resources.

Implemented various tools applied to disambiguation within the Rapid Knowledge Formation project.

More fluff. What the fuck is disambiguation?

Designed and implemented a query manager and agenda for the Rapid Knowledge Formation project.

Yet more fluff.

Implemented a prototype for an application management system.

Yet more fluff.

One of the original developers of Corel's JBridge, a tool for remoting the Windows API to a Java client.

Yet more fluff. They never used it.

Developed a set of tools for assisting in the generation of C++ stubs for Java Native Interface programming.


Developed a tool for automatically migrating Java package hierarchies.


Lead developer of a multimedia course on object oriented design and analysis.

Yet more fluff.

Developed several Executive Information System applications as a consultant.

Yet more fluff.

Managed the development of MODSIM II, an object oriented simulation language.

Yet more fluff.

Ported Nester's Neural Network system from C to LISP.  Developed an inference engine and integrated these two components into a single system that used the neural network to classify patterns and the inference engine to reason about the patterns.

Yet more fluff. Neural network system? Yeah, right. I also designed the computer aboard the Enterprise and worked with Dr. Sung in designing Commander Data.

One of the developers of Gatekeeper, a gate allocation expert system for airports.

Um, yeah.

One of the original developers of G2, a process control expert system shell.

Im lying again.

One of a team of developers responsible for IKE, a diagnostic expert system shell.

Another lie. Where are all of these glorious pieces of programming being used?


Outstanding and prolific programmer. I was fired from CyCorp because I "was not a good programmer"

Excellent employee oriented manager. I am not a team player, and I am arrogant and stubborn as well as a narcissist

Expert facility with LISP, C++, C, Delphi and Java.  Some experience with BASIC and Fortran. Not really.

Experienced with SQL.  Some experience with ODBC and JDBC. NOT

Operating Systems: Windows, Unix NOT

Expert in object oriented programming. NOT! If that were true, I would not have such rudimentary programming skills.

Expert in artificial intelligence. BWAHAHAHA.

Innovative problem solver. I create more problems than I solve. I make assumptions which are usually wrong.

Experienced with OOA/D, UML, and Rational Rose. WTF?

I speak Spanish as a second language. This is because I married an El Salvadorian whore and brought her into the US


Cycorp, Inc., Austin, Texas

Programming Department Director / Core Technologies Programmer, 2000 - 2002

Managed programming department.  Architect and developer of a virtual blackboard shell and an object oriented programming language.  Assisted various other projects as a programmer.

FIRED, due to anti-American political views and lack of programming skills. Later, I accused this employer of harassing my websites and working with the FBI and the JDL to destroy my reputation. Read more here:

Sigma Data Systems, Inc., Tucson, AZ

Lead Software Architect, 1998 - 2000

Leader of software development for the AMS5 (Applicant Management System).  Responsible for the management, design, and development of AMS5.

QUIT without notice, I later accused this ex-employer of releasing my medical information, and directly accused the CEO, Jack Feldhaus of harassment all over the internet. Read more here:

Corel Development Corporation, Gilford, New Hampshire

Software Engineer, 1997 - 1998

One of a small team developing JBridge - a distributed client/server application for remotely running Windows applications as Java clients.

I worked here less than four months.

MedSoft Online, Santa Barbara, California

1996 - 1996

Developed GUIs for an Internet-based medical lab services system.  I accepted this job as a six month project.

I worked here less than four months.

Internal & External Communications, Inc., Marina del Rey, California

Consultant, Multimedia/Software Engineer, 1995 - 1996

Designed and developed a Computer Based Training System for Object Oriented Analysis and Design.  Designed a language for describing question models for Computer Based Training.  Implemented a compiler for the language QML.

I worked here less than 6 months.

Intelligent Office Company, Newport Beach, California

Consultant, EIS/Software Engineer, 1993 - 1994

Developed several Executive Information Systems for clients of IOC.  Taught several courses in TRACK for OS/2 and Object Track for Windows.  

I worked here less than 6 months.

Data/Ware, San Diego, California

Technical Writer, 1993 - 1993

Part time position while studying philosophy at UCSD.

This was not a real job. I was not paid, and I wasted time.

CACI Products Company, La Jolla, California

Project Manager, 1991 - 1992

Managed the development of the MODSIM II object oriented/simulation language and its compiler.

I worked here less than 6 months.

Integrated Inference Machines, Anaheim, California

Senior Software Engineer, 1989 - 1991

Ported the Nestor Neural Network system from LISP to C.  Developed a forward and backward chaining Expert System shell in LISP. Integrated the aforementioned Neural Network and Expert System shells together into a single system that exploited the strengths of each.  

I worked here less than 6 months.

Ascent Technologies, Cambridge, MA

Artificial Intelligence/Software Engineer, 1988 - 1989

Member of the GateKeeper development team.  Constructed various AI artifacts for Gatekeeper.

 I worked here less than 6 months.

Honeywell Bull, Billerica, MA

Artificial Intelligence Engineer, 1987 - 1988

Designed and developed an intelligent code editor.  Developed a prototype expert system shell.  

I worked here less than 6 months.

GensymLISP Machine, Inc., Cambridge, MA

Artificial Intelligence/Software Engineer, 1986 - 1987

Member of the IKE expert system development team.  One of the original team of developers for G2, a process control expert system shell.

I worked here less than 6 months.

Naval Underwater System Center, Newport, RI

Computer Scientist, 1985 - 1986

Research and development of submarine based passive sonar systems using artificial intelligence techniques.

I worked here less than 6 months.


University of Massachusetts, [ Boston, MA ]

B.A. Computer Science, 1985 (What use is computer knowledge which is almost 20 YEARS OLD?)

Computer science studies emphasized artificial intelligence.
Computer languages: BASIC, Pascal, FORTRAN, C, LISP, Prolog, and SASL.
Additional Studies: German, Russian, Japanese, and Philosophy

I HAVE SHOWN A PATTEN OF JUMPING FROM JOB TO JOB. I am unemployable, and you would be a fool to hire me.

University of Massachusetts, Boston, MA

B.A., Philosophy, 1995

GPA: 3.8. Graduated Suma Cum Laude. Notice that I cant even spell SUMMA Cum Laude? BWAHAHA.
Concentrated in Philosophy of Mind.
B.A in "Philosophy of Mind"? Might as well be a B/A. in "Channeling"


Center for International Solidarity, San Salvador, El Salvador

Elections Observer, 1994 - 1994

Observer in the 1994 election for the Republic of El Salvador.

This is when I made my connections with foreign terrorists. I have been watched by the US government ever since.

Escuela Montessori de Montopolis, Austin, Texas
Computer Systems Installation, 2002
Installed children's computer systems.

This was not a job. I did it for almost NO money, and I should never have been allowed to be around children considering that I was on anti-depressant medication and am mentally unstable.

why are you stalking the guy?
04 Oct 2004
TO the asshole who tore apart SD's resume: you're really pathetic. By the way, "Philosphy of Mind" is legit, and pretty much the same as "Philosphy of Thought." It has nothing to do with "channeling," esp., or whatnot.