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News ::
"Report on Lawlessness from the Deaf Messenger"
28 Jul 2001
"The curse of an evil deed is that it must always continue to engender evil" Schiller
My Daddy said that there is no point in repeating the information of articles like "How Foolish Are You" Id=53907; but that I should just move on to keeping the readers informed of what the lawless ones have been dreaming up lately. I am having better luck on getting through to you as a result of total blockage of my last "Weekly Update.." Ids=54586 & 55083 because I have learned that a posting on the "first page" with blockage of reloading to the "front page" or "page one" usually disappears; but it can be forced to the "front page" or "page one" by immediately posting comments until it appears on the "front page". Transferring my articles to discs and distributing them that way is also a good idea; but keep in mind that it has recently been revealed that Microsoft may have the capabilities to detect anything that you have used your computer for, including what you do off-line. I have also observed that many of my postings last week were posted with some degree of "word wrap" in the text; and that seems to be an intentional effort to discredit my postings, for many of them were posted in good form then changed to the staggered "word wrap" text. So if someone talks to you about something that could only arise from snooping on the computer, keep in mind that it might be rigged much in the same way that they rigged the "..Messsenger.." Id=42982. Also keep in mind that just as Bush Daddy sets me up by revealing controversial stuff to me then moving on me if I repeat it, it is wise to never repeat what you learn from me unless you are trying to attract and/or identify the lawless ones. Or you could be sly about things and say stuff like: "I saw a coprophagist today! How do you feel about that?" (see "Coprophagia Rules." Id=32589).

On the "Chemical Modus.." Ids=24988, 47525, & 48856 front I have learned that thousands of people in this town are more or less bald probably because they dredged the inlet here in the early sixties and dumped the stuff in the lake. They are trying to cover it up to such an extent that there is practically no information on what happened. I have also found a couple pieces of coke, and I guess that when they dumped it, they figured that the tar and other toxics that they dumped with it were going to be absorbed back into the coke, for this coke is very light and porous as a result of the destructive distillation that it went through. Coke is probably the hottest-burning substance that there is. I can't imagine why they didn't burn it from the minute that they started producing it. Do you think that the slogan: "Coke it is!" came from this fiasco? Since the toxic water that arises from the drought-like conditions drawing the toxics into the groundwater seems to happen everywhere, that is probably why lobster shells are rotting, shark tails are toxic, fish kills are everywhere, and baldness is considered normal. Of course the mainstream media is working full-time to maintain the communication glitch that will conceal the truth of such matters. When someone dumped what was probably iron dust on me while I was swimming on June 18th, I learned that the "..Foolproof Folly" Id=49490 of the "Morons America Style" Id=46750 had sunk to an all time low, for they had probably convinced themselves that asbestos was a harmless substance to be messing with. This dust caused instant pain in the lungs and rendered me sensitive to further exposure so I could tell that they were probably throwing asbestos in the pool every time that I went there for weeks after. This iron dust probably caused instant pulmonary fibrosis which made me sensitive to asbestos fibers in any concentration. It also seems that this dust came from an asbestos abatement job on pipes in a nearby building. This moronic attitude towards such a hazardous substance seems to be the result of the lawless ones convincing each other that the Department of Transportation says that it is not a hazardous substance because it does not have the same classification as gasoline. They also seem to think that they fibers "vaporize" when they are thrown into the air. Although they removed the vent cover and vacuumed it, I can't figure out whether the lawless ones are trying to cover it up or others are going to set up permanent detectors to alert us whenever the chemicalmongers throw something. To support such stupidity the lawless ones like "Narky" and Bush Daddy contend that smoking is worse than any of the chemicals that are being thrown while in reality smoke is nothing more than a mild irritant with cigar smoke being more of an irritant than cigarette smoke. As you learned from what happened to Cousin Joe in "Messiahs in the Making" Id=43985, it doesn't matter if you smoke or not; they can still blame it on smoke. Bush Daddy says that he dumped his buddies in the Pacific when he smelled smoke on the plane after he told them that it didn't bother him if they smoked.

It seems like they are also covering up the handcuff abduction scenario that I described in Ids=51602 & com. 51320 even though there may have been hundreds of people more or less legally abducted as a result of waking up cuffed to a fence in a junglelike setting, yelling about it, and being brought out, cuffed again, and taken away. Those who survived have apparently been terrorized to the point where they would never mention what happened to them. My landlord also probably raised my rent $35 without notice
because I had cut all the dead wood and weeds. He even admitted that he wanted it to be a junglelike setting. Meanwhile the town Messiah; i.e. the illiterate social worker who abducted me, seems to have wrangled control of a real estate company in order for it to serve as a front for his family's bogus real estate endeavors. They posted a sign out front in the middle of the night and left a letter saying that "we have a key and will let ourselves in if you are not home". My attempt to relay the details of this handcuff scenario to he who might be the last honest State Trooper in the state seems to have failed, for they keep moving him around and put him on the graveyard shift.

I've been thinking a lot about my dog, Gigi, for I concluded that she had to be part wolf. Since her parents, Hobo's Benjamin and Phoebe Snow were the best German Shepherds in a long time and this puppy of theirs ruled everywhere she went; someone had to have rebred the German Shepherd. I bred Gigi with a Bavarian Shepherd, and these pups as well as Gigi were targetted by people because the dogs would instinctively recognize and identify evil people. As I reported in the "Cpl. Theodore Wolf.." Id=42638 article, I lost Gigi to false bite reports in DC. Some lowlife said that she had bit him when he had never been close to her, and his own dog had probably bit him. Gigi was quarantined, meaning that she had to be on leash continuously when she had never been on a leash before. I realized that they could and would keep her quarantined indefinitely. After having survived seven years in DC without a misstep and having taken on pit bulls, rottweilers, and total lawlessness; I questioned whether Gigi had met her match. When I saw two eagles circling the house the next morning, I knew that they were there to pay Gigi the highest tribute that there is for another living being and that the time had come to put her to sleep. All that is left is the understanding that God doesn't make a better dog. I had Watchman Norm take a roll of film of the dog. Two shots were of Gigi alone, and 22 were of Gigi and me, with me wearing one of 22 various sandwich boards that I had worn while demonstrating in DC. When District Photo of Maryland returned only the two pictures of Gigi alone and tried to charge me for the whole roll, I told them to drop 20,000 copies of the 22 missing pictures on every major city in the United States for having disrespected my dog. I have heard that all 24 of those pictures are out there, and this dog can still generate a following that will teach the interlopers that they have messed with one of God's chosen ones. This dog's spirit still lives, and the pictures will prove it. That's what my Daddy said.

To access via Id#, access any article, change the Id=# in the address bar, and press "Enter".

Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger
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28 Jul 2001
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