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News :: Social Welfare
police did great job in kenmore
28 Oct 2004
my first hand acount
at about 2323 hrs I had parked my car about 10 blocks away from fenway and walked up brookline streat camera in hand to a crowd at 109 brookline and found a very happy and celebrating crowd of about 400 which grew later. the police where down by Yawkee way about 3 blocks away. about and hour passed and very few incidents occured and the group was increasing in volume and a few dorks had to tear down a tree of a bout 20 feet in hieght and I had video taped all there faces and intend to pass it on to the authorites.

the crowd was still 99 percent jubilant but it seemed to be time for the police to move us along and I had kept the video on the trouble makers throwing things around and taunting police as well a completely ignoring or being to dumb to understand the verbal and active warnings the time was about 0020hrs + -

THe warnings were flash bangs just infront of the police line and then a low grade tear gas . still the group did not move and still people climbed buildings and trees. I could see what was coming so I video taped from and alley leading to beacon st bridge. just then two flash bangs and 2 tear gas of larger volume . one on the alley and one on brookline st. the officers moved to push us away.
My training hellp in dealing with the tear gas and I video taped kids throwin things and one even lifted a wooden barakade and I told him .."you dont really want to do that." . He dropped it and ran away. the cops had lined up on the alley and brookline to moved us out. al though I was wearing my old police (orange) jacket w/o any insignia I still got some pepper spray and the officer told my in a casual voice to move on.. so I did.
at about 0020 hrs I went to the beacon st bridge and wallked towards kenmore square and videod kids starting fires and one woman who was hit in the head with a full beer can. I provide firstaid until the police came and had take over the care for her. the time was approx 0050 -0110h
I video taped the kids climbing the street lights and focused on there faces. I over heard kids ploting things and just turned and looked and they left.
I had a great position because few kids that were not celebrating and acting in a manner that is inconsistent with celebrating in the deep crowd and had great line of sight.

when one kid seemed to fall from the overhaning street the cops rush in to aid him... pushing the crowd out with horses and officers. then they fell back into line the kid was brought to an ambulance first.

The officers then began to advance in line stop peper spray was used and then the crowd let and came back. then the cops used a flash bang and the crowd moved on but not far enought then 40 mmm tear gas was used and shot to the ground to skip to the crowd.

some persons just didnt head the warning of get out of here and the officeres did well to restrain them selves.. I only saw on person who claimed he was injured by the gas grenade but he was on of those that was so stupid to be in the area that 90 percent of the crowd knew to stay away from.

the crowd i was in was rushed by the cops double time and many in the crowd ran as I did as well. the cops had pushed us back from kenmore sq up beacon st over the bridge and I returned to my car at about

Although I was documenting the bad behavior of the 1 percent crowd members I did pay attention to the cops and I can say with authority that only the offiers I had contact with acted appropriatly for the circumstances even the ones that maced me. I didnt see officers be picky about small offenses and they showed great restraint but firm action.

This is my report on the world series celebration. I only speak of the matters I had personally observed and do not give an opinion on the crowd or officers that I didnt not see and video tape. and yes I will share the tapes with the boston police so the owner of the 109 brookline st businees can be reimbursed for the distruction of the tree and any other use the BPD can make of the tapes.
All persons should be responsible for there actions.

BOB gorman
ret cop.

Copyright by the author. All rights reserved.
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Re: police did great job in kenmore
28 Oct 2004
Can we see the video too. can you post it on a site?
Re: police did great job in kenmore
28 Oct 2004
I could bring it to LPC... im not very good at transfering tape to pc.

Re: police did great job in kenmore
28 Oct 2004
cool, thanks
police used unneacasary and reckless force
28 Oct 2004
i was at a bar right next to fenway (copperfields) and as soon as the game was over and i exited to the street i was greeted by police in full riot gear and wearing gas masks. very quickly the police started using thier cheical weapons. my freind got peper spray in his eyes and coud not see. i saw this and tried to guide him away from the police as they advanced. we had were not moving faster then the police and got peper sprayed repeditly as the police watered the crowd as they advanced. the only destruction i saw was a tree that got ripped down (maybe the same one). perhaps the police were justified to stop that somehow (which they didnt) but other then that the excessive use of tear gas and peper spray was way out of hand. overall i would say the police did a horrible job of crowd control and turned many happy people into angry people needlessly.
Re: police did great job in kenmore
29 Oct 2004
98 Brookline Avenue is closer to fenway than my spot at 109 and could only guest you may have come out after the cops moved from yawkey way to the intersection of overland.

Don't get me wrong , I was not happy to get mace either, But what I understood as warnings you guys may not have picked up on and therefore the police action seemed without provocation. Again years ago I had been trained as swat and kow the drill.

when the police pushed using the line and random use of tear gas I went down the ally as they pushed along to the parking lot in back of 109 brookiline and I don't know what happened brookline then.

Later when retreating from kenmore on to the beacon bridge. a fairly big guy was down and claimed to have been hit by a 40mm gas greneade in the back. he was one of the few that was closest to the advancing police line. we helped him to get away from the center of the street to the bridge area side walk.

Here is some thing that confuses me. if there is a police line that uses flash bangs or mass us of pepper spray does some smallpart of the crowd feel the need to stop or go back towards the police in anger...don't they know they are just gonna get some more???
from the police perspective (my own not police teaching ) iN crowd control line movement there is no innocent crowd members except those who are making every effort to get away.

I am sorry you were sprayed , but what I saw was proper police action at least according to the training I had gotted in 1990. I can certainly understand how members of the crowd who themselves were lighting fireworks could see the police flashbang as fireworks in celebration and not what it was meant to be , a warning of action.

Again I can't vouch for any action by police or crowds that I didnt witness and that covers more area than i did that night.

BTW the camera I had used was not mine and after reviewing the tape I must have pushed some wrong buttons and I have a lot of great video of the pavement and feet as well as the one percenters.

PS I loved the 'yankees Suck" chants it made the celebration oh so better.

bob gorman
Re: police did great job in kenmore
29 Oct 2004
you're a cop and you videotaped people to turn the information over to the cops... of course you think the cops acted properly...
Hope You Enjoyed The Pepper Spray...Or Mace...(Make up your mind...)
29 Oct 2004
Spare me your propaganda. The police ARE acting in Nazi fashion.
Being a FREE country? Everyone should be able to celebrate. If some jerkoffs broke a tree? The cops should arrest the jerkoffs. NOT TEAR GAS THE HUNDREDS, IF NOT THOUSANDS IN THE STREET! (IF you video taped the clowns? I'm sure one of your piggy friends saw the incident too!)
Stick up for the policemans wife that gets the hell beat out of her...Because of the police mentality?...
I thought you cops and cop lovers understood people like myself? Police are to be servants. To protect and serve the public.
Not attack and tear gas innocent people!